Europe’s Multicultural Nightmare

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A further outbreak of rioting and possible police injuries was prevented later in May in Cologne when the city’s authorities, not wanting a repeat of the Bonn violence, called up a large force of 1,000 police officers, equipped with water cannon and riot gear, to protect 25 PRO NRW members demonstrating before a local Salafist mosque. Police blocked off the streets and prevented the two sides from coming into contact but arrested several Salafists found with knives, stones and other projectiles.

The rioting in Mannheim was preceded by an invasion of a hospital in Denmark in August by 70 members of a Muslim gang. They had earlier shot and stabbed two rival gang members and arrived at the hospital’s emergency area to “finish off” the two injured victims. Fortunately, police officers present turned the mob back after firing their guns but not before the thugs had vandalized the emergency area and destroyed an ambulance and police car. Fortunately, no police or hospital workers were hurt. But some Danes are upset at the fact that, as of the last report, only three arrests have been made despite the large number involved.

There have also been only 31 arrests made in the Mannheim riot. Since visitors to the festival came from all over Europe, police say it will be difficult to identify many of those involved.

It is not surprising that Germans are wondering what is going on in their country today. Many realize that multiculturalism is a destructive, failed policy and that they are destined to experience many more such violent, “culturally enriching” moments in the future. They question why people are being let into Germany who actually belong in jail rather than on their streets. But what appears to upset Germans most about the Mannheim riot, even more than the lack of arrests, is that the police lost control of the situation and actually had to retreat to safety, leaving the rioters in control of the area for hours until police reinforcements arrived.

“We were momentarily rather at a loss and didn’t know how to master the situation,” said Boll. “We had to vacate the field without a fight.”

Finally, when a force of 600 had been assembled, the police were able to restore order that evening. The number of festival-goers injured remained unknown, because police and emergency vehicles did not enter the event area for obvious safety reasons.

Due to this loss of control on the part of the Mannheim police, some Germans are now worried whether security authorities will be able protect them when such inevitable rioting occurs again in future. Besides the complete lack of respect shown towards the forces of law and order, the weakness of the Mannheim police was highly disturbing to them, since a strong police force is instrumental for citizens’ protection in a state based on the rule of law. One reader stated in Die Welt he would never have thought one must have more fear nowadays about the future peace of Europe than during the Cold War. And if the police cannot enforce law and order, another reader asked, what could prevent such a “violence-prepared” mob from “breaking into houses, plundering and pillaging?”

The answer is nothing. The politicians are also not going to help correct the situation by sending large numbers of these miscreants back to their country of origin. So the only option left is, like in America, for the ordinary citizen to arm him- or herself, if one wants to survive in the “beautiful, new multicultural world” Europe has become.

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  • Kostoglotov

    Imagine how it will be 25 years from now, when Muslims have doubled or trebled their population in Europe. Europeans and their leaders, after a brief awakening, have chosen to stick their heads back in the sand and ignore the oncoming catastrophe. Even if they don't care about their own lives, it's pretty sad that they don't care about their childrens' or grandchildrens' future either. Thy'll still be screaming about "racists" and "islamophobes" when the jihadis are breaking down their front doors.

    • oldtimer

      Unfortunatley, you are so correct, except that if people don't wake up soon, it will probably happen much sooner that 25yrs., at the rate this violence is excellerating.

    • guest

      Don't worry the muslims have them targeted for early termination. They are self defeating cowards beneath contempt.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The amoral, apathetic lieberals of Europe will be the first to convert to islam, because apathetic amorality doesn't tend to inspire courage or conviction.

    • Drakken

      I would not give up the ship so easily my friend, the Europeans are really starting to really stew and now it is a matter of when a European will start the whole ball rolling, I am betting a police office in fear for his life will have to open fire one of these times and the rest will be history.

    • pennswoods

      Exactly. They brought this catastrophe upon themsleves. I have no sympathy for Europeans today and in the future. I have a long memory and remember their sneering attitude at the USA 40 years ago when we had our riots and racial problems. Europeans then knew better and with their tolerance (only 30 years before Europe had gone through a war when millions were killed for religious and ethnic reasons) they would show how they could open up their borders and create wonderful multi-cultural societies. Atcually I am tired of these European stories about events like these. Europe can go to hell as far as I am concerned. It breaks my heart to have to say that but that's how I feel today. They can stew in the multi-cultural hell their leaders created for them.

    • Sunbeam

      It's never too late to act while you still have the time. Europe must wake up now. It's been far too long you're complacent and sleeping. The enemies are getting by the number and they're dividing in strength to overcome you and besiege your land. Time to change your clothes now and be ready as a soldier prepares for war, fully geared and be alert in top form. Your government has a responsibility to play to curb the rising danger that may pose a threat to the security of its own people and nation. Unless you realize and be quick to act, you stand to lose everything, and that would be the most regrettable thing ever happen. One of the reason for your failure is too much compromising to the aliens, giving in to too much of their demands. Remember, one can never be satisfy. If you chose to give them one inch, they would want two. The line must be drawn and be firm.

  • jonsobieski

    Yes, it will be much worse as the Muslim demographics now in play move through the age brackets. Large cities thorughout Europe will have a dominant minority Muslim population and the indigenous citizens will become second class dhimmis or flee. But to where?

    • jon

      I am PROUD of germany!! its standing up and taking names, and ARRESTING the SCUM!

      • Rifleman

        Arresting 40 out of a violent mob of thousands? Yea, that will show them.

    • Gee

      Don't apply in Israel. We don't want you either.

    • Drakken

      The euros backs are now against the wall, there will be nowhere to flee so fight they will and it will be extremely brutal and if any leftist/green questions it they will suffer the same fate.v Just wait until the spillover from the middle east hits europe and a few bombs go off. The dogs of war are about to be unleashed and the muslims will flee or be slaughtered.

  • dario

    had the police let the14 year old girl carry a flag this wouldnot had happen!!! every year in germany New Nazi germans are carrying Nazi flag and attacking police no one talk about it !!!!! but if Kurdish german citizens raise a flag it is a crime..after all PKK is seen as a liberation army by most Kurds they see their flag as their symbole of freedom.

    I am sure if the german police has asked the girl in a good manner she would have put the flag down but german police are known for their bad attitude especially towards people who happen not to have ariyan routes.

    • LaFrommage

      Why couldn't she put the flag down no matter how she was asked? This is the police asking not some oaf on the street. But there was no respect of the police right from the start and besides that she knew that the flag was banned and that it represented terrorism.

    • Mullah be Damned

      Yes, more politeness is the key. Then maybe they won't hurt us.

    • Robin Corkery

      "most Kurds" should return to Kurdistan where there are no German police. Unfortunately for the German people there is also no lavish welfare state in Kurdistan, so the chances of many Kurds leaving are remote.

    • Wade Meyer

      They live in Germany now they should proudly carry the German flag with a smile on their faces and renounce their failure of a mother country as being nothing but a doormat to a better future. The failure in mu-cu is no assimilation.

    • Ummah Gummah


      These savages need to be THROWN THE HELL OUT!!!



  • dario

    not all the muslims who live in europe are religeous..stop being xenophobic

    • objectivefactsmatter

      The religion influences the culture. Even the non-religious must be aware of toeing the line when Jihadis are around.

      If you want to model behaviors, you've got to know the facts. Culture matters, and religion often is the number one influence on that culture collectively. The religious might be more zealous individually, but behaviorally anyone tainted by the fatalism etc of Islam can be of great concern to Western governments and populations.

      That does not excuse treating everyone as guilty collectively. But we must deal with facts before we find a just and lawful solution to this mess we've allowed to grow.

      • Chezwick

        A perfect example would be the prevalence of FGM among NON-Muslims in southern Egypt and the Sudan. Muslims always tout this fact as proof that FGM is a cultural – not religious – phenomenon….and not specifically Muslim. But the practice is indeed rooted in theology (there is a specific Hadith from Bukari's collection quoting Muhammad as endorsing female "circumcision", forever etching in stone the legality of this disgusting barbarism),…and the fact that non-Muslims in the region emulate the majority "culture" (religion) should in no way detract and/or distract from this reality.

    • Citizen X

      Proudly Zenophobic since 3/23/02, when my late wife and I were attacked and seriously beaten while shopping in Cairo's open air bazaar.

      • Rifleman

        You're not zenophobic, you're just an islamorealist.

        • Roger

          I like that term!

          Islamo-realist. It rolls off the tongue….

          I wouldn't expect to hear it on CNN of course.

          • Rifleman

            It didn't originate with me, but I can't remember where I saw it or who to credit. It does have a ring, and it's accurate, so it stuck for me. A phobia is an irrational fear. I'm neither fearful of islam nor irrational. We could stomp them anytime we want.

          • Roger

            And yet our marxist president of muslim heritage refuses to do so.

    • Atikva

      This B. S. doesn't work any more. The "moderate" muslims have had 40 years to denounce the horrific acts committed by their violent brothers. There has been not even one demonstration or protest, zip, nada, zero NOTHING, They have kept silent, showing that the "moderate muslim" is a myth denied long ago by no less than their leaders.

      Stop dreaming Dario, whether active or not, they have declared war on us.

    • Drakken

      But all muslims in Europe are the enemies of Europeans. Silly liberals like you are always the first to perish.

    • EUSSR

      Maybe not now, but when Muslims are the majority ( when the baby-boomers have passed on) they will have to choose sides, with us or with the Isamists, and who will they in reality choose even as "cultural Muslims" (whatever this phenomenon is supposed to be !)? Bingo !!..the way it always goes….

    • Wade Meyer

      Dario you bring up a good subject. Let's assume that I believe that Islam is a religion. The not so observant Muslims should object to the actions of their bretheren shouldn't they? In fact they should strongly object by organizing and petitioning the Islamic leadership through a local mosque.

      You'll see what I mean if you read about Dietrich Bonhoeffer writing to and petitioning the church leadership of 1930's Germany when it was held under the spell of Hitler and church-state nationalism. Pastor Bonhoeffer was a great example of this process we should be seeing even in America. But alas we are not. Bonhoeffer was imprisoned and murdered for his efforts and instead we have Kafirs like you and other white-folk doing the equivalent of self-flagellation to rid self of 'sinful thoughts' .

      No, to me zenophobic is the determination to be afraid of foreign thoughts.

  • Chezwick

    Reminds me of years past….such as the high-school student demonstration in Paris a couple of years ago, led by left-wing teachers, protesting education budget cuts. The students were set upon by hundreds of Muslim youths….for no other reason than they were easy marks. They were attacked, beaten, many were robbed…and sent running, bloodied and crying, all by what they had long considered their erstwhile allies, the Muslims.

    Might these hapless students have learned anything from the harrowing experience? The teachers that led them into the nightmare made sure there was only one object lesson to be learned: That Muslims are victims of discrimination and that therefore, their "rage" had to be seen through the prism of victimhood.

    Meanwhile, the MSM in France largely blacked out the story, and the general public was none the wiser. Just one more anecdotal commentary on the state of Europe's multicultural 'paradise'.

    • Mullah be Damned

      Well, it's at least good that the Leftists got beaten up. That's one good thing.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Might these hapless students have learned anything from the harrowing experience?"

    Only false lessons like, "See what poverty does to the youths?"

  • Kevin

    Diversity is our strength. Blah, blah, blah. Where you find racial, ethnic and cultural diversity, you find conflict and even violence. All cultures are not created equal. Period. The Moooossssllllum culture is certainly not equal to American culture. Even the Democrats and their corrupt culture are better than Islam's culture. At least.

    • Chezwick

      I respectfully disagree, Kevin….or better put, I agree, but with an important qualification:

      I think cultural diversity does indeed lend itself to vibrant and dynamic societies. History is replete with success stories of societies being enriched by refugees from other lands. For example, the French Huguenots were accepted as refugees into Protestant Prussia, and helped facilitate that country's eventual rise to European per-eminence. Another example is America itself….nothing but a gigantic experiment in multiculturalism.

      It is only because of ISLAM – with its supremacist, intolerant agenda – that the multicultural paradigm unravels into failure. Think of it….if Islam were removed from the equation, Europe might be the multicultural paradise it pretends to be in reality. Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, enriching each other's lives with a cultural cross-fertilization of languages, music, food, traditions, etc.

      Instead, the monoculture of Islam forcibly and inexorably ascends towards hegemony over other cultures. In so doing, it singularly discredits the entire multicultural enterprise. But if one admits multiculturalism is a failed experiment, then how many other left-wing sacred cows might also come crumbling down? So the Lefties choose to hold hard and fast to their delusions.

      • Drakken

        The reason why those examples you gave succeeded was because they where fellow Euopeans, when you import the 3rd world, conflict is enevitable.

        • Chezwick

          I see….so, East Asians, South Asians (of the Hindu and Sikh variety) and Latin-Americans have contributed nothing positive to America's cultural and economic environment?

          • ssohara

            I think the difference is – back in the 1900s, immigrants were officially welcomed but expected to become American. (Though immigrants faced discrimination then as now – "Irish not allowed" for example, or Jews barred from higher education, etc.) However, immigrants were expected to go through the school of hard knocks, deal with their own problems, and assimilate into American society. American offered them opportunities, but they had to do the hard work to take advantage of it. So Japanese Americans came over here, struggled against discrimination, were interred during WWII, but still are some of the most productive members of our society. There wasn't an entitlement culture or an expectation that government would ensure perfect fairness in all situations.

            The other thing – most immigrants are not as interested in pushing their culture and values on the native culture as the hard core Islamists. And you have to differentiate between the old-style Muslims vs. the Islamists – there have been Muslims in Dearborn, for example, for generations, as well as in NYC, etc. But they weren't pushing an agenda or interested in acts of terrorism. It was live and let live. Now, though, there is a militant form of Islam that is intolerant, radical and militant. I don't know why, after 9/11, our government didn't immediately stop immigration from the Muslim world – not because all Muslims are terrorists, because they are not, but because we are incapable of differentiating between them.

          • Drakken

            Not now they don't, in the early years before 1960 they did. Importing the 3rd world now is national suicide.

    • Rifleman

      I can happily coexist with almost any non-raider culture that isn't predicated the destruction of my culture, like islam and marxism are. While all cultures are not equal, I can learn something worth adopting from almost any culture.

      • Mullah be Damned

        Me too. All conservatives agree with that.

  • Kevin

    I meant to add, at least, the Democrats don't kill innocent people. Oh wait, they love abortion. Let me rescind my comment. The Democrats ARE the equal of the Mooooossssssllllums.

  • Schlomotion

    I find this article an amusing contrast with the one by Mark Tapson who says you either support free speech or you don't. Even though the PKK originated as a Communist party, I feel like I am reading a Communist rag at Frontpage this morning. In one article, we are supposed to support the free speech of the criminal Nakoula Nakoula at any cost (in Egypt). By contrast, in Mr. Brown's article, we are supposed to oppose the right to wave a flag (in Germany). You don't get any closer to Animal Farm than that. By Mr. Tapson's criteria, Mr Brown does not support the First Amendment.

    So there is an organized Kurdish day in Germany, and some of them don't want to be subject to the control of Turkey? This comes as a surprise?

    Secondly, when are these propagandists going to make up their minds on whether the PKK are a dangerous terrorist group or the poor defenseless "Saddam gassed his own people" separatist movement backed by Iran and the United States?

    To recap: In Germany, at a Kurdish cultural festival, an armed policeman tried to steal a flag away from a Kurd and tell him his flag is verboten, thereby starting a battle. Several other Kurds joined into this battle and pelted the police with rocks. Mr. Brown wants to turn this into a manifesto against multiculturalism.

    • Chezwick

      "…we are supposed to support the free speech of the criminal Nakoula Nakoula at any cost"

      Schlo, you are as hypocritical as you claim your opponents to be. You defend the Kurdish flag-waver….and then condemn the "criminal", Nakoula. Pre tell, what "crime" has he committed?

      • Schlomotion

        He made a movie designed to be persecutory under a criminal alias and then plastered ads for it at mosques. He wrote checks for it under a fake name in violation of his probation. Then he distributed it in a place to incite rioting and tried to do so anonymously. He incited the riot and provided the necessary cover for a group of people to kill a US ambassador. He still strenuously denied having anything to do with it. That's what crime. On the other hand, he is a typical Hasbara "hero."

        • Kufar Dawg

          "Persecutory"? What the hell is that supposed to mean Abdullah?

          His only crime is that his movie was critical of your f'ed up faith of genocidal hatred, intolerance,
          violence and antisemitism a fact you can't hide behind your supercilious vocabulary.

          • Schlomotion

            Finally, I understand what motivates you. You are ignorant. Firstly, I am not a Muslim, nor do I even embrace the religion. Secondly, you are suspicious of vocabulary. Your rambling about your friends who have lost trailers and your relatives with better cars than you speak volumes. I daresay no Muslim has ever persecuted you more than you have persecuted yourself by being so dull. I must dispense with the idea that you have genuine political motivations and are anything other than some ex-Maronite who dumped his religion but wanted to keep his sense of ethnicity.

          • Roger

            Of course you have muslim friendly loyalties. Why deny it?

            And the movie told the truth about the origins of islam. Why wont' you admit it?

          • jemaasjr

            >>I am not a Muslim, nor do I even embrace the religion – I never thought you were, actually. My take is that you post because you like provoking people.

          • reader

            Oooh. Caught on a lie again, muslim bro? Your posts don't add up again. Emotions got the better of you. And why would that be if you "don't embrace the religion", as you just said?

          • Kufar Dawg

            It's already been established you're a liar, so why should I believe you're not a muslo-fascist?

        • Chezwick

          "persecutory"…."provided the necessary cover"…..

          Orwell would be impressed, Schlo.

        • PaulRevereNow

          If Nakoula had violated his probation, the police would have arrested him again; but they questioned him and released him.(Inconvenient fact…I know) And the film was distributed in Egypt two months before the attacks on the Embassies. Another inconvienient fact…deal with it.

          • Schlomotion

            Duping all the actors is itself a crime. Just wait for the lawsuits to come out.

          • PaulRevereNow

            Sorry, I don't have my decoder with me;("duping all the actors?" Never heard of such a crime.) but if you had replied to my points above, I wouldn't need one….deal with the facts for once.

          • Drakken

            So if you don't agree with something you folks on the left conduct lawfare, so what are you going to do when folks get fed up with you leftist trying to break the bank and return the favor with warfare?

    • Roger

      Schlo, do Jews in Egypt have free speech? Do the Copts in Egypt have free speech?

      Do the non muslims in Sudan have free speech?

      And yet you have failed to speak for them. Why the muslim loyalty Schlo? Why not just admit your muslim heritage and even brag about how your mosque is a place to celebrate the muslim plan for world wide caliphate?

    • poppakap

      Still collecting unemployment huh slomo?

    • Mullah be Damned

      I find you an amusing contrast to reality.

      • Roger

        Oh, that was well played!

      • Western Canadian

        Good comment, but sort of amusing like watching a train wreck in slow motion…..

    • Ghostwriter

      All you do,Schlomotion,is bash Jews and embrace the civilized world's enemies. Is there any other reason to regard you with anything other than contempt?

    • ssohara

      First of all, I don't know if Germany has our equivalent of a First Amendment. Second, while free speech is, I believe, a fundamental human right, at the same time, the response to police confiscating the flag is not to riot, injure or kill people, damage property, etc. The proper response is to peacefully protest, take the issue to the law courts, etc.

  • Atikva

    How about the attack of the Paris Elysée palace (France' s equivalent of our White House), last Saturday? The mob first tried to attack our US Embassy but were driven back, then turned to the Elysée. Among their cries were calls to kill all Jews. An unknown number of policemen were hurt, maybe even killed, and the collabo media, as usual, are mum about this very grave incident.

    Last week in France again, there were 4 cases of teachers being beaten in the classroom by either their students or the students’ parents. A few days ago, a policeman was assaulted, beaten and set on fire by these animals because he gave a ticket to one of them. A child was strangled by his classmate because he had dared "look him in the eyes", a Jewish women was brutally beaten and grossly insulted in a shopping center by another muslim woman because "she had offended her by looking at her feet".

    How about the "immigrant" in Sweden who saw a drunk guy fall on the subway track, jumped down to rob him of his money and phone, then ran away and left him to be run over by the train?

    How about the animal who killed 2 children and an adult in a Jewish school a few months ago, pulling the fleeing little girl by her hair and shooting her in the head?

    I could go on for ever, there are so many of these "incidents". Europe is gone. When will we Americans realize what kind of "people" we are dealing with? We are the last hope of the Western World.

    If you want this to happen in America too, re-elect Obama, you will not be disappointed!

    • Kufar Dawg

      All the above is already happening in the US. It happened at the El AL terminal at LAX. It happened when Mayer Kahane was shot down in NYC. It happened when the muslim Beltway Sniper killed a dozen people. It happened when Major Hassan slaughtered more than a dozen people at Ft. Hood. It happened at the WTC bombing in the early 90's. It happened on 9-11.

      • Atikva

        You are talking terrorism, and you are right. But I am talking total lack of security for the entire population, which is another matter.

        We don't have yet in America 751 "zones de non-droit", meaning 751 large chunks of cities suburbs abandoned to the muslims, where even police or the army (what's left of it) won't set foot in.The last doctors who dared enter one of those near Paris 2 years ago to answer emergency calls were shot in their cars.

        We don't see yet entire populations leaving their houses and shops, and loosing their livelihood because they are tired of getting insulted and beaten for selling, say, food containing pork;
        We are not yet attacked in the streets if we are eating an ice cream during their ramadan;
        We are not giving up visiting family and friends because public transportation have become too dangerous, even in plain daylight;
        We are not forced to get rid of our crosses, kippas and magen david for fear of being beaten;
        Our teachers are not yet slapped and insulted every day by their students and sometimes their parents;
        We don't have muslim "security guards" posted at the entrance of large department stores to stop every girl or woman who is "improperly dressed" (meaning: no mini skirts, shorts, bermudas, sleeveless tops, etc..);
        We don’t risk having a mob kicking our front door open, stealing everything they take a fancy to in the house and terrorizing the occupants;
        We don't see hordes of muslims blocking traffic every friday evening to "pray" in the middle of our streets, whereas the government has funded the erection of hundred of new mosques everywhere.

        I could go on for ever, you don't know what's going on over there and wha'ts awaiting us if we don't get that man OUT of the White House. Apparently, Dearborn, MI is already affected by some of these tactics.

        I am talking about occupied countries that have surrendered without a fight and don't know what to do next.

    • Drakken

      Europe is not gone, you just haven't seen anything yet, but you will. When the European backlash begins there will be nothing that will stop it.

      • Mullah be Damned

        then why did Geert Wilders lose seats? That's what I don't get.

        • Porky's2istan

          He lost seats for the same reason that I'm voting for Obama. His anti-immigration platform is not his only platform. He is also against the European Union membership and other more mundane things. Similarly I'm fairly disgusted by Obama's handling of this film fiasco, but I'm even more disgusted by Romney's "let them eat cake" attitude about 50% of America. Islam is a threat to America but while there are only 2.7 million muslims here, it's not in my top 5 issues to vote about. Ask me again when there are 10 millions muslims here. Hopefully by then the Democrats will get their heads out of theirs asses and back to supporting Israel.

          • Atikva

            "Hopefully by then the Democrats will get their heads out of theirs asses and back to supporting Israel."
            It would be too late. You don't get it, you are just like the Europeans back in the 70s, when they were laughing at anyone telling them "casse cou". Only they don’t laugh any more.

            And in case you haven't noticed it yet, there are no real Democrats left in our government, they have morphed into islamo-socialists who need a guru at their head. I would have gladly voted for Kennedy for instance back in the 60s, but I will be darned if I let my beloved America become like the Europe I have left long ago.

            Voting for Obama? Over my dead body, I'd rather vote for Mickey Mouse than for that failed, un-American "President" who hasn't done anything but drag us down, endanger and shame us all.

            Now, I am curious about your mention of "Romney's let them eat cake". What are you talking about exactly?

      • Atikva

        From your mouth to God's ear, but how are they going to accomplish that?

        They have no leaders (except one in The Netherlands and one in Switzerland, plus the EDL in Great Britain) , no weapons, no common goal, no plan and most will never be "maquisards" material.

        • Drakken

          It is amazing on how fast one can get weapons, especially from the eastern block.

          • Kufar Dawg

            Freedom fighters fight for their freedom and liberty, muslimes fight for their "right" to take the rights of others away.

  • BS77

    The PC liberal open immigration socialists and "progressives" have welcomed the Trojan Horse into the gates of their countries…..and now the citizens moan in despair. Unless deportation and strict immigration standards are introduced, the future looks bleak for Europe…more riots, more crime, more upheavals and terrorism.

  • EdR

    It seems that the only solution is to call in the army and just mow them down when large crowds of them assemble with the obvious intention to cause harm. No questions asked, just cut 'em down!

    • Roger

      You mean recognize them as the army they really are and act accordingly?

  • cynthia curran

    They take welfare as much as are illegal Hispanic population does, and they are more dangerous.

    • Larry

      Probably more, from what I gather from here in Australia at least a significant proportion of the illegal Hispanic population actually wants to work and will look for and do jobs.

      The muslims don't want to work, have no intention of working if they don't have to, and see welfare as their due, it being jyzia from the dhimmis.

      In Australia amongst the migrant/refugee groups that have come here since the mid-70s that contain both Christians and muslims (mainly Lebanese, Sudanese, and Kosovars) the unemployment rate is 4 times as high amongst the muslims, and the crime rate 8 times as high.

      The Christian Lebanese who came to Australia in the aftermath of the Lebanese civil war have assimilated pretty much completely, the muslims staged themselves a riot in Sydney on Saturday and are threatening a repeat this coming weekend. Any time you see a Lebanese name associated with criminal activity, from drugs, to bike gangs, to gang rapes, it is a muslim, not a Christian.

      • Drakken

        What is atrocious is your govt disarmed you folks from protecting yourselves.

      • Roger

        That certainly describes the muslim hordes in France.

      • Larry

        Even better is when you start looking at the numbers from the purely muslim countries.

        A whole 8% of our Afghan intake is employed, and it rises to 12% for the Iraqis. Which gets to be fun when you consider our UNEMPLOYMENT rate as a whole is around 5%.

    • Porky's2istan

      Best way to separate real counter-jihadists and racists; Compare muslims to Mexicans.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm against illegal Mexican immigration, but it's strictly for economics. You can't take 20 million poor and uneducated people and transfer them to another country and expect that country to prosper because of it. Also it never stops. Year after year it's a constant never ending tide of poverty. But Mexicans are not muslims. They work, they try to follow the laws, they don't like to cause trouble, the DO NOT use welfare except for hospitals, and schools, they will marry just about any christian, agnostic, atheist, or even jew. They don't murder people for insulting the pope, They don't get married until after 16. They don't marry their cousins. Half the people in California (like me) are at least 1/4 hispanic

      Mexicans are the anti-muslims. They are everything that muslims are not (except brown). :P

  • clarespark

    I've already posted comments linked to my multicultural blogs, but here is one I haven't mentioned:…. Retitled as "Big Cities and the Mob." It may be useful to thinking about the lost rural idyll celebrated by agrarians who fear the big city for just the reasons reported in the essay here.

  • Guest

    Camp Of The Saints continues to come true – not that it helps White Europeans,as they are still prevented from fighting back ,due to the Totalitarianism of White Guilt and Political correctness. Thanks Left Wingers!

  • Ageofreason

    Why on earth do police carry weapons when they don't, won't, or can't use them? When police don't fight back to protect themselves, and others, and property, the lack of action encourages Muslim mobs. Why do we (any country in the west) have police when they will not use their weapons when needed for self-defense? If their political bosses disallow the use of weapons, then the boss's rules are contrary to the basic individual right of self-defense, and the bosses themselves are despicable violators of the rights of police officers and citizens. Europe is in the beginning stages of collapse, and there are lessons there for us in North America.

    • curmudgeon

      the reason they carry weapons is to make it easier to abuse the innocent. when they meet a real enemy of society, they dont know what to do. park in the wrong place, and you will find out how efficient the police are.

      • Ageofreason

        What on earth are you talking about? Focus, man, focus!

  • Kristin

    Do the police in Europe carry guns? Why is it ok to allow police to be attacked, injured and possibly (at some point in time) killed, by savages? They should be drawn down on and if they don't stop–the police stop them. Forever. It's ridiculous that the police don't seem to be able to do anything more than shoot cold water on these types of mobs. Ridiculous. And this is why I have my own guns-I won't be waiting for cops to protect me.

    • Larry

      Police in Europe are more heavily armed than they are in the USA (with the exception of the UK), with submachine guns being pretty standard issue, even for traffic cops standing directing traffic.

      • Kristin

        Really? That is interesting and good to know. Do they ever use them? I suppose if they do they are looked into heavily and probably removed?

  • RUI

    So much for the vaunted "kurdish cause" so proclaimed by Christopher Hitchens… sooner or later all of the left's ideas come home to roost. Even from someone like him.
    God may not be great but neither all all cultures equal and equally civilized.

    • JoJoJams

      When the west divied up the middle east after WW1, we should have given the kurds their own country, too.

  • @eestark81

    If we here in America are to avoid this madness, we need to seriously consider a county by county vote to leave the current union and form a new republic that follows the constitution rather than paying it lip service every few years when one is up for reelection. Obama could win this election, to be honest I don't care, I just don't want to live with liberals anymore, let them have the counties they can win and let us peaceably part company. I want a divorce from leftist America. Let us then see who fares better.

  • Long Ben

    All of the Otherlings doing violence should be deported , and shot on sight if the parasites dare re enter the host civilization .

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The West must outlaw Islam and the sooner the better as there will be bloodshed that will
    equal war as the Muslims want control and servitude for host populations. Why the idiocy
    of multiculturism has allowed such great footholds is mind boggeling, inviting disaster
    will aways bring disaster………………..William

  • Aussie guest

    We have had muslim riots here in Sydney, and had to listen to the words of appeasement from our politicians. It is so depressing! When are the leaders of the West going to grow a backbone and deal with these thugs?

  • dario

    there are many here been xenophobic! making and publishing a movie that insults billion of muslim is a freedom of speech but a 14 years old girl's single flag is leading to arrest???? I donot blame Kurds for being angery..German police are famous for violation of imigrant's rights

    • Atikva

      We are not xenophobic, just islamorealistic.

      Believe it or not, we do believe what we see and when we don't like it, we say it. We don't like beheadings, floggings, crucifixions, hangings, stonings and abuse of the weaker such as women, children, elders & animals. We don't like "honor killings" perpetrated by people without any honor of any kind. We don’t like anything related to jihad and sharia law, we will NEVER accept these abominations to exist in our midst, and whatever flags are representing them are and will remain banned in our lands. Get used to it.

      Germany, like the other European countries, have been much too gullible and generous with immigrants who actually hate them and came to conquer them. When the people will rise against all the abuses they have suffered from their invaders, the latter will have richly deserved whatever will happen to them then.

      As to a video created by an Egyptian over 2 months ago, so mediocre that no one ever noticed it, forwarded to muslim journalists by another Egyptian precisely on the anniversary of 9/11, everyone with a brain in his head knows that's just a pretext to try and justify unjustifiable attacks prepared in advance.

      And when you see that these 2 Egyptians pretended first to be Israeli Jews, then Christian Copts, you know that actually they are most probably muslims, for who else but muslims would deliberately put Jews and Christians in harm’s way?

  • Hank

    Gee, Thats too Fn bad…you made your Muslim bed, now you are raped in it….Fools…

  • dmzrn

    The only bright spot in the current madness is the reality that the extremists have tipped their savage hand too soon, and civilized nations will be forced to put these goons in their place (prison) sooner, rather than later.

  • Ms. Lemone

    So what's the solution? Ideas? Afraid to say? Afraid to be called Isamophobic or racist? It's time to stop this political correctness and create laws to deal with these crimes. Every time we do nothing to address assaults to our culture and way of life, they become emboldened and they WILL strike again. The truth is – Islam is only a religion of peace when it is the minority. When it becomes a majority, it must by it's edict, stamp out non-muslims everywhere. It is not a religion of acceptance, but one that seeks to convert (or kill) and it uses the liberal laws of the host nation to gain it's foothold and gain power. These people don't belong here – they have their own countries. It's time to declare mass expulsion and then rebuild the beautiful cities that they try to burn before their exodus … damn the humanitarians and their bleeding hearts … if things remain status quo, they'll be witnessing their own executions as blood thirsty hoards cry out "Allah akbar" and celebrate their European Caliphate. Think it can't happen? Guess again.

  • aviewfromorbit

    The drippy lefty apologists continue to allow Islam to flourish, heads buried in the sand convinced that multiculturalism works. Well, when they start beheading people for being gay on the streets, and they realise what they have done, it will be too late.

  • EdwinS

    Europe exchanged 6 million Jews for 20 million Muslims! They have the bargain they deserve!!!

  • Hanna

    The first Muslims here in Europe acceted society as it was. They made no special demands, and were low=profile, not radical. They hoped their children and grandchildren would do better than they had done, with all the education they received. they didn't generally though with some exceptions and hardly surprisingly (apart from the girls). Boys are spoiled in Muslim culture, their mother's and sisters do everything for them. They are rarely reprimanded and therefore become lazy bullies. Their culture cannot ever therefore before changes, co-exist with our basically Judeo/Christian one. No other culture settled in Europe demonstrates this severe gap in values.
    Now the Muslim youths see their European peers doing well and they are not, so out of jealousy they have embraced their " religious culture" it is the only way for them to receive an identity and some "respect". "I am a Muslim so meet my religious demands"
    Same goes for converts, don't fit into society well ? Become a Muslim, grow the beard, wear the garb, hey presto, attention guaranteed !
    We did not see the dangers early enough, the enormous difference between us and Islamic male-orientated values which is one of the causes of radicalization amongst of course many others.Just my 2 cents.

  • posse 101

    it's real simple. islam is a cancerous tumor. i wish the world luck with it's removal.

  • Guest

    In my country, India, we teach Islamic rioters a lesson! If the mobs start getting violent and attacking policemen and property for no reason, we pull the guns out and put them to death! They can get their 72 virgins happily after that!

  • kartashok

    In my country, India, we teach Islamic violent rioters a lesson. If mobs get violent and start trying to injure policemen and destroy public property for no reason, we pull the guns out and toast them! Those camel-jockeys can die happily and have their 72 virgins!

  • hobbes007

    They should all take a good look at what has become of the “rainbow nation” South Africa…….a crime infested sh!thole full of murder and rape. Europe will have the same future as the minority groups in South Africa – maybe if they take some action now then they can still save their countries.