Hospital Terror In Denmark

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It is a very dark, but little known, underside to the multicultural nightmare that western European societies are fast becoming. Hospitals, among the most respected institutions in Western societies due to their compassion and care of the sick and vulnerable, are turning more and more into places of immigrant violence.

The latest incident of such inexcusable savagery within the walls of a European public medical facility occurred last week in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Danish newspapers report that about 70 men, some armed with “cudgels,” invaded the Odense University Hospital emergency ward, looking to further harm, even possibly kill, a man who had just been admitted in critical condition with a gunshot wound. Luckily, no hospital staff member was injured, and it was most likely the heroics of the police officers present that prevented the intruders from reaching the injured patient.

“There were pictures torn down from the walls. There were vases knocked into pieces. It was quite intimidating to both staff and police there, and several officers had to fire their guns to get them to disappear,” said one Danish police official in describing the chaos.

Another police official stated: “They poured in with clubs into the emergency room…The staff at the hospital had to jump for their lives, and several police officers had to pull their service weapons to force the group out…”

Frustrated at being unable to reach their target, the vandals then took their anger out on ambulances and police vehicles. In all, the Copenhagen Post reported that “one ambulance and four police cars were destroyed in the night’s events.”

The trouble apparently began earlier that evening between rival immigrant groups when two members of one group drove up to the other’s Eid al-Fitr celebration that was being held in a shopping center parking lot. After being identified as an enemy, one report states the 26-year-old victim wound up being shot at least twice in one leg and stabbed several times in the other, but several shots were fired at the car the two were in. It is also at the crime scene that two of the four police cars may have been destroyed, while an ambulance summoned for the injured man was also reportedly attacked.

The hospital invasion was so barbarous and disturbing to the Danish public that a “shocked” Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt was compelled to comment on it, calling it “serious criminal behavior” at a news conference. But noticeably, although the Eid al-Fitr is a Muslim celebration that marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, it does not appear she nor any police official, politician or newspaper identified the culprits as such. They limited their identification vocabulary simply to the word “immigrant.”

But there was no need for Thorning-Schmidt to be so “shocked,” if she had been observing the happenings in hospitals in other Western European countries the past decade or more. In Iserlohn, a city in Germany, the death of a Turkish man of heart failure in a hospital there, according to a report in the German newspaper Die Welt, caused the 40 members of his family, “out of rage and grief,” to lay waste to the facility’s Intensive Care ward. The reception area was ransacked, pictures torn from walls, chairs and treatment tables overturned, and medical equipment destroyed by wooden clubs.

The first police to arrive were greeted with “kicks and punches” and had to withdraw, using pepper spray and under “threats and insults,” to await reinforcements. Only a heavier police presence was able to calm the situation, after which charges were made.

Doctors and other hospital personnel are often victims of individual attacks as well. In his book The Spread of Islamikaze Terrorism In Europe: The Third Islamic Invasion, author Raphael Israeli writes: “In 2004, there were 145 attacks in hospitals in France, rising to more than 200 in 2006 in which medical staff had been attacked by Muslims.” A story in Le Figaro this year maintains that French hospital personnel are becoming “more and more victims of violence,” citing a report from the health ministry agency responsible for keeping track of violence in healthcare facilities.

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  • Lillith


  • Rifleman

    Strict gun control didn't stop the PO'd practitioners of the 'religion of peace' from shooting people in Denmark, or for that matter, anywhere else, or by anyone else. It's apparently halal to lash out at infidel bystanders when things don't go a muslim's way, and religious holidays are special times to seek out and attempt to kill even their co-religionists. I'm against any mob and am for anyone that opposes one. Once they start trashing property, trashing people is rarely very far behind.

  • mlcblog

    While the Danish police wave their baby blue flags!! and sigh.

    Shocked!?? I was raised by a flake like that. Life was always a big surprise.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. No preparation, no guard against inevitable realities. Always caught short.


  • Chezwick

    I went to all three links of the Danish coverage of this event….and there was not a single reference to "Muslims" in any of them. And yet the Danes are considered politically incorrect compared to Norwegians and Swedes.

    Just one more vivid example of why Europe is a goner.

    • oldtimer

      Only one thing to add……"They're here"…

    • Drakken

      It is not a goner my friend Cheswick, the folks in Denmark the muslims fear is the Hells Angels, and they are certainly well aware of how to deal with the muslims there and are not afraid to use whatever neccessary means to to fight muslim aggression. I never used condone groups such as this before, but now they are the only ones who will fight back.

      • Chezwick

        Well my friend Drakken, if the likes of Hell's Angels are the last line of defense in the preservation of Western civilization in Denmark, I'd say the battle is all but lost.

      • surj1936

        Drakken. .We are doomed which ever way you look. West has no guts to say boo to muslims , an average man/woman and including our politicians are scared to offend muslims any where in Europe,

  • NoIslam

    "These barbarians will not voluntarily leave the welfare heaven of Western Europe, and leftist groups and human rights laws will prevent any effort to deport. Thus, such violence is in Western Europe to stay and will only increase with time."

    -The only thing left for europe is voting for rightwing parties who want to deport muslim immigrants! That's happening all around europe right now but maybe too late. Ethnic europeans should also make a plan for war with muslims!

    • jazz

      I think you're correct in all particulars but I also think it may be too late. I don't quite understand how they did it, but the left and their useful idiots have brought us all to where we are. And there seems to be no way to be rid of them. Luckily for the USA, which hasn't yet seen the extent of the spread of the virus that is islam, it's a bigger country and many are armed. So it'll take a good while longer for the rot to do its work. But the 5th column there is quite active as it is here. Fighting muslims might not even be necessary, if we could but delete by whatever means, the leftist enablers and hanky wringers.

    • Tron

      Islam has declared War on Civilized Humanity everywhere on Earth until Islam's Destruction of Civilized Humanity and One World Islamic Dictatorship Government is achieved. Civilized Humanity can not go back to the 7th Century Islamic Dictatorships. Humanity needs to have Political Parties that will save Humanity from Islamic Barbarians. Any Group inciting the Overthrow of the Governments of the world must be eliminated, jailed and jailed ones work for their food and daily necessities and stay in jail until War on Terror has been Won.

      • Kufar Dawg

        The problem is many of the "governments" you refer to have been, by and large, corrupted, subverted and infiltrated by islamofascists.

  • Van Grungy

    muslim cleansing

    when they are done with their slaughtering of useless people, Europe will make a nice cottage country.

    As long as the powder is dry, fun shall be had in the future wasting varmint muslim groundhogs

    Good riddance to idiot native Euros that need to be wiped out

  • kaspar

    Ah, another website full of posts advocating genocide! Hitler Alive and well! Sieg! Makes you wonder… who are the barbarians?

    • jazz

      Well Kaspar, genocide may look quite bad given history. By which I mean, the wrong people were attacked. Now take the gypsies. There's a good case for genocide and it's unfortunate the war couldn't have lasted a bit longer to allow for their total deletion as a people and culture. They are Europes canker and make no mistake about that.


        Give the gypsies RPGs and let them kick Eurotrash ass.

        Payback is in order.

    • Drakken

      Too bloody bad, if you useful idiot leftists are too weak to defend you and yours you deserve your fate. The Western man when his back is against the wall will come out and fight, and fight they will, the coming Balkans on steroids will be a turning point in Western Civilization and we won't be kind to those who wish to lord over us.

    • bill carr

      The difference is that it was a complete myth created by the Nazis that Jews were a danger to Germany. Jews were well integrated into German society and many fought heroically in WW1 earning many Iron Crosses.
      In no way did they deserve the treatment meted out to them.
      On the other hand militant Muslims are a real danger to Western countries and prove it daily by their actions and declarations of intent.
      So study and get your facts right.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Better them than us 'tard.

  • amused

    The barbarians are MUSLIMS and if they can not behave in a civilised manner ,in the countries in which they are GUESTS , then they should be , case by case rounded up and sent back to their country of origin .Europeans need to do emegency legislation of laws that will faciltate and expedite deportations of these backwards barbarians . No, dont kill'em just dump'em . A-S-A-P ! Ridding your house of a destructive , contemptuous ,freeloading guest is not "genocide " , it common sense ,and in view of the behavior of immigrant muslims , it becomes a matter of that gracious society's survival . As for Sahria Law , it is a perverted form of Justice which is practiced only by savages , it should be banned in any civilized country and relegated to those regions of the Earth where only like-minded savages reside, and where no non-muslim human beings live .

    • Alaric

      Too many cases to round them up on a case by case basis. Do not allow any m,ore immigration forom those countries or 40 years form now we will not be hearing from someone with their nose in the air going by the name amused as if you were above it all.

      You are quite literally a self made moron.

      There was a writer in the waning days of the Roman empire in a city in Southeast Gaul besieged by barbarians wondering where the Roman army was. But in all actuality he knew where the army was. Right in front of him besieging the city.

  • Lfox328

    I really liked that one part:

    "Even in supposedly secular Turkey, attacks against medical personnel are reported to be on the rise. This year, a parliamentarian from Turkey’s Peace and Democracy Party reportedly beat up a doctor after throwing a tantrum in an emergency room."

    "Peace and Democracy Party"?

    • Kufar Dawg

      Just another example of the Orwellian euphemisms that are employed to make islam seem like anything but what it is: violent, totalitarian, supremacist.

  • Yorkshire Mine

    Just to get the facts right the incident didn't happen in Copenhagen but in Ondense on the Island of Fyn. The Danes usually call the perpetrators people with another ethnic background than Danish, The Danes are fully aware of who they were and they were not pleased the comments in many of the Danish Newspapers were quiet enlightening.

  • Glennd1

    The message? Take away the welfare, that way they don't come here in the first place. I think we should bar welfare from any immigrant who comes here for 10 years or until they pay 100,000 in federal income/payroll taxes. The other part is to simply enforce the law. Everyone of these miscreants should have been arrested and locked up – hundreds of them in necessary. Yet another lesson the Euros could learn from us is that criminals react to punishment. Euros lament our high prison population but always forget about how violent crime plummeted in response to our harsher law enforcement.

    Also, why can't they revoke the immigration status of such folks? I think any immigrant should be on probation for life – meaning if they screwup, they not only go to jail, they are booted from the country. And then they enforce it. Why do the governments act so powerless? You can look at the U.S.'s experience with Marxist revolutionaries in the early 20th century to see what works and what doesn't. Lock 'em up, deport them, don't give them welfare, case closed. It's just common sense, when did that die?


    The worst, most appeasing, most racist country in Eurabia today is the UK.


    The worst, most appeasing, most racist country in Eurabia today is the UK.

    • Drakken

      Fear not good friend, the EDL is growing by the day.

  • Ghostwriter

    I hope none of this is coming here to America. We already have enough problems. We don't need any more.

    • Kufar Dawg

      You're whistling past the graveyard w/those thoughts.

  • jmz

    ya know im so sick of reading this nonsense, because we as westerners are to pc to do anything about it. Islamists, muslims and followers of the pig mohammed: These people are ignorant backward monsters. their beliefs should not be tolerated nor should they be allowed to practice them. If muslims get the chance they will gladly turn all of us non muslims into slaves or kill us off outright. So ansewer me why i have to tolerate them? sorry to say not everyone is created equal and muslims are inferior to the resto of the world. you basically are giving primitive savages advanced weapons and knowlege and then cant understand why this is happening. so in case i havent made my point clear …all muslims are inferior and do not deserve to live and especially live amongs decent people. the only good muslim is a dead one and anyone wants to defend them go for it. but remember they will thank you by killing you. its called suvival get used to it or end up goint the way of other evolutionalry mistakes

  • Goemon

    These the guys that have 1001 inventions?

  • Thatguyoverthere

    This is the ultimate war. If Islam is not contained and returned to its ancient borders it will dominate the world. The war will be total when it comes and we are already seeing the initial skirmishes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Don't be fooled people, Islam does not believe in the things you do. Personal freedom, respect for others and individualism underpin the Judeo-Christian society in which you live. "Suffer not the kafir to live" is not an empty slogan , it is the very basis of Islam.

  • BS77

    I just read that nut case Brevik in Norway was sentenced to…..can you believe this….21 years MAX for killing 77 people and wounding scores more??????? This is why Europe is falling apart….It's this insane idiotic PC liberalism and shrugging, helpless tolerance of everything inimical to the region…..the immigrant invasion, the violence, terrorism….Europeans just stand there and wonder what to do. Pathetic.

  • jtrolla

    The Barbarians have broken through the gate. It the West is to survive, they must be made to leave. Unfortunately, they will leave only if forced to; and that means violence.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What is the result of keeping your front door open and allowing any stray dog or other animal
    to enter at will, might just get a bit messy. I would think home life would take a bad turn and
    either the invaders removed or chaos and unreasonabe disorder would be the lifestyle of
    now infamous and multiispecies stupid. America needs to shut it's doors and clean house
    or suffer the ignominous decline of Europe. The Muslims will not assimilate, they are here
    to colonize, overtake, overrule with and increasingy in your face attitude that assures they
    have no place here or we have no future as their subservient lackeys……………..William

  • JackHammer

    You can take the savage out of the desert, but you can't the savagery out of the Muslim!

  • JackHammer

    You can take the savage out of the desert, but you can't the savagery out of the Muslim!

  • JackHammer

    You can take the savage out of the desert, but you can't the savagery out of the Muslim!

  • Sceptic

    Odense is not in Copenhagen. It is not even on the same island as Copenhagen. If you cannot even be trusted to get basic geography right why should anyone trust anything else you write?

  • el zopilote

    The new Middle Ages are upon us. Imagine a world wide Muslim caliphate, where non-Islamic
    activity is completely destroyed and Sharia law is the law of the land.

    It would take a thousand years to overcome the new Middle Ages if the Muslims reach their goal.

  • Miguel

    Here's one incident on video: