The Truth about the ‘Apartheid Wall’

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I was recently challenged by a polite academic who claimed to be dumbfounded by the fact that I rejected as absurd his use of the term “Apartheid Wall” to refer to Israel’s security barrier fence.  He demanded to know why I objected to the term, and what I thought was a more appropriate name for it.

I responded that the more appropriate and correct name for Israel’s security fence is the “Leftists are Idiots Fence.”  Indeed, I would urge everyone to adopt that name for it and insist that no other be used in polite company.

The security barrier should be dubbed the “Leftists are Idiots Fence” because the very need for its construction was as a countermeasure to the countless acts of murder and other violence triggered by the imposition upon Israel of the Left’s political agenda with regard to making “peace” with the “Palestinians.”   The building of the “Leftists are Idiots Fence” became necessary because of the “recognition” of the PLO by Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres and all the fruits of that poisonous tree that followed.  The consequential series of agreements to allow the PLO to import its army of assassins and terrorists into the West Bank and Gaza (never mind that the Hamas later evicted the PLO from Gaza) produced so many massacres of Israelis that the only way to reduce the level of violence was with large fences and barriers that prevented “Palestinians” from getting close enough to Jews to murder them.

The “Leftists are Idiots Fence” was only the latest bi-product of the long-time theology of the Left concerning how to make peace with Arabs.  The Left believes that Israel can appease its way to peace by making endless concessions to the Arabs.  The fact that every single round of appeasements and concessions to date has produced escalation of terror never persuades the Left that something is flawed with its approach to peace or in its political theology.  The universal explanation by the Left for the utter and complete failure of its “ideas” has always been to insist in totalitarian unison that they fail because Israel does not make enough appeasements and concessions.

The Israeli Left has been wrong about absolutely everything for at least 20 years, and it would be very difficult to uncover anything about which it was not wrong going back even 60 years.  The Israeli Left of the 1950s believed in Soviet-style economic central planning.  Under David Ben Gurion, it built and then preserved a command-and-control economic mechanism that resembled that of Soviet regimes in many ways.  It was designed to place near totalitarian control of the economy in the hands of the MAPAI socialist party (later renamed the Labor Party).   Israel was essentially a one-party state until 1978, and that single ruling party was MAPAI.

Thanks to that command-and-control structure, Israel remained an impoverished, underdeveloped Third World country until well into the 1980s, complete with Third World levels of corruption, primitive technology, and tax rates sometimes exceeding 100% of earnings.  By the late 1980s, the command-and-control regime was largely although not completely dismantled, this thanks to a complex set of causes, and Israel quickly morphed into a developed wealthy First World country, to the chagrin of its socialists.  The Far Left yearns to restore the semi-bolshevik planning and control structure, and has now managed to co-opt much of the “Social Justice” protests in Israel and recruit those protesters behind this goal.

But in the long term, the more harmful segment of leftist ideology was the belief that the bulk of Arabs are good and decent people who truly want peace and co-existence.  That belief happens to be false.  The vast majority of Arabs want a genocidal resolution to the “problem” of the existence of Israel and its Jewish population.

But the Left is so passionately wedded to this part of its political theology that it has dominated everything the Left has done or said for decades.  And since the Left has been in office in Israel more often than it has not been (while the Likud has itself often behaved in many ways like a party of the Israeli Left), most of the most destructive decisions and errors Israel has made stem directly from this theology.

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  • crackerjack

    I'd call it the "Fence of Indecision"

    Israel is obviously at it's wits end concerning it's '67 conquests. This fence serves as a substitute for political indecision. It makes no sense. It would only make sense as a border. But Israel claims sovereignty to the land on both sides.

    Israel has obviously bitten of more than it can chew, and this fence is an attempt at relieving the constipation symptoms.

    • Abu Zubi

      To the contrary, as a "border" no fence would work. The fascists on teh Arab side of the border would simply fire rockets over it.

      • crackerjack

        Every Israel border will have Arabs in the other side.


          The borders of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt will have fully armed Jews on the other side.

    • WildJew

      Like Mr. Plaut wrote, ethnic Germans were forcibly expelled from Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, etc., from several countries in Central and Eastern Europe near the end of and following the war. Between 1944 and 1950 between 12 and 14 million ethnic Germans were expelled because, like the Palestinians, Germans visited all kinds of atrocities upon their subhuman neighbors. What did the United Nations say or do? What did the international community say or do?

    • stern

      You completely miss the point of both the fence and the article. As the writer states, the fence was built to prevent Palestinians getting close enough to murder Israelis. You only have to look at the statistics to see that it has served its purpose and continues to do so.

      Given that it really IS a security barrier, it doesn't have to make sense as a border. It only has to make sense as a security barrier – and it clearly does that.

      In other words, it's your post that makes no sense.

    • moshe

      They are at their wits' end not because of the Arabs but because of the Jews. You see, to their utter horror, pretty much all the male Jews on the far side of that fence wear tzitzit, kippot, beards, etc, etc. And all the female ones have headscarves and long skirts. And seven to twelve children, while the chik leftist fashionista in North Tel Aviv has a fluffy dog, a cute cat, a large collection of shoes, a metrosexual boyfriend and an "empowering" career. With the end result that, unless something is done about those "horrible settlers", the entire State of Israel will be speedily taken over by Jews who DO NOT believe that the Arabs are basically nice people who can best be won over by implementing a nice form of socialism.


    The Anti-Islamofascist Wall works.

  • Chezwick

    The paradigm explained above – that the Left interprets the resolution of its failed policies to bring peace as necessitating further appeasement – is very similar to the Muslim mindset about religion. Muslims interpret the failure of Islamic societies as necessitating MORE – not less – Islam.

    Its a literal Catch-22: Islam breeds economic, cultural and political stagnation…and the Muslim interpretation of this failure is insufficient practice of Islam. The result is ever-greater movement towards extremism. It's a form of madness, with very real-world implications.

  • RonCarnine

    The erecting of the fence has helped to cut down the number of terrorist attacks in that area. One cannot blame the Israelis for trying to make her borders, but more importantly, her people safer from attacks by the Palestinians. I know that there are those who try to make peace by making more and more concessions but look at the history of the modern nation of Israel. Concessions do not work. The history of the US teaches the same thing. Policy of the early United States paid money to the so called Pirates of the Barbary Coast (read that Muslims) to leave our shipping alone. Because that didn't really work, President Jefferson said "enough is enough" and sent a military exposition against them. That is the only thing that works, for giving concessions only makes these Islamic states believe that the US is weak. You sure can't blame Israel for trying to make their citizens safe in their homes and on their streets. The wall has been a success to a certain extent.

    • crackerjack

      You're missing the point RonCarnine. This fence is not a border. Israel claims sovereignty and control on both sides of the fence.

      • stern

        See above. You missed the point – and the anti-Israel boat – years ago.

      • intrcptr2

        No, CJ, Israel does not claim sovereignty on both sides of the green line, that is why the so-called West Bank still exists. If Israel claimed sovereignty, she would have asserted it by annexing the formerly occupied territories.

        There can be no border where there is a state on only one side of the line; Israel has no neighbor with which to negotiate borders, hence, a fence.

  • MikeWood

    The Leftists are Idiots Fence has brought the number of deaths caused by palestinian terrorists down dramatically: 2000 – 43; 2001 – 207; 2002 – 457; 2003 – 213; 2004 – 124; 2005 – 56; 2006 – 29; 2007 – 13; 2008 – 36; 2009 – 8. The Leftists are Idiots Fence was constructed during the same period. Go figure. Three cheers for the Leftists are Idiots Fence: hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!

    • ziontruth

      I'm not sure all of them are idiots, Mike. I think a lot of them know full well the security fence has brought to a dramatic decrease in the loss of Jewish lives, and that's precisely the reason why they want it taken down.

      The author of this very FPM post wrote of the distinction between the Stupid Left and the Satanic Left.


        ziontruth, This is TGIAI. I am disappointed by the change a CIFW.

        What happened? I hope they get overrun by their opponents and realize that playing fair only wins in the movies.

        • ziontruth

          "ziontruth, This is TGIAI. I am disappointed by the change a CIFW."

          Hiya! What's up? A while back I was informed by Ariadne posting on IsraellyCool that it's turned into "all dubitante and pretzelberg" all the time. Has anything more serious than a troll infestation taken place that I don't know about?

          I don't know if I can come back to posting on CiFWatch. I've pretty much lost my confidence in being able to post there—CiFWatch has mainstream respectability as one of its goals, and my opinions are… well… suffice it to mention my contempt for international law as one case in point. It's not so much that I'm afraid of being banned from CiFWatch (Levick is a generous guy, I think the only one he's banned so far was a Stormfronter), but I don't want to reflect badly on CiFWatch with my posts.

          FPM here and IsraellyCool are different, because obligation to present-day political shibboleths (such as multiculturalism) is definitely not among their features.


            ziontruth, You will ALWAYS get a thumb up from me – because of what you say. Ariadne knows me from Usenet, years ago.

            Can CIFW or any outlet fight fair when the opposition fights dirty?
            Can you fight a street brawler with Marquess of Queensberry rules?

            ziontruth and Aridane, Live Long and Prosper!

            A a Happy Eternal Nakba to pretzels!

          • ziontruth

            "You will ALWAYS get a thumb up from me – because of what you say. Ariadne knows me from Usenet, years ago."

            Thanks. And I've always loved your comebacks, not least those Happy Nakbas you've wished on the anti-Zionists! :)

            "Can CIFW or any outlet fight fair when the opposition fights dirty?"

            The trouble with CiFWatch is that fighting fair is an inseparable part of the outfit. It's not really criticism on my part, because I realize CiFWatch can't change to playing dirty without a total metamorphosis—Levick would have to rewrite the mission statement and so much more. CiFWatch is predicated on the assumption of journalistic integrity and holding the Graun to it, the tactic of "naming and shaming." I've said time and again that the Graun and their ilk have no shame, so the tactic won't work. However, I don't see anything CiFWatch (or HuffPo Monitor, or CAMERA, etc) can do about it, so I don't like to criticize.

            It's the State of Israel itself that deserves a boatload of criticism for fighting fair. The nation-state, unlike a media monitoring website, is under no obligation to fight fair; its chief duty is to protect the nation residing within it by any means possible, and so far the Jewish State's record on that has not been stellar. Far too much willingness of the part of Israel's leadership to sacrifice the protection of Jewish lives on the altar of maintaining stature in the eyes of "world opinion."

            L'hayim to you too, TGIAI!

  • Dispozadaburka

    Better read "Strategic Vision" America and the Crisis of Global Power by Zbigniew Brzezinski,

    so that you can be informed about the intent and vehicles that will be used in order to achieve globalization.

    "Page 100 "Turkey is disappointed by the lack of American understanding for its regional ambitions; and Egypt's rising skepticism regarding its relationship with Israel is setting it at odds with America's priorities, In brief, the US position in the Middle East is manifestly deteriorating. An American decline would end it."

    Brezinski provides a strategic blueprint for America to revitalize its global status and promote a peaceful 21st. century. Brzezinski formerly President Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor is a counselor and trustee at the Center for Strategic and International Studeies and professor of American Foreign Policy at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

    Islam and Globalization go hand and hand.


      brezinski must be a buddy of melvin gibson. and jimmy carter.

      Screw zbig too.

  • Marty

    The security barrier has obviously saved hundreds if not thousands of lives. But, for islamists and their apologists, that's exactly the entire problem. In their warped mindset, if security installations succeed in saving Jewish lives, then they have to be condemned and dismantled to enable muslim cowards to more easily slaughter defenseless Jewish men, women, and children. After all, what else are they reared to do? muslims are indoctrinated to murder Jews whenever the opportunity arises and the fence is a huge impediment that leads to a lot of frustration. muslims who aren't allowed to murder non-muslims feel deprived of their birthright.

  • Dispozadaburka


    that the Obama campaign's sticker logo means.

    "The Eastern Sun Risiing Over the West."

  • mcwrath

    In Belfast there was -and still is- a wall erected between loyalist and nationalist area. The leftists who call the israel wall an apartide wall call the one in northern Ireland a peace wall. Even though they both serve the same purpose. ( It simply does not serve the lefts agenda to refer to the useful idiots wall as a peace wall. But double standards are so ingrained in their narrative they are oblivious to them)

  • UCSPanther

    The fence has more in common with the Great Wall of China than with the Berlin wall.

  • Antinakba

    Leftists, islamists, nazis, Jew-haters and anti-Zionists (the 'cool' term that replaces 'antisemite') have it clear: Jews are inferior, and therefore are entitled to fewer, if any, rights. Jews are not entitled to defend themselves. Jews are not entitled to live in a country of their own, even after showing them for 2 millenia that they also don´t want Jews living among them. Jews are not entitled to leave in peace and harmony. Jews are not entitled to prosper and fluorish. Jews are not entitled to regain their most beloved city and the symbol of their liberty and their might.

    A Jew that defends himself is an horrific sight and an unimaginable concept in these peoples´ psyche. Henceforth a protection wall, that physically symbolizes the right of the Jews to defend themselves, is an abomination. What in other places and latitudes would be the normal thing to do (and for even less significant causes than life-or-death), building the wall to avoid getting killed by the servants of the prophet of death, when done by Jews is a slap in the face to the Jew-haters, who would never expect from a Jew such an outrageous behavior of defending themselves, their families, their properties and their country.

    That's why they are so much against the protection wall, attacking it, naming it with a name that will catch-up with the worlds's human rights lovers, calling in the world's useful idiots who will attempt to dismantle it, equating it with the lowest of the lowest in humanity.

    Jews do not have the right to attack their enemies, a right that they lost decades ago after the Kissingers and the Clintons and the Brezhnevs of the world made sure they would never ever dream of a pre-emptive attack again. Jews do not have the right to defend themselves, a matter that the arab invaders of Palestine attempt to instill into every Israeli's brain through their useful idiots in so many organizations as Peace Now, and BTzelem, and Haaretz, and Ehud Barak/Olmert, and so on and so on. The wall is a constant remainder to all these cretins that Jews are defending themselves, so therefore it must be attacked, vilified and eventually destroyed.

    But maybe Jews will eventually get fed-up with this notion that they are the only people singled-out not to have any basic rights and will start reacting to it? Time will tell.

  • Sage on the Stage

    Great article Dr. Plaut. But pray tell, what is the latest news on giving the Israeli Prime Minister the power to appoint Supreme Court Justices? Giving the PM this power would decrease the power of the Left in Israel, as the Israeli judiciary–judges and lawyers–is dominated by the Left.

  • pyroseed13

    "Leftists Are Idiots Fence" Rofl! Thanks for putting yet another leftist myth to rest Dr. Plaut.

  • Ghostwriter

    Sooner or later,someone will say America has no right to defend herself against her enemies. That's what many are saying about Israel now.

  • Flowerknife_us

    The Left hates the fence because it prevents them from causing more problems.

    The Left seems to project the notion that the right to be Jewish is not a Human right. They tend to cover for those who think of them as Apes and Pigs. So it comes as no suprise that they may lock the cage and pen from the depredations of their supposed superiors.

    Personally-I like Pigs. One gave its life-for a new valve for my mothers heart. May god bless that Jews soul. A gift whos value is beyond words.