Bin Laden Bodyguard Discovered in Germany

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Bochum’s city administration did, however, try to have Sami A. deported in 2006. In March of that year an expulsion order was actually obtained against him. But an administrative court overturned the order “because of unreasonable hardships for Sami A. and his family,” although his wife and children have both Tunisian and German citizenship and his wife had lived in Tunisia from 1994 to 1999.

What must be maddening for Germans, though, is that the court did not doubt that Sami A. represented a potential terrorist threat, but still refused to have him deported. One official said, however, that the court based part of its refusal on the belief Sami A. may face torture if returned to Tunisia. But according to WAZ, the city had presented its case “so clumsily” that a rejection was the court’s only option. The matter is currently before a superior court.

The only option left for German authorities after the court decision was to somehow restrict Sami A.’s activities. He has had to report to the police every day including Sundays, but this obviously hasn’t worked. The Dusseldorfterrorist cell, according to German federal attorneyship, can thank him for recruiting two of its members.

Many Germans are probably left stunned by the fact that such a dangerous individual as Sami A., a former bin Laden bodyguard, was allowed, unknown to them, to romp about and carry on undisturbed his vicious campaign of terror and hatred that endangers them and their families. They have questions that have yet to be answered such as why was he ever allowed back into Germany after going to Afghanistan and who in the government is responsible? And where does the money come from that has supported him for so long? And was he ever in American hands?

Germans have worked hard since the Second World War to build a functioning, respected democracy and to be accepted as a member of the world community. To their credit, they have been successful in these efforts. But many ordinary Germans must regard the Sami A. case as a betrayal and weakening of that democracy and their efforts to make it work.

And not only a betrayal of German democracy. The Sami A. revelation will undoubtedly cause some Germans to believe that none of the mainstream political parties and their elites, including Germany’s ruling conservative party, are interested in protecting them and their families. They will now feel they are on their own. In defense and desperation against the growing Islamist danger and parallel society, some will undoubtedly seek options further to the political right to put a stop to the growing chaos in a country where even former bin Laden bodyguards are allowed to move around and devise terrorist plots freely.

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  • BS77

    Europe has invited the Trojan Horse into its gates….and soon will moan in regret.

  • Leonard Wessell

    I hate to disappoint the author, but normal Germans (at least the ones I know) do not seemed at all concerned with the affair, other than, perhaps, a bit of news inbetween soccer games and watch American CSI series. The reporting in the article is new to me. Unless a terrorist kills someone, it is not news of importance. Sorry, just boring info, ALAS! lpw

  • oldtimer

    ?Rise of the 4th reich??

    • PsychoDad

      No Fourth Reich, just a Caliphate.

  • Elch

    the citys administration can´t do anything because it depends on muslim electorate (its SPD party that rules now wants to have its piece of state budget).
    They also fear that muslim youth is going to emulate their french brethern (in fact there were a first drive by shooting in the citys history on the last new years eve and few arson attacks, too) while police is pretty much helpless when it comes to muslim migrant crimes on non-muslim migrants or germans

  • jacob

    Are the German people going to put up with the same crap the French did not long ago from their Muslims,
    because their "authorities" are hamstrung by "Political Correctness" or financial reasons ????

    Or do they need a sort of 9/11 to wake up and deal with this menace the right way ?????

  • Katharina Sri

    Are we surprised? Yesterday, it was reported that one of the Jihadist terrorist Free Syrian Army main guy is based in Berlin and German spies are now involved in helping these Saudi/Qatar-royals sponsored Arabic Muslim Brotherhood-led terrorists, to rob the oil/land/minerl (such as gold in Mali) and commiting racist and supremacist GENOCIDE of non-Arabs all over the Mid-East and Africa right now, especially of minority Muslim Alawites, Black Libyans and Kurds, and non-Muslim Christian Assyrians, Mali Christians and Egptian Copts, all the way in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia and Libya (Lebanon will be next!)! Looks like the racist and supremacist HOLOCAUST of six million Jews by the ultra-Nationalist Socialist Hitlerr/the German Nazis not so long ago, have not shamed Germany completely, nor teach them real lesson about humanity! Well, the most greedy German weapon industry selling weapons to Arabic Dictator/War Criminals Saudi and Qatar, and massive German investment in Turkey, might have something to do with it! What a horror!

  • reflecting 1a

    Looking at it historically , democratic societies seem to breed a counter force of dictatorial, authoritarianism which ,at the last minute, they go to war with. So far the "open" societies have won. But with a counter force backed by 1.2 billion people and trillions of dollars, the next conflict will be horrendous and is in great doubt. China, if it can evolve into a more open society in time, is the wild card.

  • crypticguise

    Almost ALL Germans were complicit either the murder of jews and non Aryan Germans and other ethnic groups invaded by the Nazis. They supported the Nazis up until the END. Today, they look back (most of the Nazi era are DEAD) and see the horror of their history and are now OVERCOMPENSATING by ignoring the new IslamoNAZI threat to their very existence and the existence of non Muslims in Germany.

    Other Europeans have their own reasons for kissing the butts of their Muslim invaders. After all they are all Europeans, not much to be proud of.

  • Drakken

    It is only a matter of time when Europe goes nationalistic since the mainstream parties are ingnoring the average native. Untill the govts stop handing the muslim problem as a law enforcement problem and start giving it a military amd intelligence solution, the natives will get restless until open civil war erupts and there will be no stopping it.

  • Stuart Parsons

    The German people have other things of more interest on their minds, as do those in the the rest of Europe…… and lets face it America, most people in the U.S.A do not see Islam as a great menace. If they did, they would be protesting in the streets. Most Western populations remain largely ignorant about the true nature of Islam and they will remain so because the large media outlets avoid the subject. Islam is a far greater threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism and Communism ever were……… but the mass of the people JUST ARN'T INTERESTED…. they live in a dream world where there are Muslim terrorists and the others who are moderate, like to go to the mosque, pray to Allah and think of their kind old Prophet who never did any harm to anyone.

  • amused

    Allright , we know WHO he is ,we know WHAT he is and we know WHERE to find him ……… what are we waiting for ???

  • Tanstaafl jw

    I think the Germans might object to a Predator drone flying in the skies of Germany…..

  • danseagull


  • S R Wakankar

    We have had enough of Arab Islam now and let us go and discuss the "Real Islam" which is the old ancient stream of Hindu lslam ie non-Arab Islam of non-Arab Asia, of which, AfPak is the land of birth.Arab Islam is "for the Arab, by the Arab, of the Arab".Its frame or canvas is Arabia only. Beyond Arabia, it is sheer Imperialism only.
    Whole non-Arab Asia is the great Hindu (non-Arab) World, from Persia right up to the Pacific Rim. Some 40 nations are there in this huge Hindu World.
    Hindu Islam which is non-Jehadi non-violent/democrativ/non-Supremacist/not anti-West/and extremely tolerant is the answer to this problem.India is the land of this original Islam whose language is Sanskrit/not Arabic and which is Vedic/not Koranic. The Holy Vedas are the oldest KORAN of the world.Extensive research is necessary in this area.
    One important point is why these Arabs did not and do not try to establish the 7th century so-called "Caliphate"in their own country or somewhere in the Arab World itself? Why they tried to establish this in the mountains of AfPak which is Old India(ie the Hindu World?). If they are so keen about this Caliphate, they should do this in their own House ie Arabia? This is a big question. Perhaps Pakistan has been behind this idea(the ISI).Pakistan is a product of Terror.As long as Pakistan subscribes to this dangerous ideology, the whole world would be threatened and there won't be peace in the world. Pakistan must change into either "Muslim India" or 'Islamic republic of India", like their once-sister nation B'desh which renounced this very word Pakistan and returned to its original name B'desh. This absurd word Pakistan encourages forces of Radical Islam and Global Jihad. This word must be abandoned and the original word for AfPak which is "INDIA" be adopted again.Only Hindu Islam can solve this problem.

    • Drakken

      In case it escaped your hindu notice but the muslims in India are going apesh-t on a daily basis.