Romney’s Night, but Tug-of-War Awaits

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In the 2012 Republican presidential race, a caucus or primary’s front-runner often becomes tomorrow’s runner-up. This was the case last night. Mitt Romney, as predicted, won by a landslide in Arizona and came from behind to win Michigan, the state that his father governed. Rick Santorum, hardly discouraged, characterized his narrow loss as something to celebrate because of the odds against him in the state.

At the time of publication, Romney had 48% of the vote in Arizona. Santorum came in second with 26%, followed by Newt Gingrich with 16% and Ron Paul with 9%. Romney appears to have won Michigan by only about three percent — 41% to Santorum’s 38% at last estimation. Paul defeated Gingrich for third, 12% to 7%.

There are two ways to look at the results. On the one hand, Romney came from behind when polls just last week showed Santorum with a significant lead. On the other hand, Romney won this state by 9 percent over McCain in 2008. His father was a popular governor of the state, and Romney grew up there. Michigan was looked at by most political analysts as a second home-state for him.

In his victory speech, Romney worked to characterize the night as a surprise victory. He said that “they were ready to count us out” last week. His speech did not mention or refer to any of his rivals and was geared for the general election. He warned that President Obama would be “unrestrained” if he’s re-elected and sought to counter the declining unemployment rate by talking about the “real unemployment rate” of 15%. He said that Obama’s excuse that he inherited a poor economy is invalid because he also inherited a Democratic Congress that would have given him free reign to fix it.

Rick Santorum’s concession speech was written like a victory speech. He did not go on the attack against Romney in it and emphasized that he was fighting an uphill battle in Michigan and made it a nail-biter. This speech was unique because it focused on the “Freedom Agenda” that would define his first 100 days in office. He talked at length about energy security and driving the price of gasoline downwards.

He pledged to maximize domestic production of oil and talked about North Dakota’s potential in this area. He said he’d repeal ObamaCare, revive the manufacturing sector, have state governments run entitlement programs and fight for a balanced budget. The last part of his speech was about the Declaration of Independence and George Washington. He told the inspiring story of Washington and what he fought for in great detail and used it as a rallying call.

Newt Gingrich, struggling to make a comeback, went on The O’Reilly Factor to discuss gas prices and his stance on Afghanistan. He said that he hoped to resuscitate his campaign by focusing on how he’d bring the price of gasoline down to $2.50 per gallon, fight against the establishment and refuse to apologize, as Obama did, for the accidental burning of Qurans in Afghanistan.

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  • Geneww

    Romney is the RINOs version of Obama and is no better than McCain was/is. Very comfortable with socialism and will bow to the world leaders controlling the UN. The politically correct call that "able to work with others across the aisle".

    Our battle is beyound politics … it is Evil versus Righteousness. Would he stand with Israel? God will!

  • jericho777

    This man is an idiot. And anyone voting for him can not be called a Conservative, period. He's a Liberal…Voting for him would be like voting for Obama…

    • mrbean

      Ahhh…errr,,, Suppose Romney becomes (highly probable) the GOP candidate. Does that mean you are either going to stay home or vote for Obama. There is not a real conservative amongst the whole bunch and Ron Paul is a crackpot.

      • jericho777

        I plan on voting for Newt Gingrich. The only conservative of the lot, hands down. I have been voting since 1979 Mr Bean, and I'll never miss one, unless I have a heart attack if Paul, Romney or Obama are the last standing, and I'll still vote for Newt. But, my heart is sound and Newt will still be in. But I won't vote for a Liberal Mormon which ever is first, An idiot "Paul", and Mr Santorum is just to weak, he can't nor won't stomach a political fight, the Elitist will consume him. Newt, I know what he can do, and he loves nothing more than to slay a few democrats and wayward Republicans who have lost their place. I'll cast my vote alright, but if all does turn Northward, I'll be here in my South. Preparing for it to get a Rise? :)

      • jericho777

        And by the way, have you noticed that Obama is and has been borrowing The Mormon god Rohm's own health care policies to the note. And have you notice that just recently as three days ago, that Rohm was defending Obama against so called incendiary remarks Santorum made against him, or the fact that Rohm is more Liberal than Obama, well, 50/50 give or take. I ain't gonna betray my Christianity, nor my Nation for Rohm nor Paul, and before you start to slaughter me over Newts sins, you best be ready to throw a hell of a lot more on your Mormon Rohm he's betrayed your heavenly Father, if your a Christian, and I assume you are? :)

    • mlcblog

      Not quite. Obama is a dedicated Marxist and destructer of our institutions, while Romney and other milk-toast RINOs govern by less evil intent. I know the word is destroyer, but somehow destructer seems to better describe their piece by piece disassembly and/or obstacle-placing moves.

  • Fred Dawes

    Vote for paul and see what will happen.

    • mlcblog

      This is a vote for Obama. Get real.

    • fiddler

      I've already seen how people respond to Pau's attitude toward nukes for Iran. It is a complete show-stopper for him. Neville Chamberlain is dead, we don't need him resurrected. If Benjamin Netanyahu were standing next to him during a debate, I wonder if he would be as cavalier. Talking about hiding your head in the sand!

  • AntiSharia

    The liberalism of Romney is grossly overstated, and is often a mask by anti Mormon bigots who can't stand the thought of a member of the LDS Church winning high office.

    • Stephen_Brady

      I will not be deterred from voting my conscience simply because someone decides that I am a "bigot".

  • mlcblog

    Dole, McCain, Romney. Bleh!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    If you guys liked GWB, you'll love Santorum. As just like GWB, Santorum is a true social conservative. However, when it comes to growing the size, scope, and power of the federal government like a Dhimmicrat on steroids, Santorum is a carbon copy of GWB, and when it comes to understanding how to protect and defend America from jihad and the scourge of Islam, Santorum is also as mentally incompetent as GWB.

    Today, the country is on the fast track to becoming the next Greece, and the main reason for it is because of the massive expansion in the size, scope, and power of the federal government that occurred under GWB. Santorum was one of GWB's floor leaders in the Senate and was very integral in getting that massive expansion in the size, scope, and power of the federal government through Congress. Indeed, in my book Santorum is a liberal and he is also a Washington insider, as was exposed in the last debate by Mitt Romney.

    The most conservative candidate in the race is obviously Mitt Romney; as Santorum's actions betray his words; while Gingrich can't stop promising space colonies, Interstate Highways, Port's dredged, new VA Hospitals, and $2.50 a gallon gasoline like the national debt just got paid off. Meanwhile, Ron Paul is a kook.

    • fiddler

      Although Romney is a Mormon, I have to say that he commands respect and gives the air of "being in charge". I don't get that from Santorum, and his enlisting union folks in MI was a real turn off for me. Santorum, like Obama was a Senator — that's pretty much it. It's not that much of a re'sume' contrast to the incumbent. Romney on the other hand has business experience and governorship ( a microcausm of federal ). He frankly has more that gives some confidence that he can do the job. Experience-wise it is much easier to draw a distinction and elicit confidence in Romney versus Santorum. I totally agree with Santorum's social mores. I don't think thought that he engenders enought respect to appear presidential to the vast populace. I think Romney appears more Reganesque.

    • NorthStar

      No Romney is a more liberal copy of GWB.

      Santorum is different from any Republican president ever.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Between 10:03 PM and 10:22 PM tonight you hit me up with 11 replies all of them insulting and derogatory as part of you and your leftist moronic buddies stupid campaign of cyber stalking me because first of all, you want to attempt to intimidate and harass me, and second because you want to marginalize me as being an Islamophobe in order to apologize and sympathize with the Muslims in which you idolize and in order to help them like gullible useful idiots to cover up their covert and deceptive non-violent jihad.

        In other words, you spent an average of 1 minute and 43 seconds per posts, which includes locating 11 posts, reading 11 posts (and my posts are painfully long), composing 11 insulting and derogatory replies to them, and finally hitting the submit button. Hell, you couldn't have come close to finding all of them, let alone reading them, much less responding to all 11 of them in 19 minutes, and that irrefutably proves that all of your posts are part of that same childish cyber stalking campaign you and your moonbat buddies have been pursuing against me for months now. As this same pattern of cyber stalking has been repeated numerous times by you and your other unhinged cyber stalker buddies.

        Of course, I had the audacity to respond earlier this morning to a stupid comment made from one of your favorite cyber stalker buddies, which no doubt incited your 11 insulting and derogatory replies tonight.

        Meanwhile, I'm just so proud that little ole me can rankle up the emotions of all you leftwing cyber stalkers so badly. So let me thank you useful idiot loons from the bottom of my heart for being such loyal and generous fans. I truly appreciate it, because without my fans, I would be nothing. Your cyber stalking campaign gives me a deep seated feeling of fulfillment because you picked me out of everyone else to repeatedly cyber stalk, and for that I'm very gracious. Thanks a lot buddies. I'm glad you and your fellow moonbats enjoy my posts so much.

        Indeed, I'd give you my twitter account, but then again you'd not only find out who I am, but you would also join my long list of followers as well so you moonbats could spam my twitter account and it would then take me hours retweeting all your spam.

        • NorthStar

          I didn't call you an Islamophobe.

          So you're a liar, a coward, and a spamming troll.

  • Kathleen3

    Santorum certainly proves talk is cheap. As a former constituent I can attest to the fact Santorum does not walk his talk. This man is reprehensible in that he is hiding behind the mantle of God/religion in order to achieve his political goals. Sad truth that those who most "bang the Bible" are those who are least to be trusted.

  • Paul_P

    If Mittens gets the nod for the general election, I submit it would be better to leave O-blasphemous in office, and get the Congress and Senate working impeachment process… We don't need 4 years of Mittens ("No really I'm a severe conservative!") to get together the same impeachable record the current Islamist in office has…

    Proof is in the pudding, as my grandmother always said – talk is simply talk, and no one has a record of truth in conservative principles (Flip-flop "I'm not spinning; I'm a severe conservative" Mittens, or Mr. "Takin' One for the Team" Santorum). This is why they "lead" in this race. They cannot control the Statist Media, and are walked along by them, on leash's of contraception or "women's" superior rights over men… No one confronts Newt with this BS – he shoots them down, and rewrites the script. But no one wants truth. So, no one wants Newt.

    Since you all are so hell-bent on stepping on the gas, in this down-slide of our nation. Conservatives, grab your guns, and your Bible…. The US won't exist in 4 years!