Obama Administration Undermines Black Education

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Now Secretary Duncan and Attorney General Holder want to play the race card in an election year, at the expense of the education of black students. Make no mistake about it, the black students who go to school to get an education are the main victims of the classroom disrupters whom Duncan and Holder are trying to protect.

What they are more fundamentally trying to protect are the black votes which are essential for Democrats. For that, blacks must be constantly depicted as under siege from whites, so that Democrats can be seen as their rescuers.

Promoting paranoia translates into votes. It is a very cynical political game, despite all the lofty rhetoric used to disguise it.

Whether the current generation of black students get a decent education is infinitely more important than whether the current generation of Democratic politicians hang on to their jobs.

Too many of the intelligentsia — both black and white — jump on the statistical bandwagon, and see statistical differences as proof of maltreatment, not only in schools but in jobs, in mortgage lending and in many other things.

Some act as if their role is to protect the image of blacks by blaming their problems on whites. But the truth is far more important than racial image.

Wherever we want to go, we can only get there from where we are. Not where we think we are, or wish we are, or where we want others to think we are, but where we are in fact right now.

But political spin and pious euphemisms don’t tell us where we are. After a while, such rhetorical exercises don’t even fool others.

If we don’t have the truth, we don’t have anything to start with and build on. A big start toward the truth would be getting rid of the kinds of statistical hoaxes being promoted by Secretary of Education Duncan and Attorney General Holder.

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  • kblink45

    Education is about achievment, not equality of outcomes. Different people will achieve different levels of success.

    Yet another symptom of Obama's determination to see his deepest beliefs and biases realized.

  • maturin20

    Surely correct. Yet it's difficult to imagine contemporary US politics without these statistics games. You find what you look for.

  • Bamaguje

    Next they'll demand release of all jailed Black criminals, since there are more Blacks in prison.
    Thankfully not all of us Blacks are fooled.
    Brother Sowell, do not relent in telling the truth to the deluded corrupt powers whose idiotic condescending policies are keeping our people down.

  • Anthony

    In he end, blacks will have to accept he fact that whitey is now a minority, and the new hispanic majority won’t care to listen to their cries of “racism”.

    It is pointless to fight anymore. White people are discriminated against and hounded by those with a stake in the race industry, while blacks are promoted and celebrated as demigods and given unfair status In society just because of their race.

    I see the potential for the tyranny of the minority to enter a new and even more pro-black, anti-white phase.

  • Gunner57

    Blacks vote almost exclusively Democray and support racism against white people. Until that changes, all I want to do is defend my family from these wicked people.

    • Ghostwriter

      What are you? A Klan member? You just give others more reason to call conservatives racist. Not every black person in America is a Democrat. Look at Alan West. You're a hateful human being Gunner57.

  • Sound&Fury

    Requiring equal outcomes is a subtle form of racism by giving black males a pass because they are incapable of behaving like the rest of us in civilized society.

  • LoveFreedom

    The Truth-speaking Erik Rush wrote an excellent book, "Negrophilia," about this racist lie that Blacks (esp. males) should not–indeed, can not be held to the same standards as everyone else because that are….victims.
    "Negrophilia afflicts U.S." — http://www.wnd.com/2008/10/78065/
    Podcast — -http://www.blogtalkradio.com/markgillar/2010/07/03/erik-rush-discusses-his-latest-book–negrophilia

    • kafir4life

      Wow! That sounds EXACTLY why Obama is president!!

  • mlcblog

    When is the black community going to wake up to this?

  • Asher

    Sure, He wants to keep them dumb and on the plantation. Education and intelligence breeds independence and a person who can stand on their own without government help! Read BlackLash by Deneen Borelli..She Nails this administration on what they are doing!

  • PDK

    Excellent post Dr. Sowell.
    As I have seen it for more years than I can remember, both white and black liberal/democrat leaders have fanned the flame of prejudice and racism as one of their prime means for achieving their want of power, fame and fortune. What they have done to blacks and America as a whole is beyond shameful.
    Blaming the tool of justice as racist, and freeing the culprit from his fair punishment and his personal duty of responsibility to mature is of course the proverbial recipe for disaster.
    However liberal democrat leaders are not in the game for their country or humanity, they are in it for themselves and at the expense of everyone else. This is such a liberal trait in general, reflecting immaturity and selfishness, and worse hanging the blame of their action around the neck of those totally innocent of the immorality and in fact those who are tyring to help extinguish this negative problem bringing a new positivity to America.
    One and done. Nobama 2012, vote republican. Thank you.

  • Oleg

    So what if the school is in a black neighborhood with black teachers and a black principal, is it still racist for the school to punish or expell the troublemakers. Arne Duncan apparently did an excellent job of destroying the public schools in Chicago as a superintendent, now they are near the bottom in ratings. The Obama Whitehouse is the MSNBC of government, take any idiot, failure, or washed up leftest crackpot from the 60's/70's and give them a job.

  • kafir4life

    I'm hopeful that Obama is vetted this time around. It will be interesting to see if they investigate Obama's family role in the slave trade. Apparently, there is more of a relation between Him and the first lady than marriage. Barrack does not share the history that most Blacks in this country share. His ancestors were the "victors" in the inter-muslim battles of the day, and sold Moochella's family to slave traders (a very common practice among muslims to sell muslims that weren't the right "type" of muslim, or not muslim "enough"). Before selling the females tho', they did a little victory "dance" which resulted in Moochies' genetic line. You ever wonder why they look so much alike? That's why.

  • vladdy

    This is part of the intimidation of the obama administration, the idea that they will accuse the rest of us of racism against blacks to the point that when it really does happen (recent beat-downs, "polar-bear-hunting," etc.), we will be afraid to speak up.