Five Pearls of Wisdom for Young Leftists

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4.) America is the least racist country in the world.

The left generally characterizes America as racist and xenophobic. Listening to the left, one would think that America still resembles that of the 1950s, where blacks and other minorities were systematically discriminated against or worse. Adored liberal Bill Maher recently called the United States of America the “Racist States of America.” In response to the Trayvon Martin tragedy, Jesse Jackson said, “Blacks are under attack” in America. But is America really a terrible place for non-whites? Dennis Prager brilliantly highlights why this is nonsense:

Decades ago, the number of black Africans who had immigrated to the United States had already surpassed the number of black Africans who were forcibly shipped to America as slaves. Members of other races and nationalities know this. Even Muslim and Arab writers have noted that nowhere in the Arab or larger Muslim world does an Arab or any other Muslim have the individual rights, liberty, and dignity that a Muslim living in America has. As for Latinos and Asians, vast numbers of them from El Salvador to Korea regard America as the land of opportunity.

Liberals who think America is a racist, oppressive society must explain why so many minorities risk their lives to come here illegally.

5.) And lastly (mostly for my Jewish, liberal friends), as governments become more conservative, they become more pro-Israel. This is true in America and the rest of the non-Muslim world.

In Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party delivered a rousing speech in defense of Israel in 2010. Here is part of what he said:

But when Israel, the only country in the world who’s very existence is under attack, is consistently and conspicuously singled out for condemnation, I believe we are morally obligated to take a stand…As long as I am Prime Minister, whether it is at the United Nations…or anywhere else, Canada will take that stand, whatever the cost.

In America it is plainly obvious that the Obama administration is much less supportive of Israel than the Bush administration. The hallmark of Obama’s foreign policy approach towards Israel when he first came into office was to lambast it for building apartments on 2% of the land it captured in a defensive war. Furthermore, Obama sought a more even-handed approach to the peace process, placing equal blame for failed negotiations on the Palestinians and Israel. Obama has since backed off his criticism of Israeli “settlements” because it backfired and only served to harden Palestinian demands.

A few weeks ago Alan Dershowitz spoke at a Los Angeles temple, where he said he was still unsure whom he would vote for in the presidential election, Obama or Romney. Why do you think a life-long liberal and ardent Israel supporter is considering leaving the Democratic Party?

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  • g_jochnowitz

    Extremes meet. Ron Paul has the most anti-Israel voting record in Congress. He's not all that different from Dennis Kucinich.

  • Paula

    excellent points…. i wish your words would reach those that need to hear it.

  • Maxie

    The Left invented hypocrisy. It's called the Double Standard and they can't live without it. Core Leftists are afflicted with male hatred (patrphobia; misandry) with the former a manifestation of Freud's Oedipal complex in which the infant male child wishes to kill his father. The signs in the photos are clear expressions of this unresolved urge in the neurotic 'adult'. In other words these people are mentally ill.

  • Eric

    The left would back the antichrist to further their cause.

  • Western Spirit

    The left also believes that only intellectuals should be elected president because being smart is an indication of good leadership qualities. And caims that first Clinton and now Obama are brilliant while denigrating Reagan and bush’s intelligence.

    All the word intellectual indicates, of course, is someone who thinks in abstractions. Others can be bright such as people who understand how things work like car mechanics, doctors, dentists, etc.

    Unfortunately bright people are also the con artists who are smart enough to think up ways to relieve people of their money. Or worse, gain power over people, making totalitarian dictators above average in intelligence.

    So having intellectuals, or smart people, the decisive factor for leadership is not smart.

    What is needed, for leadership, are people who have excellent moral character. Like our founders, for instance, who honored their Christian belief system and their God, as well as they had genius added to the pot to make a delicious mixture.

    Consequently, they were bright moral human beings fit to do God’s work on earth when they created this great nation of freedom.

    Everything the founders wrote was Christian in character putting the leftist lie to them all being Deists including, that old scalawag (according to John Adams), Benjamin Franklin. Who publicly and warmly praised and thanked God before Congress for aiding them in winning the Revolutionary War.

    Hardly a Deist thing to do— giving thanks to an absentee landlord. But it was most certainly a Christian thing to do— to give thanks to our creator the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, not just of Abraham the one God theorist.

    For it was prophesied in the OT that God would call his people by a different name, a people who had never known him or sought him. And it also prophesied God was gong to make the Jewish people jealous of another people who would be God’s people, too.

    I believe the people referred to are the true Christians who follow Christ’s teachings. like George Washington for instance, who, as a true Christian refused power to retire to his home because that is what he valued.

    His stepdaughter observed that Washington was often in prayer. Again a foolish thing to do, praying to an absentee landlord, but prayer was perfectly in keeping with worship of the Christian God. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, not the moon God of Islam, but a Christian and Jewish God was whom Washington believed in and sought.

  • gerrydorrian66

    Agree with everything you say, especially on Israel – what other country in the world comes under UN scrutiny for building suburbs?