What Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner Really Showed Us About Israel

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In 2002, two of the ISM’s cofounders, Huwaida Arraf and Adam Shapiro, said, “We accept the Palestinians have a right to resist with arms” and that fighting Israel must be “both non-violent and violent.” Arraf publicly stated that her group coordinates with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The ISM has intimate ties to the Palestine Solidarity Movement, which recruits students in the U.S. and Europe to go to the Palestinian territories.

In October 2011, Arraf confirmed her support for violence against Israel, saying, “We focus on providing support for the Palestinian unarmed resistance, not because we take a hostile view to the armed resistance, but rather because we believe that unarmed resistance is strategically more advantageous to Palestinians.” To be fair, she did add that “armed resistance MUST adhere to international law.”

Arraf is also the chairman of the Free Gaza Movement, which organized the Turkish flotilla provocation of 2010. The list of its allies is telling. The ISM with an Islamist group called the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief (IHH) that has ties to terrorist groups to arrange the flotilla. The ship where the violence occurred had members of the Muslim Brotherhood  on board, as well. The incident was designed to ambush Israel and create a violent incident, in accordance with the ISM’s strategy.

Arraf is also on the board of advisors for KinderUSA. The Investigative Project on Terrorism reports that it was formed in 2002 by two top officials with the Holy Land Foundation very shortly after their group was shut down for financing Hamas. That year, KindHearts gave $20,000 to KinderUSA. In 2006, the U.S. government froze KindHearts’ assets because it is “the progeny of the Holy Land Foundation and Global Relief Foundation, which attempted to mask their support for terrorism behind the façade of charitable giving.”

Eisner wasn’t right in what he did. He played right into the ISM’s hands, but there’s another way of looking at this story. He may not have made Israel look so great, but the aftermath did. No other country in the region would have reacted with such furor. No other country would have cared that a member of a violence-supporting group was assaulted after provoking a soldier.

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  • Nabkba1948

    Why quibble over a single inhuman Zionist act, when the entire history of "israel" is one giant narrative of illegality, brutality, oppression, racism, and warmongering? You Zionists can only keep this up so long. Since you obviously aren't interested in a peaceful two-state solution, you must resign yourselves to the fact that it's only a matter of time before the Zionist experiment fails once and for all, and Palestine is restore upon all the land you stole. I pity you Zionists, because you and I both know that your days are numbered. You better pray we, the indigenous people of the land, treat you better than you've treated us. Allahu akbar!

    • SHmuel HaLevi

      Actually we are looking forward for you scum to fight like human beings, soldier to soldier.
      Regretfully islamics for the most torture, kidnap and murder, slaughter sleeping babies and whole families. Bomb buses, trains, restaurants, wedding halls, night clubs, etc.
      NOTHING is yours in Eretz Israel, capishtah? You steal other peoples lands, lie and fabricate, defraud as a norm, destroy other peoples shrines, uproot cemeteries, burn Churches with people inside, bomb Buddhas and when not busy committing the standard horrors your kind performs on others, lets look at what you do to each other everywhere even in your own dreadful conglomerates.
      Islam is a cult of death and mayhem.

      • Steven Chermak

        They also attack World Trade Center towers and kill people who just wanted pizza for lunch at Sbarro pizza in Jerusalem.

    • Lee

      Every perverted Muslim should be sent back to Arabia because they belong no where else. And even there they naught bur murderous scum.

    • Snorbak

      As per usual, nothing but ranting from you.
      " you must resign yourselves to the fact that it's only a matter of time before the Zionist experiment fails"
      Really, Israel is flourishing while the Islamic states tear themselves apart, anyway you tried to destroy Israel several times in the past & each time you were humiliated.
      A song comes to mind when I see your posts…….Dreamer!

    • sherwool


      "indigenous people of the land" my foot. Muslim Arabs conquered Palestine by force of arms over 1000 years ago as part of jihad (as, I suppose, Jews probably did some millennia earlier). I'll wager most "Palestinians" are desc ended from people to immigrated to Palestine over the past century or so from elsewhere in the Ottoman Empire. They are no more "indigenous" than Poles.

      Zionists didn't "steal" the land, as your mythology says. Pre-1948 they bought it- at greatly inflated prices- from the absentee landowners who lived in places like Istanbul and Baghdad. Then, when the UN partiioned Palestine, Arab nations descended on the infant state of Israel, thinking they would prevail in battle and exterminate the Jewish population of Palestine. Well it didn't work out that way.

      I noticed you couldn't be bothered responding to the point of the article- you just want to regurgitate your mythology and hatred. You have no respect whatsoever for truth.

    • Valo

      Actually, Nabkba, the Jews bought the land… and a wasteland it was, at the time, since the "native" Arabs didn't bother to put any labor into anything.Why was that? Oh – yeah – because they were tenants of other Arabs who basically amounted to slumlords.

      Maybe you're right, though – maybe the Jews should leave, and take all their innovations, irrigation, agriculture, modernizations like toilets, etc, not to mention the democratic way of life they introduced to that part of the world, and leave the land the way they found it. Then the "Palestinians" (Syrians, TransJordians, Arabs) can again happily wallow in the poverty that their own Arab brothers once kept them in.

    • Chiggles

      "one giant narrative of illegality, brutality, oppression, racism, and warmongering?"

      That describes the history of mohammedism perfectly.

    • Mr New Jersey

      Are you familiar with the phrase "Cracking a Stiffy" Mr Nabkba? Soon the whole world will join together to destroy the moslems. It is the moslems that are inhumane.

    • Niklas R.

      You want the Palestine-territories restored to its former glory?

      Didn't know you loved the Turks that much that you want them to rule over you again.

    • Ghostwriter

      Why quibble over the fact,Nakba1948,that your people want to murder Israelis? It's been well-established that you and your beloved Palestinians hate Jews and want to kill them. Your people also hate Americans and want US dead as well. Face it. If a Palestinian solder did that to his own people,it wouldn't get covered. Heck,he'd get promoted and blame the whole thing on the Israelis,just like you do every time you rear your disgusting head on this website.

    • Max

      wHO's day are numbered? The real problem is there are no people called palestinian. Palestinians are invented people! The land was called Judeah! As far as I know you haven't won a single war between you and the Zionists. You always start one and get your butt kicked! Maybe you should join t hem instead of fighting them. Like they say, "If you can;t beat them, JOIN THEM" You all might learn something

    • SoCalMike

      Israelis excepted, why can 't people from this part of the world open their mouths without emitting factual diarrhea?? It seems to be ingrained at the cultural level.
      But for the Jews, nothing advanced would exist or be invented in the Middle East.
      That's why the Jews and Jewish doctors in Jewish hospitals heal the culturally backward and inferior even though they are hell bent on murdering them to the point the Palestinians teach their children murdering Jews is good.

    • Anonymous

      Here's a joke for you nutbar1948:

      Man gets out of the plane in Riyadh, walks through the airport terminal to the street outside, goes to the taxi area, gets in a cab, says to the driver:

      "Take me to the Jewish neighborhood."

      Get it, anus face?

    • jmz

      lol whatever nabkab or whatever..ISRAEL owns you its OUR land always was always will be. all you have is smelly hippie commie puzzies and followers of that inbred prophis mohammed(piss be upon him) keep hiding behind bombs and monitors and attacking schoolchildren. israel is now and forever. "You better pray we, the indigenous people of the land, treat you better than you've treated us. Allahu akbar! " hahaha oohh im so scared. hey moron, the only reason you aand thoes plo supporting aholes are still breathing is because ISRAEL takes pitty on you fe3els sorry for your pathetic flotillia and other movements. now if you excuse me this ZIONIST is gonna alluakbar your mom in the jacuzzi for a bit then feed her mu "pork sausage"and use my bacon lube from epicmealtime…ima maker her go LALALALALALAALALALaa…say hi to your prophet mohamad for me(dog and pigpissbe upon him) and GOD BLESS ISRAEL burn palestine!

    • UCSPanther

      The British had some very effective ways of dealing with rebellious natives, and you don't want to be on the receiving end of it.

    • ziontruth

      "You better pray we, the indigenous people of the land,…"

      Back to the Arabian desert you go, descendent of Bedouin tribesmen. Leave Palestine to its only true indigenous—the Jews.

  • Nakba1948

    I hate dem joos because I have such a tiny pcker. Sieg Heil, y'all.

    • SoCalMike

      That only explains the tiniest part of it both literally and metaphorically.
      The hatred goes much deeper through the entire culture.
      Perhaps there is a causal relationship between physical deficiency and antisemitism…
      Nakba1948 might be onto something…..

    • ajnn

      good point.

    • cjk

      No you hate the Jews because you worship a Satanic, terrorist, pedophile.
      The Jews being chosen by Yaweh the true almighty creator of the universe, therefore Allah (Satan) wants to destroy them in order to thwart God's plan.
      God currently allows evil to occur in order to fulfill his plans which are too high for us to understand at this point.
      The day is coming and will arrive when all will understand his perfect plans.
      In the mean time chumps like you and the rest the Satanic pedophile worshiping stooges are allowed to be just than, STOOGES FOR SATAN.

  • Simone

    I think I will have sex with my dead wife tonight. I beheaded her for driving the car.

  • Marty

    Perhaps ism should also protest in Damascus the mass slaughter of Syrian Muslims by their own government. Or perhaps visit gaza and protest the Hamas autocracy that murders Christians. Or travel to Saudi Arabia to demonstrate against a regime that treats women like chattel and continues to enthusiastically practice slavery. We can be confident that ism could address the courts in these hellholes on behalf of their own tormented citizens.

  • Amused

    nakba48, you're right ! why quibble over one incident ….after all arabs have perpetrated to date , over 36.000 acts of violence against Israelis . And those are just the ones recorded. If they pulled that in any arab/muslim country , they would be decimated .

  • Light

    Hey Nabkba, how long ago was it that the Iraeli government offer the two state solution to your hero, Yassir Arafat? Remember that? Eat shiat

  • rasmus

    I agree that he acted very poorly, but I am not sure I agree entirely with the very harsh response to him. First of all, all over the world soldiers and police officers regularly transgress their roles in spite of intense training. We simply have to accept that human beings cannot be brought to react 100% by the book, when threatened, assaulted, stressed etc. We have to be loyal to the people on the front line – also when they falter. This is not to say that he shouldn't be reprimanded and get some counseling, retraining etc. but I don't think our flawed officers should be vilified and outcast.
    Secondly, I think Israel should start holding back on the apologetic responses. It is bad psychology. Everybody wants to kick an over-pleasing subordinate dog – so don't behave like one. It is not exactly working out all that well anyway, is it?
    By the way, I am a Danish news-junkie and I never saw the story mentioned in our media (though it must have been). I don't think we care all that much about this guy getting a little whack. He is probably actively suing several police officers for more or less fictional transgressions here already, being a professional at provoking responses in front of cameras.

    • Sage on the Stage

      I was in Israel a few years ago, volunteering. I have never seen an Army–the IDF(and Israeli civilians as well); so concerned over the fate of their enemies. Some of the younger volunteers were very proud of themselves, for working with Bedouins, who aren't friendly towards Israel. What Eisner did wasn't right, but if Eisner had been in the service of another country, he would most likely have suffered a reprimand; end of story. Why is Israel so hard on its own? What does it get them? Treatment as a pariah among nations; nothing else.

      • rasmus

        Yes, when you get the pariah status no matter what you do, it's time to do what is fair and in your own interest. I hope for Israel that they are arriving at this conclusion, so that the next time they are attacked they can annex the remaining logical territories and expel the hostile populations. They are going to be hated for it if they do or don't anyway.

        • ziontruth

          Excellent point! "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" means you can do anything you want.

  • EVABeliever

    There was never a nakba48 since there was never an arab Palestine. Arabs like the idiot nakba48 pine for something they never had while destroying themselves in lands they DO have. Look at Syria, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon and elsewhere: they are uncivilized ANIMALS and have not evolved since the child rapist died from venereal disease after raping a duck.

  • Ronald Johnston

    There are several million Israeli's who would react exactly as Eisner did!!!! When the war starts, they will prevail!!!!

  • J. Jones

    If a Dutch (or any other nationality not my own) protester got in my face over some nonsense, I'd butt-stroke him, too. LTC Eisner should be given a medal.

    • ziontruth

      "LTC Eisner should be given a medal."

      Quoted for truth.

  • Max

    Dream on nakbah48! there's nothing with dreaming. Your people have been dreaming about wiping Israel off the map of the world for 4,000 years and they are still here! Your so called people are the most insane bunch of idiots I have ever known. Not one palestinian person ever stopped and assk the question; "what's wrong here, we have been trying to wipped Israel forever and theyare still here. The Egyptians, Babylonians, the Romans, the Medes & Persia, the Nazis…. and a bunch of other idiots. Insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result! Well all I can say is you're persistant. Can you imagine if you all put that into positive living and start building stuff instead of blowing them up. Your problem is because you listen to those so-called imams, mulahs, even your so-called prophet, spewing out poisons of hate and violence. They are the real enemies.
    How come Allah has 99 different names and not one of those name is love? SO get smart and get the hell out away from those demon posses leaders of yours and give Yeshua a try! YOU WILL NEVER BE SORY! HE LOVES YOU! AMEN

  • dougjmiller

    Islam is not a religion. It's an extreme political ideology that exploits monotheism to justify territorial expansion, mass murder, slavery, forced conversion, oppression of females and minorities, despotism, drug dealing and sexual perversion.

  • sod

    Which country in the world allows violence to affect the public safety? Not even the "Koran" misunderstanding and peaceful Islamist can tolerate that!
    Israel is behaving like Dhimmi by yielding to media blast without formal investigation. What they should do is to do an open investigation and then act accordingly. This kind of behavior only gave her enemy more ammunition to use. Again, the are Israels who want to see her demise too. What a treachery!

  • Andy Gill

    In his place I would have done exactly the same as Eisner, and so I suspect would many people.

  • jzm

    personally im glad he nailed them. "they got what they wanted" only because weak minded PC politicians moronically think that peace can be negotiated with these ignorant commie supporters of palestine. GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEAS BIBI! islam wants you dead, not islamic extreamists or radical islam, but ISLAM perido. they want you dead and the rest of us dead or enslaved. nuke iran, stop them and start wiping out the arab muslim influence in the mifddle east. you will wait until they get a nuke and bomb you and then it will be too late. you must wipe out your enemies before they do it to you and the only people who care about "rules of war" are the loosers and the enemies who use thoes rules against you and never obey them themselves. burn paleswinw and nuke iran. its the ONLY way

  • David

    @Nakba48: So convinced by your own words you feel the need to hide behind a username. Speaks volumes.

  • Terry

    Nakba48, I hope you get the chance to meet Eisner one day. And I hope he breaks your scum jaw with his rifle. And if he chooses to shoot your bollox off too, I'll be cheering him on. You are pigswill.

  • BS77

    Oh the pwetty liddle ISM protestor got a BOO BOO……….Oh how sad!!! Pweeze kiss the BOO BOO make baby feel better! ISM baby is crying from the BOO BOO…..Oh how upsetting! Pweeze Pweeze Pweeze kiss the BOO BOO and make baby feel safe.