The Left’s Defense of Nazi Günter Grass

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While criticizing Grass, others have been denouncing Israel for its travel ban against him.  A German cabinet minister criticized Israel for the ban on Grass, while also denouncing as bigoted both Grass and his “poem.”  Salman Rushdie, Alan Dershowitz and Jeffrey Goldberg all oppose the ban.  The British Telegraph denounced Israel’s decision as “bullying censorship,” forgetting to mention the long list of people, from Michael Savage to Israeli opposition politicians to critics of homosexuality, banned from Britain because some official considers them to be “intolerant” people. Countries routinely ban entrance to hostile foreigners or those who demonize the people of those countries.  Israel has banned only a few notorious rogues, including Noam Chomsky, Richard Falk, and Norman Finkelstein, all anti-Israel propagandists with close associations with terrorist groups..

Anti-Semites around the world celebrating Grass were even joined by some Jewish anti-Semites, always happy to “Tom” it up for Neo-Nazis and jihadists.  A small group of pro-jihad Jewish leftist anti-Semites in the US calling themselves the “Jews for Justice for Palestinians” endorsed Grass.  Also joining were sundry Holocaust Denial web sites and the deranged Israel-born British Holocaust Denier Gilad Atzmon.   (You may recall that the anti-Semitic conspiracist duo Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer have been endorsing and hosting the very same Atzmon.)

Israel’s own radical leftists have been crawling out of their holes to express support for Grass and to denounce the Israeli ban against him entering the country. Basically they endorse anyone who despises their own country. The tiny Israeli leftist “972 magazine” web site, funded by anti-Israel Europeans, issued a call for support of Grass.  Ironically, these leftists, who suddenly pretend to be free speech absolutists when it comes to Grass, have a long track record of OPPOSING freedom of speech in Israel.  Gideon Levy, the most openly treasonous columnist at Haaretz, adores Grass’s dreams of a world in which there is no Israel, while opposing freedom of speech for “Rightists” or for settlers.  Haaretz in its official editorial denounced the declaration of Grass as persona non grata as a policy non grata.  The herd of leftist sheep from Israeli academia and elsewhere are chiming in their agreement.

After all, what did Grass really do that was so awful, asks Haaretz. All he did was write a poem! Freedom of expression! Academic freedom!

Sure. All this coming from exactly the same Israeli leftists (and the newspaper promoting them) who just petitioned the court to order the arrest of two rabbis who wrote a controversial book about some matters in Rabbinic law, a book the Left regards as “racist.”  The Israeli Left wants the book banned and burned. They have even been joined by the Israeli branch of the Reform synagogue movement, a movement that has never seen a leftist bandwagon upon which it does not wish to leap.  These leftist book-burners are demanding not only that the two authors be imprisoned for “racism,” but also that anyone even recommending that other people read that book be similarly arrested.  This is just the latest anti-democratic “cause” of Israeli leftists, who generally oppose freedom of speech for non-leftists.  These people regard any criticism of radical leftism to be “McCarthyism.”

But those two rabbis who wrote the controversial book, just what did THEY do that was so awful? They wrote a book. Many people do not like the opinions in that book. So what? Books by leftist anti-Semites and Arab fascist jihadists can be bought and read freely in Israel.

These are the very same people rushing out to “defend” Günter Grass from bully Israel.  Just what does he need defending from?  Did Israel arrest him?  Burn his books?  No, grasshopper, book burning is something that leftists do.

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    Paleo-Nazi Gunter Grass spouting what he learned when he was 17 in the SS.

    Once a nazi pig, always a nazi pig.

    "progressive" AKA SOCIALISTS supporting a national SOCIALIST is OLD NEWS.

    SHlTler/Stalin non-aggression pact of 1939.

    • esperantominoria

      What Grass had done is stupid,I cant believe it,no intelligence whatever,so sad and sickening.The Left and many others believe so many lies,like:

      "The Myth of Muslim Spain as a Model of Coexistence for Today"

  • UCSPanther

    Frankly, who cares what this washed up nazi has to say.? The Anti-Semitic crowd can bellow and roar all they want and it still won't get them anywhere.

  • Steve B.

    Good summary article of the macrocosm:

  • Dr. John

    One Israeli leftist, the playwright Yehoshua Sobol, wrote a great, powerful blast against Grass:

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Excellent article.
    It is natural for "leftists" in particular those still residing in Israel, to align themselves with the likes of Arafat, who under the direction of Peresites and Rabin was imported with thousands of islamic murderers.
    The same "leftists" would facilitate as well the work of renegade Jews AKA unJews, anti-Semites of all origins but particularly islamic ones and of course Nazi SS soldiers such as Gunther Grass.
    That is the way it is.

  • endyr

    Clarity of thought:

  • Endyr

    And a little more:

  • Jerome

    This Lendman clown you mention writes for Holocaust Denier web sites. Curious how quickly far leftists morph into Neo-Nazis.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Gunter Gras's national socialistic truth.
    Warum schweige ich,versweige zu lange? A nice question:why did Gunter Grass not speak up?
    The German nobel price winner kept his mouth for so long and about what did he not speak up?
    He wrote so many books! he could have said anything and everything in them? Ah herr Gunter
    in your eyes the Jews where always a treath to world peace. Was it not the Fuhrer who told the
    the world that Jews where a danger for world peace. And acording to Herr Grass the Jews are
    responsible for the first -the second and now for the third world war.The truth is that the timing
    of Gunter is an example of German thoroughness just one week after the execution of Jewish
    childeren in Toulouse France. Our Gunter has feelings of pitty for Ahmadinejad-Kahmenei-
    and other innocent leaders of Iran. He has feelings for repressed leaders like Mao – Stalin –
    Castro. But to me it's very strange Gunter's heart does'nt break while watching the world
    journals about bombings in Bagdad – Jemen- Afganistan – Mogadishu – Nigeria. Those things
    are normal to Gunter,but Israel threatens world peace. What Gunter is realy saying is that the
    Jewish state is a threat to humanity. Well that kind of falsifications I have seen and heard over
    70 years ago the same charges as today against the whole Jewish nation. Thank God that
    a land like Israel exists able to defend themselves against demaggues like Mr Gunter Grass.

    • wctaqiyya

      Yup, sure makes ya wonder about Gunter's true feelings don't it? NOT! Great comment by the way.

  • KKKK

    Grass ihas every right to be banend from Israel. he was a Nazi in the day, has not repented in the interm, and is an open critic of Israel and Jews. and fo course he is supported by the leftist-Muslim alliance. they all hated the West and Israel.

  • Stan

    "Writers are able single-handedly to prevent human tragedies, in a way that armies cannot."

    He's right, Iran's army is certainly unable to prevent what's coming to them.

  • Schlomotion

    In this version of the lock step Hasbara Lemming War against Gunter Grass, all of those people who like his poem in defiance of Israeli fiat are now called Leftists, Neo-Nazis, and Antisemites. It appears as if the pro-Israel Lobby has really been checkmated and can be backed into this corner every single time. This IS the post-Zionism. If you call them thought-police, they will become enraged and act like thought police. Alan Dershowitz has tried for the end-run by speaking against the censorship of Grass, but as in the case of Gilad Atzmon, he is verbally against censorship, but in letters and appearances he is for censorship. It is now predictable who, where, when, and how specific pro-Israel types will exactly release their character assassinations, and how effective they will be; literally not effective. People will like what they like, and The Lobby has lost the ability to control public reaction.

    • stern

      Why is it that whenever somebody objects to something that is either anti-Israel or blatantly anti-Semitic, they are guilty of “hasbara” – as if that’s something dirty – and of trying to censor the anti-Semite? (Hasbara is nothing more than the attempt to tell Israel’s side of the story, often in the face of statements that are nothing short of blood libels – like Grass’s; and yet we are told that it’s Hasbara that’s at fault! I for one am getting really sick of this double-standard.)

      This is not the case. We are arguing against the opinions of the anti-Semite. But for some like Schlockmeister, this is not allowed. Why, just yesterday, when I suggested that we ignore Schlockmeister, I was accused of trying to implement BDS.

      For heaven’s sake, say what you want – but grant us the freedom to do the same. Or is it the usual “free speech for me but not for thee” garbage?

      • wctaqiyya

        Most of us just ignore him.

      • Schlomotion

        It's the 21st Century. Some Jews may feel obligated to run or freelance for a propaganda firm that orchestrates publicity stunts and then loudly wails about how they were treated during those publicity stunts. They may feel obligated to all plagiarize the same kind of article amongst themselves or write and rewrite the same canard opinions ad nauseam. They may feel obligated to hire pisseurs to negate every word and phrase ever uttered against their tribally based religious warfare or their walled citadel. They may feel obligated to shout down poets and hurl 19th Century epithets or do 20th Century advertising and nation branding. They are certainly free to do so. But it is still ridiculous and no one should feel bad about "blood" libels and other imagined social crimes dating back to when the pseudo-messiahs were plotting against Persians during the Reformation. In the modern day and age we should take these people for the bone-through-the-nose evangelists that they are and laugh heartily at them.

    • mlcblog

      Shunning works! has anyone else noticed less of Amused?

  • Bert

    The missing element is all this is the lack of Jewish spiritual leadership to fortify the Jewish community to better confront the enemy. The Torah and the prophets long ago wrote that Israel would be the target of evil forces. The best weapon against our enemies is to obey the Law as cited in Deuteronomy Chapter 28. If Jews obey the Law then G-d will fight for them. If not then they will be abandoned to their enemies.
    In addition we can also see evidence of Genesis 12:3 as all of Israel's enemies are encountering increasingly serious problems including falling birth rates.

  • SamG

    GG – from SS-Schutze to SS-Scheisse

  • Ronald Johnston

    You know, we Americans are famous for being willing to die for our country and freedom. Why aren't the Iranians willing to die for their country and freedom? I submit they aren't worth saving!!!!!

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm hoping Gunter Grass doesn't decide to come to this country. He's an embarrassment to every decent German out there. I don't even want him hanging around German-Americans. Mr. Grass is an affront to every decent writer and person on earth.

  • Ghostwriter

    Oh,there's one thing I forgot. It's ironic that many leftists accuse conservatives of being Nazis when they're defending a man who WAS a Nazi.

    • wctaqiyya

      One small point. Gunter admitted (2006) to being a member of the 10th SS Panzer Division for a period of some months in late 1944 – 45 until the unit surrendered to Americans. He claims to have been conscripted. He also reportedly tried to enlist in the submarine service just before his army service began (age 17?) and was a Hitler youth from age 10 till 16. As far as I can tell, he has never admitted nor has it been alleged that he was a NAZI party member. I personally still doubt that he was conscripted, even though the division was mostly conscripted, since his clear intention was to join the fight, but I have seen no evidence of party membership. Maybe you have some? As I said, a small point, but accuracy is more important to us than it is to the left, muslims and other Israel haters.

  • wctaqiyya

    Nice article Steven. I think it's time we dust off Salmun Rushdie and his Satanic Verses. That never fails to get the muslims all hot and bothered. And, can we start dropping pornographic materials over the Gaza strip and Iran already? For goodness sake, it will make for some great video seeing those wacky people go all wild in the streets. Am I the only one with a perverse sense of humor here? Perverse in a healthy way of course.

  • abdulameer

    It is not fair to refer to Grass's language, German, as the language of Himmler. German is also the language of Heinrich Heine, Goette, J.S. Bach, Beethoven, to name just four out of millions. The Germans themselves say that Germany is the land of poets and thinkers, judges and executioners.

    • Moll

      It once was. During WWII Hitler & his SA/SS/SD hate-machine managed to kill them all off — and
      Germany has not recovered! Germans today are good policemen and good technicians. Thinkers & world leaders in today's sciences, the arts, the world of music & art they are not. So much for the vision of myopic, short-sighted, flawed man!

  • abdulameer

    P.S. Good article about the leftists' and jihadists' support for Grass, but Plaut spoiled the article with his anti-German bigotry.

  • Hank Rearden

    israel has not obligation to permit entry to an enemy. That is not censorship, it is self-respect. Grass is famous for his book The Tin Drum. If he writes a sequel, it should be called The Tin Pot.

  • Atlas_Collins

    Oh look! More whining about "anti-semitism."

    I think Frontpage should move it's offices to Israel and get it over with. It's not like anyone on their staff puts America and Americans first.

  • Ghostwriter

    Oh look! Another anti-semite has crawled out from under the woodwork!

    I think Atlas_Collins should move to the Middle East where his Jew hatred might be more accepted. Besides,I think Jewish Americans ARE Americans.

  • ATlas Collins

    I hate dem Joos because I have such a tiny pecker.

  • kenaan

    Do you still think that Germans do like Israel and its aggressive policies in the region?.One day there will be some brave Germans who will act to restore the billions of the so called "compensations" of WWII which helped to construct the scorpions empire of Tel Aviv ,All have got tired with that boring prototype "antisemitism" .Do you want to plaster any mouth which doesn't praise Israel?How couldn't your intelligence discover that Gunter Grass was a neo Nazi?

  • Scheisskopf

    Oh gee them poor poor krauts….

  • Santa

    Rabid little man crawl through his pathetic little life, that's the story of S. Plaut, manifesting it self in form of toxic unbearable stench !