The Lost Verses of the Quran

Is the Quran of today, the same as it was when it was first written? Muslims says that it is. But there is evidence to suggest that the reality is otherwise. In old books on Islam that I have acquired, I have found references to verses in the Quran which cannot be found in today’s copies.

For example, female circumcision, a notorious evil which has been inflicted on millions of girls throughout the Muslim world, is said not to be in today’s Quran, nor in the Hadith (the word of Muhammad). This is true, but only in regards to the versions which we have. John of Damascus who was writing in the eight century A.D., one of our earliest writers on Islam, wrote:

He [Muhammad] made it a law that they be circumcised and the women, too (1)

The Renaissance author Riccoldo da Monte di Croce wrote in the early 14th century a refutation on the Quran, in which he references Islamic verses which are quite obscure today. Croce is not someone to ignore as non-authoritative, since he learned fluent Arabic, and lived in Iraq as a missionary where he spoke with numerous Islamic teachers. (2) He writes that in the Surah of the Cow in the Quran, Muhammad

seems to condone sodomy in men and women … though their successors cover this up with more honourable statements (3)

De Croce also records a very bizarre and grotesque story in the Quran, in which Noah is told by Allah to worship the anus of an elephant while in the ark. As Noah observes this command, the elephant defecates and from the manure comes a pig. As the swine sniffs the fecal matter, a mouse arises from it. (4)

Also, the same author records that in the Quran there is an apocalyptic prophecy which states that Allah will destroy every living thing, including all of the angels, accept for Adriel [Uzrael], the Angel of Death. Allah will command Adriel to commit suicide and then he will declare, “Where are the governors and rulers of the world?” Upon this, everything on earth will rise up again. (5)

So the next time you hear Muslims talk about how well preserved the Quran is, and how it has been the same from the time of Muhammad, keep in mind that the version you see today is not necessarily what was written in it originally.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny.


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(2) See Ensis’ introduction to his translation of Croce’s Refutation of the Koran, p. iii.

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  • @dizzy99

    The koran is spawned of satan.

  • davarino

    The coran is totally made up. It reads like a person high on mushroom wrote it.

  • jacob

    How about that….!!!!

    So mit was the Prophet himself who ordered circumcision for women as well ???

    He learned about it from the Quraish, the Jewish tribe who lived and traded in Mecca and which
    employed this illiterate boy as camel driver bjut I don't remember ever reading or hinting to female
    circumcision for women and the Jewish religion….

    So far for this monstrosity called "RELIGION"….

    • aspacia

      jacob grabs at straws. Why bring Romney into this? You posted not but an ignorant rant.

  • PAthena

    See Robert Spencer's Did Muhammed Exist?

  • john

    Did you know that there are countries on the planet where they did not want any muslims to enter. Why was Canada not one of them. We need muslims like we need an other hole in our heads. Your life is on a death roll if you wish Merry Christmas to a muslim.

    • aspacia

      Vlad the impaler knew this too, hence all the speared heads on the Romanian border–Muslims looked once and left.

  • OldmanRick

    What more can one expect? The koran was written by a pedophile and drug addict.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Oh no no no don't say such wicked things. Allah is sat sitting on his throne in Heaven (mit ze Sun resting beneath it) listening to what you are all saying. Expect an arrival of fire, brimstone, famine and plague.

  • Ghostwriter

    According to the Koran,Noah was asked to worship an elephant's what? I don't want to even repeat the story. It's too disgusting to retell.

    • Tariq

      Care to provide the verse number?

  • omar kahlid

    Being from Egypt I can say it is very true that all muzlims practice homosexual sodomy. It is a national past time. Old young and pedo all enjoy the anal sex way. I think this is why they hate the women. They are so homo that they cannot relate to women. Americans see homo as being from birth but it is obvious that it is learned when the whole of a billion muzlims practice it because their master, moohammed, commanded it.

  • ApolloSpeaks

    The Koran has been the same since the time of Mohammed in that's a declaration of war against all infidels set in stone. That hasn't changed. Will never change. Eternal war till victory. That's the unchanging message of the infernal Koran.

  • ApolloSpeaks

    CORRECTION: in that it's a declaration of war….

  • wla lanf

    Reading this article is like hearing some sissy bickering because they have nothing to reply so they just made up weak arguments… You guys are Christians, and you should be one. Why not respect every religion and not think that it is yours who should truly be followed by everyone. Are you trying to follow the suit of the Al Qaeda?

    • aspacia

      It is the Muslims who are massacring Christians, Hindus, et al.

      From a Deist

  • Ilovejesus

    It's far too easy to believe any rubbish written on blogs, especially those that feed our own personal biased views on people and things. Its easier than researching and learning ourselves right !?! 

     This blog is a very biased piece and does not hold up under minimal investigation.  Montecroce
    Riccoldo  da  Montecroce  (quoted above) Is someone who was known to be writing against islam in the 14th century and thus had a biased view whilst writing.  Any historian worth his weight in gold will take bias into consideration.  I wonder why Theodore Shoebat didn't mention that in his piece. 

    There are copies of Qurans all over the world that pre date the 14th Century  and anyone can view them and see if these "missing texts" where once part of the Quran.

      So sorry to disappoint all readers that are too lazy or too comfortable with their ignorance too verify what they read but the writer Theodore Shobat has no real strong evidence to substantiate his claims.   Dont take my word for it … Research for yourselves, in an unbiased open minded manor or continue to be of the ignorant in their pitiful ways of breeding hate rather than finding the common ground and being peaceful.  Islam Christianity and Judaisim all preach the same thing it's a shame we aren't all tolerant of differences and celebrating what we have in common.

    Hear O Israel,  The Lord our God  is one God
    Therefore you shall adore the Lord your God
    with  all you heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.
    Deteronomy 6:4-5 (The Old Testament)
    Mark 12:29-30 ( New Testament)
    Al Imran 3:16 (Quran)

    Peace to you all!!!!