Two-Thirds of New Jobs Go to Legal & Illegal Immigrants

Even with economic stagnation, the Obama administration has continued approving an elevated level of Green Cards. This has caused the overwhelming majority of new jobs to go to immigrants (both legal and illegal), according to a new study.

A study by Steve Camarota and Karen Zeigler of the Center for Immigration Studies has concluded that two-thirds of the new people employed during the Obama administration were immigrants.

“A new analysis of government data shows that two-thirds of the net increase in employment since President Obama took office has gone to immigrant workers, primarily legal immigrants.”

Camarota, in an interview with Front Page Magazine, said that the study used the Household Survey, released monthly by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in the Commerce Department. The Household Survey randomly calls households in the US on a monthly basis and asks who is and isn’t employed in any given household. By that measure, there were 2.88 million more people employed at the end of the third quarter of 2012 as there were at the beginning of the first quarter of 2009 (the time measured by the CIS study). Of those, 1.94 million new jobs went to immigrants and only 938,000 went to native born individuals.

Over the same time frame, the Obama administration has maintained elevated levels of Green Card approvals. From 2008-2011, about 4.3 million Green Cards were approved, cited the study. Camarota said that the combination of a stagnant economy at the same time there were elevated levels of legal immigrants flowing into the country meant that most of the jobs wound up going to immigrants.

“You end up with a situation where there’s some growth in jobs, but it goes almost exclusively to foreigners.”

The study cited three specific policies of the Obama administration that will continue to contribute to this dynamic. First, the Obama administration, as a matter of policy, doesn’t detain illegal workers when the administration audits businesses that hire illegal immigrants. The administrative DREAM Act that President Obama announced in June 2012 has produced 200,000 new applications for legal immigration so far. Finally, the administration fought against the Arizona’s SB1070 immigration law, which requires each employer to verify the legal status of each new employee.

Camarota pointed out that Obama, in part, inherited this problem. About 44% of all new jobs under the Bush administration were found by immigrants, the study found. The study argued that Obama continued to implement the same immigration policies from good economic times even though the economy had turned.

“This president, like those before him, has chosen not to reduce immigration despite the worst job market since the Great Depression. While natives have done better in the labor market recently, there remain a very large number of native-born Americans not working,” said the study.

While Camarota believes the conclusions of his study point to an urgent need, he said he’s found little appetite to address this issue in Congress, even among Republicans. Camarota said that Lamar Smith has been the only voice sounding the alarm on this issue.

“There are some in Congress like Lamar Smith that have been willing to talk about this, but not many more.”

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  • pierce

    2/3's of all new jobs go to legal and illegal immigrants because they are not afraid to work, in other words they are hungry and eager to prove their worth. Americans to a degree, are more interested now in entitlements, and what they can get away with. Not completely true, but a lot closer than you think. After-all, this is the land of opportunity.

    • Sharmeeka

      You a lyin dog, Pierce!

      • Mary Sue

        what he lyin about, lemme axe you?

    • Cerise Rowan

      I've worked with a lot of recent immigrants who are working the system… getting free job training, free medical and advantages like special low interest loans to start up businesses (California)… and they hire their own nationals… the local Asian markets do not employ long term Americans, amuses me, if they were white owned people would be complaining.
      Many I've worked with get "assistance", and they seem to have money..nice cars, iPhones, trips to the casinos while the rest of us cut back… but they get housing, medical, education… the utility companies even give free appliances to those on assistance.
      The opportunities and being dished out to people who just got here to the loss of those whose families have contributed for generations. Calif has set aside tuition money for illegals, not for students with the best grades but for illegals… three people I work with have been through several years of free classes to train them for mammography, pharmacy assistant, etc… all a part of their welfare.
      It is really hard to watch as many of us struggle to get by.

  • Linda

    I believe it is a goal of the Oama Administration to destroy the White man in the USA. That is why we in the USA are seeing the Obama administration making it harder and harder to operate or start a small business. Small business is where the White Man countered Affirmative Action.

    • Ghostwriter

      Please,Linda. Can't you make your case WITHOUT resorting to racism?

    • Sunbeam

      In short Americans would be marginalize or sideline. The immigrants would be having a bigger slice of the pie. What a sad story indeed.

  • Spider

    You may be right on this one. I wonder how many people know that 40% of black males in this country don't work and many have not worked in generations. Basically this was a payoff to blacks to avert a race war which was threatened many times. So then to make up for the loss of workforce we needed to import millions of illegals to do the work.

    When bush said the illegals are just " taking the jobs Americans won't do" he was right..

  • Schlomotion

    The immigration issue is a red herring. The real threat to American's self-sufficiency in earning a stable income comes not from immigrants but from our elected leaders. One might try to argue that our elected leaders sell us out to illegal immigrants, but still, that argument pales in comparison to the damage done to Americans by bad Federal Reserve policy, bailouts of dishonest banks, protection of people like Jon Corzine, and the inclusion of foreign agents in our base of diplomats and advisors who constantly advise that we be at war and converting the common wealth into weapons and surveillance systems.

    • Mary Sue

      wow, be still my beating heart, Schlo actually makes sense in a post! Except for the last bit about being at war.

  • cynthiacurran

    I hate to tell you guys but illegal immirgants can be lazy , years ago my father hired tem to do the lawn and it took them for years and the also got a free meal. In Los Angeles and Orange County cities with a lot of illegal immirgants go to the emergency room for health care,get WIC when they are going to have children and Los Angeles Unified and Anaheim and Santa Ana unified have at least 67 to 90 percent of the children or grand children of illegal immirgants on the free and reduce lunch program.Most white areas of LA or Orange have only 6 to 20 percent. Libertarians tend to forget that illegal immirgants with low skilled jobs have babies and usually 3 versus the us 2.

  • cynthiacurran

    Also, illegal immirrgants are doing jobs that a lot of Americans do at 16 to23 years old. like fastfood. No wonder when they have a family in their 30's and 40's they need government help for food for their kids or healthcare. Teens and people in their early 20's that work a job like fastfood are less likely to be rising a family on their income than illegal immirgants that sometimes in high rent La or Orange County might have two families living in a 3 bedroom apartment.

    • Cerise Rowan

      Agree, it is easy for them to take a low paying job when they get housing, medical, food stamps… I can't compete since I have to pay for it all myself. I had a utility bill recently saying those on assistance can receive free appliances… my tax money at work to give people what I cannot afford myself.

  • RobinKed

    Thank the Good Lord that obobo-the-Clown IS headed Out the doooor….!!!

  • Brittanicus


    What are we getting ourselves into, if President Obama returns to the Capital? The major issue that is a threat to America’s economy is the promise of Obama in approving a passage of amnesty for the 20 million or more of illegal aliens who have illicitly settled in the United States. The fact that neither party will enact E-Verify, part of the LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT, which would ensure illegal aliens, will not no longer be stealing jobs from the 7.9 citizens or legal residents? ICE will prosecute employers to the full extent of the law, if only this bill becomes a nationwide event; same as THE BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP BILL. Both bills are held up and not going the floor, as both political parties are held hostage by the Senate majority speaker Nevada’s Harry Reid and the upper elites in the Republican Party. The public gets no say in the matter as the special interests groups buy their votes.

    A straightforward adjustment to the BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP BILL would eliminate pregnant women smuggling their unborn into America. If every parent who slips past our border guards or hops off a plane on our soil would think differently knowing that unless they were citizens, their child could not collect a path to citizenship. Annually around 400.000 women smuggle their unborn into America, attracted by all the free welfare programs including the hospital delivery. The Present law that is driven by the 14th Amendment brings in pregnant woman that has led eventually to the DREAM ACT and hundreds of thousands of kids are passed onto the taxpayer. This seemingly innocent invasion will never end, unless the people of this nation speak up and do something. Taxpayers are the payee for every migrant and illegal immigrant who reaches this country, but the Democrats and GOP just allow it to continue. The only opponents are the TEA PARTY who are slowly gaining headway, inside the Republican Party and ousting incumbents.

    According to reports thousands of officials will be out in force to guard against voter fraud. The problem as I see it, is how do they detect election irregularities when individuals are transported in from other counties to another where they once lived as the voter rolls may not have been purged or the easiest and simple serious shenanigans using the absentee ballot? It should be recognized that illegal aliens are going to be on the chopping block if Obama doesn’t win? Therefore, my opinion is that foreign nationals and other non citizens have much to lose, so they are likely to caste an illegal vote? In tight or close races especially in swing states, these will be a predominant hit, as this could change the direction of the election?

    The Liberal media stays silent about another amnesty being pressed by Obama in a possible next term and major news is severely suppressed such as the Benghazi murderous carnage. Of course the truth about this terrible incident has been carefully concealed by the main stream press as the general election closes in? They have no intentions of causing a storm before the voting is caste. Three men plus the Ambassador, who ended up dead, continuously demanded help from the U.S. government that was denied. Investigate the facts of this awful issue at FOXNEWS or complete a search on any major Search Engine. Same with the energy industry who have been intimidated by Obama’s goons in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that have placed obstacles for requested permits. Readers only have to look at the governmental impediments to run the Canadian pipeline of oil supplies to Texas. That gas prices keep rising, because Obama’s liberal Czars think that Windmills, Solar and other forms of green energy could take the place of fossil fuels? Nobody is saying that green energy resources will not assist in maintaining our need for alternative fuels, but right now we need the best thing we have and that is petroleum, natural gas and the abundance of coal?

    Gasoline, natural gas and clean coal are in demand now and have been cut back, because of the involvement with the environmentalists. Then we have the “Fast and Furious” gun running controversy. High powered weapons ending up in the hands of the drug cartels and blood on the hands of some top officials. Maybe not Obama directly involved in these actions, except his idea to give every American and illegal alien a right to nationalized health care, which will be a monolithic burden around the neck of every taxpayer and businesses alike. Its not right that the U.S. courts can force on all taxpayers, over 113 billion dollars a year to support foreign nationals. Its no right that we must indulge illegal aliens and their children for their rest of their lives. DOESN'T THIS GOVERNMENT UNDERSTAND, OR ANY PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION, POLITICIAN, ELECTED OFFICIAL COMPREHEND THAT BY CONTINUOUSLY FINANCING ILLEGAL ALIENS, WITH WELFARE AND OTHER PUBLIC FUNDS THAT THE WELCOME MAT WILL ATTRACT THE POVERTY AND THE DESPERATE OF OTHER NATIONS. STEM workers, or the highly trained Scientists, Technology, engineering and mathematicians will never be on the welfare rolls, so they can always find a place in our society. The others who think we owe them a living from whatever their origin, should self deport or finally find themselves in cuffs being transported.

  • pierce

    Sharmeeka, you must be one of those lazy ass dogs with your hand out (begging).

  • cynthiacurran

    Well, Pierce I use to live in Orange County Ca and the illegal alien population instead of being hard workers in places like Santa Ana and Anaheim got a lot of free stuff like clothes and cell phones because they had kids in the us. A lot of the kids of the illegal immigrants are involved in gangs, we are tired of open borders people like you that support illegal aliens that have anchor baby kids that take the dole more than whites,