The Deadly Consequences of the Left’s Pro-Illegal Alien Agenda

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More than four years after his son was brutally murdered by an illegal alien, Jamiel Shaw Sr. has watched as his home state of California has become more, not less, friendly to illegal aliens.  With AB 1081 on the cusp of becoming law, Shaw is speaking out and warning people that if it becomes law more families will experience the same tragedy his family has endured.

“It’s the exact same problem that happened with my son,” said Shaw Sr. in an interview with Front Page Magazine. AB 1081 will effectively end cooperation between the State of California and Immigration and Customs Enforcement on ICE detainers.

ICE detainers are holds, up to two business days, that ICE places on municipal prisoners that ICE wants in their custody. Suspected illegal aliens who would otherwise be released, be it because they made bail or because their prison sentences ended, are instead held for up to two more business days with these detainers so that ICE officials can come and get them.

The controversy in mostly far-left precincts started when the Secure Communities program, first introduced under President George Bush, saw enormous growth under President Barack Obama. Secure Communities gives ICE finger-tip access to all sorts of personal data for any municipal prisoner in the Secure Communities network. Currently about eighty percent of all counties have signed up for Secure Communities.

Once a suspected illegal alien is identified by ICE, the normal procedure is to put an ICE detainer on that individual. In so doing, the municipal prison would hold that prisoner rather than releasing them at the end of their prison sentence.

Far-left groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) cried foul. They claimed that Secure Communities was being used to target suspected illegal aliens who committed minor traffic violations like speeding.

In response, a growing number of liberal municipalities and states passed laws ending, or at least significantly curbing, their cooperation with ICE detainers. Governor Cuomo of New York signed an executive order ending cooperation between his state and ICE on detainers. The results there were deadly.   Luis Rodriguez-Flamenco, 24, an illegal alien, killed a woman outside a Wal-Mart in Albion, New York after he was released from prison because an ICE detainer was ignored.

The legislature in Cook County, which includes Chicago, passed a similar ordinance in September 2011 with comparable results. In November, Saul Chavez was released from prison and promptly missed his next court date. He’s now considered a fugitive, believed to be back in his native Mexico. In June, he viciously and violently killed a pedestrian, Denny McCann, while driving drunk as McCann attempted to cross the street. Chavez took a breathalyzer that evening and registered a .27, almost three times the legal limit. McCann, 68 at the time of his death, was dragged about two hundred feet before dying. Chavez was released because an ICE detainer was ignored as a result of the Cook County ordinance.

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  • sononthe_beach

    Proof, as if we needed more of it, that California voters and the liberals they elect are on a one-way course to economic and social destruction. They have no idea of what they are doing. They have only a blind faith in a utopian ideology that has failed throughout history, and is failing them now. A real-life analogy is demonstrated in the deaths of over 900 koolaid drinkers in Guyana, which event was orchestrated by the Rev. Jim Jones. The mindset was the same—emotional, illogical, and moonbeam.

    • grayzel

      Yah, but it feels like the right thing to do!

      • Roger

        La Raza approved this message.

  • PaulRevereNow

    In the meantime, while this nonsense is going on with the ACLU, ICE, and local police, the government–state and federal–is busy trying to take our guns away. So we're not only supposed to give ourselves up to be butchered by any illegal out for an afternoon's sport; we don't(or won't) have the right to defend ourselves. American citizens are abused in so many ways lately, it makes one want to puke. However, there might be one MAN left in California. State assemblyman Bill Duplissea, Republican from San Mateo, would support Jamiel Shaw, Sr.

  • curmudgeon

    our criminal elite worship at the altar of illegal immigration, but that is only the smaller part of the problem. at the same time that our criminal elite are winking at illegal immigration, they are actively encouraging, aiding, abetting, and lauding the LEGAL immigration of toxic muslims, who are sworn enemies of our country, and dedicated to its overthrow.

  • EthanP

    One must wonder why federal funds are not witheld from these lawbreakers.

    • Roger

      One must wonder not just that, but why Arizona was attacked and our own government sided with Mexico when the legal case against Arizona went forward.

      Obama seems to support anyone but legitimate hard working Americans.

  • Your Inner Voice

    Pointing fingers at the leftists pushing the elimination of borders (borders being the difference between “allowed” and “not allowed”) the elimination of consequences for violation of American sovereign territory is not just a treason of the Left. So-called “Republicans” need to start dealing with their own sins, and Bush/McVain/Grahmnesty/ Cornyn are all sinners on this issue, and Romney seemed VERY ready to consider Rubio (an “immigration reform” pusher, and Constitutionally disqualified from the VP slot) as VP candidate, not to mention Romney getting caught employing illegals back in Taxachussetts days. Everyone seems to have forgotten the transnational Superhighway project pushed under Bush (and still simmering quietly on a back burner), the brutal abuses of laws WE must follow of foreign trucks running our highways with drivers that can’t read English, driving trucks that U.S. operators would never be allowed to drive.

    This is NOT just a “Leftist” issue, and the traitors who would leave our borders open, in effect, should be smoked out and named no matter what party they are from. The move to deny the Middle Eastern countries that now call us “enemy” the BILLIONS in aid that we are still sending them was soundly defeated in the Senate by BOTH parties by around 85%. They are killing our people and we are paying them to do it. That is the very definition of the close of our civilization. “America commits suicide.”

    I get really, really tired of RINOs (5 Trillion spent by Obama in four years had to come from somewhere, and the House has been solidly Republican for two years) shouting and pointing fingers at commie-lib Dems and then doing or acquiescing to the EXACT same things. It becomes very easy for people to become cynical and disbelieving when RINOs call themselves “conservatives” when the are Democrat-lite.

    • jose


  • jose

    Face the reality of the situation. Obama and his administration let these murders occur. Just get used to more of the same.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, the left is more guilty since it will not deport illegal immigrants that committed crimes in the us but the right is not off the hook either since President Bush wanted to legalized millions that already were involved in Identify Theft. But the left and right have been bad on this issue to please the government of Mexico that receives billions in remittances money or trying to get the Hispanic vote and pleasing companies that prefer to hire illegal immigrants..

  • angst

    Obama prattles on about global warming ,strengthing the middle class and Obamacare while undermining everyone of those subjects by allowing illegals to roam here freely.
    Every illegal leaves an average of 8 lbs of trash behind crossing the border.
    They have re-introduced diseases into our society -including bubonic plague, antobiotic resistant TB,whopping cough and bed bugs.
    There are over 4 million known drug cartel members here.
    ID theft by illegals is now our #1 crime .
    28% of fatal car accidents are caused by illegals.
    46% of illegals are on welfare and Obama opened SS Disability more so they can receive it.
    59% of illegals have children and remain single to abuse entitlements,the average length of time they remain on welfare is 8 years .They have 4 children for every 1 child born to citizens .
    China is producing fake drivers licenses now and selling the to illegals (IL).
    Illegals file an average of 4 million $ in fraudulent income tax returns .
    But hey Obama bought himself as easy 5 million votes.

  • Jim

    Such injustice by the California is the result of political Gerrymandering that keeps the left in office until they get old and die.
    It should also be noted that the assassination of Shaw was just a paet of a greater program by Mexican gangs to purge Black people from the gangs domains.

    The results of evil politics.

  • Ura Fecal

    Well, people get the government they deserve. I wonder if Shaw Sr. was a life long voting Democrat, and whether he still votes that way. There are plenty of white and asian Democratic voters that are middle class taxpayers and will continue to vote Democratic until the day their personal and financial safety is totally destroyed.

    At this point, only a total break down and civil war will turn the tide; or the taxpayers refusing to pay taxes, just like the original Colonists. Reading the Founding Fathers and Tocqueville, they predicted this and provided a remedy.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, its not Gerrymandering that doing this only but changing demographics to white liberals, Hispanics and Asians and the dumb Republicans helped the Democratic do this in California way back in 1986 when Reagan legalized millions.

  • cynthia curran

    What about Hispanics when they are middle class they tend to vote Democratic as much as Asians yet the Republican Party is always wanting to get the Hispanic vote. Steve Sailer wrotemore middle class Whittier Hispanics in La County vote Democratic compared to the White people of Whittier that tend to vote Repubican..

  • Ghostwriter

    It isn't going to be native-born Americans who are going to be hurt by this. Legal immigrants will also be in danger because of this silly worship of illegal immigrants. It should be the native-born Americans and the LEGAL aliens we should care about,not the illegal ones.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The left passes laws that obstruct any safety for our citizens and cite safety passing laws that
    allow government to place our children in danger at the hands of murdering criminals. If
    Americans have not completely lost the ability to tell right from wrong we may have a chance
    voting out leftists this election. The division of right and wrong creates a tension that eventually
    creates a divide so deep it leeds to bloody civil strife and dissolution, just what the left is
    working toward, the fight between good and evil goes on……………….William