Presidential Campaign Moves to New Hampshire

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The campaign’s tone became much feistier this week, especially on the part of Gingrich. He flatly called Romney a “liar” and said, “Somebody who will lie to you to get to be president will lie to you when they are president.” Gingrich is throwing the hardest punches at Romney by far and even refused to congratulate him on his victory in Iowa. He is refraining from attacking Santorum, even though he is his main competitor for the anti-Romney vote. Gingrich entertained the idea of an anti-Romney alliance on the Laura Ingraham Show. Rick Perry is the one going on the offensive against Santorum.

Gingrich and Paul are going at it hard. Paul called him a “chickenhawk” that “got deferments and didn’t even go” to Vietnam. Gingrich replied that the accusation has “the same amount of accuracy as the newsletters he said he never wrote.” He continued, “This is a man who says wild and outrageous things with no facts and later denies that he said them or wonders who wrote them because it couldn’t have been him.” Huntsman has also pounced on Paul, putting out an ad called “The Ron Paul Chronicles” styled after The Twilight Zone.

The real focus of Gingrich, Santorum and Perry is South Carolina. That primary is more up-in-the-air than New Hampshire and it has chosen the eventual Republican nominee every single time since 1980. If Romney wins the state, it would likely seal the nomination for him. If Santorum wins it, it would probably bring the race down to a two-man contest. If Gingrich or Perry win it, it is possible that the anti-Romney vote will be split in a three-man race.

The last poll out of South Carolina had Gingrich with a 12-point lead over Romney, 31-19. As mentioned before, Bachmann was in third with 8%, followed by Paul with 7%, Perry with 5% and Huntsman with 4%. However, this poll was published on December 18 and the race has changed dramatically since then. Santorum has surged, but will now be scrutinized as he hasn’t been since the campaign started.

This weekend’s debates on Saturday at 9 PM and Sunday at 9 AM are sure to bring fireworks. For Huntsman, it is now or never. For Gingrich and Perry, Santorum must be brought down. And Mitt Romney is everyone’s target.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    The author wants us to believe as though the most important happening in New Hampshire is the upcoming Repoooblican farce of the primaries. For a farce it is indeed when Repoobs deliberately evade challenging the opponent (!) who is constitutionally unqualified and is a proven forger and identity thief. In fact, it is an act of treason and an attempt to repeat the the crime of 2008 again – as though the people were still sleeping like they did then.

    What really important is happening in New Hampshire is the fight for removal of the impostor and fraud Obama/Soetoro from the ballot. This time there are a few State legislators who do refuse to maintain taboo on this most egregious crime ever:

    The similar fight is unfolding also in Georgia.

    This is what really needs our attention and support rather than watching again the "fixed game" of the criminal Repooblocratic party with the bunch of the same so called "front runners" – crooks and eunuchs.

    • mrbean

      The more serious issue is since anyone can vote in New Hampshire, a massive number of Democrats could just vote for Obama/Soetoro throwing the process into chaos. That is what progressives, liberals, leftists, and communists do when they lose or may lose, is to corruptthe process to create chaos and discord, Notice the mainstream media who is in the tank for Obama deliberately stays away from this one lest attention gets the names removed.

  • Jane Larson

    Romney can beat Obama, why is anyone else running against him by bringing in nasty and mean accusations. What is it that we are trying to do? With Bachmann we had a WOMAN…a female against a minority would have won the "open up the process" independents and the world…but since Republicans are still SEXIST to the core…thank God we have Romney! Now, people think about it…are there millions of Mormons associated with criminal gangs pouring into America? No, but there are millions of that diescription of Catholics and Santorum & Newt are like missionaries of Catholic dogma.

  • vlondo

    Michelle is better than the remaining Republican contenders. lts perverse that that she didnt poll well in Iowa. Yet another case of the voters getting what they deserve – doesnt say much for the voters.

  • JasonPappas

    I'm sorry to see Michelle go. She was principled: voted against the bailouts, debt increases, etc. She understands the islamic threat. I hope she continues to play an important role in Congress especially if Mitt becomes President. She'll have to oppose his RINO ways. We'll need her more than ever in that case.

  • mrbean

    Bitter Gingrich, dumbell Perry, and the crackpot Paul should withdraw their names as they are not really contenders – but mere spoilers for Republican momentum. They surely know by staying in that only benefactor in this chaos is Obama.

  • kim

    Well, I see so much and so does America but for me…to vote for Romney is to vote against Jesus Christ who they do not believe he is the Christ..I pray that Santorum gets the WH as Perry is the fake Christian that is as bad as obama who thinks his church replaced Israel and they think they will bring in G-d's Kingdom, tho scripture says no one will but G-d !!! I think people went against Michelle noticed how she voted again for the p act , which is unconstitutional….

  • John Saunders-Smith

    Bookies are making Obama odds on favorite to win. No GOP candidate even comes close. The progressive press has destroyed the Republican Party.

  • Questions

    Ron Paul's supporters won a moral victory when their man got more than 20% of the vote in Iowa, far more than anyone expected months ago. He's on the move — crazy as a loon, yes, but on the move. He may rack up some victories.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Yeah right….dream on you kook. There is not nearly enough Jew haters on the right for Ron Paul to ever get elected dogcatcher let alone president.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    What I want to know is how Newt with a straight face can claim that he will uphold the mantle of Reaganism by running a clean and positive Reagan kind of campaign, at the same time he also promises to emulate Reagan when it comes to taxes, budgets, spending, healthcare, and defense.

    Then all of a sudden in the blink at an eye Newt blows a fuse, completely abandons Reagan's clean and positive campaign strategy, and then declares war on Romney, even though Romney was just one of many Republicans running ads exposing Newt's record to the light of day, while Ron Paul's ads against Newt were by far the most effective, and never mind the fact that outside of Iowa where no ads were being run, Newt's numbers went into free fall.

    Indeed, how is anyone supposed to trust Newt to uphold the mantle of Reaganism if he miserably fails to follow through on his promise to run a clean and positive Reagan type campaign? Indeed, obviously Newt suffers from cognizant dissonance and severe character flaws, which explains his extremely turbulent private life as well.

    • Flipside

      It’s “cognitive dissonance,” Jim. Honestly, who can stand to read your blog?

  • BLJ

    Whoever wins the Republican nomination has to take it to Obama as hard as possible concerning his abysmal record as President. Stick to the facts and force the fraud to defend himself.

    Keep away from all of his personal baggage (which the MSM has ignored) since the Dems will use the race card against it. Their only chance is to personalize the race since they know their candidate is more style than substance.

  • KKKK

    i afree with BLJ, but i would like ot add that whoever wins the race for the republican nominee needs to do a better hsowing than osama-obama as president.

  • Flipside

    I just wonder if Ryan knows in his own mind when he is switching between political analysis and political fabrication.

  • LindaRivera

    Michele Bachmann would make a fantastic president! I have zero enthusiasm for the other Republican contenders. It is incredibly, incredibly depressing that the best person is no longer running.

    • Flipside

      Have another swig of cheap Listerine.

  • Tychicus

    "Jesus was made into… by his followers… bears no resemblance to his real persona."
    1. We have mss of the NT that date from 100 AD and into the 1st century.
    2. We have early church fathers that testify as the authenticity of the writings.
    3. The NT canon was 99% affirmed by the early church before the end of the 2nd Century.
    4. Considering the genre of "gospel" and "epistle" in classical antiquity, the NT is an historical record on par with Thucydides, Tacitus, Suetonius, and Plutarch.
    5. The NT records over 500 witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus.

    I could go on. But the failed theories of liberal scholars books of the last 2 centuries could be used to heat most of the homes in the US for at least a month.


  • JasonPappas

    Yes, we're worried. None of the contenders comes close to being a Reagan. Let's remember that Reagan had the media against him. Obama can be taken down even with the media advantage. But it will take a Reagan or a bad economy.

  • Jim_C

    In terms of pure politics, your buddy would only be right, given who we're calling "front runner." You guys keep wanting Reagan. You need a new brand. On the other hand, I think non-factor Huntsman, a true moderate as far as republicans go, would take all that independent/middle/disenchanted vote from Obama, so….

    How can you NOT call Obama a moderate? You are a sane human being–how have you fallen for this narrative of Obama's "extreme leftism?" I'm sure you read a variety of sources; how could you fail to notice Obama has been a huge disappointment to progressives? By "progressives," I mean people who believe everyone should have health care and that Wall Street regulations should be enforced.

    I like your prediction about Obama playing up his Christianity vs Romney. If it happens, I owe you a beer!