Complaint Filed over Illegal Alien Voters

A group fighting against illegal immigration has filed a series of formal complaints with federal, state, and local agencies following a report by the Las Vegas Journal Review that uncovered a number of cases of illegal immigrants voting in this election.

Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC) filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Committee (FEC), the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office, and the Clark County Board of Elections. In their complaint, ALIPAC charges that numerous illegal immigrants and non-citizens are registering and voting in federal elections that will decide which presidential candidate or political party controls the White House and US Senate.

The complaint follows a story written by Glenn Cook of the Las Vegas Journal Review (LVJR). In that story, Cook interviewed two illegal immigrants who said to him that they were voting illegally.

“Last week, I met with two immigrant noncitizens who are not eligible to vote, but who nonetheless are active registered voters for Tuesday’s election. They said they were signed up by Culinary Local 226.

“They speak and understand enough English to get by. But they don’t read English especially well. They say the Culinary official who registered them to vote didn’t tell them what they were signing and didn’t ask whether they were citizens. The immigrants said they trusted that the union official’s request was routine, thought nothing of it and went about their work,” read the pertinent part of the story.

William Gheen, President of AlIPAC, said that the LVJR investigation is evidence that voting by illegal immigrants isn’t merely a conspiracy but a real problem.

“Illegal alien voters are not a conspiracy theory,” said Gheen. He continued, “The information we have shows mass illegal immigrant voting in Clark County.” Clark County includes the City of Las Vegas.

Gheen also pointed out that Las Vegas wasn’t the only place where the media highlighted incidents of illegal immigrants voting.  A Fox 25 in Boston investigation also found a number of illegal aliens on the voter rolls.

“But FOX Undercover found out something else about Santiago-Vazquez. He’s been registered to vote from his home address in Lawrence since 2010.

“Our investigation shows he’s not the only registered voter in Lawrence who is not a citizen. By cross-checking Lawrence voter records with criminal records that included records indicating lack of citizenship, we found three others.”

Gheen said that he believes that tens of thousands of illegal aliens are voting in Nevada and he even stated that at least one high-profile election was swayed by illegal immigrants. Gheen said that he believes that Harry Reid beat Sharron Angle because thousands of illegal aliens voted for Harry Reid in 2010.

“He [Reid in 2010] lost every County but Clark County,” said Gheen of why he believes that Reid was helped by illegal aliens.

In that race, Angle filed a complaint citing voter intimidation by management at Harrah’s Casino. Gheen said that a number of illegal immigrants work at that Harrah’s.

Gheen also said that an ALIPAC supporter from Nevada who worked as a poll worker in this cycle was dismissed from that job after complaining about illegal immigrants voting.

Gheen said that the issue of illegal immigrants voting is an issue all Americans should be concerned about because it robs citizens of their own vote.

“Every illegal immigrant is skewing a legal vote.”

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  • Mary Sue

    Obama will probably do some weird executive order now, that will enshrine voting rights for illegals. Heck, maybe he'll sign an executive order abolishing the idea that any kind of immigration is "illegal." I'm going out on a limb here but I wouldn't put it past him.

    Why should you guys allow communists from other countries to determine elections? Because that's what commie-Obama wants, that's why!

  • weroinnm

    Obama WILL Do Anything to Win!
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

    • Mary Sue

      yeah, he pretty much did. I think he was WAY too confident going into tonight's election. Did he know something we don't (yet) know? Probably!

      • Viet Vet

        They've been doing this since 2000. They thought they had the 2000 election stole in Florida, because they knew how many illegals they had driven to the polls. But their misfortune was that these illegals could barely speak, read or understand english. Consequently they had never seen the in side of a pollng place let alone a ballot. That was the reason fot the hanging chads, dimples, double voting, and voting for Buchanan, etc. The democrap party and their surrogates in the media and unions are thugs. We can make complaints all we want, but the only way it's going to stop is by taking up our musket and horn.

  • pierce

    This is one story I am inclined to believe. It is so bizarre it has to be true.

  • Gene Ralno

    Voter fraud is massive and the libs would have us believe it doesn't exist because we haven't seen it. As long as they prevent the tool that would expose it, we won't see it and they'll continue to win. America, land of the free? Not any more. We've become land of the stupid.

    • @ssnbn1

      Honestly, we need to be dipping one of our fingers in permanent ink on election day like the Taliban do it. One man, one vote!

    • Mary Sue

      Or they claim the voter fraud (and suppression) exists ONLY in terms of Republicans allegedly being the perpetrators. When the Republicans try to stop or prevent voter fraud they get castigated as racist.

    • Dolores Liebner Dicicco

      There was so much voter fraud in this election. 250,000 illegal immigrants voted in Florida yesterday. Florida should have been an easy win for Romney. Also many illegal immigrants voted in all the swing states. In addition many machines in CO, OH and other swing states voted for Obama after the people pushed the button for Romney. So many machines rigged up to make sure Obama got back in. There were workers at Cardinal Health in NC that were taking mentally challenged patients, busing them to the polls and making them vote for Obama. One girl who had the mentality of a 10 year old told her Father who turned them in but you have to realize this is going on in every nursing home and other homes like them and the residents/patients will be intimidated to vote for whomever the aide wants them to. Romney should have won this election hands down. It is disgusting that we are now a communist country and our votes don't count.

      • Schlomotion

        It's impressive that you were able to monitor the voting integrity in four states that aren't even your own state. With jogging sneakers like that, you should run for office.

        • Western Canadian

          With your limited intelligence and total lack of integrity, you should practice walking and chewing gum.

        • Dolores Liebner Dicicco

          Thanks, I think. The more I dig around the more I find. It's hard to believe but true.

  • "gunner"

    this is why we need a voter i.d., officially issued by a designated agency with an appearance in person to obtain the i.d., it's all too easy for some "activist" to round up a bunch of random warm bodies and trot them through the polls on election day. i'd also require at least a working knowledge of english. that's not an unreasonable requirement, i've worked with legal immigrants from as far away as afghanistan who had enough english to apply for, and get, a job that required a pistol permit and driver's license, as well as hispanics fluent in both english and spanish, and this was on the working class level.

    • Schlomotion

      I do have a voter ID. It's called a birth certificate. It's on file at the town clerk. If somebody wants it, they can go look it up.

  • Janet Miles Pate

    We have lost our last chance to take back our country. Romney didn't lose to Obama; he lost to the media. The have provided cover for Obama from every corner and used every small nuanced word uttered by Romney to excoriate and ridicule him. After the hell the Romney family has endured at the hands of the media, we will never again have the opportunity to elect someone of that quality.

    • Guest

      You are ABSOLUTELY correct. CNN is one of the WORST OF THE WORST in terms of having hired a veritable STABLE of OBAMA SHILLS, whose SOLE FUNCTION is to attack virtually EVERY Republican/Conservative in America, using Slander, Ridicule and Sarcasm in an attempt to suggest that ONLY "democrats care about people." What GARBAGE. I call this rabble of pseudo-journalists "The Obama Rususcitation Machine." They disgust me. Congratulations, America…you got SUCKERED EVEN WORSE THIS TIME and it is YOUR OWN FAULT! You had the power to change the relentless decline of the nation, but gave up your OWN POWER to a Total Incompetent. Get set for a turbulent ride of DESPOTISM and DIVISIVENESS, guided by Our Dear "Leader" for yet another four years…or as long as he may live. America will be brought to its knees and even MORE divisive under Hussein….He has strengthened Islamism while having discarded a slew of previously strong allies. This man has NO USE FOR DEMOCRACY WHATSOEVER and we will see a continuous shredding of the U.S. Constitution, another document he so easily discards when it suits his purpose–which is a SINGULAR purpose to stay in power and IMPOSE his OWN agenda upon the nation, not giving a whit for the Will of the People…he NEVER HAS….Goodbye America and may you see brighter times.

      • Mary Sue

        add to that the allegation that (lawyers for) Fox News "Lied" and claimed no responsibility for something they supposedly said that was incorrect because they were an "entertainment" network so then a large group of people have been led to believe that Fox News lies 24/7, while the other networks that actually lie are held blameless.

      • Viet Vet

        MSLSD is just as bad, but crap ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, Time, Newsgeek, US News, NY Slimes, Wash compost, they're all leftwing red diaper entities.

        Some "news" person in a rare moment of honesty, said after one of the past elections that in any election the media was worth at least 11 points to the democraps. It might have been Evan Thomas or Mark Halperin, I can't remember anymore. At any rate it was worth more like 15 points to Obummer since they are so far up his ass. And you know from empirical evidence that there was at least 2 to 3% democrap voting fraud.

      • Rosemarie

        I agree with you 100% I have known from the beginning what kind of person he is. It's a shame that people are so gullible. I fear for my children and grand childern. The Chicago sewer runs straight to
        the White House. May God Bless America.

    • @lonemusketeer

      He lost to vote fraud and felony collaboration.

  • @ssnbn1

    I am hanging up my vote. California elections have been corrupted by illegal, dead, and multiple voting for decades. Three people run for an office, two are democrats, and one is conservative, if the two democrats run 1 and 2 in top votes in the primary, and the conservative runs 3rd, this conservative has my choice from two democrats in the general election (as happened yesterday). Time was, that at least the rest of the country could salvage the federal elections, but now the corruption engulfs the entire nation. So America has had her communist revolution and it will be up the coming generations to deal with that. Hint: Freedom from tyranny will not be won through some political movement, but a spiritual one!

    • Viet Vet

      Luckily the Founders provided the U.S. citizenry a means of redress for this corruption via the 2nd Amendment. It will come to pass.

    • aspacia

      That is one or many reasons I moved to Sin City.

  • Mary Sue

    oh, that explains it. Someone needs to do an expose on this, but the problem is, unless the Mainstream press does such an expose, hardly anybody will believe it.

  • pyeatte

    Illegal voters are like cockroaches – if you find one, there are more.

    • Viet Vet

      The bodies of illegals should be dumped in the Rio Grande.

  • free

    I'll bet there must have been atleast 10 million of them , no ?

    • Viet Vet

      Wouldn't have to be that many to affect close races in several different states. But one is too many.

  • BLJ

    Obama is going to end up overreaching and then the blowback will come. Anyone who voted for him is my enemy and they can kiss my rear end.

    • Viet Vet

      I've been fighting many decades in this culture war the left launched on this nation back in the 60's, so yes they are my enemy and will get no quarter from me.

  • JCS

    A liberal would first deny this and then when confronted with the evidence say that illegals or as Harry Reid called them 'undocumented americans" should have the reight to vote.

  • Maxie

    "They said they were signed up by Culinary Local 226." That explains a lot. That union is part of the SEIU (Service employees International Union. The SEIU has offices in every metropolitan area in America. They have members working throughout the country in every hotel, hospital etc. The hierarchy of the SEIU is linked to the radical Left politically. Because of its' national scope it is the perfect vehicle to steal the election with its members in every city. Most of the workers are honest, hard working people being exploited by their leadership and the Dems. A huge scandal if provable which is unlikely.

    • Viet Vet

      You are correct but there is a way to deal with them.

    • Maxie

      I mistakenly tied Culinary Local 226 to the SEIU. They are, in fact, separate unions but his doesn't alter the substance of my post. The SEIU, with some two million members, merely emphasizes the potential for fraud. In effect, the SEIU closely resembles the 'Soviets' (workers 'councils') in the former USSR. Try that on for size.

  • Ghostwriter

    Once more,another reason for LEGAL immigrants to be angry.

  • frankwye

    But I think the main point from this is that the Left is dishonest and growing. We can never win until we call them on it and stay on topic-they are corrupt and dishonest.

  • Matt

    This country is screwed. There is a 100% probability that the Jug-eared fraud of a president will grant these illegal carpet-baggers full amnesty in 1-2 yrs of this term. I wish someone would take a look at the Constitution of Mexico. All non-mexicans cannot vote, cannot run for any political office, cannot have a position in any religious institution and tons more. Add to that, that hag Diane Feinstein and "Jug-Ears" are planning to ban all semi-automatic weapons. Leaving Americans unable to adequately defend themselves from not only the a dictatorial US Government, but an army of "illegal-made-legal" foreigners who will go ape once they have the green light to do so.

  • jacob

    I will never be able to understand the level of stupidity prevailing with our solons…
    Why in the world isn't enacted a compulsory nationwide ID document with fingerprints and picture,
    paid by the federal government and not this crap of scratching your left ear with you right hand,
    which is what is this idiocy of having this ID proof document issued on a drivers license form,
    stating it is not for driving but for ID purposes only, which in the state of Florida used to cost $16
    and now GOD only knows how much more and likewise elsewhere ????

    Why is it the law of the land in third and fourth world countries and not here ???
    Is it better to have people registering to vote as was reported not long ago by the same people
    who uncovered what was going on at ACORN, of people registering to vote in North Caroline
    without any proof of identity and registrars even refusing to look at the passport of the one
    reporting later what he experienced ????
    I remains now to try to prove (I don't know how) that people not entitled to vote did regardless…
    I guarantee Democraps will fight it tooth and nail as did our ineffable Attorney General but, ARE
    Rest assured most definitely I wouldn't lose any sleep over it…..

  • Thomas Wells

    How terribly insensitive and politically incorrect of you. The preferred term is now ": the PAVs- "Pre-Amnesty Votors

  • @lonemusketeer

    How did our founding fathers get this country? We will have to do the same thing. Obama may as well be King George.

  • Kelly

    During recent visits to my home state of Ohio, I have noticed an unusually rapid growth of a Latino population in the southwestern area alone. I was born and raised there so I know the history of the demographics of that area and I can tell you there was but a small handful of Latinos until recent years. It's almost as if they were placed there. When you grow up in a warm climate, you don't naturally gravitate toward a cold one, and to an area as comparatively obscure as Ohio, unless there is incentive to do so. Heck<, I'm FROM there and I couldn't handle the weather! Isn't it interesting that they decided to move all the way above the border to a state that happens to be so crucial in a presidential election? My home town and county has lost so much of its industry that it is job-barren so it couldn't be for employment opportunities. And the poor sheriff's hands are tied by the feds every time he tries to take action to clear out illegals. Hmmm. Maybe it's just all my imagination. Anyone got more koolaid?

    • Maxie

      See my post(s) above. Latinos are sprinkled around the US to areas far from our southern border. Many are in jobs that are dominated by the unions.

    • 9mmhipchick

      Hilda Solis DOL secretary and HUD housing director have been building low income housinf to which they now refer to as "Tax Credits" which is still taxpayers money. Yes Kelly they implant these people by having an hispanic manager. It happened here in my small town of bluffton just recently. Droves of illegals moved here from other states to move into these apartments built by HUD Housing.

      But what amazes me they require you to have a job.

  • Mary Sue

    Sun News' Ezra Levant just reported that Obama didn't win a single state that has Voter ID laws. Interesting.

    • Francesca

      NOT true. O won Colorado, and we do have voter ID>

      • 9mmhipchick

        But as you can see CO is one of the states that allowed VOTER FRAUD.

  • VJ dharmic

    The fact that the US hosts literally many millions of foreigners living illegally in the country, and the fact that there is no system in place to ensure that only citizens can vote (the honor system does not work with people without honor and who are used to gaming the system in their countries of origin), absolutely begs the question as to whether a lot of illegal aliens are indeed voting in and distorting our elections. The logic of the situation would suggest that they more than likely are doing so and that US elections are being determined by foreigners. This is an 800 pound gorilla in the room of US governance, and yet I have not seen one article in a main stream publication such as the NY Times that addresses this question. I find this very very fishy and suspect. It is absolutely not unreasonable to require people to prove that they are eligible to vote given the huge potential for fraud. I think we can assume that voter fraud is currently being committed against the American people unchecked and probably on a massive scale.

  • tanstaafl

    So nobody thought that "undocumented workers" would vote?

  • Pat C

    This simply cant be. Bill O'Reilly said illegals cant vote. /s

  • Dave Francis

    Yet President Obama wants even more money from hardworking taxpayers. Instead of pandering to illegal aliens—not legal immigrants or permanent residents, his Socialist party and the Republicans as well should vote into law “THE LEGAL WORKFORCE BILL” However this electronic business employment verification program should be unilateral between parties, it should shuffle illegal aliens out of the limited job market? The GOP just voted for more visas for high skilled workers of the STEM Variety (Scientists, Technology, Engineers and Math) So American taxpayers should lean on the Democrats and Republicans to revise the 2006 Secure Fence Act, but complete the circuit by making it a felony to enter this sovereign country. American taxpayers should demand both the Legal Workforce Act and the Birthright Citizenship bill, we will not only discourage further invasion from foreign countries, but will inhibit another need for a DREAM ACT in our future. As for a labor shortage in the field, it should be orderly and heavily regulated and absconders who came here for Agjobs, who run off should be heavily held accountable, including the visitor visor overstays who must be tracked. It will also send a signal to people across the globe, that they are not welcome here illegally anymore and we are not going to distribute welfare to them.

    As an additional impediment we the American People should be demanding passage of the “Birthright Citizenship Bill” so that pregnant illegal alien mothers cannot take advantage of our public entitlement programs unless one parent is already a U.S. citizen. No baby or young child cannot be given a free U.S. citizenship unless this rule is verified.. This unrealistic law was originally for the emancipation of slaves at the end of the civil war and hasn’t been adapted for this century and costs American taxpayers $113 billion dollars. Its ill conceived when citizens are the homeless and living on our dangerous streets and illegal aliens can collect welfare payments for babies and low income housing. Entitlements for the illegal poor have sky rocketed, as well as the human parasites that live amongst us feeding of our taxes. Just judge California’s “open Door” policy mess of a growing huge deficit. Of course people who can get something for nothing, is going to vote for the “entitlement” President that has allowed his czars to give out “food stamps” like candy and free cell phones.

    A few prudent taxpayers are ignored, but if we approach the feds and state politicians in mass, they had better start listening to the core. We can no longer accept paying for shirkers, the spongers and illegal aliens or anybody who threaten this great counties prosperity?

    From Stephen Frank website at California News & Views on 11/30/2012

    California is in a Depression. Some are trying to make believe massive Federal and State tax increases, unions; illegal aliens a non happening to the “recovery”. “Over the past decade, the state has lost ground in employment and taxable income to economic rivals, especially Texas. Internal Revenue Service data show that California lost more than $4 billion in personal income to Texas from 2000 to 2010. Nevada netted more than $5.6 billion at California’s expense. Arizona gained nearly $5 billion. For a state that depends heavily on the personal income tax, these losses are significant. They also point to broader problems in the state’s business climate. People tend to move mainly for economic reasons, such as jobs or cost of living.”


  • Dave Francis

    As far as I am concerned President Obama’s leading ranks of voters were the majority of those who are classed as “Freeloaders’”? Not the elderly, not the handicapped or infirm, but those who have learned to play the welfare system. They are also the people who think adding to the most incredulous deficit Washington has ever wrought, with Obama striding out the most insane definition of a free ride for everybody. One of Obama’s plans placed before the Republicans today was a blank check, to continuing the spending disaster.We cannot even pay the advancing U.S. treasury bills, let alone more additional trillions of dollars this administration has in mind. Yet this Congress could do much more, such as restricting illegal aliens with children literary stealing 4.2 Billion dollars annually in child tax credits and the IRS completely ignoring such outlandish behavior. In that this year alone illegal alien families could benefit under the “ADDITIONAL CHILD CREDIT” loophole for the sum of 7.4 Billion, even when in many occasions the child or children live outside the jurisdiction of the United States. “Citizens against Government Waste” a non-profit research organization have pinpointed hundreds of billions of dollars in overlapping agencies in government, both doing the same thing and many other wasteful taxpayer dollars going down the proverbial government drain. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AR) co-sponsored a bill earlier this year to bar illegal immigrants from receiving tax credits, but the bill was blocked from reaching the floor by Nevada Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

  • philip bergen

    illegals voting cancel out a legitimate vote by a citizen

  • 44219
  • Dave Francis


    Here is yet another reason
    why this immigration Senate Reform bill MUST be stopped. Here are some facts in
    the bill you will never hear from the Leftist media. According to the
    Immigration Senate bill—Amnesty, it represents another fraudulent Amnesty played
    upon the American people as in the 1986 Reform and Control Act. The
    Simpson-Mazzoli bill was stringent on enforcement, but in truth nothing was
    done. No employer enforcement as corruption was rampant, just as it is today. The worst case Scenario is California, which
    has been become a sickening joke, beginning enacting a law on January 1st
    allowing illegal aliens to practice law? WHAT CRAP IS THAT?

    1. They are not required to
    learn English; they only have to bring a receipt for a class they paid? Not prove
    they passed or attended the classes.

    2. Unbelievably it’s
    permissible to have criminal records. Up to 3 misdemeanors and 1
    “light” felony; which including drug possession and sexual assault.
    That means those criminals who stole a citizen or legal residents Social
    Security Number is forgiven, even they caused tremendous anxiety and limitless
    frustration trying to proof to financial entities and the government, that they
    were the PREY?

    3. They will allow gang
    members if they sign a piece of paper that says they promise to stay away from
    gang activities and leave the gang. No gang member should be exempt from
    prosecution and deportation.

    4. They WILL be entitled to
    welfare programs if they are pregnant, disabled, mentally ill, elderly, single
    mothers, getting a GED, learning a skill or trade, etc. That means they can
    apply for Food Stamps, citizen benefits including access to the Affordable Care
    Act (Obamacare). Already many laws have been slyly crafted so pregnant illegal
    aliens and overstays, once their visa expired can apply for every citizen
    entitlement for their child-children, is the most expensive program costing
    hundreds of billions of dollars. THIS SUPPLEMENTS THE INCOME OF LOW INCOME

    5. The most disgusting to
    comprehend about the gang of eight 2013 Senate bill: All the additional funding
    for border control can be waived by the next director of Homeland Security, the
    second he/she feels the border is secure enough. This bill does nothing to stop
    overstayed visas which are 40% of all illegal aliens today.

    6. They will not have to pay
    any back taxes or fines if they can’t prove their income falls below the
    poverty line.

    2014: Immigration Reform
    Without Compassion and Common Sense is Un-American –So Is Violating the Law.

    By Stephen Frank on 12/31/2013

    The Left has always seen
    criminals as romantic figures. The rich
    of New York held a fund raiser at the home of Leonard Bernstein
    for the Black Panthers. The elite of
    D.C. had little trouble with Che Guevara.
    Drug dealers and users are seen as victims of society and union goon are
    looked at as freedom fighters.

    Illegal aliens are
    criminals. They stole ID’s, use phony
    ID’s, and steal health care, education and jobs. They lie on government forms and job
    applications. All of this would put us
    in jail—the Left prefers giving s a reward, citizenship, for criminal
    activity. They you have parents
    abandoning their children—and instead of demanding the parents take the
    children back to their native land, the Left wants the criminals to be rewarded
    with staying in this country AND have their children with them. So much so, that the Obama Administration has
    been caught using the Border Patrol to smuggle criminals, illegal aliens INTO
    the United
    States. Why should Americans obey the laws, when
    government protects law breakers from other nations? The ONLY solution to the
    corruption maintained in both political parties, is electing more TEA PARTY
    politicians who follow stringently the “RULE of LAW and the dictates of the
    U.S. Constitution.

  • Jack Perry

    Right…. they didn’t know what they signed up for, yet they have not taken any steps to remove themselves either.

    I suppose that kind of lying deserves a special grammy award.

  • Yeppen Waltz

    Illegal aliens are scammers, can’t be trusted and must go home. I witnessed with my own ears and eyes a ‘Survey Taker’ sign up a man to vote by simply asking him if he was a US citizen and did he have ID. The man answered that ‘yes’ he was a citizen but did not have ID. This survey taker told him ‘that’s alright’ as long as you know your ID #, the man scribbled down a number and the survey taker proceeded to tell him that he was now officially signed up to vote and would receive his voting information in the mail!! America, we are being robbed of our right to CHOOSE WHO represents us!!!! Rise up, and hit the phones and hit the streets in legal civil unrest/protest! The time has come.

  • kr

    Disgusting. I actually think that the Democratic party should be banned from future elections for 10 years or so for promoting illegal behavior. The two party system is a total and complete joke anyways. The focus of all candidates is to win at any cost. They will say anything, any lie, they will do anything, even give the country away, just to win. They spend their time generating Bills with auxiliary provisions that the other side will never sign up to just to embarrass the other side (like the recent jobs bills filled with extreme spending provisions stuck in at the end). Both sides do it. And then there is the speaker of the Senate who wont even bring Bills up for a vote that cast a bad image on his party. (the Rs passed an immigration Bill months ago) The US federal government is an abomination. I cant even listen to this garbage any more, now that I know how things work. Truly bad people in a broken system. It cant be fixed now.

  • MLM

    Well here we are a year later and illegals stole the vote in California. I want to know how to get this rolling and file a criminal report……