The Makeover of Mohammed Morsi

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Morsi is a known 9-11 conspiracy theorist. On CNN in 2011, he said that he condemned Al-Qaeda and that the Muslim Brotherhood would stand against the perpetrators of 9/11 “if you can prove who really did this.” In 2007, he called for a “scientific conference” on the attacks because the U.S. “has never presented any evidences on the identity of those who committed that incident.”

Morsi never has denied that he seeks Sharia-based governance. Video has surfaced of a May 13 speech Morsi gave where he passionately recited the pledge of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the parts, “Jihad is our path. And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.” He reaffirmed, “The Koran was and will continue to be our constitution.”

“The Sharia, then the Sharia and finally, the Sharia,” Morsi shouted. “I take an oath before Allah and before you all that regardless of the actual text [of the constitution]…Allah willing, the text will truly reflect [Sharia], as will be agreed upon by the Egyptian people, by the Islamic scholars, and by legal and constitutional experts,” he said.

Morsi has always been known as one of the hardliners within the Brotherhood leadership. The previous Brotherhood presidential candidate, Khairat el-Shater, was his close ally. Shater was open about how he wanted Egypt to have a government based on Sharia law. On April 21, 2011, he said that he seeks the “instituting of the religion of God” and “every aspect of life is to be Islamicized.” He told the Salafists that he’d have a council of clerics review legislation.

Younger members of the Brotherhood see him as an adversary. His assistant reprimanded them for holding protests on their own and when they requested that someone else replace Morsi as their liaison with the top leaders, he and his allies smeared them. Eventually, his younger opponents were expelled from the organization.

The White House expressed satisfaction that Morsi intends to pick a woman and a Coptic Christian as Vice Presidents. However, he was one of the authors of the Brotherhood’s 2007 party platform that stated that women and Christians should be forbidden from the presidency. When Jeffrey Goldberg asked him about this last year, he refused to give a clear answer, ridiculing his “nonsense question[s]” because no women or Christians were currently running for president. The platform also confirmed that Islamic clerics should have a role in approving legislation.

As a member of parliament, Morsi fought for regulation of culture in compliance with Sharia. He was outraged that the Mubarak regime allowed the airing of music videos and publication of magazines that he felt were immoral. He ridiculed the Miss Egypt contest for violating “social norms, Islamic Sharia and the constitution.”

The West shouldn’t invest much hope that the Supreme Armed Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) will prevent Morsi and the Brotherhood from implementing policies. The two sides have reportedly already made several deals. One of Morsi’s aides says SCAF will control the budget and internal affairs. The Defense, Interior and Justice Ministries will be run by the generals. In return, the Brotherhood gets the Finance and Foreign Affairs Ministries. SCAF has reportedly agreed not to veto the constitution drawn up by the constitutional assembly as long as 10 Islamists are chosen by the military. This means that the Brotherhood will direct Egypt’s foreign policy and play a leading role in crafting the next constitution.

Perhaps recognizing the truth about the Brotherhood is a pill too hard to swallow for the U.S. government and some in the media. The influence of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups and individuals in the Obama Administration must also be part of the reason why the U.S. is misreading the group. Whatever the thought-process is, the U.S. has chosen to pull the wool over its own eyes.

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  • @look42

    One can only hope that the new Egyptian president Morsi strikes the moderate path. However, this is not only dependent on him by himself, but especially by the military. Escalations are predictable, however.
    Ultimately, the Egyptian people elected their president, and this should give you a fighting chance.
    The leaders of the West and East should be composed by smartphones smartphone and find a reasonable solution.

    • Chiggles

      Oh lookee, a German commercial spammer. RAUS MIT DICH!!!

  • Fred Dawes

    No hope only mass attacks/murder/rape on jews/christian in the coming evil future.

  • EthanP

    The MSM has been largely corrupted by Islamist money. That and the suicidal anti western hysteria that rules the left. And since the left runs the media? The Muslim Brotherhood is the father of Al Quida and the whole Islamist movement.

  • Schlomotion

    Why should the makeover of Mohammed Morsi as a President be any more ominous than the makeover of Danny Danon from an acne-pitted genocidal racist who demands loyalty oaths into Chair of the Knesset? Why is the PR that Hasbaras do for Christian Extremists like Mr. Mauro and Benny Hinn supposed to be more credible than the PR that their opponents pay for?

    • Roger

      Why not come out and call them all child killers while you're at it?

      Schlo, you are a bigot. Facts don't influence you, just your pre-decided position does.

      • Schlomotion

        Why is Christian Action Network and World Likud supposedly more likeable than the Muslim Brotherhood? Why wouldn't a red-blooded American think these people should all be chained together and left in the sun somewhere in the Middle East?

        • Roger

          1) no suicide vests
          2) no kassam rockets fired by the thousands at civilians
          3) no hate and threats towards the 'great satan'
          4) they don't rape journalists in the public squares
          5) it wasn't the result of muslim barbarity.

          How many more do you want?
          There needs to be some chaining. But it's not going to be Israel, the IDF will see to that.

    • Ghostwriter

      Joseph Goebbels would love you,Schlockmotion. Like him,you hate Jews with a passion,called them Hasabras and other names like that. You are an anti-Jewish bigot and deserve all the scorn you get.

  • JoJoJams

    Yes, yes, Schlo – how DARE a national leader demand "loyalty" from people within it's ranks, or the people of the nation as a whole. On the same token, if you are married, how DARE you demand a loyalty oath, or even expect loyalty from your wife! As for Benny Hinn, while I believe him to be a charlatan and a con, he's never demanded any kind of "jihad", and his followers aren't out killing people. The worst they do is (gasp!) pray for you… Will you EVER learn, Schlo?

    • Schlomotion

      Yes. How dare a national leader demand loyalty oaths from the people? It's the other way around. The leader has to take an oath of loyalty to the people and their national charter. The people don't marry their leader. Your comparisons are all messed up. Still, if Israel wants a Jewish Fuhrer, I'm not out to stop them. It's not my short term memory loss, it's theirs. I am taking issue, however with the Israel Firster, Ryan Mauro whose meal ticket comes from Israel and has loyalty to religious fundamentalist groups but not our own sovereign nation.

  • Ronald Johnston

    We need to deport every muslim who has not openly fought the evil nature of the radical part of their religion!!!!! Then we need to isolate all the muslim countries and let them make their own bed!!!!!

  • BS77

    Please boycott Shlockomotor Mouth……..He craves attention for his remarks. He is a pile worm. Don't bother responding to his worthless posts.

  • Zionista

    I make lemonade out of lemons – for every Jew hating rant little shmo writes – and he writes many because the loser has no life- I put $ in a fund for Zionist causes.

  • nahid hasan

    Best of luck Mohammed Morsi. As I am quiet new in Jewish, looking around for some Jewish information> Got something important here. Nice to get it.
    Have you seen this video ? It helped me get over my internal anger.