Erick Stakelbeck & Guests Discuss the ‘Unholy Alliance’ on GBTV

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On last Wednesday evening’s Glenn Beck Program, guest host Erick Stakelbeck discussed the “unholy alliance between radical Islamists and the political left, which he encountered personally at Portland State University recently. On May 14, 2012, the PSU chapter of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) hosted a “Stand With Israel” event where the CBN correspondent addressed an audience of nearly 150 students and community members on “Terrorism, Israel, and the U.S.” The CUFI website explains what happened next:

As the event approached, over 50 promotional flyers posted by the chapter disappeared or were defaced by anti-Israel activists, forcing the CUFI students to constantly repost flyers throughout the sprawling campus. Then, on Friday, a student made a shocking discovery: someone had scrawled a Nazi Swastika, as well as pro-Palestinian slogans, over a picture of the Star of David on several of the flyers.

This disgusting act of hatred lead to a swarm of coverage by local media outlets including a report on the  local ABC as well as CBN and following a blog post written by Erick Stakelbeck.  That same day, the CUFI on Campus chapter was notified that anti-Israel groups on campus were planning to protest the event.  Despite the continued opposition, the chapter moved forward with the event as planned.

Joining Stakelbeck to discuss the hypocrisy of American leftists who blindly defend some of the most flagrant abusers of human rights the world has ever known, were David Brog, author and executive director for CUFI, and Jamie Glazov, author and managing editor of FrontPageMag.

Invoking the recent, tragic case of Fakhra Younus – a young Pakistani woman who committed suicide over a decade after her then-husband poured acid over her face, permanently disfiguring her — Galzov asked why her story has not become the number one topic of discussion among the left, who frequently claim fame when it comes to “women’s rights.”

Astutely pointed out was the fact that, if the left admitted that what happened to Fakhra was wrong, they would in turn be admitting to a fatal flaw within Islam — this would then confirm that Western, particularly American, society is built upon a superior framework. And that is not something leftists are in any way, shape, or form prepared to cede.

In his book, “In Defense of Faith: The Judeo-Christian Idea and the Struggle for Humanity,” Brog delves into this superior framework, explaining in detail how the Judeo-Christian ethic, by its very nature and tenets, is the greatest defender and upholder of human rights.

Brog noted, however, that the reason America and Israel are “losing the argument” is because an entire audience comprising liberals believe that “evil” does not exist, and that if Islamists hate the West and Israel, they must do so for a “good” reason (rather than a purely evil one).

“Generations have forgotten where these [Western] values come from in the first place,” observed Brog.

Gazov, who fled the Soviet Union, concurred, adding that conservatives have consistently shown care and concern for the persecution of women and other minorities at the hands of Islamists, yet are routinely labeled racists and Islamophobes by the left.

“They [Islamists] hate the beauty of life,” Glazov said before expressing his deep and abiding affection for the U.S.

He reminded viewers that it took a great leader like Ronald Reagan to finally use the word “evil” when it came to the Soviet Union. “Without that acknowledgement we can never prevail.” Glazov is also the author of the book, ”United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror.”

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    Congratulations to Mr. Glazov for making it to the little-big-time product placement. Finally all the gladhanding of the Christian Broadcasting Network is starting to pay off. Glenn Beck can now snuggle up closer to AIPAC, and Jamie Glazov can snuggle up closer to Glenn Beck. Beck has been reduced to streaming his show, and Glazov has climbed up to streaming his show. Somewhere in very low middle is the meeting of the minds. Now Mr. Greenfield can be the rogue caller on GBTV to complain about how the schwartzers are ruining New York, and Mr. Tapson can call in and complain about how Lady Gaga is responsible for the next inevitable terrorist act that hits the country.

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      Do you get paid for writing all of this convoluted tripe?

      • Schlomotion

        No. It's pro bono work in the interest of humanity.

  • Asher

    Make no mistake about it, the leftists are totally aligned and committed with Islam, no matter how we fight back to make us a One World Government and take away all your rights…. including your right to defend yourselves!

  • 080

    In his book Terror and Liberalism (?) Paul Berman explained the theology of Sayyid Qutb who wrote 30 volumes of interplretation of the Koran. Qutb is the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Where did Qutb get his ideas of Western degeneracy? Answer: From modernity and post-modern pratings. I mean Heidegger, Sartre, Foucault, etc. That is the same place from which the left takes its pratings. Since Berman treats his subject with a great deal of respect it would repay anyone interested to read those sections of Berman's descriptions of Qutb's theology which deal with the basis of his repugnance of the West.

  • dougjmiller

    Leftists are self-destructive morons. When Islamists win and sharia is enforced, freedom will be crushed, minorities and non-Moslems will be second class citizens, women will be property and homosexuals will be exterminated.

  • Gamaliel

    The statement that the leftists don't believe in evil isn't true. They believe Israel is evil, they believe America is evil and they believe Christians are evil. The statement that are values come from the Bible isn't true either we all have a knowledge of right and wrong in fact the Bible even says that. We may be confused by others or confuse ourselves regarding right or wrong but the innate knowledge we are born with.

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    Pure evil!!! The leftist yellow-bellys!!! No different than the nazi's, communists or muslims!!!!