What the Israeli Public Really Thinks

I find public opinion polls fascinating, at least when they are real polls, as opposed to that manipulative pseudo-poll from a couple of weeks back, run by Peace Now’s Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University, pharmacy studies) and his far-leftist cronies, claiming to “prove” Israelis were pro-apartheid.   In the past the Israeli media used to publish 3 or 4 polls a week.  The number dropped to near zero in recent years, and my guess is it is because the leftist media do not want you to know what Israelis actually think.

But with elections nigh, there are a lot of polls coming out.  The one in a recent edition of Maariv is, I think, interesting.  It is a survey of the general population (including Arabs), and a sub-survey just of those who identify themselves as leaning to the Right.

You can draw your own conclusions.

Of the general population, when asked if they favor the existence of a Palestinian state, 66% oppose, 11% favor, and 23% are undecided or have a more ambiguous position.  Bear in mind that about 18% of Israelis are Arabs.  When asked if they favor construction in the E-1 area between Jerusalem and the Maaleh Adumim suburb, which has been in the news recently as a “controversy,” 51% support construction, 9% oppose, and 40% are not sure (probably do not know what it is about). When asked about allowing Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, 71% support and 7% oppose.  When asked what they think of Supreme Court judicial review of laws, 48% oppose it, 41% support, and only 10% did not know.

When restricted to Israelis defining themselves as leaning Right, 54% of these are secularists, 27% say they are religiously “traditionalist,” 11% modern Orthodox, and 8% Chareidi.  This is notable because the media stereotype of the “Right” is as the “Religious Right.”  But more than half of rightists are secularist, larger probably than the numbers among the Left or Center.  Women are more likely than men to identify with the Right, and the young more than the old.  About 24% of rightists have college or post-high school education, probably a bit less than the general population but not a lot less.  Income distribution of Rightists looks similar to that of the general population.

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  • WildJew

    I hope Israeli Jews are moving to the right because Americans are moving left. What else can explain the re-election of this radical in the White House? I would like to see parties further to the right become more dominant than increasingly left-leaning Likud which supports a Palestinian state. Parties like Bayit Yehudi. If Congressional Republicans will not stand up to Obama, maybe Israelis and their leaders will.

    • JoJoJams

      Well, prior to the election, mosts posts I saw, even on left-leaning blogs, were running about 80% against Obama. Based on all circumnstantial evidence I saw, as well as how similar this last election was to the carter/reagan election, this should have been a landslide election for Romney. How did he lose? Well, as someone once stated, it's not the vote that matters, it's those that "count" the votes that decides an election. Quite simply, I beleive the election was stolen.

    • Lady_Dr

      The 2012 election in the USA is not an indication that the country is moving to the left. IT is an indication of the desperation of the left. Romney won in every state requiring voter ID, while in those which did not require it Obama won, in large part because of unions, the dead (who keep on voting) illegal immigrants, and multiple voting. Also there were voting machines in many places which were calibrated so that all votes went to Romney. In a word – this election was stolen because otherwise the Democrats knew they would lose.

    • Liz

      Did obama really win? There was so much voter fraud, which the mainstream media will never report on because obama is THEIR man. Receiving 100% to 150% of the vote in many precincts might arouse suspicion if the votes were for romney, but not when the ballots are for obama. Of course, I am a racist for writing this.

  • Mr. X

    Israeli secularist Jews tend to be self hating Jews. And in the post Zionist era, resentful of the Jewishness of Israel. Many are good citizens (as evident by army service) and otherwise nice people, but they are not at peace with the fact that they are Jewish and are similar to diaspora Jewry. Secular Zionism failed to make Jews normal. I keep hearing from my fellow Israelis declaring themselves as right wing, but everyone still seems to be a socialist, wants big government, will not acknowledge that Israeli Arabs, and lets get specific , that Muslims within are hostile. And the so called right wing women are angry anti male feminists (meaner & nastier than American women if you can imagine) driving our men into the loving arms of foreign guest workers. The pollster obviously did not define what qualifies as right wing. We can refer to the post revolutionary French parliment in which the French republicans sat on the left and the Monarchists sat on the right. Most secular Israelis akin to their diaspora
    counter parts, would like to disappear and would like Jews in general to dissappear. The Stockholm syndrome is alive and well.

  • stern

    Thank you for this, Dr. Plaut. Any chance you might throw some light on the reasons for this? I would assume it's because it has become so obvious over the years that the leftist visions of a Palestinian "peace partner" are nothing more than dreams, disproved by reality. But it would be nice to have some insight from you.

    • Clare

      I second that. Big sigh of relief for opposing existence of pal-state and for support of praying on the Temple Mount.

    • Lady_Dr

      As one long-time Israeli (born in the USA) explained to me – living in Israel you are forced to face reality.

  • hikerdude

    Israel is the canary in the minefield of Terrorism . What is the big mystery ? The Arabs come right out and
    say they want to destroy Israel and kill every Jew on the Planet . The American and Israeli left refuse to believe the truth if it doesn't fit into their Insanity.

  • reader

    Makes me think that Israeli society is healthier than the American one at the moment. No classroom indoctrination can replace the real life experience and real life implications. Unfortunately for the dumbed down American kids, they're about to to face ample of both.

  • Ghostwriter

    Most Americans aren't moving left,but many have been indoctrinated to believe the things the left says. Unfortunately,things are going to get worse before they get better.

  • Lady_Dr

    You should know that Israel has/wil have the same problem because the public schools are awful, home-schooling is a novel idea still and not permitted in most places, etc., etc.