How Politicians Con People Out of Their Money

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Another example of words substituting for realities was a front page story in the May 24th issue of USA Today, showing that the official statistics on the national debt only count about one-fourth of what the federal government actually owes.

Even the staggering official national debt is literally not half the story.

Under ordinary accounting rules and laws, the money promised to people as pensions when they retire has to be counted as part of the debts of a business or other organization. But, since Congress makes the laws, the trillions of dollars owed to people who have paid into Social Security do not have to be counted as part of the federal government’s debts.

When you or I owe money, we are in debt — and face consequences if we don’t pay up. But we are not the federal government and cannot write our own accounting laws.

Perhaps the biggest frauds committed by redefining words are the many fraudulent uses of the word “poor.”

For most of the history of the human race, there was no problem in defining who were “the poor.” They were people without enough to eat, often without adequate clothing to protect them from the elements, and usually people who lived packed in like sardines in living quarters without adequate ventilation in the summer or adequate heat in the winter, and perhaps also lacking in such things as electricity or adequate sewage disposal.

Today, most of the officially defined “poor” have none of these problems, and most today have amenities such as air conditioning, a car or truck, a microwave oven and many other things that once defined a middle class lifestyle. Americans in poverty today have more living space than the average European.

Why are they called “poor” then?

For the same reason that autism, the national debt and many other things are redefined in completely misleading ways — namely, to justify draining more money from the public in taxes, expanding the government, and allowing politicians to give handouts to people who are expected to vote for their reelection.

If we keep buying it, politicians will keep selling it.

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  • Rifleman

    The latest scam for adults who don't want to bother with working for a living is anxiety disorders. They go on SSI and the taxpayer supports them and their offspring. It's relatively easy for them to jump through the hoops to get signed up, unlike say, someone with multiple sclerosis. It's one of the reasons social security will go broke faster than most realize. The freeloader will have no problem getting off their butts and going to work when they have to, but the people who truly are disabled will be stuck.

    • sedoanman

      All legal residents of the US can qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits if they meet low net-worth/income requirements. Those on SSI also qualify for a Medicaid (not Medicare) card. There is no work requirement to qualify for SSI, nor do you have to contribute to the program like you do for Social Security. The local Los Angeles PBS TV station, KCET, did a half-hour program on SSI back in the ‘90s. The reporter interviewed a 70-year-old couple who were receiving benefits in what has to be a gross distortion of Congress’ intent. They qualify as refugees from the Soviet Union, and the husband had worked in the Russian military industrial complex. Once working for the enemies of the U.S., they are now retired and we are paying their retirement. Their benefits were only slightly less than the maximum Social Security monthly benefits at the time.

      Kinda tears you up, doesn’t it?

    • Atlas_Collins

      My wife is completely disabled by MS and the Social Security Administration denied her disability benefits.

      Of course, she's white …

      Across the street from me lives a black dude who strained his arm on a garbage truck five years ago and has been on disability ever since.

      … ain't Ameerika grand?

      • Rifleman

        By chance,almost everyone I've known of that gamed it was white, and trust me, it wouldn't make you feel any better about it if the lazy freeloader across the street was white. A bum's a bum. The black guy that lived in the house across from me owned three small businesses and was the only person on the street that worked longer hours than me.

        I've a dear lady friend with MS and congenital heart problems that is on SSI, as was her younger male cousin whose symptoms were very sudden and aggressive. She has weeks of some mobility and weeks that she can hardly get out of bed. Anyway, SSI isn't enough for someone who is truly disabled, and the waits for doctor's appointments are horrible. Their experience goaded me into making personal health and disability insurance into a top priority. Unfortunately, obamacare is designed to eliminate private health care policies like mine and kick people like me into their "exchanges" i.e. the public option.

  • Lady_Dr

    WE MUST, MUST HOLD CONGRESSMEN'S FEET TO THE FIRE – THE 10th AMENDMENT IS THE ANSWER TO A LOT OF THESE PROBLEMS. Why should anyone be supporting these freeloaders – illegal immigrants, other states that cannot live within their means, young people who borrow a load of money to get a degree in something which has no market or social value (I'm thinking of all those degrees in things like 'Jazz Saxaphone'). Those with degrees in 'Women's Studies' – usually make less than a housecleaner to answer a phone at a women's shelter – yet they are enslaved by huge debts for what they mistake for an education. I don't think I should have to pay for these worthless ideas.

  • tagalog

    "Hey! Psst! Slip me a few bucks out of your pay check every pay period and I'll give you health insurance. Cheap."