Obama Administration Takes On Westchester

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Apparently the soaring national debt and the threat of a nuclear Iran are not enough to occupy the government’s time, because the Obama administration is pushing to force Westchester County, N.Y., to create more low-income housing, in order to mix and match classes and races to fit the government’s preconceptions.

Behind all this busy work for bureaucrats and ideologues is the idea that there is something wrong if a community does not have an even or random distribution of various kinds of people. This arbitrary assumption is that the absence of evenness or randomness — whether in employment, housing or innumerable other situations — shows a “problem” that has to be “corrected.”

No speck of evidence is considered necessary for this assumption to prevail at any level of government, including the Supreme Court of the United States. No one has to show the existence, much less the prevalence, of an even or random distribution of different segments of the population — in any country, anywhere in the world, or at any period of history.

Nothing is more common than for people to sort themselves out when it comes to residential housing, whether by class, race or other factors.

When there was a large Jewish population living on New York’s lower east side, a century ago, Jews did not live at random among themselves. Polish Jews had their neighborhoods, Rumanian Jews theirs, and so on. Meanwhile German Jews lived uptown. In Chicago, when Eastern European Jews began moving into German Jewish neighborhoods, German Jews began moving out.

It was much the same story in Harlem or in other urban ghettoes, where blacks did not live at random among themselves. Landmark scholarly studies by E. Franklin Frazier in the 1930s showed in detail how different neighborhoods within the ghettoes had people of different educational and income levels, with different male\female ratios and different ways of life living in different places.

There was nothing random about it. Within Chicago’s black community, the delinquency rate ranged from more than 40 percent in some black neighborhoods to less than 2 percent in other black neighborhoods.

People sort themselves out.

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  • Chezwick

    Thomas Sowell is truly a fount of wisdom and a national treasure.

    • pagegl

      It's too bad that the vast majority of politicians and bureaucrats do not possess anywhere near the common sense and intelligence Prof. Sowell does. And probably never will.

      • Chezwick


  • Anthony

    Good to hear the libs are going to be getting a taste of their own medicine right in their own stronghold.

    Besides, these are the white elites that voted Mr. Barack Hussein into the highest office in the nation by huge numbers. They promoted the myth unto the America we now see engulfed in a great race insanity and confusion. Now, they must live the myth if their champion black golden boy and his army of incompetent minority government officials.

    To paraphrase T. S. Elliot:

    “This is the way the world ends…..”

    • davarino

      Exactly, Anthony. Now they have to live with what they have foisted on the rest of us. It will be fun to watch as they start moving out of the neighborhood because of the crime and etc. The dummies that are doing this should be made to live their, but you know that wont happen. They never do as they say.

    • ike

      If only! History shows that the liberals will make themselves feel better by dumping low income housing among the hard working, desperately upwardly mobile folks of yonkers etc. scarsdale and harrison and the other places where the obama donors live will toast their tolerance, but won't ever live it.

  • aspacia

    My mother argues that forced busing is one major factor that damaged our schools. In order to put my son in the Gifted and Talented school, he had to be on the bus by 6:60 a.m to make it across town to the black ghetto. Funny, all the students in his classes except 4 where white.

    • johnnywoods

      Someone once speculated that had the Normandy Invasion been conducted by our Dept. of Health,Education and Welfare they would have landed in Belgium then bussed the troops to Normandy.

  • Eyes_Open

    Obama Administration trying another method of spreading the wealth, by spreading the crime more evenly.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      This was about Obama trying to force affordable housing.
      I'd like to think some working class people aren't criminally minded.

      But I do think that the point of the article is spot on, local market forces should be allowed to decide what private developers build. Central planning never succeeds.

  • Anthony

    Judging from the way Hilliary Clinton was swilling that 40 ounce beer from the bottle yesterday, she should fit right in with her new neighbors.

  • So what else is new

    Obama knows what Sowell says about the dire results of such social engineering is true, and is deliberately going ahead with it to achieve those dire results. Creating social unrest is Obama's agenda and in his interests.

  • tagalog

    Whadda they think, everything in Westchester is Pound Ridge and Scarsdale-Hartsdale? Try visiting Eastchester, Port Chester, Valhalla, Purdys, Bedford Hills, and Elmsford for a change, willya?

    • well now

      Tagalog: Right on the money! You also neglected to mention Mount Vernon, with a shooting or 2 every night and the Western half of Yonkers with a shooting or 2 every night.
      Andy Spano was voted out of office on this issue and Rob Astorino is fighting tooth and nail with HUD who keep moving the goal posts on him.
      It seems the reason this is allowed to happen is that Spano took some kind of money from the Feds and this was the deal. Talk about dealing with the devil!

  • alexander

    so, we move from noisy, full of crime cities to suburbs, to better our lives, to raise our kids the way we want………….NO NO NO, says the dolt.
    We give it to you anyway, or, as he would say in his infinite wisdom, "irregardless".

  • Billy

    When I was 16, I worked as a busboy at Metropolis Country Club in White Plains. The members were all German Jews. Eastern European Jews were not allowed. They had their own country club up the street, called Elmwood. They sorted themselves out.

    I now live in Los Angeles, in a neighborhood comprised mostly of liberal Jews, the type who have Obama, Kusinich or Tom Heyden posters on their lawns come election time. I've lived here since 1993 and not one of them has ever reached out to befriend me…and, frankly, I don't give a damn.

  • H&R_ Barack

    Thomas Sowell, & Walter E.- – – – ROCK!

  • Anthony

    Thomas Sowell means well, but I want hear people living in Westchester to get a dose of reality. I moved back to the USA into an area I remembered as white middle class 15 years ago when I saw it last. Guess what? I am a minority and the area is for all intensive purposes a ghetto. No, looking at the homes and layout of the place, you see it was once solid middle class and neat. But then you hear the gangster music, and see the people who are dangerous types. English is not typically heard. Two nights ago two men were shot a few blocks from my house. I’m packing it in and moving.

    Again, the area “looks” ok, the houses, the nice cars, the trees and gardens, but now, a new population of ghettofied thugs rule, and whites are under seige.

    So, I relish the thought of the Westcherites dodging the equivalent of post-nuclear holocaust. Zombies in the form of imported minorities to “diversify” their county.

    My other target recommendation for AG Houlder is the “Vineyard”, Martha’s Vineyard. Can you believe I read that many Hispanics are moving into the Vineyard because the cheapskate whites living there. We’d gardeners, babysitters and other labor for which they pay slave wages? The Hispanics are smart, they are not leaving and actually raising families there. Poor Thursten Howell III, never saw it comming as he did what the Krauts did in inviting millions of Turks into Germany to help rebuild (on the cheap) after WWII. The Germans thought Turks would just go home when they finished the hard, dirty work in the heart of the infidels. Now, Berlin 2012 features Moslem virtual no-go zones.

    Oh well, let’s hope the white elites in Hyannisport are also deemed racist like the rest of us who lost our neighborhoods..

    I hope the Wu Tang Klan moves in next door to the Kennedy coumpound. Then, they can see all the hoodies they want and not feel the least bit scared as they always try to say we should do when encountering their cute little hoodie pets at night while strooling at night in da hood.

    Know what I mean my Ni**ga?

    • jeanjean4

      " Krauts did in inviting millions of Turks into Germany to help rebuild (on the cheap) after WWII."

      The Turks where forced on the Germans because there was the fear that Turkey could become a hotbed for communism .When they arrived in Germany, Germany was not only rebuilt, but had a strong economy and high wages. We never needed them, we never wanted them, we always payed for them . The only lasting innovation they brought us is crime, bad schools and sharia, gradually…

      But yes, the problem is the same. I had to move several times .

      Please don´t mock my bad english – I´m a Kraut

      • anthony

        "The Turks where forced on the Germans because there was the fear that Turkey could become a hotbed for communism"

        Forced on Germany by who…NATO, the United States, or your socialist politicians?

        Meine mutter sind Deutsche, aus Munchen…

      • anthony

        Sorry, I say "Kraut" in a friendly way, I'm part Kraut. I Wonder who forced Turks on Germany. Was it NATO? Was it socialist politicians?

  • guest

    Sowell shows again why he doesn't have an real academic appointment and has to hide out at the pseudo-intellectual Hoover Institution. The idea that residential patterns in the US reflect the "fact" that people simply sort themselves out is a laughable fiction. The research on residential segregation in the 20th century is clear on one thing: white people had to work very hard, as a group, and often hand in hand with government and the real estate industry, to produce racially segregated neighborhoods. There was nothing natural about it, and it was not the result of aggregated individual choice. Federal policy (at least until the late 1940s) supported racial segregation, most efforts by blacks to move into white neighborhoods was met with violence. The history is well documented.

    Further, research also shows that whites more than any other racial group do not want to live with others. There is clearly a historical and cultural problem with white people in the US that makes them averse to any form of interaction with others unless they remain an overwhelming majority. This is not true of other groups, most of whom have had to live among white majorities whether they wanted to or not, and usually under very disadvantageous conditions.

    Sowell is a fraud, he is to intellectuals what Sarah Palin is to serious political figures.

    • anthony

      "Further, research also shows that whites more than any other racial group do not want to live with others."

      Really , jerk, ever study the demographics and culture of Japan?

      • guest

        um, i'm talking about the United States. When i wrote "Federal policy" i wasn't referring to the federal govt. of Japan, though I could see how an ignorant moron could make that mistake.

        • anthony

          No, your comment "…more than any other racial group", expands the scope, ergo, my example, Asians.

          For that matter chump, you may wish to ask yourself why India partitioned itself and hence Pakistan, and so on.

          What value do you assign to that statement "More than…"? Which study do you cite? Are you a racist, Where are your papers…ummmm?


          • guest

            if you can't see that my comments are clearly about the US you are an f'ing idiot. My first comment on the issue is about residential segregation IN THE US. The sentence immediately following the one you cite refers TO THE US. Maybe you just feel stupid for making such a simple mistake and are too embarrassed to back down. Hey, at least your dog thinks you're smart.

          • anthony

            Again, you expanded the comment by interjecting in your second paragraph the comment "further research…,, then issued a blanket statement maligning whites vs. ALL other races without specifying if your scope included races in their indigenous lands.

            Now, potty mouth, any lawyer will not fail to notice that your initial focus is clearly in fact about the USA – OK.

            But, your secondary statement in the second paragraph is also IN FACT very specific. You say "Whites more than any other racial group don't want to live with others…".

            You should have said something like, "any other racial group within the United States". Clearly, on the macro, your stupendous statement as it was composed implies global comparison.

            Also, what do you mean, whites don't want to live with others? How do you define "others"? Do you mean white Italians vs. white Germans or Irish? Do you mean White Hispanics vs. Non-Hispanic Whites vs. blacks vs., or is everything to you simply black and white?

            Get it dunce?

          • Chezwick

            Devastating riposte. Our "guest" has been effectively skewered…and justifiably so. His original premise was profoundly racist.

    • johnnywoods

      You are an ignorant ass, Maybe you do not know Dr. Sowell is eighty years old and does not have to work at teaching any longer. He owes no apology to you or anyone else.

      • guest

        i don't know what age has to do with anything, but as far as I can tell he hasn't had a teaching appointment since 1980. Since then he has been tucked comfortably into the Hoover echo chamber, a front for huge corporate sponsored pseudo-research.

        • guest

          I don't know what his choices have to do with your grand conspiratorial theory either. Studies show….sure they do.

          • guest

            what grand theory? And studies? Pshaw, who needs all that book learnin' when you got Fox News!

          • JoJoJams

            **pssst** Most of us don't watch much of Fox — we get our news from around the world! Son, it's YOU who's drinking up the kool-aid! ~ ((You know you've won the argument with a loony lefty when they call you a racist, popint out typos, or accuse you of watching only Fox. Too funny. And sad.))

        • anthony

          Which pseudo-psycho research don't think tank do you hold in high regard Herr Smug?

  • Dispozadaburka

    Remember Reston Virginia?
    The prototype of perfect blending of living as well as
    Columbia Maryland?
    How is that all working out.

    • anthony

      This experiment in multiculturalism has not at its core the stated purpose of creating a better nation.

      Its true purpose despite what many well intended individuals subscribing to its ideology may wish to believe, is to destroy the nations, peoples and cultures of the West.

      In that sense Dispozadaburka (ha,ha, funny), the two areas you mention were a success in the left's long term grand battle plan.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Queens NYC, blockbusting in the "60's pushed the white population out of Cambria Hgts., Laurelton,
    Queens Village, Springfield Gardens, Hollis and other working class neigborhoods. The introduction
    of welfare famalies which were mostly black was racist conduct which destroyed a developed
    culture. Black families that were there already eventually moved to escape the social devolution
    and again crime. Long Island grew in population and Westchester County, by the mid "70's over
    five million whites left the big apple and were replaced with welfare minorities from the Southern
    States where wages were below welfare income in the North. Social engeniring has always been
    a disaster, where neighborhoods had crime and poverty, the fix was not to spread it out and give
    the problem larger growing areas, the best way was to cut welfare and promote self responsibility.

  • Jimbo

    I think Obama should fix the first round of the poverty-stricken right in good ol' Chappaqua next to Bill and Hillary.

    • well now

      Agreed. I think Chappaqua is one of the towns they are targeting

  • http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/bueler Bueler

    I love how there is this quick fix mentality surfacing everywhere right now. Seriously, there is no consideration for long term impacts to financial stability.