Why Netanyahu Blinked

The Hamas terrorists fired over 1,500 rockets into civilian areas of Israel just before and during the recent “Pillar of Defense” military operation, rockets that killed at least five Israelis, wounded many others and did loads of damage.  Southern Israel underwent the regional equivalent (and the moral equivalent) to the Londoners of the 1940s who endured the German Blitz.

Israel had learned in its 2006 war with the Hezb’Allah Islamofascist terrorists in Lebanon that bombing from the air does not achieve very much against entrenched terrorist infrastructure.   Nevertheless, that was essentially the same failed military strategy used against the Hamas savages by the Netanyahu government in the “Pillar of Defense” campaign.   Air attacks with conventional weapons not only failed in Lebanon, they also failed to end the aggressions by Germany and Japan in World War II, and they generally failed elsewhere.

Air bombings without ground incursions were tried for well over a decade by Israel against the Gaza terrorists and failed.  In part, this was because of the insane Israeli practice of warning the terrorists which buildings were about to be attacked so that the denizens of those buildings could escape.  While Israel was not officially admitting sending similar sly messages in the “Pillar of Defense” operations, I would not rule out the possibility that such messages were sent, no doubt in order to “reduce the death count.”   As had become clear in the “Cast Lead” military operation back in 2008, terrorists can only be eliminated with ground troop operations.

The pursuit of air war against the genocidal terrorists pales into mere silliness when compared with the incomprehensible agreement by Netanyahu to a ceasefire, this before the terrorists and their infrastructure were eliminated, before most of the rockets were destroyed, and in fact only a few hours after a Tel Aviv bus was attacked by a Hamas bomb.  Even worse was the fact that Netanyahu reportedly agreed to halt targeted assassinations against terrorist leaders and partially lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip as conditions for the ceasefire.

Targeted assassinations are the most effective tool in the Israeli arsenal (and of course are also used effectively by the US against al-Qaeda).  They, and not Israel’s “security wall,” are entirely responsible for the end to suicide bombings of Israeli buses and cafes in recent years.  And the blockade of Gaza is motivated by the need to make it more difficult for the savages to import Iranian missiles and other weapons.  True, there is also a political dimension to the blockade, much as there is for the American embargo of trade with Cuba, while the “human costs” of the one are no more serious than those of the other.

Meanwhile, by agreeing to the ceasefire even while the wounded and wreckage of the Tel Aviv bus bombing were still being gathered up, Israel sent the signal that it was capitulating to Hamas demands.  The ceasefire allowed the terrorists to claim that their “victory” against the children and women riding in that Tel Aviv bus had resulted in the Israeli concessions.   The Hamas handed out celebratory candies in Nazi-like ghoulishness.

Hillary Clinton’s glowering and threatening presence no doubt contributed to Netanyahu’s decision to wimp out and call off the ground invasion, even though tens of thousands of reserve troops had already been mobilized in Israel.  (Rumors in Israel also hold that Obama was coercing the ceasefire by threatening to withhold crucial military spare parts.)

But just what did Netanyahu have to show for it all?  The ceasefire will prove to be like all previous “ceasefires” with the Gaza savages, where the Hamas and its clones continue to fire rockets at the Jews but the Jews turn the other cheek.  Rockets landed in Israel almost every day during the years before the “Pillar of Defense” operation.   They were ignored by the media, which does not consider attempted murder of Jews to be newsworthy.   Israel’s stance was that as long as these did not cause “too many” civilian deaths and damages, they were “tolerable.”

The Hamas, as expected, issued its usual “reports” about civilian deaths caused by the Israeli operations and these were gobbled up by the Western media, by and large hostile to Israel.  I am convinced that if the current staff at the BBC were reporting about the Battle of the Bulge, they would feature press releases by the German authorities that claim that only babies and women were being targeted by the Americans in their aggression against the German homeland in that battle.  In the “Cast Lead” operation in 2008, the same media were filled with reports of hundreds of civilian deaths, while later proofs that almost all those “civilians” were in fact armed terrorists were lucky if they made it to page 37 at the bottom in small fonts.

The Israelis living in Israel’s Negev south had borne the brunt of the Hamas rocket aggressions, but these were also the most vocal in denouncing the ceasefire that Netanyahu had signed.  In essence they were chanting, “All We are Saying is Give War a Chance.”  Countless previous “ceasefires” had simply left them abandoned by the Israeli government as sitting-duck targets for Hamas weapons.

Without elimination of the terrorist infrastructure, nothing of significance had been achieved.  A snap poll by Israel’s Channel Two TV station confirmed the impression. The poll found that 70 percent of the Israeli public opposed signing a cease-fire with Hamas, 24 percent were in favor and 6 percent were undecided.  Naftali Bennett, the rising star within the Israeli Right, credited with energizing the opposition to Netanyahu from that end of the spectrum, not only denounced the ceasefire but openly called for tearing the Gaza Strip in half and then conducting anti-terror search-and-destroy operations.

And then there was the media’s use of the term “militants,” the code word used by anti-Semites to refer to the Gazan genocidal terrorists and fascists.  Calling them “militants” is equivalent to asserting that they are no more murderous or evil than marchers in protests against AIDS and killing of whales, and in fact have legitimate grievances.  The BBC, in particular, took care never to refer to a terrorist act of violence without appending the “militant” terminology, even when Hamas terrorists dragged the bodies of still-living “collaborators” through the streets of Gaza with their legs tied to the backs of motorcycles.  I personally am of the opinion that any journalist characterizing terrorists as “militants” or “activists” should be regarded as directly participating in aggression against Israel and treated as an enemy combatant.  During the military operations Israel repeatedly bombed the “Media Tower” in Gaza, which held the communications offices of terrorist organizations, but also housed the crews of reporters for the BBC and other British media.  Israel claimed it bombed the building because of the former terrorists, but I prefer to think it was because of the latter terrorists.

Ultimately, stability and tranquility will be created only when it is understood that the real cause of terrorist violence in the Middle East these days is not Israeli “occupation” but rather the REMOVAL of Israeli “occupation.”   Terrorism will continue as long as the world is dangling out “hopes” to the Palestinians that they will eventually get their own state, a state they know will serve no other purpose but to escalate the war of Arab aggression against Israel.

The most important lesson of recent years, and it is by now understood by everyone except university leftists and anti-Israel journalists, is that nothing will really put an end to the terror and rockets from Gaza other than some good old-fashioned R&D – Reoccupation and Denazification.  Everything else is a delusion.  Israel must re-occupy the Gaza Strip, subject it to martial law, and carry out a decades-long program of Denazification.

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  • Arlie

    0's re-election was the worst thing. Hillary Clinton is the second worse. Now Israel must get Strong and take back it's land. Stop the insanity, please. I agree Mr. Plaut that the IDF should go into Gaza along the Sinai. I saw pictures of all the tunnels. The blockade is not adequate. Iran Qatar admit to supplying Gaza. What kind of invitation does Israel need? Time to push them back and take Sinai too. Before it is too late. Lebanon and West Bank are on the other sides. How will Israel fight all three at once? Israel, please fight to survive and push the terrorists away. I Pray Binyamin Netanyahu and his Generals have a plan and if America "was on God's side" we would be there too, because if we don't we're next. I will quote Trevor Loudon from his article "The Islamic Pharaoh Rises"; "We have turned our back on Israel and God. Now we stand in the dark with a nuclear bomb as a night light". Well, the terrorists have earned their name they are terrifying the human race. If death is their wish let them have it.

    • Bernie Pavilonis

      Great thoughts Arlie, I "amened" you as I read your posting…..and I am afraid that the U.S. has been placed into the crosshairs of God's Judgement thanks to the re-election of the most anti-semitic president in Israel's history. I pray that Israel moves quickly to defend herself and doesn't give in to the pressure from the White House. I heard Ollie North say that he believes that Israel has been given an ultimatum from Obama………that the U.S. would not supply any airplane parts for the fighter jets Israel got from us, and that would never be reported in the media. The same pressure was brought to bear by two former predidents to manipulate Israeli policy. Two presidents that most would never guess……Eisenhower and Reagan. God help Israel……and God help us if we continue on this path of touching the apple of God's eye…(Israel) Genesis 12:2

  • Mary Sue

    Obama really must have threatened to really yank the rug out from under Netanyahu. Hard.

  • Hank Rearden

    Steven Plaut is a lot closer to the heat of the boiler than I am. But Israel has to navigate within the shoals of the international community. It has made an advance here. With the cease fire, the fact that Hamas was rocketing Israel is acknowledged by all parties, implicitly if not explicitly. Thus the rocketing of Israel by Hamas is acknowledged as a "bad thing" again implicitly if not explicitly.

    When Hamas rockets Israel again, Israel is now in a position to say "we tried it your way."

    Israel has improved its polemical position.

    • PaulRevereNow

      Israel has "tried it your way" for decades now; ever since the Oslo Accords were implemented. That includes more than 900 truck loads of food and supplies a year, given to the residents of Gaza. Their reward for this undeserved largesse has been rockets in their homes, schools, and playgrounds. I ask you, Do you think Netanyahu did the right thing by capitulating to the cease fire demand?

      • WilliamJamesWard

        One wonders if he Ducked, Chickened out or laid an egg…………………..William

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    Dr. Plaut has proven to be one of our best political analysts and a supporter of our Heritage rights.
    Does a victorious general resign hours, days after a purported triumph?
    Res General Barak and Minister of Defense has just resigned. He was closely linked to Mr. Soetoro Obama much as was Livni. The Aza flop was the proverbial straw.
    It is difficult to ascertain at this time here how the whole Staff structure will be affected or if at all.
    The people here in their vast majority rejected the performance of the command and the tacticts.
    Hamas was enhanced rather than put down. That is the bottom line.
    In weeks to come we will be wiser regarding the direction of the country with respect to military planning, doctrine and actions..
    Regretfully the abysmal strategies used against Iran's nuclear programs may have caused us grief yet untold.

  • Michael Schneider

    Mr Plaut,

    Israel dropped hundreds of thousands of leaflets from the air warning Gazans to stay clear of targeted buildings in in Gaza. This while they were still supplying electricity, water and allowing provisions to enter Gaza throughout the recent war.
    This must be a first in the annuls of warfare.
    As you said, “Insane”!

  • Bert

    Historically it can be shown the much of the time Jewish leaders will always be corrupt and cowardly and betray the Jewish people. In the bible we see Jewish leaders trying to depose Moses, creating the golden calf and undermining the idea of the 'Promised Land'. In modern times secular Jews volunteered to help Stalin destroy Judaism in Russia. In WWII America the Jewish establishment sabotaged the Bergson group of young Jews from Palestine who were mobilizing American public opinion to help European Jews. The dismal list goes on and on. Before we Jews complain about our evil enemies we need to do some soul searching ourselves. Today we have 'liberal' U.S. rabbis openly attacking Israel, supporting Obama and demanding a suicidal two state solution. The root our our problem is the constant conflict between the forces of Jewish secularism and faith in G-d.

  • Steve Chavez

    LOOK FOR AN INVASION OF "AUDACITY OF HOPE" FLOTILLA SHIPS TO GAZA. The easing of the borders of Gaza was one of the concessions and you can guarantee that AMERICAN GROUPS DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE COMMUNIST PARTY USA, who directed the last flotilla ships, to test the agreement.

    LET'S REMEMBER that Israel was blamed when they tried to stop a flotilla when they boarded the ship and were attacked by "peaceful" passengers. The "Audacity of Hope" was stopped in Greece and Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and Judith LeBlanc of the CPUSA, went to Athens to join in the Greek protests led by the Greek Communist Party. (Google: CPUSA declares official Solidarity with Greek Communist Party.)

    The "Audacity of Hope" was directed by LESLIE CAGAN, A POLITBURO MEMBER OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY USA and a list of hundreds funded the flotilla including Chomsky and Finkelstein.

    THESE GROUPS AND THEIR FRONTS had protests around the U.S. in support of Hamas, a terrorist group, but they did so a few years ago too.

    OBAMA AND HILLARY SHOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON, which is "aiding and abetting" our enemies but there is a major problem with that thinking: THEY ARE MAKING OUR ENEMIES THEIR FRIENDS and negotiating partners while ISRAEL IS BEING TURNED INTO OUR ENEMY. BUT AMERICAN JEWS, WITH ALL THE EVIDENCE, STILL VOTED FOR OBAMA AND THE FAKE JEWS AMONG THEM ARE BLAMING ISRAEL! Many in the flotillas, and their supporters, claim they are Jews; FAKE JEWS!

    • Mary Sue

      Audacity of Hope? Gee I wonder if it's a coincidence that it's the title of Barack Obama's first book.

  • Chanameel

    Obama was so embarassed and angry that Netanyahu stood in front of the American media and said that

    Israel would not rreturn to 1967 borders that you can bet that he will try to destroy Bibi's credibility by

    exposing his weakness.

    Lke Bill Clinton, a womanizer.

    That should ruin the election for him.

  • Gamaliel

    If only Netanyahu would admit to American pressure. He won't even do that. All he has ever done is praise Obama. Maybe he thinks that making it appear that he has a good relationship with Obama will help his election chances.

  • Ken Kelso

    The best line by Plaut and he's right on the money.
    I am convinced that if the current staff at the BBC were reporting about the Battle of the Bulge, they would feature press releases by the German authorities that claim that only babies and women were being targeted by the Americans in their aggression against the German homeland in that battle. In the “Cast Lead” operation in 2008, the same media were filled with reports of hundreds of civilian deaths, while later proofs that almost all those “civilians” were in fact armed terrorists were lucky if they made it to page 37 at the bottom in small fonts.

  • Ken Kelso

    Pat Condell destroys the lies of Hamas and their leftist back supporters.
    You must see Condell's video. He was so right on the money about the child abusing Hamas who fire rockets behind women and children.
    Google, Pat Condell "Peace in the Middle East"

  • gfmucci

    Israel is going to run out of new names for its military operations before it effectively subdues its enemies. It is a tragedy that its best ally is currently controlled by an anti-Israel, pro-Muslim communist government.

  • Glennd1

    See what happens when you invade a land, colonize it and ethnically cleanse 650,000 people from their homes? Perhaps Zionism wasn't such a good idea after all…

    • Zionista

      see what happens when Israel turns gaza over to the arabs – they turn it into a cesspool from which to lob rockets at Israeli civilians you ignoramus

    • Mary Sue

      Perhaps Sal-a'din's invasion of Judea wasn't such a good idea, you mean.

      • Glennd1

        Lol, are you for real? If you actually are going to assert that land claims that ancient have any moral weight in this day and age, you would have to cede the entire continental U.S. immediately. And of course you don't give any other people that privilege, only Jews. That's the supremacist nature of Zionism – somehow the same rules don't apply to say the Kurds. Nope, really, only Jews get 1000+ yr old land claims honored (really there hasn't been a Jewish state in Palestine since 135 CE, but I won't quibble, you can hang onto this tortured version of the truth if you like).

        One fact of many that you ignore is that this partition was done by an international institution claiming to herald a new post-colonial and post-imperial world order, in which the rights of all nations are respected. You seem to want to ignore that the time when all this occurred is important. What a joke.

        • PaulRevereNow

          So why do you use the word "Palestine?" That word has been around for quite a long time, having been first used by Pontius Pilate;(Its derived from the Biblical word "Philistine.") the Roman governor of Judea, 2000 years ago. If you can use "Palestine," she can talk about Saladin. And you also might want to consider that there's always been a Jewish presence in Israel, Palestine, and Judea. In 1834, there was a pogrom in Safed. Its not supremacist for the Jews to want to have their own country, in the land of their forefathers. And the UN partition was based on the British partition of 1922; in which Palestine was divided up into two parts, one of which was Transjordan, which was meant for the Arabs/Palestinians. International institution? The UN is a cesspool of corruption and racism.

    • Ghostwriter

      Glennd1,the only people desiring ethnic cleansing are the Palestinians who want to murder Jews.

      • Glennd1

        Really? So you've never seen settlers chanting "From the River to the Sea"? Perhaps if you didn't read Zionist propaganda all the time you wouldn't say such stupid things. You do realize there isn't a person in Israel who would say what you have said here, yes? Most Israelis now recognize this is a battle brought about by Zionist fanatics in the first place, and today real progressi is continuously blocked as much or more by Israel.

        And most Israeli's agree now that the Zionists ethnically cleansed 650,000 Arab Muslims from their homes and ancestral lands in Palestine. Here is Shlomo Ben Ami – former Israeli Foreign Minister under Barak – admitting it openly .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzptCFV9mtU&feature=share&list=PLIskch1IRXTGYdhOVsQ7PyCq8-ofh_gje Watch the video, I dare you.

        He's also a professor of history, so he has much greater knowledge of the issues than most politicians, but his view isn't at all rare in Israel. Only in America do idiots like you babble like jackwads.

        • PaulRevereNow

          Christopher Hitchens in his 1988 book puts the number of Palestinians who left their homes during 1947-48 war at 391,000. And I would bet any amount that the 74% of Israelis who disapproved of the recent cease fire would refute what you say, every one of them. And there are plenty of Israeli's who call themselves "Historians", who dislike/hate their own country; thus their version of history is warped; just like yours..

          • Glen

            And Benny Morris puts it at a higher range in his book, 1948, which includes my 650,000 number. But what you do here is typical Zionist slight of hand. You seem to not argue that the Zionists didn’t cleanse the hundreds of thousands of Arab Muslims from their homes in Haifa or Lydda. So, you are just arguing about how many folks they did it to. This undermines the entire moral argument the Israelis made against the Palestinians for decades. So, we agree that Zionism was a colonization and cleansign operation, but only disagree on the number of victims. Okay, now we are getting somewhere.

          • PaulRevereNow

            You assume way too much, your arrogance. You forget that the Palestiniian flight occured during a war for Israel''s survival; and that many, many of those Palestinians left their homes voluntarily because they were promised the chance to loot and steal from the Jews, when the Jews lost the war. Thus it wasn't a "colonization and cleansing operation." And by the way, what happened to "Glennd1?" No, you still don't get it.

    • Robert

      To Glennd1,

      Israel was built on Jewish enclaves, either already owned by Jews or bought from previous owners by mutual consent. If you bothered to look at a map of the partition plan you would see that is obvious. The expansion of Israel beyond the partition was entirely the result of the Arab invasion of Israel, you ahistorical jerk.

      • Glennd1

        Lol, what, are you reading Joan Peters? Read Benny Morris's 1948 and get back to me.

    • the real glennd1

      Oh it is so tough for me to go through life as someone who never graduated from junior high school!! You think it is fun being illiterate??

      Send me money!

      — Glennd1

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    BiBi is no longer a viable leader here in the land of reality…If finishing Hamas was
    not achieved, due to perceived negative world opinion and condemnation from
    the League of Terrorist Nations (UN), then it would have been better to do nothing
    and accept the daily rocket attacks from Gazaland as a cost of breathing oxygen …
    Alice in Wonderland pales in comparison to this Israel in Gazaland ongoing death-dance
    scenario we see every decade or so….

  • Elliott

    Jewish people have the absolute right to live in Israel and to make it flourish – which is exactly what they have done in the past 150 years.
    Glendd1 (is there a Glennd2?) thinks that 650,000 people were ethnically cleansed by the Jewish inhabitants of what was called "Palestine" in the 1940's. WRONG!!!!
    The ethnic cleansing was carried out by the inhabitants of Arabs countries; their populations were so incensed that the Jewish people had the audacity to win the War of Independence in 1947-1948, that they expelled 750,000 thousand Jewish people from their country – just because Israel didn't lose the war.
    I doubt very much that 650,000 arabs left Israel – those that left were told to leave by their own leaders (in Haifa the Jewish people BEGGED the arabs not to leave – but to no avail).
    So Glendd1, the ethnic cleansing was AGAINST the Jews, and the arabs were begged not to leave the nascent state of Israel.

    • Stern

      Elliot is absolutely correct. Efraim Karsh has proven this beyond a shadow of doubt in "Palestine Betrayed". He has found the documents to prove it, in the records of the Arab League and in British archives, showing that time and time again, the Arabs were persuaded by leave by their own leaders. Glendd1 (and 2 and 3 ad infinitum) will continue to lie and too many people will continue to believe them, but facts are facts.

    • Glennd1

      Read Benny Morris 1948 and get back to me. You believe in nonsense.

  • Doug Book

    I suppose Netanyahu agreed to thew cease fire because Obama apparently promised to send US troops to the Sinai, troops who would ostensibly stop the smuggling of arms through the area into Gaza. Problem is, trusting Obama is lunacy. As a dedicated Muslim, Obama is MORE than familiar with the Quran's blessing for Muslim who lie to the "enemy!"

    • riverboatbill

      Or, perhaps Obama promised to send "UN" troops into Gaza against Israel, to "protect" the peace in the Caliphate.

  • mlcblog

    Please, no!! tell me Bibi is not intimidated by Hilary. Stranger things have happened. How very sad if true.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      What could she have said? "Obama is going to order strikes against Israel" maybe not to
      far fetched, I would not put any outrage past the demonic duo……………………William

      • mlcblog

        Attitude, certain intimidating looks. I hope I am wrong. Subterfuge for sure when she's in town. Bibi is probably strong against this…but stranger things have happened.

  • glennd1

    I am a pathetic little moron who hates all dem joos because my pecker is so tiny

    • Glennd1

      Folks, do you see this? I didn't post this comment. Someone else either used my credentials or went to the trouble to create a false acct. Lol, what a pathetic pack of losers you all are here. Albert Einstein compared your virulent form of Zionism to the Nazis in his 1948 open letter to the New York Times, which was signed by him and many other prominent American Jews. Don't listen to me – go read his letter. And take stock of yourselves.

      • glennd1

        Oh it is so tough for me to go through life as someone who never graduated from junior high school!! You think it is fun being illiterate??

        Send me money!

    • the real glennd1

      Oh it is so tough for me to go through life as someone who never graduated from junior high school!! You think it is fun being illiterate??

      Send me money!

  • http://twitter.com/NeverFrgetRabbi @NeverFrgetRabbi

    Israel lost the P.R. war and look at NETANIYAHU’S FACIAL EXPRESSION. HAMAS CAME OUT AHEAD AND NOW HAS GAINED RESPECT IN THE ARAB WORLD. AND IN THE CAPITALS OF MANY COUNTIRES. Hamas is David and Israel is Goliath. This is horrrible. We soon will have to cut the grass again. G-d help ISRAEL REGAIN ITS INTEGRITY . I WOULD RATHER HAVE THE WORLD respect US THAN LOVE US. Most of the nations of the world will never support Israel. IRAN MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. I have family in Israel who are commanders in the Isaeli army. I do not want war. But unfortunately war will come. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  • otis-a

    fortunately "the Balfour century" is nearly over.

  • Len_Powder

    This air campaign provides yet another illustration of why 6 million Jews were marched into death camps by the Nazis. What other people on earth give their declared genocidal enemies so many chances to reconsider and reevaluate their contempt and hatred for Jews? There is indeed something very special about the Jewish race, so forgiving, so trusting, so naive. One wonders how it has survived this long. But more idiotic appeasements like Bibi's and the Jews may finally attain the fate they so desperately want. God help them, because no one else will!

  • Len_Powder

    Well said Steven! Unfortunately no one is listening; no one that matters anyway. Unfortunately the only voices that matter are anti-Semitic, pro-Islamist, pro-terrorist, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian. I am deeply disappointed in Bibi. I always had a great deal of respect for him, but he has now joined the group of hypocrites and incompetents most exemplified by Hillary and Obama. Truly bad company to be in!

  • http://twitter.com/DraimanForMayor @DraimanForMayor

    When enough is enough – Israel it is time to take off the gloves and defend your citizens – no holds barred. No sane country in the world would stand for hundreds of missiles fired at her citizens in a few days without an extreme response. The hell with world opinion or the leftist distorted Media. People respect a country that defends its citizens and not put it citizens in harms way. This is the results of years of concessions by Israel. To the Palestinian Arabs a concession is a sign of weakness. I would like to see us Americans tolerate hundreds of missiles coming at us across our borders and bombing our territories our schools and our homes. The outcry by the American population would be respond with extreme power and stop the missiles, no matter what the cost. In 1962 the Russians put missiles in Cuba without firing on the United States that almost started a nuclear World War 3. At what point will Israel and its leaders realize that no matter what they do, it doesn't matter in the world's eyes and they need to stop. YJ Draiman. Los Angeles, CA