Arizona, Nebraska Take Stand Against Obama’s Amnesty

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While the announcement occurred in July, US Citizen and Immigration Services, the agency tasked with granting these deferred actions, then announced that the program wouldn’t go into effect until August 15. Since that day, most USCIS offices have seen overflowing lines with so-called “DREAMers” lining up to take advantage of the President’s administrative amnesty.

While Brewer and Heinman’s decisions have been cheered by proponents of tough anti-illegal immigration policies, those that support illegal aliens have condemned the actions as mean spirited. The pro-illegal alien group Immigration Impact, wrote on August 16 that Brewer’s executive order was mean spirited and counter-productive.

Brewer claimed to have Arizona’s best interests at heart when she announced her decision to block beneficiaries of deferred action from getting a driver’s license or receiving public benefits. Otherwise, she claimed, the onslaught of new applicants for benefits and licenses would have “significant and lasting impacts on the Arizona budget, its health care system and additional public benefits that Arizona taxpayers fund.”

Vaughan said that it remains unclear exactly how Obama’s new policy will play out. While it grants a two-year temporary legal status along with a work permit, it doesn’t make the status of anyone eligible legal. Furthermore, said Vaughan, by applying for the program, illegal aliens are announcing to the government that they are in the country illegally. By providing the government with personal information and details, they open themselves up to being tracked down and deported more easily down the road when a new president with a different view of illegal immigration comes into office.

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  • davarino

    Again, I wish our governor, Rick Perry, would have the same intestinal fortitude, but he's in it more for himself than the State of Texas. My total respect for such courageous people like Brewer, Heinman, Bachman, and Scott Walker. You politicians signed up to serve this country, not yourselves.

  • marios

    If at least 50% Republicans would be alike Brewer, Heinman, Bachman, and Scott Walker. They are backbone of country but not, alas, Republican's establishment. Democrats/leftists/socialists are actually enemies of founding Fathers' America. Obama with his accomplices are bribing one slide of population by another using not his/their own money but our, tax payers money. All that entitlement programs and propaganda are pure bribe on someone else money to keep them in power for ever. G-d help us in Nov to have Romney-Rayan in WH!

  • Charles Wenzel

    Since America, within the week, has now between 800,000 and 2,000,000 newly counted 'job seekers', will "looking for work but unable to find it" unemployment #'s go up, to around 9%? And if not, why not? Obama can't have his cake and eat it too, can he? (And the media's response: "Talk to the hand.")

  • tagalog

    I like the part about them revealing themselves as illegal immigrants so that a President who is more willing to obey the law of the land will find it easier to enforce that law down the road a piece.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, Texas has too many illegal immigrant that business men have benefit for years and its more hispanic than Arizona. Arizona has a lot of guts considering it was once almost 30 percent Hispanic mainly Mexican to back getting rid of illegal immigrants. There are Hispanics that have not liked the hiring of illegals but the media will manipulative the situation.

  • marios

    President Obama executive order on illigal immigrants are one of his aspect his war agains our wonderful country.
    He softly say does not like US and that is why he appologized for this country before Islamo fashists regimes leaders.
    G-d bless real patriots Brewer, Heinman, Bachman, Scott Walker and others alike. Their courage give country hope for restoration it back.

  • Reacher

    Every State Governor, on the side of the taxpayer, MUST also support this…The handwriting is on the wall for Obama…Kinda glad he can't read…or hear…or see…

  • Ghostwriter

    I don't know what to say on this.

  • Alvin Schoenbergh

    I hope other states follow…except California, Minneapolis, Florida and other gay loving, atheistic, Islamic supporter and moslem loving states. I love my country and I'm proud to say that I am a patriot.

  • noonespecial

    Amazing how these so called great thinkers wish to solve a major problem we are facing as a nation, and yet everyone; including Obama, only perpetuate the issues to make it worse. The solution is not that difficult; stop with the specifics on immigration my God I read the stipulations and requirements and it seems so damn pointless. It's going to be impossible to completely stop illegal migration so put your minds and our money to some use and create a fair system where each individual is tested on their own merit. Start now!!! I don't condone illegals that consciously came here, but even in some of those cases lives were in danger; most of you cannot even comprehend the violence and the fear some of these people have experienced. But you are so bold to state that these innocent kids deserve absolutely nothing! To hell with you narrow minded simpletons and that includes Brewer I find her ideals of so called justice to be abysmal and appalling. We're all one ladies and gentlemen when your hour comes it doesn't really matter where you lived or what nationality you were; the universe doesn't make judgments on race, religion, ethnicity, or your f***ing politics! It's what you do with your time that counts and if you can influence even one life through decency and compassion; then you may very well change the world: Empathy is the cure. So if all you can see is the surface value then please shut the hell up!