‘Electronically Supervised’ Terrorist Arrested Near Olympic Site

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The blame for this sorry state of affairs lays not so much with Britain’s security services as with the British legal system. Author Raphael Israeli writes in his book, The Spread of Islamikaze Terrorism in Europe, that the tough anti-terrorism laws the British government adopted after 9/11 were eventually struck down “in courts which feared the erosion of human rights.”

Israeli states that in December, 2001, in response to 9/11, the British adopted the Anti-Terrorism and Security Act, “which allows suspected foreign terrorists to be detained indefinitely” and required Britain to opt of the Human Rights Convention. However, while most British citizens viewed the new legislation as a strong, common sense measure needed to protect them from the homicidal vision of Islamist lunatics, Britain’s Law Lords saw it differently. In December 2004, they ruled that opting out of the Human Rights Convention was “unlawful” and “was ‘disproportionate to the terrorist threat and discriminated against foreigners’.” A legal decision CF and his friends would probably have celebrated.

In response to the Law Lords’ ruling, the British government introduced in 2005 a measure to restrict suspected terrorists’ movements. Called control orders, they were brought in under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and have been called a form of house arrest that includes electronic tagging. Both British and non-British citizens were subjected to that measure.

“In previous known cases, the legal (control) measures have been used to restrict extremists whom the Home Secretary has been unable to deport to their home countries due to human rights concerns,” states the Telegraph.

Earlier this year, Britain’s Conservative government passed in parliament its own version of control orders called the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (TPims). Eight people besides CF are currently subject to TPims. Nicknamed ‘control orders-lite’, TPims preserved most of the restrictions of the previous control orders, including the electronic tags. This was providential, since police were able to track CF’s movements through the electronic bracelet he was wearing and make his arrest at Stratford Station. But the cold, hard fact of the matter is that these restrictive, government-imposed rules were not enough to prevent a suspected terrorist like CF, with aspirations to die in a suicide operation, from making it to the Olympic Park in the first place.

CF’s defence for using the prohibited Olympic Park rail route was that he was visiting his lawyer’s office in Stratford. Nevertheless, he stands charged with breaching the TPim measures. And not surprisingly for the lenient British court system, the would-be terrorist was granted bail despite the prosecutor’s protest that the accused, when out on bail on a previous charge, had “re-engaged in Islamist extremist activities.”

But perhaps the court is right and CF will not take up Islamist pursuits when on bail this time. After all, he can spend his time more productively preparing the legal challenge he has launched against the British government regarding TPim’s legality. He and CC are also suing the government because they claim its “agents were complicit in torturing them in a Somali prison.”

As far as the Olympic Games are concerned, the British public can probably rest easy. The British legal system scheduled CF’s first court date on the breach of TPim’s charge for July 27, so visitors to the Games can at least enjoy the opening ceremonies without worry. Hopefully.

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  • southwood

    Electronic tagging for potential suicide bombers ? Right. The British public can rest easy. (Sarc).

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    The new additional games to be played at the Olympics this year will be……drum roll.

    1. Stoning women for adultry. (Saturday mornings only)

    2. Goat races and camel races (to be located at the Equestrian Center)

    3. Dhimmi races. (Indoor track) (Tuesday)

    4. Lion vs dhimmi wrestling. (Hands tied behind back) Wednesday

    5. Additional Prayer Schedule for Muslims, only. (Mandatory)

    6. Pin the tail on the dhimmi. (Thursday afternoon)

    7. Moment of Prayer for Israeli athletes? Maybe next time….

    8. Wall climbing (indoors) (For Afgans only)

    Let the Games begin! ENJOY!!!

  • Johncdavidson

    Even our government thinks these electronic gadgets save money as an alternate to prison, but it doesn't prevent perverts from creating more harm to society for they're still able to move about amongst us undetected.

  • Drakken

    The problem is Western govts seem to think that muslim jihadist deserve human rights and try to solve the problem with law enforcement and the judicial system, the gloves need to come off and give the muslim jihadist a military solution. That means identify and destroy by what ever means are neccessary, enough of this PC weakness and send these jihadist to hell with our compliments.

    • RUI

      We must first clear the way out of the enemedia, PC politicians and "anti"-fascist groups. Then we can at last tackle the muslim terrorism (redundant term) with the attention and methods it deserves.

  • Chris

    I use to work for group 4 as a custodial officer at Yarls Wood Immigration center, where they also gave me the opportunity to look after Tiger Woods while he was playing at Lythem St Anne's I found them very professional in their attitude and would not like them to be treated the way they are. there is a lot of bureaucratic red tape involve in an event the size of the Olympics with a lot of strategic planning, Group 4 are not necessary all to blame for the staffing problem that has evolved, when I was involved with Group 4 we had quite a long time to wait for government personal security checks to come through. People working on the Olympic site should have been chosen at the earliest possible date and checked, even before we got the job. When I worked for Group 4 at the labour party conference in Brighton I was told by one of the high ranking police officers that we who were working for group 4 had done a fantastic job but the police had a long line of security issues come on group 4 you can do this and hold you heads up high, and all of you working for group 4 keep vigilant this is going to be a dangerous time and now matter what you see if you think there is something wrong then pass on the information as soon as possible remember yours and thousands of others lives could be on the line , I wish group 4 and all their staff the best and wish I could have been with you …….