Would Obama Support Reparations in a Second Term?

In Barack Obama’s second term, the president will ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and sign onto the United Nations Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous People in order to impose slavery reparation, says a new report.

Danette Clark, author of the report, said that far from being an obscure conspiracy theory, the reparation movement is a part of the two main tenets of Obama’s political philosophy: social justice and income redistribution.

“To me the whole social justice movement is about reparations,” said Clark in an interview with FrontPage Magazine. Over his first term, Obama has championed a policy of increased taxes on the top two percent of income earners along with exponentially increasing food stamp, unemployment insurance, welfare, and disability payments. All of these are hallmarks of income redistribution policies.

Clark said that income redistribution as a form of reparations is a view also held by Charles Ogletree. Ogletree is a professor at Harvard University and he taught both Barack and Michelle Obama. Since 2000, Ogletree has been a member of the Reparations Coordinating Committee, an organization dedicated to winning reparations for descendants of slaves.

In a paper written about reparations, Professor Ogletree stated that income redistribution is a form of reparations.

“Reparations advocates ultimately seek the redistribution of resources from one group to another. To that extent, reparations is another manifestation of the progressive agenda articulated by President Lyndon B. Johnson and his vision of addressing the needs of the ‘Great Society.’ Reparations is, in other words, yet another expression of the demand for political, social, and economic equality that, since the failure of the Civil Rights movement in the 1970s, has been stifled and suppressed in this country.”

Ogletree remains a friend of President Obama and plans to publish a book about him that will be released after the election.

Ogletree is not the only individual close to President Obama with ties to the reparations movement. A number of members of the White House’s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships also have ties to the reparation movement. They include: Jim Wallace, Peg Chamberlain, Mark Hanson, Noel Castellanos, and Katherine Schori.

His former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, came out in support of reparations in 2011.

One way to jumpstart the reparations movement, said Clark, is to ratify the ICC Rome Statute. That statute established the International Criminal Court, which prosecutes crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes. Charles Taylor, the former leader of Liberia, was convicted in the ICC earlier this year.

Because the trans-Atlantic slave trade is considered a crime against humanity, that could be one way that the ICC could be used to impose reparations. While the ICC only prosecutes crimes committed after its inception (2002), a prosecution could occur if it can be proven that there continues to be injuries from these past crimes presently.

Another opportunity, said Clark, for Obama to try and impose reparations is through the ratification of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People. According to Clark, this declaration could be used to give land back to not only Native Americans but to African-Americans. That’s because, said Clark, some have argued that African-Americans arrived in the United States before even Christopher Columbus.

As noted by Stanley Kurtz, author of Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism, Obama biographer David Remnick recorded an incident in which Obama “let the cat out of the bag” to a class at the University of Chicago Law School. According to Remnick, the president agreed “entirely” with the theory of reparations, but claimed that he didn’t think it was workable.

While Clark said there is no proverbial “smoking gun” that gives the public a clear idea about Obama’s views on reparations, there is enough evidence that Clark said it’s time for President Obama to tell Americans where he stands on the issue.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/fkjuliano Fabio Juliano

    I'm in favor of reparations. Every living person who was legally held as a slave in the United States should be immediately cut a check for a trillion dollars.

    • Rifleman

      Lol, I guess somebody didn't realize there are none of those.

      • http://www.facebook.com/fkjuliano Fabio Juliano

        More than one, as I knew there would be. :)

    • Yorkshire Miner

      Debts die with the debtor and so should crimes. I see no reason why I should pay off the debts of my father or Grandfather and no court would sanction it. Why then should I be forced to pay for there crimes, if this works out as they want it too work out and so called restoration have to be paid then what they are doing is criminalizing me for crimes I have not done. I am being fined for my forefathers being naughty boys, not that any of my forefathers were involved in slavery as far as I know or bloody care for that matter. Being a WASP White Anglo Saxon protestant and an endangered species, I am getting rather irritated be blamed for all the worlds problems. and especially for the Blacks inability to get on in the world, If this Pig flies it will only open the door to many more outlandish claim for which they will present me with the bill. .

      • torque

        And how am I and millions of other Americans responsible for slavery when we did not arrive on these shores until AFTER the civil war. Additionally, my ancestors left that European hellhole because they were serfs (read slaves) in their native countries. Furthermore, we have had reparations in this country since Johnson's Great Society. How am I responsible because some blacks were too stupid or lazy to take advantage of the opportunities all those social programs and affirmative action afforded them.

        • Mary Sue

          I know right, but their reasoning is we continue as whites with our White Privilege to oppress the Persons of Colour™ just by existing, so thereby they justify we owe them money because the oppression in their minds is ongoing, as evidenced by their claims of being pulled over for "Driving While Black", among other things.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "And how am I and millions of other Americans responsible for slavery"

          Collectivism, which is evil and contradictory to all that the West stands for…until the Marxists showed up.

      • tagalog

        I thought the U.S. Constitution prohibited bills of attainder and ex post facto laws. Maybe I'm wrong, or maybe the interpretation of the Constitution now allows them.

        Oh yeah, I found those prohibitions in Article 1, Section 9.

    • Herbster

      …….at least a trillion bazillion……and hotels on Park Place, Boardwalk and a whole bunch of get-out-of-jail-free cards.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "…….at least a trillion bazillion……and hotels on Park Place, Boardwalk and a whole bunch of get-out-of-jail-free cards."

        They've collected on quite a bit of that already.

    • Steve Racilis

      Fabio, your line of thinking totally supports the reason why 96% Blacks voted for a Kenyan Muslim posing as one half Black. Obama's father was 78% Black Muslim from Kenya. It short, anyone could ask this question – What do Blacks want, blood? African Americans were emancipated by President Lincoln in 1863 to be forever free. Plessy v. Ferguson was declared unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education, Affirmative Action made up for past educational and employment discrimination and President Johnson passed two civil rights laws but only the likes of Representative Allen West, former Secretary of State Condpllezza Rice and Herman Cain (4% Blacks) are voting objectively as a reminder of the blindfolded Lady Justice. MLK stated to judge others not by skin color but by the content of their chareacter but to this day, most Blacks are still in the revenge mode as Obama stated vote for revenge..

  • Mary Sue

    Obama himself could not benefit from such a thing, as he is not a product of a slave ancestry. What would be a better idea is somehow Obama convinces all the illegal aliens to return to their place of origin and demand reparations.

    IF he gets in again, there's no limit to what he can do, possible hemming in by a republican congress and senate notwithstanding. You never know.

    • erica

      He would owe reparations since his Kenyan muslim family were slavers and his white ancestry were slave owners.

      • Western Canadian

        Does that mean he would ‘owe’ reparations to himself, or that he would owe double, to his gross ‘wife’??

  • Ken

    So we who are alive today are to pay for mistakes that we had no control over. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense!! NOT!! What is next?? Prosecute families that my or may not have had ancestors that owned slaves?!?

    • Deep_Space

      As outrageous as it seems I believe I have seen that idea put forward in a slightly different form; i.e. property that may have links to either the slave trade or slave efforts should be heavily taxed or forfeited. Again, I say I believe I have seen this proposed in the past few years or maybe I’m just getting caught up in the disbelief.

    • Mary Sue

      apparently we 'have control over' "oppressing" the Persons of Colour™ so that's how they rationalize it. they'd have us pay for everytime a white man "whitesplains" (which is defined as, a black person says that something the white person said is racist and the white person says" WTF no are you high?" Apparently a Person of Colour™ can determine by absolute fiat whether something is "racist", and in the minds of the Ethnic Studies crowd, to deny them the "right" to call anything they want to racist, is "erasing their experiences and silencing their voices and by the way, sit down and stfu, white man."

    • Ex-Obamunist

      Heck, my ancestors came from Germany in the late 1800's we had nothing to do with slavery. But since I'm white and Obama gets to decide what is "fair", I'm sure my wife, young daughters and I will have to pony up some more bucks. After all, Obama did say people should vote "for revenge".

    • Aziza Cloud

      Ken, that is what we Americans are encouraging – that Germans (today) pay reparations to Jews (today) based upon Jews (of yesterday). So of course, reparations are to be paid. Unless you feel that no Jew deserves reparations for the loss of his (recent) ancestor's losses during WWII.

  • kafir4life

    Nice!!! There's a WHOLE BUNCH of us lookin' for our check from Egypt. It's been a while. Those interest payments gonna be killer!!

    Here's the interesting thing about President Stinky (BO) and slavery. It turns out that his family wasn't on the same side of the equation as the fat-bottommed Moochie O. Papa Bam was in the business of arranging transportation and work in the new world for the Mooch Queen's family. There are strong indications that Moochie's great great great great great grandmama served as a belly warmer for Stinky's great great great great great grandpapa before he found her a ride and a job in the New World.

  • john spielman

    Repartions for the US salve trade have already been paid IN BLOOD. It was called the American Civil War.

    • Questions

      Actually, the thought of losing more than 600,000 lives over the welfare of blacks is rather repellent. The North fought for the Union, not for the freedom of a race of people who, frankly, never should have been brought here in the first place.

      • Barb

        Can't really speak for everyone who fought though, can we? Many people were repulsed by slavery and dead against it. Many woud have fought for that reason alone, I'm sure.

  • aamused

    Hey Volpe , what are you trying to do ? Blowin' the dogwhistle for the resident RACISTS here ? Well it worked …..lol….but anyone with intelligence would call you out on this steaming pile of crap you call journalism [yellow] and put you out of your misery with the least amount of effort , with a simple …no .

    Are you a " Shillman Award Winner " too ?

    • Drakken

      It's not the fact that us whites are racists, it is the fact that we are culturalists and our way of life is worth defending and preserving. So take your race card and shove it where the sun don't shine. By the way, you can thank western civilization for all the things you enjoy, if your not happy with that, fk off back to the dark continent of Africa and see what they offer.

    • Mary Sue

      Ain't no dog whistle here. This is a valid topic and one need not be racist to say it's a ridiculous idea. Like a previous poster stated, this would fall under "bills of attainder" and "ex post facto laws", and as such are illegal, anyway.

      Oh, but disagreeing with anything that *might* benefit a Person of Colour™ is automatically racist? Gotcha. I see they mixed the LSD into the grape koolaid today.

  • Grammarian

    Your arguments would go farther if you showed equal self-criticism: The word I believe you were groping for is “tenets” not “tenants” in your second paragraph.

    • Ageofreason

      I believe the word you want is further, not farther.

  • Wyatt

    Six months before the 2008 election, I was speaking to a political organization and describing then that an Obama presidency would be all about socialism, surrender, redistribution, reparations and retribution. We learned a new thing in civics this week – that voting is about revenge. It did not take a genius to realize what our path would be if Obama was elected. It only took being conscious and half the people who voted were not. When 95% of any group votes for a candidate because of ethnic or racial identification, I say that a good part of that voting block is bigoted. The "aamused" loser would never call the 95% of the African Americans who voted racists. No the whites are the racists even though without their vote Obama would never have been elected. The "racist" charge is the last refuge of the idiots with nothing to contribute.

    It is all very simple. When President Obama called on the Seals to take out Osama, they responded. When the Seals called on Obama, he left them to die. He has their blood on his hands. He is a murderer.

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      Obama didn't want to take out Osama. He vetoed the proposal every time it came up. It was Leon Panetta that decided to do it and Obama took the credit.

    • Ex-Obamunist

      Well said. Thank you.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Volpe, who aggrandizes his credentials (anyone who owns stock has likely "spent a decade in finance," anyone who submitted an article online is a "freelance journalist") stated:

    "Danette Clark, author of the report"

    I call B.S. Where is this "report?" So far, all I see is that Danette Clark has a multi-part article running on Brenda J. Elliott's rbo2.com. That doesn't elevate it to the status of a "report."

    Also, Neither Michael Volpe, nor Rich Trzupek, nor the commentators "Rifleman" nor "Mackie" nor "Roger" know the difference between a tenet and a tenant.

    • tagalog

      How does one aggrandize his credentials as opposed to padding them?

      "My credentials are GREAT, really GREAT!"

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      You just hate everyone.
      The only valid person here, is you.

      Good Lord Man, get help

    • Drakken

      Please step away from the crack pipe libidiot, obviously your brain got fried.

    • John

      As obsequious & slavish to the philosophy of the left as ever.

    • Ghostwriter

      And what are your qualifications,other than being the village idiot?

      • Schlomotion

        Well, aside from having spent a decade in finance and acting as a freelance journalist, I have a degree in political science. Oh yes, and I don't publish anonymously.

    • Barb

      It doesn't say "official report" so what's the problem? Look up the definition of report, please.

  • Hamilton

    As someone with considerable experience with the International Criminal Court, I can say with 100% certainty that there would be absolutely no possibility whatsoever to use the ICC as an avenue to address the question of reparations related to trans-Atlantic slavery. The suggestion is completely absurd. Besides, for the U.S. to become an ICC State Party you would need two thirds of the Senate to vote in favour. The President's signature is not enough – and in fact Bill Clinton already signed the Rome Statute on 31 Dec 2000.

    • Barb

      Then why are reparation activists, seasoned attorneys, exploring the ICC and referring to it as an avenue to reparations? I just looked and found several papers discussing the possibility under international law. Besides, Obama went over everyone's heads and worked with the ICC with regard to Kony, which should not have been done without ratification. He's not one to wait for a 2/3 vote.

    • Drakken

      But GW Bush told the ICC to go pound sand, as we should, our soveignty is inviolate, period. It violates every tenent of our Constitution.

    • Mary Sue

      The ICC, huh? Did you run into that idiot Louise Arbour?

      • Western Canadian

        If you did NOT run into her, please try harder…. preferably while driving an SUV.

        • Mary Sue

          I know right!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gaiuspompus.magnus Gaius Pompus Magnus

    I'm all in favor of reparations, as long as we get to offset ALL the enormous costs–not only in money but in the lost value caused by the degredation of our culture and the fear imposed by their lawless violence– that hosting "black culture" have imposed on this country over the last 200 years. They're going to end up owing US money.

    • Mary Sue

      Actually, I think that cost should be borne solely by the Democrat Party, as they are ultimately the authors of it.

  • BS77

    Reparations have been over paid in full….trillions in housing, food stamps, educational grants and free legal aid, medical care, rent subsidies, employment training, free college and university "scholarships"………plus generation upon generation of endless WELFARE ….enough is enough.

    • DHConner

      You think too clearly!! That is a crime in this country, or at least the left and others would have us think. My father in law once said that you could take all the money in country and distibute it evenly and that within five years the same people would have most of the money again. That might be interpreted to exclude the heirs of great fortunes, as most of them have never earned a nickle in their lives, but notwithstanding that, I think he's probably right. In any case, you are absolutely right, and to be commended for seeing things as they really are and acting appropriately, which is THE definition of the word "sanity".

    • Ex-Obamunist

      Great point.

    • Dennis X

      So where does that put all the whites who got the same benifits? These programs are not race based. Your pissed because some of your tax dollars went to Black People and you hate that. I understand because my tax dopllars went to some lazy, trailer trash white people and I hate that to.

  • tagalog

    Reparations? I could be persuaded to agree to that, if payment of reparations involved a binding pledge by blacks that they would NEVER, but NEVER, bring up slavery again, under pain of having to pay the reparations -plus interest- back to the nation and return to the land of their ancestors.

    It was terrible, you fussed and fumed about it for a century and a half, now you got paid back, so shut up or go the hell back to Africa.

    They've been in America a long time; it's time to become full Americans or be on their way.

    • Mary Sue

      They did that already, it became the hellhole known as Liberia.

  • Speaking my mind

    All the indentured servants?! maybe the convicts that were sent to the USA before 1776. I know as a Cornishman I will be seeking reparations for the enslavement of Cornish fishermen against Morrocco and Algeria. What about reparations for the Union war dead? Will the money given over in wefare payments be deducted? Will those whites killed in the Indian wars get reparations? Southern slave holding families should pay the debt not anyone else.

  • Joey

    Obama's ancestors held slaves. He and other slave owner families should pay reparations. In fact all Blacks who are descended from slave owners should pay themselves.

  • Thomas Wells

    Give anyone who wants reparations a boat ticket back to where they came from,including Obama.

    • Mary Sue

      Maybe he can fix Kenya? ;)

  • amused

    Boy , the race diogwhistle really works well ! Daaaamn , a bloody pavlovian response !
    Listen up DIMBULBS , reparations are a dead issue .The irrational but purposed "rational " VOLPE is attempting to foist in this strawman , is that if there is one blackman in the US who wants reparationjs or even a thousand for that matter …..the ISSUE IS DEAD and Volpe knows it . If anyone takes this article seriously and doesn't see it for what it is ….then hurry on out with your box lunch , get in your pickup truck and find Blimpy Limbaugh on your radio dial . Volpe may as well go out and buy a cattle prod to run you cattle into the corral .

    • Barb

      Not one blackman? What about this?….. "3,000 NAMED plaintiffs" in Louisiana alone. Also, from this link — "The Reparations Coordinating Committee (RCC) and the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA), working on behalf of 35 million American descendants of enslaved Africans, is preparing to file class action lawsuits against agencies of the federal and state governments. Reparations litigation against private corporations alleged to have profited from slavery has already begun. On March 25, 2002, in a U.S. district court in Brooklyn, Deadria Farmer-Paellmann and other
      plaintiffs filed suit against Aetna Life Insurance Corporation, FleetBoston Financial Services, and CSX Incorporated, a railroad giant, on the grounds that they “knowingly benefited from a system that enslaved, tortured, starved and exploited human beings.” https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:1p

    • Mary Sue

      With Obama all bets are off, considering the absolute raving nutjobs he has as advisors.

    • Mary Sue

      maybe if you actually listened to "blimpy" for yourself instead of listening to that steaming pile of excrement Media Matters, you wouldn't be this gullibly stupid.

    • Drakken

      Reality really is a nasty thing for you libidiots. Those facts that are hard for your little libby brain to compute make folks on the left/progressives have a meltdown.

    • kafir4life

      It's amusing that Trumpka the Hutt lets you up for air and off your knee-pads for a break. Isn't it time for another? You provide them relief based on seniority, yes?

  • jmz

    i dont care what obama or any politican wants. there will be NO reparations. ghetto trash has already gotten far more back than ever they could in reparations and if you actually look at the history of slavery knows that people who support reparations are self entitled delusional fools with NO understanding of history. or to make a long story short if that commie obama or any poitican tries to claim reparations there WILL be a civil war and i will fight to put these ungrateful racist peices of crap back into slave chains before 1 penny is laid out. i dont give a damn what color they are. they want to pretend they are slaves and while like fools on something that never happened to them then they deserve to be slaves. thats what they are…slaves..govt or family slave is still a slave

  • erica

    What about the 5 million Irish,Scottish ,German and Polish people brought here as slaves ?

    What about the hundreds of thousands of Native American and African American slave owners in the US ?

    What about the millions of Africans that immigrated after slavery- like Farrakhan .

    What about the 700,000 that died to free slaves.

    What about the millions of people of different ethnicities that immigrated since 1865 ?

    Will hispanics ,Natives,muslims ,Italians ,Chinese etc be included/ excluded?

    How is it determined you deserve reparations ? A % of “blackness”,dna, hair coarseness,blood tests,melanin content ,political party,because they say so?

    • Mary Sue

      speaking of slavery:

      The Haida tribe used to make regular forays down the coast, and attacked and enslaved a lot of the tribes on the Lower Mainland and on the Island. Some historians suggest that the taking of all the strapping young men as slaves from some tribes resulted in some really serious inbreeding.

      The Cowichan Tribes weren't above getting in their canoes and going off to raid, and one time they got it in their heads to raid the tribe that occupies what is now New Westminster. The problem was, when they got there, there was a FORT there. A British Fort. The local tribe fled into the walls of the fort, and the British opened up with their cannons and blew the —k out of the attacking Cowichans. After that happened, the Cowichans were easy prey for marauding Haida.

      But yeah, slavery was widely practiced among the First Nations tribes of Coast Salish and others. It wasn't put a stop to until the British pretty much made them stop.

      So now do the Haida owe reparations to every other single tribe of Coast Salish?

  • BS77

    If anyone deserves reparations, it's the average taxpayer.

  • Jim_C

    Reparations? Really?

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.whitehead.5243 Andrew Whitehead

    I'm all for reparations; the more the better. We can give each African-American a billion dollars and then send the bill to the descendants of the slave takers, who are primarily Muslim Arabs. It would seem to me that Saudi Arabia would be the logical choice since slavery is still practiced there today.

    Any Muslim Arabs in the United States would be taxed accordingly as well; I'd say 5 billions each would to do the trick.


  • Ghostwriter

    I'm really scared about the ICC and not just for the usual reasons. It won't just be American citizens who are in danger from the ICC. A legal immigrant or refugee from places like Venezuela,Cuba,China,etc would be in danger of being prosecuted as war criminals. All those governments would have to do is make a false case and this person would be in danger,even IF he or she became an American citizen. They,then,can blackmail the U.S. Government and make it do what that government wants. That worries me a lot.

  • Questions

    If American blacks want reparations, they can start by shaking down tribal leaders within their own ancestral lands. Africa, actually, was the last region of the world to ban slavery — and then only under heavy pressure from nations of the West during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    • kafir4life

      Interesting, because Obama's ancestors sold Michelle's ancestors into slavery. In fact, it turns out there is a blood relationship between the president and his muslima. Back in the day, Barack's relatives used Michelle's ancestors as "belly warmers".

  • Barb

    Shocking how many of Obama's people are involved…and deeply. Here is a link to the most recent article ("report") in Clark's series. http://rbo2.com/2012/10/10/danette-clark-the-repa

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.winters.5 William Winters

    I am all for repatriations, let the back to Africa movement begin in full force.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.winters.5 William Winters

    I'm 100% for repatriations; let the new "Marcus Garvey" step forward and begin this glorious process.

  • dannyof3
  • art


    I don't need to pay reparations 1. I'm a Northerner 2. My relatives came from Budapest in 1917

  • art schultz

    A certain part of our society poor whites and poor blacks have all been more than compensated as we have our Socialist government. Actually I'm white 57yrs. and I should be owed reparations for supporting the will nots. God has given us all pretty much the even level to work from the people who don't use it or turn to drugs are wasting their lives….Please get off my back you're dragging me down.
    Now that Mr Obama is in office how do you like the follow through on the campaign promises?
    Does the White House read stuff like this???