Violent Offenders Let Go Under New Obama Immigration Policy

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This might explain why DHS released a suspected child molester last year. In August 2011, DHS took custody of Amado Espinoza-Ramirez from Cook County officials. At the time of the transfer, Espinoza-Ramirez was charged with a number of offenses including rape of a child under 13, sexual assault with the use of force, and sexual relations within the family. DHS released Espinoza-Ramirez shortly after taking him into their custody. He’s since missed court dates and DHS considers him a fugitive.

Espinoza-Ramirez has not yet been convicted of any crimes despite facing numerous child molestation charges.

Crane said that while the administration has made their DREAM Act policy appear humane, its actual implementation has been something totally different.

“It’s a disaster. It’s a train wreck how it’s implemented in the field.” He continued, “The policies they put out don’t reflect what’s happening in the field.”

One difficulty, said Crane, is that ICE agents are forced to accept anything a suspected illegal alien tells them.

“If we make contact with them, and they say they’re a dreamer, we have to take their word for it.”

Crane said the assault the suspected illegal alien in El Paso allegedly perpetrated on ICE agents carries with it serious consequences.

“The last guy that assaulted me got thirteen months in a federal prison.”

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  • aleric_kong

    Iranian terrorists try to blow up parts of DC.
    Billions of drugs pour across the Mexican border each year.
    Mexican special forces and intelligence agents defect to the drug cartel creating a much worse war than Afghanistan just a few miles away.
    The cartel organizes street gangs throughout America to expand their drug network, even sending some into the low ranks of the US military and overseas in Africa and Asia.

    Team Chicago responds by
    Giving them 2,000 machine guns
    Not arresting felons in a cheap effort to win votes.

  • Jane Larson Baer

    in a world in which forgeries are common and Mexican-Americans are taught in public schools to hate whitey, by which they mean hate America, and sometimes help illegals here to do harm….lesser well off Californians unable to live in gated communities are under attack and the powers that be do not care

  • Alex

    Unauthorized immigrants, even in this sample, are probably much less likely to be violent or property offenders than the rest of us. Here is a piece I wrote for HuffPo criticizing the CRS study.

    • PaulRevereNow

      I don't hate illegals(although I have a hearty dislike for those who use them , to make a quick buck); and I appreciate the spirit of your article, but it is misleading, and I can't agree with your conclusion.(That's no way to make policy) Here's why:

      1-I have read and heard many times, the figure of 30% of illegals wind up in our jails, on a first arrest. It may be a bit higher, or a bit lower, but its probably an accurate number. That's nearly 1 in 3. If 16.58%, or about 1 in 6, are re-arrested, as you say, that's a recidivism rate of more than 50%; not far from the violent criminal rate of 67% that you quote. Strike one.

      2-Illegals take badly needed jobs away from Americans; one reason why unemployment rates for black teen-agers in US cities is well over 50%, contributing to high crime rates. Strike two.

      3-Something you don't mention–there are a fair number of Muslims in Mexico, and Central and South America, some from Hezbollah, training Mexican drug cartels to build car bombs.; and some of them are crossing into the U.S. Strike three.

      Thanks, but no thanks. Close the border.

      • Alex

        1. There are about 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. right now. If 30% of them were in jail, there would be over 3,300,000 million inmates. Since there are just over 2 million inmates in the U.S., I think your math is a bit off. Strike 1.

        2. Your points here are economically ignorant. There is not a fixed number of jobs. Page 3 here explains it pretty well:…. Strike 2.

        3. This is the best data I could find about Muslims in Mexico. There are fewer than 4000 in a country of over 112 million.…. No reasonable person would be afraid of that. If you have other data, please share. Otherwise, strike 3.

        Do you have any objections based on facts?

  • Spider

    Does anyone remember Willie Horton? Massachusets Governer Michael Ducacus put in place a revolving door policy which allowed many repeat offenders to walk out of prison permanently and some were given weekend furlows (I guess for conjugal visits). Willie Horton was one of these individuals and he raped and killed a girl on his first weekend out. Ducacus was ahead in his presidential race until an ad cam out about this tragedy. His campaign was instantly decimated after that ad came out. If something like this happens with one of Obamas so called dream kids he is finished politically and as president and for good reason.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm amazed that legal immigrants aren't more angry about this. They should be. President Obama coddles illegal immigrants while hurting legal immigrants and native-born Americans. He's not going to get re-elected this November.

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