Afghan Police Free 41 Child Suicide Bombers

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Islamic terrorists themselves do not hide the fact that they are death worshippers and have been very explicit about this in their statements. Islamists have often said they love death like Westerners love life. As an example of this depraved mindset, Geifman quotes Ali Benhadjj, Islamist leader of Algeria, as having said: “Faith is propagated by counting up deaths every day, by adding up massacres and charnel-houses.”

Geifman claims that Islamic terrorists, like the Nazis and Communists, use a political or religious cause simply as a screen and a means to sacrifice themselves and others to their god of death, sacrifices their pagan deity demands. Geifman compares these death worshippers, or thanatophiles, to India’s Thugs who murdered thousands of unsuspecting travellers in the 1800s as human sacrifices to their death goddess, Kali.

But it is in the killing and sacrificing of children and babies to their pagan god that the Communist, Nazi and Islamist practitioners of death and hatred truly revel. Children are targeted by the death worshippers because they are the essence of life and God-like in their image and innocence. The life-giving center of every family and community, they thus make a more worthy death offering to the Islamist Kali. Geifman cites the horrific terrorist takeover of the school in Beslan, Russia, in 2004, in which 186 children, mostly five-year-olds, were murdered, as an example of this targeting of children for sacrificial purposes.

Moreover, love of children and their uniqueness is deeply embedded in the Jewish and Christian tradition. So special are they that Jesus offers them his protection in the New Testament and severely warns those who would harm them. All of which is the opposite of what the terrorists stand for. As a further indication of their disdain and hatred for the life-giving force of children, Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan now sell suicide bombers to one another.

Since children are the objects of so much love and the wellspring of present and future life, the anti-life Communist, Nazi and Islamist death cults eventually felt compelled to kill them. As detesters of Jesus’s message of love, the hatred-filled Islamists strap bombs on children and send them out to blow themselves up. This then makes those 41 Afghan children the primary target of the Islamist suicide bombing campaign and NATO and Afghan soldiers and officials the secondary ones. The main goal of the Taliban suicide bombing campaign is to offer their god of death dead children and not the lives of their NATO and Afghan government enemies.

The Taliban also have other ways of making child sacrifices their death god demands. They sometimes kill children directly, as when they hung a 7-year-old boy as an alleged spy and attacked a school bus carrying children of an anti-Taliban tribe, killing five. The Taliban also assign children the dangerous job of planting Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). In a short period of a few weeks in 2009, twelve Afghan children were recorded as being blown up near Kandahar when training to plant the explosives.

But one shouldn’t expect any religious riots in Afghanistan over the fact that the Islamic religion is being violated by the sacrificial deaths of so many Muslim children in its name. Outrage and demonstrations on behalf of children’s safety would indicate the country supports and is willing to fight for human life. The recent riots and the deaths the rioters caused indicate just the opposite,  that Afghanistan is reverting to the cemetery-like atmosphere and state the country experienced under the Taliban death cult rule. And the only thing sadder than this is that an American president actually apologised to the hypocritical and anti-life religious thugs who are helping to restore this nightmare.

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  • Anamah

    They are a perverted culture, a pathological disease throwing their own child into the mouth of the beast. Humanity has no goal but sadism and cruelty among that kind of thinking so it seems a good idea to stop them, but we must recognize despite how hard to believe is, nobody at the UN will support to stop the evil. The world seems to be an absolutely crazy place.

  • RobCary

    Can anyone say Molech???

  • steve brenner

    Kill or be killed!

  • BS77

    One longs for the day when this hideous Dark Age ideology is forgotten…completely forgotten.

    • Whatsinaname

      I pray the day comes when Islam disappears but is not forgotten. Let humanity look back at it and wonder how in the world it lasted so long and how did it attract so many, particularly in the "enlightened" West. Islam is pure madness and the fact that "moderate, peaceful Muslims" show not even one iota of concern or outrage for these atrocities is a testament that there is only one Islam: brutal, murderous and diabolical.

      • Beanman

        I'm afraid the end of Islam won't come until the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.

  • RiverFred

    They have a defective gene from years of inbreeding.

  • a12iggymom

    The desicrated korans were colleced by American soldiers and placed in a safe place, how they got mixed in with debris to be burned is not known, but it was AFGHANS who did the burning…not American soldiers. SO afghans desecrated them and did the burnings…why is your White House, State Department and old media lying to you? You need to ask them that question.

    • Luby

      How do you know?

      • a12iggymom

        From Skyline News: "The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to discuss the findings, which have not been made public. " "Afghan workers at the burn pit spotted several Korans in the flames and 'started getting riled up' over the desecration of holy books, another official said. The workers pulled several charred books from the fire and told other Afghans, igniting widespread outrage."

        There's no explanation as to why the Afghans manning the pit did not see the books prior to their beginning to burn.

        "The officials said soldiers had confiscated religious materials because they believed the books were being used to pass written messages among prisoners. The books circulated from prisoner to prisoner as part of the prison's lending library. The books were initially put in a storage area, but they were removed a few days later after enlisted soldiers were told to dispose of them."

        It is the islamic prisoners themselves who desecrated the books by writing in them. Traditional methods of destroying the desecrated material is to burn it according to Afghan Imams advising the US military.

  • DrBukk

    The paradigm of polygamy has fueled the death cult and disposable children since the establishment of Islam. Ms. Gelfen's theory that something changed about Islam in 1901 is incorrect. It changed when after WWI, when Moslems got hemmed in geographically and had to start killing themselves to clear the extra men out. No more could a barbarian get a wife through conquest.

    Reading "In Darkest Africa" by Henry M. Stanley (of Livingston fame) in 1880, he describes Moslem marauders in the Eastern Congo. Fiefdoms of 40,000 sq. miles were established by completely wiping out every village for ivory. Their tribes grew geometrically by killing every adult and putting boys into military training and girls in harems. They had gunpowder and the indigenous did not. He writes that every scrap of ivory meant a family wiped out, and every 35 lbs. meant an entire village destroyed. The most effective attackers and thieves were given wives and other spoils as motivation.

    The history of Ottoman victims is completely erased. Europeans and Americans are now the imperialist enemies because we let them live to tell of their "injustices".

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Understand your enemy. Believe they are serious. Stop complaining because they are more dedicated than you. Decide that calling names and crying will not help. Collect your wits, gather your skirts in a bunch and hope that some brave fools will know how to fight back. Much luck.

  • Whatsinaname

    The left-leaning and leftist media are mum on Islamic atrocities. They consider the Muslims to be allies in the fight against capitalism and the West. Maybe they should ask the Russians if the Muslim in Afghanistan made good allies.

  • Alarik

    Even the Nazis did not use such young children as suicidebombers. However they did use young teenage boys as 'soldiers', the "Hitlerjugend" , only at the end of the war.