Unmasking Union Ugliness

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Workers who do not want to join a union will now have to decide how much harassment of themselves and their family they are going to have to put up with, if they don’t knuckle under.

In the past, unions had to make the case to workers that it was in their best interests to join. Meanwhile, employers would make their case to the same workers that it was in their best interest to vote against joining.

When the unions began losing those elections, they decided to change the rules. And after Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, with large financial support from labor unions, the rules were in fact changed by Obama’s NLRB.

As if to make the outcome of workers’ “choices” more of a foregone conclusion, the time period between the announcement of an election and the election itself has been shortened by the NLRB.

In other words, the union can spend months, or whatever amount of time it takes, for them to prepare and implement an organizing campaign beforehand — and then suddenly announce a deadline date for the decision on having or not having a union. The union organizers can launch their full-court press before the employers have time to organize a comparable counter-argument or the workers have time to weigh their decision, while being pressured.

The last thing this process is concerned about is a free choice for workers. The first thing it is concerned about is getting a captive group of union members, whose compulsory dues provide a large sum of money to be spent at the discretion of union bosses, to provide those bosses with both personal perks and political power to wield, on the basis of their ability to pick and choose where to make campaign contributions from the union members’ dues.

Union elections do not recur like other elections. They are like some Third World elections: “One man, one vote — one time.” And getting a recognized union unrecognized is an uphill struggle.

But, so long as many people refuse to see the union for what it is, or the Obama administration for what it is, this cynical and corrupt process can continue.

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  • Ken

    Insightful and informative as always, Dr. Sowell. Watch out business owners!! Big Labor and Big Government are coming for you!!

  • davarino

    Corruption from the top down. Smoke and mirrors is the only way these people win. Lying and cheating by any means. Its not just unions. The only way these guys stay in business is the government aiding and abetting. One hand feeds the other with union dues and government contracts.

  • kafir4life

    One simple change would be the absolute END of unions. Make the unions bill their members instead of forcing employers to take the forced payments out of paychecks. When the members get their monthly bill, they will look at it on the pile with their food bill, their utility bills, their mortgage, their car payments, and push the union to the bottom of the list (after all, the union can't take their car, can't take their house, and won't buy food for their kids). In the interest of full disclosure, I was in three unions before I aquired skills that gave me the ability to negotiate for myself from "knowledge" rather than negotiate thru thuggery and threats. One of the unions I belonged to (a psuedo gov't transportation agency in NY State (NFTA)) said right out that THEY ran the company, NOT the company. They meant it.

  • kafir4life

    Also, I avoid union made goods and services whenever possible. It's the same as giving money to organized crime, and to crooked demonicrat politicians such as Stinky, Dingy, Cheesy and Beads (BO, Harry, Chuckles, and Nanc)

  • Pyeatte

    Message to union organizers and bosses: You are filthy pigs in the worst sort of way.

  • pagegl

    Support right to work laws.