The Rise of Islamic Turkey — Under Obama

On election night, hours before the known outcome, Bill O’Reilly made a statement which, in many ways, foreshadowed the results of the election:

The demographics are changing. It’s not a traditional America anymore. And there are 50 percent of the voting public who want stuff. They want things. And who is going to give them things? President Obama. He knows it. And he ran on it.

With much of the population being pacified and babied, their apathy for the Middle East will be the cause of the swelling and spread of Islamic fundamentalism, because they’d rather have a welfare state then a more secure world.

Obama’s re-election has caused a major boost in confidence for countries like Britain and France in their wanting to topple Assad. But, it has also given confidence to Turkey, in its desire to oust Assad. The overall goal of the Turks, of course, is to conquer Syria, in order to revive the Ottoman empire.

A little while back, I reported on the Turkish plan to revive the Ottoman empire, and that Syria will be a primary target for Turkey’s expansion of its universal empire. Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Hamed al-Hassan, had this to say:

Turkey is trying to reconstruct the Ottoman Empire in the region … When Turkey’s Justice and Development Party won the Turkish parliamentary elections, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan presented his party’s victory to the people of Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Central Asia, and the Balkans which were once parts of the Ottoman Empire.

Now with Obama re-elected, the Turks, England and France, will be pushing the U.S. more than ever to push for the ousting of Assad, with the help of NATO forces. That this is Obama’s second term makes this situation even more dangerous, because the president now has nothing to lose, since he does not have to worry about campaigning for a subsequent victory. His actions can be reckless, since he does not have to worry about getting re-elected.

Expect to see Obama’s actions in the Middle East to be reckless — and the cause of chaos. We must expect to see the rise of Turkey following the future fall of Assad thanks to the U.S., Western allies, and NATO. With Assad gone, Turkey will then gradually take power over Syria.

Syria will be the first nation to go under Turkish rule because of its closeness, and the expediency of invading such a country. Turkey is , after all, trusted by the West, and Syria will voluntarily allow itself to be under the power of Turkey in order to fill the absence of an internal strong government. Before this occurs, it is highly likely that Syria will fall under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This will give rise to a Turkish superpower, which will ultimately expand throughout the Near East, which will pose a threat to the West and Israel.

The fall of Syria, and the rise of Turkey will be the result of Obama’s re-election.

Within hours of Obama’s second victory, Western allies had already designed a development for Syria, expecting a much more aggressive approach to Syria by the president. England and Turkey are already discussing the use of NATO against Bashar al-Assad, expecting more support from Obama.

British prime minister David Cameron stated that:

There is an opportunity for Britain, for America, for Saudi Arabia, Jordan and like-minded allies to come together and try to help shape the opposition, outside Syria and inside Syria … And try to help them achieve their goal, which is our goal of a Syria without Assad.

Turkey is working with rebel groups, stating that NATO has discussed on using Patriot missiles to protect a supposed safe zone inside Syria.

Shashank Joshi, an analyst at London’s Royal United Services Institute, a military and security think tank, made a statement indicating the confidence felt by Western forces in their plan to oust Assad, on account of Obama re-election:

With the re-election of Obama, what you have is a strong confidence on the British side that the U.S. administration will be engaged more on Syria from the get-go.

According to British Foreign Secretary William Hague, American, British, French, and Turkish diplomats are already scheduled to meet with Syrian rebel groups in Doha, Qatar.

David Cameron also said that he will press Obama to try and end the Syrian revolution.

As I have reported numerous times, the Syrian revolution is not peaceful, nor is it for the cause of peace and democracy, but for the establishment of a Islamic state in Syria, and primarily, for the configuring of a Caliphate. This recent video says it all:

A couple of months ago, I did an interview on the TV show Decision Point, in which my documentary on the Syrian revolution was played. It demonstrates the carnage this revolution has brought:

When the emotions of ecstasy from the Obama supporters subside, and the Islamic Turkish superpower arises, hopefully the destructive forces which  brought Obama into office will be weakened, and the America that yearns to defend itself and its values — and its key allies like Israel — will reawaken.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny.

  • cmdorsey

    Pretty sad that these monsters are using our Tax$$ to pay for the slaughter of all those innocent people in Syria, Libya and Egypt. Plus we pay to kill our own babies here in this country. That's why they want anything to do with God, such as crosses, Bibles, out of sight. It means they have no one to answer to. They are all mentally ill, ruthless, lawless, Godless thugs. They can keep their mooselim stupid ass ahhhla. Not me. I'm with God.

  • The Truth

    Theodore Shoebat said:

    "With much of the population being pacified and babied"

    The people who were pacified and babied before this election were the Israel Lobby, and as analysts have said, if the Israel Lobby goes hard and throws its support visible and loudly behind Mott Romney and loses, it will be the beginning of the end of the Israel Lobby as a credible force in American politics. So here we are.

    The pacified and babied Israel Lobby just hit themselves hard on the nose. Netanyahu is reeling, and Danny Danon is having cosmic freakouts. Also, the Shoebat family stands to lose its personal financial chuck wagon bleeding taxpayer dollars out of FEMA to give charlatan lectures. Frontpage has resorted to outright censorship because the big bluff they pulled over the past six months just crumbled.

    • Mary Sue


      Israel Lobby babied? How so and to what end?

    • Ghostwriter

      Oh goody. Another Schlomotion clone. How much longer are these idiots going to keep popping up?

      • Mary Sue

        Til the end of time. :(

      • bkopicz

        I don't think it's a clone – same jerk different name.

  • Attila The Hun

    One thing the writer missed is the centuries of Arab hate toward The Turks.. For one who was born and raised in Turkey I can tell you Erdoğan's army is not strong as one thinks and he knows that. Erdoğan's goal is to let stupid Americas do his dirty work and he will rip the benefit. If Hussein O does get involved in Syria and the Turks tried to occupy part of Syria the bloodshed will be incalculable. First Assad is not only ruthless he is smarter than people think. He already said if he goes down the entire region will go down with him we just witnessed the shelling into Israel by The Syrians . Second People are underestimating The power of PKK inside Turkey and Syria if a war breaks up PKK and its sister rebels PYD will establish some type Kurdish enclave inside Syria, which be unacceptable to the Turks. If it happens Turkish Kurds will not be silent, they are waiting for the opportunity to break Turkey along ethnic lines. There is a strong possibility that Turkey will not celebrate its centennial in 2023 in one piece.

    • Drakken

      That is why if the Russians were smart about this mess they would start actively supporting the Kurdish movements in Syria,Iraq, Turkey and Iran. That would give them more than a few headaches to worry about. As far as the Syrians killing each other? Fkem, let them slaughter each other till they all cease to exist.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "The Rise of Islamic Turkey — Under Obama"

    ~ Barack HUSSEIN Obama's Islamic Turkey's are Coming Home to Roost!

  • Can

    Here we go again, US and Israel friendship thingy. How many Israel soldiers got killed while they were helping their US allies? How many Turks got killed helping US? Stop looking things with crusader mentality. I don't think Syria will be a part of Turkey, but it would be a good think if it would happen. Just check the map of the region and mark problematic locations and then look at the Ottoman empire map. Almost all are parts of the empire ripe apart by some European forces to collapse the Ottoman empire without considering the outcome. Now the world suffer from it.

    • Drakken

      Israel is a western ally of the west and part of it. You bloody muslims are not and never will be part of us, period. You savages will keep pushing us westerners untill you awaken our war making capacity and then no one is going to care how peace you profess you are because no one is going to care.

    • Mary Sue

      *facepalm* Crusader mentality? Really? REALLY? Dude stop living in the 11th century. Nobody's got that anymore.

  • riverboatbill

    The new people "want things". Why would they not sell out America, turn muslim and get them?

  • Indio Viejo

    I believe the Syrian civil war to be a good thing for the world at large. Even if our so called European allies, in conjunction with a new socialist America may think they could get the situation under control, they will not. The immediate outcome may be an extension of the Syrian conflict into Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. Why should we care? We have no friends anywhere. N.A.T.O. is an anachronism, and the more involved it becomes, the more it will show its uselessness and America is a flailing giant brought down to its knees by internal dissension. "A House divided…", old Abe.

  • @zklemmer

    Is Valerie Jarrett to Obama what Alger Hiss was to FDR?


      Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran and is "advising" Obama.

      Like having a guy born in Germany "advising" FDR.

    • Mary Sue

      could be!


    Top picture of Obama in Erdogan – looks like something in San Fransicko.

  • stevef

    True, but in America the Mexicans will destroy the Republic first.

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  • Hammad Aamir
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