The Coming Storm of Blood For Egypt’s Copts

“It’s as if (they) are challenging the police, the government and the general prosecutor, and that they want to drag the Coptic Christians into sectarian violence, a season of blood.”

These are the words of Emad El Erian, a spokesman for a Coptic rights organization on how the Salafist Muslims are trying to commence a wide scale persecution on Egypt’s Coptic Christian community.

Sherif Rushdy, chief judge of a Cairo appeals court, has described the Copts as “a ship in the middle of a sandy hurricane.” And anyone who is informed on whats going on in Egypt (such as Morsi’s venture to be a dictator), can see a perfect storm brewing for a systematic persecution against Egyptian Christians.

The Salafi Muslims want the government to oppress the Copts, and are making this desire quite clear. On November 10th, it was reported that in the Shubra El Kheima section of Cairo, the building of a Christian community was taken by Salafists who seized the area and declared it a Muslim mosque.

Raymond Ibrahim recently wrote on an attack on Christians in which Salafists surrounded the St. George Church in the Beni Suef Governorate armed with batons  and assaulted exiting congregants. The priest was stuck inside for hours with no police arriving. The authorities did not arrive until a prestigious Coptic lawyer made his protest to the Ministry of the Interior:

I want the whole world to know, that a priest and his congregation are presently held captive in their church, afraid of the Salafi Muslims surrounding the church.

Obama pretends he wants “democracy” for Egypt, but all that has come from Egypt’s revolution, which he supports, is tyranny by the fundamentalist Muslims. In fact, on Friday, in a crowd of thousands of Egyptian Salfists demanding the “implementation of the Shariah,” and waving Saudi and black Islamic flags, one woman carried a poster of Obama, congratulating him on his re-election. Those who are on the side of Sharia in Egypt are also those who are on the side of Obama.

Another sign to Egypt’s future storm of blood is its constitutional draft. On Friday, thousands of Morsi supporters chanted:

Egypt is Islamic, it will not be secular, it will not be liberal.

What does this imply? Egypt’s new constitution, which was composed under the eye of Islamists, will be Islamic.

For months, Egypt’s Constituent Assembly debated the draft of the Constitution, but because of its Islamist dominance, Christian and liberal members left. On the final day of the debate, 80% of those who voted were Muslim Brotherhood members, and the other 5% were Salafist.

Sheik Yasser Borhami, one of Egypt’s most renown sheikhs, is very optimistic about the constitution:

This constitution has more complete restraints on rights than ever existed before in any Egyptian constitution.

The constitution will give sheikhs the power to enforce Islamic rules of life, and to set up a Saudi-style religious gestapo.

Mohammed Hassanein Abdel-Al, constitutional law professor at the Ain Shams University in Cairo, said that with this constitution, “The doors are wide open to restrict individuals’ freedoms”. He also gave an illustrative example of how life will be under the Islamic police:

If I’m walking with my wife and her face is not covered or she’s not wearing a headscarf, a man can come up and order me to cover her. I can’t protest or object because the constitution instructs him to do so.

In fact, Salafists have already been doing this type of mob enforcement. There have been reports of “bearded zealots” breaking up parties with un-Islamic music, and attacking women who don’t wear the full veil.

Mirette Michail was attacked in Egypt by six veiled women for not wearing the niqab (veil). They beat her, and then attempted to set her hair on fire, but were prevented by two other men.

This sort of persecution will soon be institutionalized by the Egyptian government. What are we to do?

Since we know that the Obama administration will not take any measures to help the Christians, American churches must take a stand and become very vocal on this issue. Churches are still very influential in America, and can thus still make a difference. If Christians and other conservatives rise up in America in protest against this Middle Eastern Hitlers, then I believe the government too will listen.

In 1876, countless Protestants and Catholics made protests against the Ottoman empire’s persecution of Bulgarian Christians. Because of this, the British statesmen Gladstone used their remonstrances to make numerous speeches denouncing the Ottomans, speeches which shattered any good image which the Turks tried to uphold.

But this would have never happened if Christians at first pushed the government to look into the Islamic massacres.

Christians will soon face the terror of Koranic despotism in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. But we must be on the right side of history, and in doing so, that means making our cries against any evil kingdom.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny.

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  • Arius

    In 1915 America was a self described Christian nation and was outraged by the Turks genocidal mass murder of Armenians. Churches from coast to coast collected clothing that was sent to the help Armenians. It was food sent by the Churches of America that kept the remnant of Armenians alive after WW1. Today, America doesn't care about the Christians of the Middle East, whether they live or die horribly. Allies of the Muslim Brotherhood are CRUCIFYING Coptic Christians in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama supports (as reported with pictures on Arabic TV, now censored in Egypt). The jihadis are talking genocide of Copts in Egypt. And what is being reported back to the US government by the local US embassies? Nothing about the suffering of the Copts. Obama doesn't care. Hillary doesn't care. The US media doesn't care. Hollywood doesn't care. Academia doesn't care. I point a condemning finger at the America people and all of America's institutions: you are condemning yourself for not speaking up. You are passing judgement on yourself. To see the US government supporting by its actions the suffering of the Copts is driving me over the edge to hating the country of my birth.

    • Tan

      I feel your pain Arius. We're all in the same boat. However, America is not the issue. It's the Left that's the issue (with the exception of the Left-at-center to an extent). The far-Left has hijacked America and we didn't see it coming. They are in the White House, they are in our academia and civil discourse, they are in Hollywood, and they are in the media (now the enemedia). They are the ones that have power now. That, my friend, is the reason why what you're witnessing today is happening. Because they're in power, they get to decide what goes in and what goes out. The reason why America has changed is because the Left overtime infected America itself from within. This is what the Neo-Marxists have been able to do under our noses. The Right and the Left-of-Center care about the oppressed, but the far-Left doesn't. The far-Left is opposed to anyone that stands for Judeo-Christian values. They're anti-Christian and anti-Semitic. The far-Left has also been trying everything they can to prevent us from telling the truth to the people (by calling us racists, Islamophobes, hate-mongers, war-mongers, Fascists, Zionist Nazi, etc). In other words, the far-Left brought "the war at home" here in America. They declared war against truth, and now we have to fight back through education and political war. I think the Bible says that in the last days, people will make evil as good, and good as evil. I think this is saying that people's actions will show their true colors despite what they say in contrary. All of what I just said is the same reason why some churches don't speak out. A number of churches are now far-Left or are becoming far-Left. In recent years, they've become anti-Israel, pro-Socialism, and secular. They are no longer considered Christian.

      • Coptic Gal

        Is this what passes as rational thought on this website?

        Yes, yes, the big bad leftists are the ones who ruined anything. It's too bad you don't have any specific complaints OTHER than people being "far-left." Doesn't it stink when people who have different values than you RUIN EVERYTHING?!?!??!

        You guys go ahead and keep mourning for an America that never actually existed…

    • Jeamar

      And mainline Protestant denominations don't care either.

  • Coptic John

    “We were supposed to fight for people who couldn’t fight for themselves” quoted from “A Few Good Men”
    Apparently we live in a world with “a few good men” but with “a less few good Christians”…

  • wgwst

    How to help?

    Are there any organizations we can join, to help out?

    • Coptic John

      Send a petition to your state senator and congressman asking him/her to move on to protect the Christian minorities in Egypt and Syria and Iraq

  • Dennis

    Here's an idea: If it is legal and the FED-GOV does not prevent it, all the confiscated arms held by city, county, and state law enforcement agencies – and all those owned by guilt-ridden owners who eagerly participate in "turn 'em in" programs – could be shipped to the Copts as life saving equipment!

    Surely if we are saving Afghans from Taliban, we can save Copts from Mu-Bros, can't we???

    ps: How did those AKs get into Mexico? Perhaps that's the organization to be contacted!

    • Coptic Gal

      Wow Dennis, what a brilliant idea! But let me think, have we done that before? It seems so.. well… familiar, doesn't it?

      Ah, yes. IN AFGHANISTAN. IN THE 1970s. And that worked out soooo well!!

      Maybe America should try something new and just

      BUTT OUT.

  • Paul

    I sympathize with the Copt's but we now live in a police state. Any attempt to help the Copt's by a private party would eventually lead to their arrest. Any attempt by a charitable organization to help them would most certainly lead to an IRS audit and loss of their tax deductible status along with substantial fines. The only difference between the present US govet and Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia is the subtlety of our governemt's oppression.

  • Ghostwriter

    I don't know how to help the Copts either.

  • Drakken

    Time to send the Vatican and anglo churches a nasty letter simply stating, what the hell are you doing to help our christian brothers and sisters besides pray? Force them to help by denying funds at the collection plate. Perhaps we can get the Russians to donate arms for the Copts?

  • Mohammad

    It's time to fire up the ovens in America.Get em hot and toasty for the coming genocide. Guess who's gonna go in for the baking?

    • Ben Didi

      Mohammad, you have quite a sense of humor

    • Ben Did

      Are you one of these who hangs out with leather boots and salute everybody, in the 40ies they called them SS, now they call them loonies

    • Hamid

      Mohamhead writes: ‘…Guess who’s gonna go in for the baking? ”

      Let me guess – the people who Hitler would have quite clearly seen as the real ‘untermenschen’ – the muslims? ie. the same folk who are causing strife for human beings on all continents (probably excluding Antarctica).

  • Coptic Gal

    It distresses me greatly that the most vocal supporters of Copts are a bunch of hateful people with no sense of history or any ideas of their own.

    You can't help Christians in the Middle East if you're being constantly misinformed and incited to hate other people. Muslims aren't going anywhere. Deal with it. I'm Coptic, and I live out here in the real world where I know that hating Muslims and blaming President Obama isn't going to fix anything. I can write letters to my Congressman all day long, but it won't change a darn thing. American interference is part of the reason we're all in this mess. Read publications other than these whackjob right wing mags designed for your old dying white guy demographic, and maybe y'all will calm down. People in Egypt are beginning to finally see the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood, and maybe someday you will too.

  • Patti Hartz

    The Egyptians are the people who originally inhabited the country, (the Egyptian Copts), and they can trace their ancestry back to the Pharohs. How is it the Saudi Arabian Moslems can over run their country and oppress them, and attack their women for not wearing a veil, when they are not Moslem, and take over their churches they built and turn it into a mosque or burn their churches down? These are horrible people. Much like the whites that come to Africa and oppress the blacks who have lived there for thousands of years, or the whites who came to America and oppress the Native American in his own country. What gives people the right?

    • Vardik Rose

      I am very sad what happens with Copts, an amazing nation, so same thing happened to my Armenian nation almost 100 years ago and nobody prevented it. Actually Copts and Armenians look like each other. The islamists used Copts to protest and take the government, then they are going to do I am sorry, a Holycost. Here works same theme as used by extremist young turks who with Armenians defeat sultan and then starte more violently kill innosent Armenians resulting Genocide. If you gus have hope that America or other Countries will help you you are mistaken-Islamists will kill you until last person, so you should protect yourselves and take coountry back and make Big Christian Egypt. You are more numerous than were Armenians after suffering the Genocide. Armenians all over survivors stood against turkey's army and fought for survival, and it was war for live and death.