Paychecks for Pedophiles

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But that is just the tip of the disability iceberg.  There are oodles of court cases that illustrate the absurdities.  An Orange County school district was ordered to pay for private schooling for a pupil expelled for violence, plus 360,000 dollars in reparations to him.  A violent schizophrenic received reparations when he was fired from his post office job for threatening other employees and also threatening to murder the president of the United States.  A guidance counselor in a school in Hartford, Connecticut won compensation after being fired for possession of cocaine, because addiction is a disability.   A Boston professor won compensation after being fired for sexually harassing students, claiming that his medication was responsible for his “disability.”  A man, who suffers from diabetes and frequently passes out, successfully sued when he was turned down for a job as a bus driver in Maryland.  A subway employee in New York sued when he was fired from a job that required him to crawl under trains and into narrow passages; he weighed more than 400 pounds.  A Kansas driver sued when he was ticketed for not wearing a seat belt; he claimed it violated his rights as a claustrophobe.   A strip club in Bellevue, Washington was sued because it did not have a lift that would allow women in wheel chairs to do erotic dancing on the stage.  Students who are penalized when late for tests and class are suing all over, on grounds that they suffer from a narcolepsy disability.  Almost anyone with “depression” can also get recognized as disabled.

Obesity, alcoholism, and addiction can all be considered disabilities.  A Michigan jury granted $610,000 to an employee who fell asleep on the job, on grounds that narcolepsy is a disability.   Courts have ruled that potential employees have the “right to lie” about any previous behavior that might represent manifestations of “disabilities,” including stealing.  Truckloads of misbehavior are protected because virtually all psychiatric problems get counted as disabilities, and so even those engaged in insubordination with superiors, disruptive behavior, and theft may enjoy protection.

Costs of course are also a matter that “Disabilities Protection” laws generally disregard and insist be ignored.  In many places, every single person incapable of boarding a bus or train could be transported at public expense by taxi for a tiny fraction of what it costs to implement all those lifts and special assistance devices on vehicles, not taking into account the capacity of the vehicle lost because of their space.

There are also other implications to this.  Once pedophiles and the other misfits and perverts have been added by Greece and others to the list of the “disabled,” those who engage in violence towards them or mere criticism, mocking, or denunciations of such people could find themselves prosecuted as perpetrators of hate crimes.  A minor ruckus arose two years back in the US when TV commentator Bill O’Reilly predicted that someday those who attack pedophiles will be prosecuted for hate crimes.  Pedophilia is not a recognized disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Yet.  Neither is being a “transgendered” person, although there is a lot of lobbying to get its exclusion from “disability” status dropped.

Where will it all end?  Perhaps when taxpaying is recognized as a symptom of mental illness and so all who agree to pay their taxes get an automatic disabilities discharge from paying them.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Where will it all end?

    It had ended already a couple of times before: Sodom and Gomorrah, the Deluge come to mind. God sees it all but waits: waits to decide if this currently running experiment with the humanity fails too.

  • Ben

    "oodles of court cases" are the ready scenario of the comedy of social idiocy. Leftists involvement in social legislation is the disaster as the international laws that allows Hamas`agents demand Israel PM arrest.

  • Big Irish

    start by getting rid of that piece of leftist garbage currently residing in the white house!…send him to the middle east where he belongs – and his freak wife.

    • Anon

      What does that have to do with Greece??!!! You're a real moron you freak!!!!

  • joy52

    Being broke, can't live the socialist lifestyle, riots, etc. just isn't enough to make them wake up. This is a life lesson about liberals. They won't learn and it is up to the rest of us to clean up the mess.

  • mrbean

    I suppose next someone will demand that there be welfare checks and government supplied corpses for necrophiles.

  • LindaRivera

    Angels weep.

    Please God, protect the children! It is Greece's APPROVAL of sexual attacks on innocent, defenseless children. God forbid, dirty, perverts, EVIL MONSTERS who sexually attack children and DESTROY children's lives are being given money for the SOLE REASON they are pedophiles.

    Tourists, Do not take your children to Greece unless you watch over your children EVERY single moment.

  • randy

    Canada should ban the catholic pediphile church

    • UCSPanther

      And you need to shut the hell up.

    • mrbean

      I understand that in Canada if you critcize the pervert homosexuals or man-hater lesbians, you can get charged with felony hate speech. Are you really a Canadian gay, a canuck queer?

    • Western Canadian

      I think he is talking about child molesters, but his lack of understanding of the english language makes it hard to tell. The church did not have a problem with child molesters. It had a problem with aggressive homosexuals, attacking males in their mid and late teens. Something other than the pc rewrite.

    • Oleg

      Maybe Canada should ban public schools first since there are more cases of sexual abuse in public schools then in the Catholic church.

  • Spider

    This is what happens when scum unaccountable governments like Greece have too much of other peoples money to spend. Unfortunately for us our own government is headed down the same path for the same reason. One solution would be to starve them of the funds (needed to perpetrate these immoral outrages) with massive tax cuts.

  • royal humanist

    If the Greek Govt fels that the pedophiles are psychic-disabled persons, the such persons shold be locked up in the mental asylums to protect the children

  • sod

    Looks like disabled people are more abundent than normal people nowadays. There should be a law that prohibits discrimination against normal people because they are becoming minority.

    Law makers and judges will be judged upon their fearless of God!

  • Ghostwriter

    Greece giving disability checks to pedophiles??! That's one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard of. It gives truly disabled people a bad name. Pedophila isn't a disability,it's a vile sickness of the mind and soul.

  • 9-11 Infidel

    I agree there should be some kind of paycheck for pedophiles. But I'm not talking about money. I'm thinking more along the lines of a rope and a crane.

  • Ben

    The banned theme :connection of pedophilia and homosexuality,though in ancient world and in ancient Greese there was the stright connection: professional warrior had a friend-a boy who will be the warrior too and who has the sex relations with the elder one.
    But hush ! We can`t discuss this.

  • Brian Donegal

    This reminded me of NAMBLA. Their Greek members must be having a party.

  • Oleg

    One critical point that I will differ from the author on is this "A violent schizophrenic received reparations when he was fired from his post office job for threatening other employees and also threatening to murder the president of the United States." Schizophrenia is a true mental illness by any measure and mental illness is not a fake disability like some of the others. A schizophrenic can hear, see, feel, or smell things that are not there, it is something that they have no control over. He may have threatened other employess and threatened to kill the president but we are not talking about a rational and malicious act here. A schizophrenic doesn't know what is real and what is not sometimes and that is what is so dangerous and debilitating about it to the people who have it. It can be treated but the problem is that so many of the mentally ill are either not treated properly (because they end up in state run institutions) or receive no treatment at all.

  • claymore06

    How about 30 year old Soldiers who are diagnosed with PTSD and have their Army careers terminated with monthly for-life disability payments? We then hire these same disabled Soldiers whoare now receiving tax-free disability, as state, county and city police officers allowing them to work in one of the most stressful occupations available.