Azerbaijan: Israel’s Back Door To Iran

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Iran has other reasons for disliking Azerbaijan. Its neighbor is secular and, being 85 percent Shiite, its existence “gives the lie to the millenarian pretensions of the Tehran regime.” Azerbaijan is also disputing with Iran oil exploration areas in theCaspian Sea which they both border. And to top it off, the mullahs can’t stand its neighbor’s good relations with Western countries, above all with Israel, whose military relationship with the Azeri government on its northern border must be a source of great concern for Iran. All this has led the mullahs to adopt a hostile stance towards it fellow Shiite neighbor.

“…Iran has for years been seeking not only by words but by deeds to destabilize the legitimate government of Azerbaijan,” states Asia Times.

Assassinations, a conspiracy to overthrow the Azeri government and thwarted attacks against Israeli targets, including a plan to attack Israeli employees of a Jewish school, are among the black deeds the Asia Times article lists Iran as having committed against Azerbaijan. This year, internet sites in Azerbaijan were also attacked by hackers, calling themselves the Iranian Cyber Army. They posted “images of the devil over pictures of the Azeri and Israeli presidents and messages saying ‘Servants of the Jews’ and Enemies of Islam’.”

Israel strengthened its relationship with Azerbaijan, and undoubtedly further infuriated the mullahs, when it sold the Azeris $1.6 billion in arms last January. Anti-ship missiles, UAVs, Barak air defense missiles and an anti-missile radar system were among the items purchased. Israel and Azerbaijan have also launched a joint venture to manufacture Israeli-designed UAVs in Azerbaijan which may help Israel with sales to Islamic countries, since the UAVs are being built in a Muslim state. Israel has also established extensive commercial relations with Azerbaijan and had become its fifth-largest trading partner by 2005.

The anti-missile radar system may be particularly useful in any coming conflict with Iran. As part of its war strategy, Iran may use its missiles to destroy the oil facilities, upon which the West depends, in eastern Saudi Arabia and in Azerbaijan. Both countries are within range of such an attack. Israel also would be negatively affected by such a development; it imports one sixth of its oil from Azerbaijan, while Europe and the United States are also big customers.Azerbaijan also serves as an important transit country for oil coming from Central Asia across the Caspian Sea.

Not everyone is happy with Israel’s arms sales to Azerbaijan, since it may turn around and use those weapons against neighboring Armenia, with whom it fought, and lost, a war in the early 1990s over the Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh. In the past, the Azeri president has uttered anti-Armenian threats such as “Armenians will live in fear” and “Our main enemies are Armenians of the world.” Others are against Israel having access to Azeri airbases at all since this may invite attack from Iran and extend any war to the Caucasus and thus to Azerbaijan’s all-important oil fields.

But Iran with its nuclear weapons program, terrorism and radical Islamic fundamentalism is a vital concern not just to Israel but also to Azerbaijan and other countries of the region. So if Israel having access to Azeri airbases will help end this destabilizing, large-scale threat, then who could be against it? Definitely not the five innocent Israelis and their bus driver so tragically killed in Bulgaria.

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  • Bamaguje

    "Israel… sold the Azeris… Anti-ship missiles, UAVs, Barak air defense missiles and an anti-missile radar system…" – Stephen Brown.

    Given the inherent Jew hatred of Islam, I'm not comfortable with Israel sharing arms technology with any Muslim nation as the tables can easily turn around unfavorably.
    Under the Shah, Iran was a buddy of Israel and United States, but the Mullahs who later took over have severally threatened to "wipe Israel off the map."

    • Chiggles

      Oops. Gave you a thumb down by mistake. Sorry.

    • Mensch Keymelon

      "Wipe Israel off the map"

      That was a purposeful mistranslation for political ends…he said that Israel was a failing nation and would be wiped from the pages of history" unless of course you are regurgitating some later spin than the one I am pointing out.

    • Raymond in DC

      Let's not forget that once friendly Turkey had access to advanced Israeli military technology. No more, though Israel recently competed repairs on advanced UAVs – foolishly thinking such a friendly gesture would endear them to Turkey and lead to restored relations. Didn't happen.

  • Camus

    Am Israël Haï v é Kayam ! Mes condoléances aux familles en deuil et prompt rétablissement aux blessés. Merci libellule.

  • Matt

    I don't know where they came from I have no radars or communications. But the day after nuclear armed F-35 stealth fighters.

  • Matt

    I am building the bomb to go under it, yeah and I will use them as strategic stealth bombers, like the F-111 but stealth. That is the day after the timeline for delivery and for Iran to rebuild is around the same time frame. It is perfect for the role that Israel need for, you don't need it for terrorists, I would like 1000 but just to expensive, but say 25 at current prices. That is the day after. A nation that threatens a holocaust to kill 8 million people, has to be denied the means and contained via nuclear weapons and other means. That is the day after, not about regime change, attitude adjustment. You can't go around threat with whatever means to put 8 million into the ovens. There is going to be resistance to, regardless of the elders of zion and anti-Semitic views. Nothing that is happening is anyone's fault but Iran's. I am not speaking for any but my person, I have nothing lose, everything is on table. That is what happens when you say you will murder 8 million people, it leaves a lot of room.

    • Mensch Keymelon

      What have you been smoking? No leader of any country said anything about murdering eight million people…the only country trying to start a war is that pip-squeak Israel, and that only because Bibi knows when he gets in over his head the US will bail his ass out…again. Without big brother Israel will get it's ass handed to it. I mean if a poorly armed bunch of civilian defence force Lebanese can beat the IDF to a stand still and then run them back across the border, what will it be like if Israel decides to go it alone? As George said " a damned good hding. "

      • Ghostwriter

        Well,the Israelis did a good job defeating the Muslims when they tried to wipe them out. Sadly,there are people like you who carry the Iranian Mullah's water. I,for one,want to see the Mullahs out of Iran. That country has suffered for too long under their boot.


          The ayatollahs need to have their necks stretched.

      • Choi

        A)A "poorly armed civilian defense force" did NOT beat anybody,Israel FOUGHT Hizbollah /Iran and accepted a Cease-Fire under Global pressure.
        B) What do you think Iran's THREATS to DESTROY ISRAEL MEANS?
        Oh,and you're NO "mensch" but rather a POS.


        Moron Keymoron, Your Taqiyya is showing.

        Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "Death to Israel"

        Happy Eternal Nakba!

  • Marty

    The Azeris have an opportunity after the Israeli strikes to detach the area in the fictitious state of Iran that contains at least 12 million fellow Azeris. The strikes should be a prelude to the complete disintegration of iran; only three fifths of the iranian citizenry are persian anyway. iran could and should be reduced to the center of the country. Another ten percent of iran are Kurds. They could join a new state – Kurdistan carved out of a disintegrating iraq, turkey, and syria. A Kurdistan of 30 million people would be friendly to the United States and probably an ally of Israel and Azerbaijan. This is the new Middle East, not the brutal islamic infection of the arab spring.

    • Azeri

      My freind Marty south Azerbaijan's population is between 25 to 35 million and i can't be more agree with your idea than I am,for last 20 years I am waiting for that happing and i am sure that moment is coming.

    • Azeri

      south Azerbaijan's population is 25 to 35 millions, and I like your idea.

    • Hugo Skandrani

      I'm not sure if it's true, but it's rumored that the Berbers of North Africa are pro-Western and not hostile to Israel. Perhaps they will be another link in the chain that civilizes the Islamic world (Israel, the Kurds and the Azeris).

  • AlirezaA.Nasseri

    it comes ti stuck in STUPID,4 last 4000 years,Azaris are MAADIS and they made the best PEACE tready with Persians in entire human history, and Persians and Azaris helped the Israilies, 2 big, time (PHEIROS SLAVERY<and Babalonians> it is time to put Hate Down and picup, LOVE,and Respect ,Acceptance of each other,4 the sake of our Childreen, and that will be a new and wonderful NEW WORLD ORDER,Peacce 4 AZARIS<ARMENIANS<HAMAS<KURDS<ISRAEL<IRAN and TURKIYEH,then rest of the world be just fine. maybe i am very NAIVE, but LOVE of All have saved me big time and many many times,Alireza love 4 all &4 ever,Amen

  • Papa Bear

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend applies here.