How Obama’s ‘DREAMers’ Will Get Social Security Numbers and Become Legal Residents

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DREAMers have a functioning social security number. Only the physical social security card will reveal that that social security number is to be used temporarily, said Vaughan after reading SSA’s statement.

Vaughan said that the scarcely used E-Verify system would be able to flag DREAMers, but currently only about ten percent of employers use the system. E-Verify is a web-based system that compares the information on their prospective employees employment form to government data, including Social Security data.

President Obama has generally been resistant to fully implementing E-Verify while Mitt Romney has pledged to work until it’s 100% implemented.

The path is not completely clear for the DREAMers, however. They won’t be able to get driver’s licenses in all states. Arizona first took the lead, and since then Nebraska, Mississippi, and Texas have followed suit. All four states have banned new DREAMers from being eligible for state welfare benefits, food stamps, unemployment, and getting a driver’s license.

On June 15, 2012, President Obama used a Rose Garden speech to announce a new policy that effectively put into place administratively what he and congressional Democrats had failed to do legislatively his entire first term in office: make the DREAM Act a reality. By doing so, he gave temporary legal status along with two years of work authorization to millions of illegal aliens that came to the United States with their parents. The policy took full effect on August 15. It’s estimated as many as 1.7 million illegal aliens will be able to apply for the new program, called a “deferred action.”

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  • Russ P.

    The executive branch has the right to decide, behind closed doors and within limits, which laws to enforce. It does not have the right to announce publicly that it will not enforce certain laws. That's tantamount to bypassing Congress and writing its own laws.

    Shouldn't that be obvious? How does O get away with this? What if a Republican president announced that the IRS will just quit enforcing the capital gains tax? Can you imagine the howls we would hear from the left?

    • Rebas Thgil

      How O gets away with it is that the main stream media is completely in the tank for O. The main stream media has lost its objectivity and therefore has disqualified itself from being the main stream media, but we the end consumers have not been commensurately vigilant, discerning, critical or influential enough to call them out and correct this obvious (to me) disfunctionality.

      We have all of the infrastructure in place for a dictatorial takeover and the vast majority of us are asleep at the wheel, completely oblivious to the ramifications of the parallelts between this and the rise of the third reich.

  • Schlomotion

    This article says:

    "President Obama has generally been resistant to fully implementing E-Verify while Mitt Romney has pledged to work until it’s 100% implemented."

    What it does not say is:

    "On 31 August 2007, the program began to include biometric data to help enhance searches. "

    So, if as the article implies, the desired candidate wins office, all Americans will be subject to biometric identification in order to work in their own country of birth. If you are born in America and want to work to eat, you are guilty of being a Mexican until you prove yourself innocent with your biometric data and thereby lease the privilege to work from the government.

    • Roger

      Does the rule of law irritate you?

      • Schlomotion

        When it does not stand in full opposition to rule by divine right, yes, it does irritate me.

        At its heart, Rule of Law is meant to say that the leaders of the republic are not above the law. It is meant to say that if supreme power is vested in the hands of some citizens and not others, that those few should be servants of the laws.

        Mind you, that Nazi Germany had the Rule of Law and one of their laws was to have a Fuhrer and concentration camps, and that all these things were done by executive order.

        Now, in our fine country, the United States, the ever vague expression "Rule of Law" means that the duly elected representatives in each branch of our government must stay within their Constitutionally limited powers, and respect rights of individuals enumerated in the Bill of Rights and also not trample those unenumerated rights also held by the people. Certainly they should not do things like revoke Posse Comitatus, Miranda, Freedom of Assembly, Habeas Corpus or elements of Common Law and the Magna Carta.

        Your plea to the "Rule of Law" while our duly elected leaders are bumped off and shoved over by bribed leaders who rule by Plutocracy and not by Representative Democratic Republican principles is a bad plea. When the Congress is staffed by Plutocrats who write laws because companies and lobbyists purchase the laws, when the President writes law by Fuhrer Principle and Executive Order, when Police no longer "protect and serve" but rather act as a welfare state, a union and a warrior class, when the Constitution is suspended by a State of Emergency and nobody can elect those people who run the USA through a Continuity of Government, and when Free Speech is limited to Zones, everyone has to show biometric identification to engage in the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, when the right to keep and bear arms is infringed in many of the states, and when all rights unenumerated belong to the Bilderberg Group, the CFR, the CIA, and the Fortune 500…

        We do not have the rule of law in the United States. So what are you barking about?

        • Roger

          Divine right?
          And who do you consider divine? Mohammed? Not going to work for us Schlo, the declaration of independence is a great case for how western thought decides what is divine. And my God given rights can't be infringed on because you think your divinity demands it.

          And that rule of law in the US means even in Dearborn when they want to stone Christians for disagreeing with them, or when someone wants to walk a dog in a park.

          • Schlomotion

            I know you can't track the discussion. I fault your Hesperia Christian School and your College of the Desert education. I have said a number of times that I don't give a fig about Muhammad, and am a caucasian atheist from Boston. Unfortunately, your substandard Christian education cannot process a discussion that for you wants to just be an attack on a different religion. You think that because you grew up near sand and palm trees and they taught God in school that the whole world is like that, except for the upside world of Muslims where they grew up near sand and palm trees and taught God in school. You tried as quickly as possible to bring up Rule of Law and then get out of that portion of debate when you found out that somebody knows what it means.

          • Roger

            Schlo, you really can't have an honest debate on issues, can you?

            You know I'm right and since you can't show I'm wrong you go off in the typical muslim style personal attacks.

            And you didn't show my background was bad either. So why spread it all out? Do you really think I'm not aware that the trista parsi style of people haven't been checking on me? Go ahead, if you have something to say then say it.

            But in the meantime you're still a muslim friendly troll that can't keep up with the facts on the ground or defend in any meaningful way the regressive religion that wants to destroy what civilization has done since the 8th century.

          • Schlomotion

            I thought we were honestly debating the Rule of Law, but you flipped out into religious fundamentalist psychobabble. I realize now that when you said "rule of law" you meant it like you mean phrases like "trista parsi" and "facts on the ground." You cobble together phrases that you read on blogs and hear on TV from the Centcom feed and you don't really know things, you chirp. Have fun with what you manage to barely absorb from our civilization, have fun with your wannabe policeman's mustache, and your obsession with Muslims.

          • Roger

            When you mentioned the rule by divine right in the first sentence you demanded that it be addressed.

            And you still can't defend your position so you revert to personal attacks. You can't defend your position, can you?

          • davarino

            I am beginning to understand why fewer people respond to Slowmo, because arguing with him is like trying to grab a wet bar of soap. He's not really here to have an honest debate, he is here to spread lies and disinformation. He is obviously an America hater and like his hero Obama would like to see it radically changed.

          • Roger

            I was told by someone who used a guest sign in (not a regular commenter) that Patriot here and several others worked for:
            And were involved with Trista Parsi.

            Now there are like three of them that keep ragging on me saying I spell his name wrong. They are very touchy about it considering they wont' admit they work for him.

            It's propaganda. Can you imagine during ww2 if people believed the tokyo rose? We're fighting the same kind of battle here on these forums.

          • Schlomotion

            So basically by being exceedingly dumb you hope to not understand anything that might be subversive were you to comprehend it? Like Rule of Law?

            Funny you should see yourself as battling Tokyo Rose. Tokyo Rose was an American citizen detained but released for lack of evidence. Then she was convicted for treason based on false testimony and later pardoned by one of the more hawkish Presidents of the United States.

            Is that your hope? That I might be arrested for treason for statements that the Department of Justice would say are innocuous? So, you battle people if and only if they are the wrong people, and only with the hope of lying? And you say you wage this "battle" by associating people with Iranians?

            Has this ever worked out for you?

          • Roger

            You are so sad.
            Tokyo Rose lied in the most cheerful way while supporting the losers.

            And you're so exceedingly dumb you pretended not to know that. Instead like all muslim friendly trolls you thought you could easily misdirect and confuse.

            It doesn't work that way, not here and not any more. In the last 20 years the world has become much more aware of islam, so you will have to do better than that.

  • oldtimer

    Just another way to get more votes in Nov. for 0…And not showing ID. I have to show ID to get into the big box stores, but not to vote….Anyone with open eyes can see this.

  • Lfox328

    We need to, IF it proves impossible to send those people home, find a way to track their progress in the US – give them a distinctive SS # prefix.

    Later, use those as tracking numbers – how many find, and keep jobs? How many later are involved in crimes, petty or not? How many father children/have children that are on government handouts? How many actually end up finishing college? How many are broke and on welfare?

    In short, how many become citizens who contribute to the public good, and how many are a drain – financial and otherwise – on America?

    If it cannot be stopped, at least salvage the ability to use it to guide future legislation.

  • cynthia curran

    I hate to say this but George W Bush made this possible with his several attempts at legalization.

    • Roger

      Bush was no conservative, but at least he wasn't deliberately a traitor. He was just to worried about reaching across the aisle.

      • Rebas Thgil

        I'm considering the application of 'deliberately' as I ponder yesterday's revelation that GHWB was pro agenda 21 and signatory to it. -At least in light of the idea that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

        In my mind it is clear that anyone who would knowingly subordinate our Constitution and national soveriegnty to the cabal of communist thugs at the U.N. is no less than a traitor, so yes, I guess you could say that I'm calling out GHWB and considering the implications against junior by association. Outside of that association, we have had a few years to see what some of the aftereffects of the patriot act are, and that effort of juniors' stands on its own merit.

  • Betty

    yew if these people were honest to start with we wouldn't have this problem and if our gove was honest he would stop this mess all he is after is the votes he doesn't really don't care about these people. after he gets back in he will be done with them.

  • cynthia curran

    Obama using the dream act crowd, a lot of them are so left that they protested any deportation by Obama. The Dream act crowd leadership is pretty hard left they belong to La Raza, Mecha and other radical hispanic groups that support a kind of socialism and many that were able to vote in the Mexican Elections voted for the guy further to the left of the PRI..

  • Yosuar

    These "people " were brought to this country as children some as young as 1 or even a few months. I like to know how they had a say in coming to this country? Have you all heard of that law school student who paid his way through ucla law? I mean some Americans won't even graduate from high school. I honestly think these "people" deserve what they are getting and in a way deserve more.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    How many of the illegal youths will come forward in this program, would it not identify their families
    as illegal and their actions a red flag towards future trouble aka, deportation? This is one of the
    bad policies of open borders. Our own government has not done it's job of protecting America
    and shows itself to be full of failed people with failed policies. The government elites claim sending
    our troops halfway around the World is protecting America while terrorists stroll into America and
    set up shop within a population of millions of illegals. We have to many problems to think for a
    second that our government officials have not sold us out…………………………………William