Washington, D.C. to Release Illegal Alien Criminals Back into Communities

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McCann said that Cook County officials, which includes Chicago, assured him that Chavez would spend six to twelve years in prison before he was deported. Instead, on September 7, 2011, Cook County passed its own ordinance in which the county refused to cooperate with ICE on any detainers, even repeat offenders like Chavez.

In late November, Chavez was able to post bond. The County ignored the ICE detainer placed on Chavez and Chavez was let go. He’s since gone on the run and hasn’t been seen since his release.

In November 2011, Santa Clara County passed an ordinance similar to the one in Cook County. In Santa Clara County, there have been no high profile incidents like in the case of Chavez.

In March however, ICE performed a sweep of 63 suspected illegal aliens in Santa Clara County. All 63 were suspected criminal illegal aliens that were released by Santa Clara County even though they had ICE detainers on them.

Those picked up in the sweep included a number of suspected drug dealers, those with gang ties, and at least one suspected illegal alien charged with child rape.

In the State of New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order last year effectively ending cooperation between the state and ICE on detainers. One suspected criminal illegal alien with a detainer was Luis Rodriguez-Flamenco, 24. Rodriguez-Flamenco was picked up for a burglary and subsequently ICE placed a detainer on him. That detainer was ignored when Rodriguez-Flamenco posted bond. In November 2011, Rodriguez-Flamenco allegedly stabbed to death 45-year-old Kathleen Byham outside a Wal-Mart in Albion, N.Y.

The State Senate of California also recently passed a bill that will significantly limit cooperation with ICE, if it’s signed into law, on detainers in all jails in the state.

Meanwhile, a group associated with George Soros’ Open Society Institute has recently put together a how-to guide designed to give localities a number of options for ways to avoid cooperating with ICE detainers.

The Department of Justice has made a series of high profile suits against the states of Arizona and South Carolina following the states’ passage of tough anti-illegal immigration laws. DOJ did not respond to a phone call for comment from FrontPage as to whether it intends to similarly sue any of these jurisdictions.

Both ICE Director John Morton and DHS Director Janet Napolitano have made repeated threats to Cook County to cut off federal funds if the country continues with its ordinance, but so far those threats have not been followed through on.

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  • David

    The moonbats keep voting for these politicians who keep releasing criminals who are also illegals [double criminals?] into the community. Once released, they possibly move to new areas where their criminal activities continue. And they are a drain on the cities, states and federal government financial resources.

    • rayrmelc123

      All I can say is get your CCW and get ready to protect your self

  • jacob

    By the way, wasn't DC which reelected that mayor who went to prison for drug trafficking ????

    Then is there anythig different to be expected from such a city ????

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    DC is trying to replace the law that buildings shouldn't be taller than the Capitol.

    The Saudi's are planning to build a "Sharia compliant" building across from the Verizon Center.

    (This is common knowlege by the way.)

    Could it be that they are pressing for just such a new law?

  • Spider

    Don't you just love the term "otherwise law abiding suspected illegal aliens" ? This is about as Orwelian as it gets. Now even aliens who came into the country illegally and comitted crimes are the good guys to these people. I wonder how the so called "Proponents of rights for suspected illegal aliens" would feel if was their son, daughter or wife who was raped robbed maimed or killed by one of these people? But see they don't give a crap and neither does the rest of our government.

    • Bright Knight

      I wonder how the so called "Proponents of rights for suspected illegal aliens" would feel if was their son, daughter or wife who was raped robbed maimed or killed by one of these people?

      even then they would think it's not the fault of the illegal alien. These liberals, do-gooders and all these nudniks are wrong programmed…

  • CWD

    I guess it's not only the deranged criminals that we must protect ourselves from but we must protect ourselves against the looney leftist who's dead set on aiding and abetting these crazies. That's the Anti 2nd Amendment , Anti freedom loving, Progressive/Commies. — I'm a believer in respecting the freedom, rights, and privacy of others. I served four years active duty in the military hoping to help preserve these values and it disgust me to see them snatched away. I will be voting in November and there should be no doubt who I hope to see voted out of office.

  • Ghostwriter

    This isn't just an insult to native-born Americans,it's yet another insult to legal immigrants.They should be incredibly angry. I sure am.

  • jose

    If the people vote these criminals into office they should expect lawlessness. ;) Whine!