Down’s Syndrome Girl’s Arrest for Blasphemy in Pakistan

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It is a country that appears to have lost all connection with humanity.

The latest human rights outrage in Pakistan, a country that produces so many of them, concerns the recent arrest in Islamabad of an 11-year-old Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, who reportedly has Down’s Syndrome. Masih is accused of having violated Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy law, which carries the death penalty. The girl, according to the New York Times, had allegedly burned pages of a “religious textbook used to teach the Koran to children” and was imprisoned with her mother for this unproven allegation. The usual Muslim mob then gathered outside the jail she was in, demanding that Masih be charged, while her Christian neighbors fled their homes, fearing attacks by those same mobs.

The whole farcical incident started when Masih’s landlord’s nephew apparently saw her carrying the offending pages that contained verses from the Koran. She intended to use the paper for cooking. The nephew then informed one of those tolerant, compassionate Muslim Pakistani clerics the world is now accustomed to reading about who then incited people to take action. The nephew’s uncle said few people cared about the matter until the cleric got involved, which is reminiscent of the Danish cartoon affair that was instigated by a Danish imam who flew to the Middle East to inflame passions there.

“He (the cleric) tried to shame people by saying, ‘What good are your prayers if the Koran is being burnt,” the uncle said.

The uncle also stated he was the one responsible for having the girl imprisoned, but for her own safety. Even in prison, however, Masih may not be secure, since others who have run afoul of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws in the past have been killed while behind bars by frenzied religious mobs storming the jails. Only last month, a rabble seized a mentally unstable man accused of blasphemy from a police station and burned him alive.

If Masih was in possession of the burnt pages, it may have occurred during the course of her duties as a street sweeper, a job usually performed by poor Christians in Pakistan. Whatever the facts are, “senior leaders agreed…the accusations…were baseless” and the case “would ultimately be dropped.” This admission, however, has not stopped foreign governments from wading into the affair. The French government has called on “Pakistani authorities to free this young girl,” while the US State Department has called the arrest “deeply disturbing.”

Such foreign pressure may not have been in vain and may have helped goad Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari into action. Possibly embarrassed by Western criticism, Zardari has called for a report about the affair from the interior ministry. Western nations have always harshly condemned Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, which are often used simply as a tool of personal revenge or to persecute religious minorities who compromise about 5 percent of the country’s 160 million people. But even if foreign pressure does help get Masih released, she probably will never be able to return home due to waiting religious fanatics.

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  • Rachel Levy

    A child with down's syndrome does not the mental capacity to understand what the word blashempy even means. This is so typical of Islamics though,to attack the most helpless,vunerable of people. They are the most cruel,evil people ever just about. They are blackmailing most of the civilized and western world through their hatred, violence,terrorism and murder. I honestly believe many in the West who say they are sympathetic to them, are only doing so out of fear.

  • sdeakins

    Sounds a lot like Chicago.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Duh, yeah, honor killings, forced conversions to pisslam, blasphemy laws, state sponsored persecution of anyone non-muslime that all sounds just like Chicago to me. Or maybe what you really mean is that this is what you HOPE Chicago will be?

      • GFM2012

        I think he was trying to point out that Chicago has a well-deserved reputation for senseless violence due to its high murder rate and corrupt governance.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Any corruption seen in Chicago up to now is NOTHING in comparison to what goes on in an islamofascist state like Pakistain.

  • David R

    Like wild hyenas do when one of their own becomes sick…they attack, kill and devour it in a frenzy. At least they have an excuse being wild animals.
    These Muslim religious fanatics have no excuse. They're not animals, they are human…aren't they? Hello?

  • cheese_burger

    The more Islam that the Mooze imbibes, the less human the Mooze becomes. The concept of 'a decent Muslim' is a contradiction in terms. Muslims, as a whole, are descending into something indecent. Mohammad was a Monster, and it was his twisted, evil mind that invented the Koran. Muslims consider themselves to be demigods by virtue of birth, or conversion:

    Demigod: A being with partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity, the offspring of a god and a mortal, or a mortal raised to divine rank. A person who is greatly admired or feared.

    The Mooze worships itself, and Satan, equally.

    Mooze are born human, just like everyone else, regardless of their moronic beliefs, and from that point forward, they devolve into what we are now seeing in Pakistan, and all other regions where Mooze congregate in masses… raving, mindless clinical insanity.

    Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.

  • BS77

    Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia etc etc…..terror, violence, misery, ignorance, mob hysteria, more terror, more violence, bombings, slavish conformism, more violence, poverty, desperation, infant mortality….yeah, let's import this to our country.

  • hammar

    Everyone must accept Jesus Christ Lord and God ….your Savior, even muslims in Pakistan and everyone around the world….time is moving very quickly now and very violently. Thinking and doing the right thing in faith and in life must be accomplished today.

    • g_jochnowitz

      Jesus introduced the concept of Hell, which is not found in the Old Testament. Nothing could conceivably be more merciless. Furthermore, He said that faith is necessary for salvation, mening you can't know the rules until you are already in Hell and it's too late.

      • GFM2012

        He may have introduced the concept, but that doesn't imply he built the place! Leeuwenhoek discovered bacteria in 1670, but he is not to blame for the myriad diseases associated with them. Keep in mind that Jesus' family ran a much more hospitable establishment, with infinite mercy.

        • g_jochnowitz

          Since He is part of the Trinity, He is simultaneously all of God and one-third of God. Of course He built Hell. He was not simply hunting for information the way Leeuwenhoek was.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Did he? I believe the concept of Sheol predates Yeshua's existence, as well as that of a bifurcated Sheol.

        • g_jochnowitz

          Sheol is not a place of punishment. Even those writers who mentioned a bifurcated Sheol, with the good and evil people separated from each other, do not talk of punishment–and certainly not of eternal torment.

          • Kufar Dawg

            What about this from wikipedia though? Is Gehenna the same as Sheol?

            "By at least the late rabbinical period, Gehenna was viewed as the place of ultimate punishment, exemplified by the rabbinical statement "the best of physicians are destined to Gehenna." (M. Kiddushin 4:14); also described in Assumption of Moses and 2 Esdras.[7] The term is derived from ge-hinnom, a valley near Jerusalem originally used as a location for human sacrifices to the idol Moloch:"

          • g_jochnowitz

            The late rabbinical period is post-New Testament.
            I have been to ge-hinnom, which is becoming suburbanized. It was as hot as hell there.

    • Doris

      Absolutely! Amen!_

      • Doris

        Absolutely cruel to the child because of her disability and her parents. I am not making any statements about anything else but the child. Jesus please watch over your people amen!

  • Raymond in DC

    Huntington famously said that Islam had "bloody borders". Where it has contact with a non-Muslim population, there's conflict and blood is spilled. Burma, China, Philippines, Nigeria, Thailand … it's a long list. Within its borders there's plenty of blood spilled too.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm just glad I don't live in Pakistan.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Or Kashmir, or Assam, or Bangladesh, or Somalia, or Syria, or Egypt, or Iraq, or Iran, or the Sudan, or Tunisia, or Libya or any of the other 48 other states of the OIC.

  • Zionista

    The palestinians are well known for encouraging the mentally disabled to blow themselves up (and take as many Jews with them). They also push women and girls they don't consider marriage material to do the same – what a 'culture'.

    • g_jochnowitz

      They have faith.

  • Job

    Now, God is love..what love is in these acts? torturing innocent humanity,even children! Leave God aside,even humanity wont allow this. Jesus Christ is the way, Christians wont kill you for burning a Bible page;they will pray for your salvation.

  • Sunbeam

    Pakistan is a violent nation and is a great threat to world peace. Its desire to incite and cause unrest and terror in the hearts of the oppressed and weak is of great concern. We sometimes wonder do these people have a mind? If so why are their minds being so crowded as though they cannot differentiate between good and evil. What image have they being crafted into that has turn them into heartless human being. Satan has led them captive. We recognize this by their fruit.