A Gift from the Religion of Atrocity

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Reprinted from Gates of Vienna.

An article in this morning’s Sunday Times about female genital mutilation in the UK has been much discussed today in Britain. Our English correspondent Seneca III presents a summary of the article, and adds his own thoughts on the whole sordid matter.

The leading article in today’s Sunday Times is a story of more cultural enrichment. Essentially, it reports on an undercover investigation into the extent of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Britain.

And, as ‘thetimesonline.com’ is behind a subscription firewall and cannot be linked, here follows a short review/synopsis with some comments from me connecting the quotations and elaborating in a politically incorrect manner in a couple of places (direct quotations from the ST are in italics).

Forward, a charity that campaigns against FGM, revealed this weekend that 100,000 women in Britain have undergone mutilation. A further 24,000* girls are thought to be at risk of suffering the agonising procedure**.

Such acts which are widespread in parts of Africa*** and the Middle East are illegal in Britain.

* Estimates place the worldwide figure at 140 million — guess where most of them are (apart from those now setting up their occupied territories in Europe and the USA)?

** I will include no details here. It is Sunday, and even after so many years of exposure to the ideological root causes of this atrocity, those years have still have not inured me to the horrors of this and all the other joys of Sharia.

*** The ST did state “Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia”(Whereas they didn’t actually clarify the Ogaden region of Ethiopia that is tribally and culturally Somali Muslim as opposed to the Christian North, or Islamic North Sudan as opposed to the Christian and Animist South. Those areas in fact long conquered and subjugated by The Religion of Peace.)

Despite the scale of the problem, the police have failed to secure a single conviction. This weekend, as campaigners called for crackdown, police were accused of failing to pursue prosecutions for fear of inflaming racial tensions. (My bold)…

…The Metropolitan Police having received 166 complaints of FGM since 2008 but, as with all 43 forces across England and Wales, having secured no convictions. (sic)…

…Waris Dirie, a former model who was mutilated as a child and is now a United Nations Ambassador for the abolition of the practice, said: “If a white girl is abused, the police come and break down the door. If a black girl is mutilated, nobody takes care of her. This is what I call racism.”

(Well, yes, Waris, but ‘self-inflicted reverse racism’ would be a better description as the police wouldn’t be afraid to help you if the race card were not played without fail every time a non-white is arrested on suspicion of a criminal offence — do try to get your head around the [race] incident/hate laws and the Orwellian definition of them as constructed by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)…

“Any incident, which may or may not constitute a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hate.” [is a hate incident]

“Any hate incident, which may or may not constitute a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hate.” [is a hate crime]

…and perhaps you will begin to understand why the poor bloody coppers on the ground who have to do the actual dirty work are more than a little reluctant to risk their careers and livelihoods by in any way interfering in even the nastiest cultural habits of non-whites. What you sow is what you reap.)

Inside the newspaper on pages 10 and 11 is a full-length article describing the investigation and which named, with photographs, three of the practitioners of FGM.

Hence hereunder are some of their responses when approached by a female undercover reporter who first paid a £60 consultation fee to a medical practitioner to ask if he could arrange for two girls, aged 10 and 13, to be circumcised. Dr. Ali Mayo-Aways, who runs a private clinic in Birmingham, replied thus:

“Yes, I can help you. I have a doctor that will do [it]. He is here in Birmingham. I will give him a call… I can help you but this one is very dangerous”*

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  • Amused

    If "allah " didn't want women to have clitoris' then they would be born without them . This practice should be outlawed with the same penalty as a woman cutting off a man's penis . This is NT a circumscisionit is by vevry definition a MUTILATION . Unfortunately in many of the aforemetioned countries , women are ostracized by their peers for NOT having ben mutilated .Thus muslim woen themselves are paft to blame for the continuation of this abberation in human behavior .

    • Questions

      The most stupid people, I have found, are also the most conformist, the most likely to ostracize, taunt and bully peers who "fail" to fall in line and piously mimic their presumed moral betters. The natural state for most people is to seek happiness in slavery. They seethe at the sight of a free person. Nowhere is this more true than among Islam.

      Female genital mutilation is a crime and an outrage, and yet it will never go away until Muslims and Afros rise up and crush their self-imposed chains. Superior people everywhere must show the way to a better life — of sexual, emotional and political freedom. Let us teach by example. And in the meantime, we must institute immigration and refugee policies that block entry to the most backward, sadistic and stupid people of the world.

      • jonmc

        Sadly since the Hadith support FGM, that uprising won't happen since it would be "un-Islamic".
        The problem is NOT cultural, but (as the article above states) religion (i.e Islam) based and as "radical" (i.e. orthodox) interpretations gain ground then the rate of FGM will, inevitably, increase.

  • Eyes_Open

    First off, let it be known that I am TOTALLY against female circumcision, but why isn't the same reaction given when male circumcisions are preformed? They are both totally unnecessary, very painful, mutilations of human genitalia, usually preformed on a child who has not chosen (or even old enough to choose) to have the procedure.

    Don't give me it's for cleanliness because it has been medically proven repeatedly that it has no effect, and neither of my sons is cut and it has never had a detrimental effect on them. It is just a religious practice, both male and female versions, and both should be outlawed! If a person, as a grow adult, wants to have their body modified, that is fine, but adults should not be allowed to but children through this type of torture, for any reason.

    • http://N/A Diann

      I’m against all circumcision except for medical reasons if necessary in men. The fact is that men continue to have fully functioning sexual equipment following their circumcision, and the pain is limited. Women have severely limited function and lifelong agony not only of the sexual act but during menstruation and childbirth, depending on the severity of the mutilation. I do not call the procedure ‘circumcision’ when speaking about what is done to women. That’s why it’s much worse for women than it is for men.

      • Eyes_Open

        Have you ever seen a male child circumcised? To say the pain is limited is like saying Alaska is just a wee little state up north. And the instances of it being medically necessary are almost non-existent. Only the removal of the labia will cause pain when having intercourse or during child birth, removing the clitoris or prepuce only reduces the pleasure of intercourse, just as removing the foreskin (prepuce) in males. (at least this is what my research has indicated, as a man I can never really know what it feels like to be a women, just as a women can never know what it feels like to have the foreskin chopped off). The prescribed method doesn't remove the labia, but in some places I think the "religious" leaders just take gratification in torturing children.

        • Lady_Dr

          I have moved, and no longer have access to the Miami-Dade Public Library but years ago I borrowed a the biography an American black man who had converted, first to I think Reform, then to Orthodox Judaism.I' m very sorry not to remember his name, but if someone can find him or this book it is very interesting on this subject. He had to have a circumcision as an adult and he very delicately but clearly informs the reader that it hurt, but then the pain went away – and it worked just as well as before. Can't remember his exact words but if someone could track the book or the man (or find another man with the same experience) this would end the discussion.

          Female circumcision is about controlling women the rest of their lives although it may also be about torturing them as well.Male circumcision is simply not the same.

          • Eyes_Open

            We will have to agree to disagree, I believe in both cases that it is a way for a religion to assert control over its followers and to permanently mark them (branding cattle comes to mind) as followers of that particular sect or belief. As far as the function, yes, both the male and female organs function the same with out the prepuce (foreskin on males, hood on females) and the clitoris for females. The only change is the loss of some of the sensitivity. But it is still completely unnecessary in both cases.

          • JoJoJams

            The only equivalency is if just the prepuce were removed on the woman. To remove the clitoris is the equivalent of removing the head of the penis. TOTAL loss of sensitivity and an inability to achieve the pleasure of orgasm. The two acts ARE different – whether you believe it so, or not. FGM, in most cases, is the removal of the clitoris itself. Big difference from a male circumcision. And there really isn't much "loss in sensitivity" for a circumncised male. It could also be beneficial in that any "loss in sensitivity" results in being able to last longer during intercourse. Not exactly a bad thing, that. But if you were to remove the head of the penis (the equivalent of removing the clitoris) there would be no way to achieve a normal orgasm, if at all.

        • namem

          The female clitoris is not a 'foreskin' it is a large piece of tissue that, in the male fetus develops into the penis. So a female "circumcision" is not a real term, it is a castration since it removes almost the entire external genitalia. The only difference is the female is still fertile since the ovaries never descend through the flesh like testes.

    • http://crimevictimsmediareport.com Tina Trent

      Eyes Open, I would really prefer that you use your real name to pose a question like this, but I will answer you because you seem civil in your replies to others.

      Male circumcision and female circumcision are not the same.

      Male circumcision does not negatively impact the ability to complete a sexual act; female circumcision does. Where you get the idea that female circumcision does not involve the clitoris, I don't know. You are mistaken.

      Male circumcision prevents the rate of infection for the male and his partner, prevents the spread of disease, and thus also prevents complications from both that can lead to infertility, suffering, and death. You can read the CDC reports on this: the science in unambiguous.

      Female circumcision, especially as performed in the Sub-Sahara region AND in refugee communities from this region, frequently results in menstrual blockage, chronic infection especially urinary infection, pelvic disease, susceptibility to VD, and complications during pregnancy and birth. Even when these complications do not occur, there is still loss of sexual feeling.

      There are activists in the U.S., many shamefully ensconced in Women's Studies programs, who dispute these facts as a function of politically correct self-loathing which makes them fetishistic water-carriers of the worst sort. The medical experts who actually deal with FGM — and the feminist politicians and health care providers who deserve (and rarely receive, including here) credit for taking the lead in outlawing this practice in the U.S., Britain, Canada and Europe — know better. They see the results.

      I first saw FMG in Atlanta in 1991 or 1992. Somali refugee, arrived in the U.S. nearly full-term, and we had to find a female doctor who could deal with the horrific scarring and deliver the baby (also saw some pretty unlikely Afghan family groups arriving at the same time — no daughters/nine sons, etc.). The next FGM case I saw was a badly mutilated infant. Feminist lawmakers outlawed the practice in Georgia; academic feminists remained silent and, in some cases, not all, have since sided with the FMG proponents. I wish reporters on this issue would note the distinction: if it were not for certain feminist groups, nobody would have acted in the 90's. For the record, I've yet to see conservatives take the legislative lead on this issue, though they have proven to be good and energetic allies across the aisle — many people from both parties "get" it, and the states have responded well. Facts matter, and credit where credit is due.

      You don't have the facts on your side, E-O. It is offensive, inaccurate, and extraordinarily self-indulgent to compare male circumcision as practiced in the West to female circumcision practiced anywhere. I don't know the politics behind this brand-new cause, and perhaps I'm mistaken in assuming it rises out of a politics that embraces anti-Zionism. Or, perhaps I'm not. But the provenance I've seen suggests the latter, plus, maybe, the FAPT anti-child support groups?

      • Eyes_Open

        Names don't concern me much. However, you seem to have misread my post. I never said that female circumcision doesn't involve the clitoris, just the opposite, it requires the removal of the clitoris and the prepuce. It is when the labia becomes involved that things get VERY dangerous.

        It has never been definitively proven that male circumcision prevents infection in males or females.
        Direct quotes from the CDC:
        "It is important to note that the recommendations are still in development and CDC has made no determination at this time about the final content."
        "Whatever the content may include, CDC’s final circumcision recommendations will be completely voluntary. While CDC has not yet determined if male circumcision should be recommended for any population,"

        This as well:

        I am not oppose to circumcision for any political or religious reason, but because it is wrong, provides few if any benefits, and is a painful mutilation of the human without the consent of the person involved.

        And my belief on why the politicians are reluctant to get involved one the FGM issue is because they know that it will bring up the issue of male circumcision and then it becomes a religious debate which most politicians try to avoid as it is extremely polarizing.

      • topeka


        very well written reply to E-O…

        … but methinks his concern is more a religious bias than a health concern.

        … I have seen data supporting and dis-confirming the male circumcision argument – the data was presented as an argument against circumcision here, and partly came through WHO (UN)…

        … consider the source – but the point seemed to be that Western Males do not experience higher rates of infectious diseases and *other* disorders as a result of circumcision. Repeating; Western men without circumcisions had comparable "rates" of infection / disorder events to the circumcised.

        … Men in Non-Western countries with circumcisions a substantial – though not overwhelming – reduction in infection rates.

        … They interpretation was that improved health care, clean water, etc., accounted for the distinction.

        … Also no correction was made for personal cleanliness – e.g. whether circumcised men were more likely to wash themselves or not… or whether the Western cohorts were more / less clean than the Non-western cohorts.

        … All sticky questions… no pun intended.

    • Jay

      You are absolutely wrong and should have done more research. Penile Cancer, which is rare but deadly, is virtually unheard of in circumcised men. Often a rare victim of this cancer has the choice between sure death and an operation that removes all male genitalia and only offers a coin flip chance of saving their life. Bladder infections in the first year of a babies life are 10 times higher in uncircumcised baby boys than circumcised. Sexually Transmitted diseases transmit to uncircumcised men at a rate 5 times higher. In fact, if you look at a map of where the Aids crisis has caused the most damage in Africa, you see that it lines up with the areas where circumcision is not common for religious reasons.

  • StephenD

    Barbarians in soft flowing robes.

    What else would we expect from this death cult?

  • Schlomotion

    This kind of cowardice publication is disgusting. Gates of Vienna is a white supremacist blog run by vigilante Edward S. May and his wife Ceara that usually promotes Peder Jensen writing under his fearful pseudonym, Fjordman. May is a supporter of the British Nazi Party, BNP. Now Frontpage is featuring Edward May, featuring some anonymous, geni.tal obsessed Islamophobe who goes to EDL Beer Hall Putsches in Luton.

    • Chezwick

      No desire to comment on the actual issue of Islamically-sanctioned FGM, eh Schlomo?

      • Schlomotion

        No. Not until these Jewish Klansmen take their hoods off.

        • StephenD

          "No. Not until these Jewish Klansmen take their hoods off. "

          LOL Chez. Who knew Sclo-mind has standards?!?

          What a fool!

          Frankly, I'm glad he's around. He serves as a fine display of the "others" from whom we should wish to protect our children.

          • esatire

            Someone should protect their children from them too, because I don't believe there's a neurosurgeon skilled enough to undo the damage.

          • Chezwick

            Yes indeed Stephen, Schlo sees the world through an exclusively anti-semitic prism…no other issue exists for him. Hatred of the Jew is the definition of his soul.

          • Schlomotion
    • Atlas_Collins

      What's wrong with the BNP?

      Oh wait! It's wrong for white people to express pride and nationalism is a dirty word (unless you're a jew). I keep forgetting.

    • curmudgeon

      any site condemned by an obscessive antisemite could not be that bad. bty, "the religion of peace" is called a hate site by CAIR. to me, your and CAIR's condemnation of a site is the highest recommendation. if you and CAIR dont like something, it must be good. incidentally, BNP is an abbreviation used by the british NATIONAL party. your intentional slur, calling them nazi, is, coming from you, a high compliment. if you dont like them, they must be doing something right.

  • Chezwick

    When the subject comes up in discourse with others, don't for a minute fall for the argument that this is a "tribal" or "cultural" phenomenon that has nothing to do with Islam. There is a Hadith that specifically commands the faithful to circumcise both male and female. It's no different than other barbarisms such as child marriage, death for apostasy, and stoning for adultery…all of which have sanction in Islamic scripture.

  • BS77

    I think most of humanity longs for the day when this hideous, barbaric Dark Age insanity is totally forgotten. Good grief……it's like a nightmare on steroids.

    • esatire

      It's like a nightmare that steroids have, when they're taking steroids.

  • Northanhymbre Heathen

    From where I'm standing male and female circumcision are very different – at least male circumcision doesn't stop the person from being able to have an orgasm. In females all orgasms arise from the clitoris (irrespective of what hollywood and the porn industry would have us believe) and so the removal of it is effectively the removal of a woman's ability to orgasm (ie it doesn't just "reduce sensitivity", it means that the woman is never, ever going to feel what her partner can feel during sex, wether he's been circumcised as well or not! People this is a BIG DEAL, and a BIG DIFFERENCE between male and female forms of circumcision (and I'm a woman myself so I feel qualified to comment, lest anyone was wondering..)

    • Larry

      It is the equivalent of cutting off the end of a man's penis, because that is the part of the penis that is exactly analogous to the clitoris. If you make that cut, the man doesn't have orgasms either.

  • Bartimaeus

    Just a comment on the religious significance of circumcision. Circumcision in the Old Testament was commanded by God as setting the Hebrews apart from the gentile world and related to the keeping of covenant of the law. It also had a spiritual meaning of great importance as seen in the following passages Duet 10:16, 30:6; Jeremiah 4:3-4. It was a mark of their subjection to God. In the New Testament, physical circumcision is no longer required 1 Cor. 7:18-19. See Romans 2:23-29. Baptism takes the place of circumcision, Col. 2:11-12. Both the old and new testaments are very clear that women had no part in any physical circumcision. Circumcision did not effect man’s function as it would the female. The fact that circumcision is especially prevalent in the west is a sign of the influence simply of the Judeo-Christian culture. Therefore, the call to outlaw circumcision for the males in the west is a sign of the decline of the Judeo-Christian aspects of our culture. The atheist/agnostic secularist will not see any significance to this, but the growing disregard of the Judeo-Christian aspects of the western culture will have a very much larger impact than anyone can imagine at this point.

    • http://ampatriot.blogspot.com/ C.R.

      Female genital mutilation–is not circumcision!

  • Don Kosloff

    As a circumcised male, I know that male circumcision has absolutely no resemblance to FGM.

  • Questions

    It ain't the meat; it's the motion.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Hosni Mubarak, recently sentenced to life imprisonment, outlawed female genital mutilation. http://www.tnr.com/article/world/96555/egypt-geni
    It is no wonder that he was so hated by Egyptian fundamentalists.

  • http://ampatriot.blogspot.com/ C.R.

    The God of Islam is in fact Satan–everything about Islam is Satanic–everything!

  • http://ampatriot.blogspot.com/ C.R.

    Those who are genuine adherents of Islam are mentally ill!

    • topeka


      We wish… there are too many of them to be accounted for by personality disorders.

      While it's humorous to say Liberalism is a Mental Disorder (savage)… there's not enough nuts to account for it.

  • Stuart Parsons

    I am circumcised and recall no traumatic experience. I must say I am happy I am circumcised, I dont have to worry about ensure washing under the foreskin and I consider the appearance of a circumcised penis to be more aesthetically pleasing.
    Female genital mutilation, no necessity for it……… castrate those who perfom the operation and a lengthy prison term for the parents. Hang the imams, mullahs and ayatollahs who advocate it. I can't blame dear old Allah, he doesn't exist.

  • topeka

    Seneca III,

    thank you for the information…

    I cannot imagine mutilating a child … this is really beyond my capacity to comprehend the nuance of how anyone can do this. … And still consider oneself to be a human being.

    may God save the children…

  • kenaan Jelili

    You insist to indulge yourself in attacking Islam ,though your stories are absurd and need proofs .Being a Muslim from the Middle East I know that no genital mutilation takes place on females in our societies , to get sure ask the Israeli professors who are interested in the social affairs of Muslims.You can find such incidents in the African horn countries (as a tribal tradition).Though some Muslim scholars agreed on girls' circumcision ,but there is no consensus on the issue. I'd like to remind the commentators whom I feel with pity towards them , it seems that their thin information is derived from begot sites only.

  • Ronald Johnston

    Pure evil!!!

  • curmudgeon

    about circumcision: female circumcision is a crime, and anyone who practices it should be hung drawn and quartered. but…….it is a muslim problem, not a problem for westerners. we have bigger problems than fgm. our problem is that muslims are invading our countries, breeding themselves into a majority with the full treasonous cooperation of our welfare systems, and when they achieve critical mass, will cut our throats. the very fact that vile muslims are invading our countries and enslaving us is far, far more important than the fact that they grievously injure their own female children. the fact that criminals mutilate their female children by clitorrectomizing them just guarantees that that female will never voluntarily have sex, and must be raped. but, rape isnt a problem for muslims, is it?

  • curmudgeon

    about circumcision: male circumcision of an infant is a minor violation of that person's rights, and in the west will end as soon as the first person wins a malpractice suit against the parents and whoever performed the violation. trust me, it will happen, and when it does, infant circumcision will be a thing of the past. male circumcision is sometimes necessary in the adult, and should be allowed for any adult fool enough to have it electively, which is just about noone. i have seen a lot of cancer, but never a penile cancer. not saying it doesnt happen, but the risk of penile cancer is probably less than the risk of circumcision. regarding the issue of ease of cleaning the middle extremity: anyone too lazy to pull the dam thing back and wash it should not be allowed to breed.

  • curmudgeon

    about circumcision: in the golden years of enlighted islam, due to the conquering of foreign lands, islamastan was awash with slaves. the conquered females were made into sexual slaves that populated the harems of the rich and powerful, those males who werent murdered were reduced to abject servitude. the most abject were the black slaves, who were treated to "radical circumcision"– penisectomy and orchiectomy. this made them unable to contaminate the superior race with their genes, and also made them excellent wardens for the harems. yet american blacks without a speck of historical awareness laud islam and join in with their enslavers and castrators against our american freedom. it would be funny if it werent so serious. they are only slightly more foolish than the jews, gays, atheists and women who join up with islam, their worst nightmare, in their campaign to destroy our western countries.

  • Beula Hudnell

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  • Schlomotion

    Yes. If Jews want to run Hasbara articles against Muslims, flogging everyone else over the head that Muslims alone are weirdos who circumcise people, then it does have to revolve around Jews.

  • reader

    Didn't you claim to be Cacausian who doesn't care about either Jews , or Muslims?

  • Schlomotion

    Oooh. Oooh. Contradiction.