On Christmas, Liberals Are By No Means Liberal

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

When I was growing up, an older member of the family used to say, “What you don’t know would make a big book.” Now that I am an older member of the family, I would say to anyone, “What you don’t know would fill more books than the Encyclopedia Britannica.” At least half of our society’s troubles come from know-it-alls, in a world where nobody knows even 10 percent of all.

Some people seem to think that, if life is not fair, then the answer is to turn more of the nation’s resources over to politicians — who will, of course, then spend these resources in ways that increase the politicians’ chances of getting reelected.

The annual outbursts of intolerance toward any display of traditional Christmas scenes, or even daring to call a Christmas tree by its name, show that today’s liberals are by no means liberal. Behind the mist of their lofty words, the totalitarian mindset shows through.

If you don’t want to have a gun in your home or in your school, that’s your choice. But don’t be such a damn fool as to advertise to the whole world that you are in “a gun-free environment” where you are a helpless target for any homicidal fiend who is armed. Is it worth a human life to be a politically correct moral exhibitionist?

The more I study the history of intellectuals, the more they seem like a wrecking crew, dismantling civilization bit by bit — replacing what works with what sounds good.

Some people are wondering what takes so long for the negotiations about the “fiscal cliff.” Maybe both sides are waiting for supplies. Democrats may be waiting for more cans to kick down the road. Republicans may be waiting for more white flags to hold up in surrender.

If I were rich, I would have a plaque made up, and sent to every judge in America, bearing a statement made by Adam Smith more than two and a half centuries ago: “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.”

If someone wrote a novel about a man who was raised from childhood to resent the successful and despise the basic values of America — and who then went on to become President of the United States — that novel would be considered too unbelievable, even for a work of fiction. Yet that is what has happened in real life.

Many people say, “War should be a last resort.” Of course it should be a last resort. So should heart surgery, divorce and many other things. But that does not mean that we should just continue to hope against hope indefinitely that things will work out, somehow, until catastrophe suddenly overtakes us.

Everybody is talking about how we are going to pay for the huge national debt, but nobody seems to be talking about the runaway spending which created that record-breaking debt. In other words, the big spenders get political benefits from handing out goodies, while those who resist giving them more money to spend will be blamed for sending the country off the “fiscal cliff.”

When Barack Obama refused to agree to a requested meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — the leader of a country publicly and repeatedly threatened with annihilation by Iran’s leaders, as the Iranians move toward creating nuclear bombs — I thought of a line from the old movie classic “Citizen Kane”: “Charlie wasn’t cruel. He just did cruel things.”

There must be something liberating about ignorance. Back when most members of Congress had served in the military, there was a reluctance of politicians to try to tell military leaders how to run the military services. But, now that few members of Congress have ever served in the military, they are ready to impose all sorts of fashionable notions on the military.

After watching a documentary about the tragic story of Jonestown, I was struck by the utterly unthinking way that so many people put themselves completely at the mercy of a glib and warped man, who led them to degradation and destruction. And I could not help thinking of the parallel with the way we put a glib and warped man in the White House.

There are people calling for the banning of assault weapons who could not define an “assault weapon” if their life depended on it. Yet the ignorant expect others to take them seriously.

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  • Viet Vet

    A typically brilliant and common sense piece by Mr Sowell. Why oh why can't the majority of blacks be pro-Americans like him. And others like Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, J.C. Watts, Condi Rice, Janice Rogers Brown, Ward Connerly, Larry Elder, etc.

    • Mary Sue

      I know, right?

      This reminds me of the episode of South Park, where Stan is following after the "Bush Did 9/11" conspiracy. Bush basically told him that there was a conspiracy to get people to *believe* that Bush did 9/11, because, "1/3rd of the American people are Retarded."

      Stan asks, "But then who did do 9/11?"

      The Hardy Boys say, "A bunch of pissed off Muslims. Yeah, what are you, retarded?"

  • Mary Sue

    Well, they do say that ignorance is bliss.

    I've known some hardcore liberals that take pride in their ignorance. Only they don't think it's ignorance. They think refusing to read dissenting viewpoints (or listen to) such as Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter, Mark Steyn, Nonie Darwish, etc, is SMART. Because they are told those people "lie". So they think there's no point listening to "liars".

    That's how screwed up the Left is these days. Believing unquestioningly what they're told by their fellow ideologues. And yet they believe they are open minded.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      So many certainly think ignorance of firearms is a virtue. Eddie Eagle stands ready to teach students the rules of gun safety. How many takers are there, among our intellectual "betters?"


      • tagalog

        I think the intellectual dynamic at work among the anti-gun types is the same kind of thinking that we make fun of in ostriches, where hiding the head in the sand means that the ostrich can't be seen. If they are ignorant of guns, guns won't impinge on them.

        Eddie Eagle is too close to That Which Cannot Be Named.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Adam Smith said "Mercy to the Guilty is cruelty to the innocent." The Torah says, "To be merciful to the cruel is to be cruel to the merciful." It also says, "When someone comes to kill you, kill him first." Let us be prepared for those who want to commit murder and mayhem among us and stop them without hesitation. It's about time.

  • Kim Bruce

    DANGER: Liberals should never be left to their own thoughts for too long.

  • Kim Bruce

    I've found that the best way to deal with Leftists is to pretend you are stoned out of your gourd.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Ah yes. The hiding a tree in a forest tactic.

      Sort of like Bill Murray being able to move freely among brain-dead zombies, by making himself up to look like one, in the movie Zombieland.

      No. On second thought, it's exactly like that!

  • RedWhiteAndJew

    Regarding Dr. Sowell's keen observation wrt leftists' inability to define what an "assault weapon" is: that is exactly the point. The term is a MSM and statist political creation, with no technical basis.

    It's a leftist proxy for "obscenity."

  • Adam

    The so called intellectuals do not know history. Once the socialist totalitarian state is achieved they are the first ones that are imprisoned.

  • Rostislav

    I think that, since the favorite hero of the American Left is officially endorsed by the CPUSA, the former vague terms "liberal" "leftist" or "useful idiot" aren't valid any more, – finally. Finally this unholy crowd deserves to be called by their genuine names only, and then everything would become so clear, from their old attacks on Senator McCarthy and joint support of Stalin's agent Alger Hiss to their present-day efforts to destroy the Constitution and to disarm the Americans (Army including). They have no smiling masks now and ought to be dealt as it is deserved by their true faces – those of the Communists. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  • Sky Soldier 11th AAD

    I've known only one real liberal, personally. He was a retired Navy veteran. Usually I have been able to talk a professed liberal through their errant beliefs based on their real personal moral values, but this guy was dyed-in-the-wool socialist – even angry and mean about it all.

  • clarespark

    Most of my adult life was conditioned by the civil rights movement. I find it very gratifying to read the work of Thomas Sowell and his black allies, for it proves that we indeed have a free society, made possible by the capitalism that Sowell so unequivocally endorses. See http://clarespark.com/2012/11/07/capitalism-is-on…. "Capitalism is on the line."

  • Alex Kovnat

    First and foremost: Dr. Sowell, I am tremendously pleased to hear from you again. I thought you were retired from public life altogether. May your family and you have as good a year as possible in 2013.

    I always liked your gift of expressing ideas which are mostly my ideas too, on matters such as right to bear arms, the ignorance of those who make endless references to "assault rifles", and the stupidity of "gun free zones".

    Long may you have all your marbles, and long may you be with us.

  • carrie

    As always ,Mr.Sowell successfully defines several issues many Americans cannot seem to comprehend .

    Democrats have no relationship to liberals any more. They are now the type of progressives that Hitler claimed the Nazi's were. They want to dismantle and reform the Constitution to fit their ideology and theories .They want a totalitarian system that has no relationship to qualifications ,reality or education . Common sense ,rationality and facts are their worst enemies .

    Our educational system churns out millions of children with degrees that can barely read. An M.D. is now equal to an 8th grade education 100 years ago.
    Education is now based on feelings,perceptions and socialist thought processes . These children come charging out to take over the country ,fix what isn't broken and make laws that are as useless as the last million .They claim to know all the answers ,but have never lived a productive life,contributed to society ,invested in the US or even had a real relationship .They can throw 1,000 answers out, but they don't understand or know the questions .
    They can't balance a checkbook,control their basic animal instincts or see a politician past their mindless ,immature school manufactured coolness factor.

    Mr.Sowell should be appointed czar of the department of education.

  • tommy scott

    The thing about this is blacks make out a lot better with liberalism, we can continue to have huge families which lets us catch up in population with you whites. that ways wees can have a chanst to vote more of us into office and get more benefits and affirmative action programs. it all just matters what can be done for blacks. you whites have had it made for hundreds of years on the backs of blACKS now it is our turn to have what we need at your expense

    • Fritz

      Maybe you should do something about the Planned Parenthood branches located in black neighborhoods, that would go a long way towards increasing the black population, if that is your ultimate goal.

  • dennis metz

    blacks will always have the advantage now, they have the power in congress with the black caucus and the more blacks that are in power the more they take care of their own. and only pass laws and regulations that benefit only one race of blacks. the only way white people can live in peace and white men have a chance to equal opportunity is to make a new country and more away from the mess the blacks have created. lets be honest if you took 7 states that bordered each other and magically moved every black into it and give it to them how long would it be before they burned it down and it was worse than syria or those crap holes with crime and they would be flooding the border to get out.

    • Ghostwriter

      Bigotry,thy name is dennis metz.

  • JacksonPearson

    “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.”
    Like the Ten Commandments, the leftist ACLU would probably file a lawsuit to get plaques removed.

  • Steve

    Clarity……..clarity……no one cuts thru the morass and obfuscation like Dr. Sowell. He is a true gem in an otherwise tanzanite world. Unfortunately, the modern Liberal creed has become. 'tolerance and diversity and as long as you buy into our dogma and dogcart….'

    Thank you Dr. Sowell and the best of all possible Holidays for you and your family .

  • g_jochnowitz

    Ignorance will always exist, unfortunately. We should add to ignorance by lying to our children about Santa. http://www.jochnowitz.net/Essays/NoVirgina.html

  • Ghostwriter

    Personally,Mr. Jochnowitz,I prefer children to have some innocence. And a belief in Santa Claus is among them. I'm not going to disregard that for someone like you.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I think many leftists at some time were rejected by their peers and decided to get even. Maybe
    the smug looks, superior attitudes and false projection of power is merely one of two things,
    1) Stunted development combined with mental illness ……..or 2) Pure and unadulterated evil
    mounted in false ideas that are ultimately destructive………………..Liberals should have thier
    own planet and eventually in outer darkness they will be at home………………William

  • Thomas Wells

    This year's New Year's resolution: Leave the left out of your life.

  • drsambelt

    It has been reported that the Governor of Hawaii could not find the Birth Record of Obama because his legal name has never been changed from Barry Soetoro, the same name listed on his Indonesian School records as an Indonesian Citizen, Does that make Barry Soetoro an illegal alien or is there some other legal identity that permits Barry Soetoro to continue to step by step unconstitutionally enforce the disarmament of the citizens. bankrupt the Constitutional Society and in general create the havoc that could lead to civil conflict resulting in destruction of our Constitutional Republic?