Brazilian Oil and Re-election Schemes

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U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, said how disappointed he was by the decision. “I have already demanded answers from the Pentagon on why they made this very unfortunate decision, and will continue to do so,” he wrote. “This contract is critical both to our nation’s security and to jobs….”

The exclusion decision leaves the A-29 Super Tucano built by Brazil’s Embraer as the lone contender for the initial contract to supply 35 planes, with the potential for 55 aircraft worth up to $950 million, not including foreign sales. Embraer has formed a partnership with Nevada-based Sierra Nevada Corp. and has said it would build the turboprop in Jacksonville, FL., where the company figured the 50 jobs may be created.

The Brazilian embrace doesn’t end there. A decision has been made to drop the 54 cents-per-gallon tariff on imported ethanol. This also could be a boon for Brazilian ethanol, which, unlike the domestic corn-based product, is produced mostly from sugar cane, which grows like weeds in that country.

One explanation for the favoritism toward Brazil is that Brazil is the fourth –largest U. S. creditor. It holds $198 billion in Treasury securities. American exports to Brazil have more than doubled over the past five years.

But what is the most important reason for all this boot-licking of Brazil? It seems more than coincidence that multi-billionaire ultra-leftist George Soros—Obama’s biggest campaign contributor– owns part of Brazil’s Petrobras oil giant and, as well, just happens to have connections with Embraer through Harbin-Embraer Aircraft, a Chinese-Brazilian joint venture, and Hainan Airlines, in which Soros owns a significant stake. Aha!

Could this, perchance, be just more steps toward President Obama’s only really important goal—reelection?  Forget about creating jobs in America. Let our tax dollars go overseas at the expense of local jobs, for the benefit of investment in a foreign aircraft company and perhaps even the weakening of our national security.

It smells like Chicago-style pay-back time for Obama’s major political sponsor, George Soros, and his valuable Brazilian connections.

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  • Steve Chavez

    Analysts are predicting $4 a gallon by summer and just in time for the election. This one issue can bring down Obama and stories like this will aid in that goal.

    Moratoriums and regulations on our Gulf drillers and platforms should be a campaign commercial at the same time Obama supporting Petroblas and his quote.

    Another commercial would be to show us filling up our gas tanks as the gallons don't keep up with the dollar amount. As it is now, I have a thirty gallon tank in my van and a $100 bill will barely fill it up. What happens when it goes to $4. So show customers and quote them on "Obama's War on Oil."

    Then Obama's refusal to approve Keystone which would add jobs and add to our own oil reserves. Canada has already said they will produce the oil and will sell it to China.

    This "War on Oil" needs to be exploited since it is that price that keeps us from buying new products, staying close to home, eating at home, staying home, and SITTING ON OUR WALLETS not knowing what the future brings us! OBAMA MUST BE DEFEATED or America will go the way of the Soviet Union, a country Obama, Hillary, and their "Circle of Communists," and many Americans were brainwashed to love more than their own country!

    • Spider

      Good post Steve ! I believe the Obammunist can be defeated simply by playing video clips of him in his own words. Nearly everything he has said in the last 4 years has been a bald faced lie. So much so that now you can easily conclude that the opposite of what he says is really the truth. One thing he said did come true "I will fundamentally change America" ( for the worse).

  • Tanstaafl

    This would seem to be the real reason why the pipeline isn't being built.

  • bigedseattle

    You see, This is in return for the Chinese buying our new debt. So, if we would repeal Reagan's tax cuts, Bushes tax cuts. The government wouldn't have to make deals like this.
    Its funny how no one notice that from the Roosevelt's new deal to Johnson Great Society and up to 1980 the government only went 1 trillion dollars into debt. From Reagan and Bush tax cuts we are now 14 trillion in debt. So as of today. The rich are sitting on more wealth thanks to wall street greed. And the major part of layoffs started with Bush are all Obamas fault. Ya, sure. Hell, you guys think its Obama's fault on everything.

    Also another thing, This picking season, apple producers had to pay the state of Washington $22 an hour for prisoners to pick apples. Are your apple $5 a pound in the store? This week at Fred Myers they are 88 cents a pound.(Jan 15-21, 2012)

    • DrBukk

      Greed and self interest are a human trait, and no society which tries to use anything but that to create wealth has ever succeeded. 100 million people died in the last century proving that.
      With our gas prices, the cost of everything is affected. Low energy costs lift the entire economy, whereas insulating a few inner city homes is a pathetic bureacratic joke.
      How can there be no inflation when groceries and gasoline cost about 20% more since the idiot got elected?

  • Anamah

    The corruption is all over and the bad faith against America undeniable. Wake up people your wallet is been stolen and somebody is taking out your panties.

  • Weezyone

    Obama has not lived up 2 his promises but has helped civilrights 2 a few.Just not me..And i was just a great mom and human being.He has also hurt *OWS* fundamentally by actions unbecoming of a President. AMERICANS ARNT 4 DICTATORS SUPPRESSIONS FACT……