Sabotaging Black Education

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Educators might not see classroom comportment as a priority. According to a recent hire, a Baltimore high school now asks prospective teachers: “How do you respond to being mistreated? What do you do if someone cusses you out?” The proper answer is: “Nothing.” That vision might explain why a 34-year veteran of the school had to be taken from the premises in an ambulance after a student shattered the glass in a classroom display case.

Mac Donald reports that a fifth-grade teacher in St. Paul, Minn., scoffs at the notion that minority students are being unfairly targeted for discipline, saying “Anyone in his right mind knows that these (disciplined) students are extremely disruptive.”

In response to the higher disciplinary rates for minority students, the St. Paul school district has spent $350,000 for teacher “cultural-proficiency” training sessions where they learn about “whiteness.” At one of these sessions, an Asian teacher asked: “How do I help the student who blurts out answers and disrupts the class?” The black facilitator said: “That’s what black culture is.” If a white person made such a remark, I’m sure it would be deemed racist.

Some of today’s black political leaders are around my age, 76, such as Reps. Maxine Waters, Charles Rangel, John Conyers, former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder, Jesse Jackson and many others. Ask them what their parents would have done had they cursed, assaulted a teacher or engaged in disruptive behavior that’s become routine in far too many schools. Would their parents have accepted the grossly disrespectful public behavior that includes foul language and racial epithets? Their silence and support of the status quo represent a betrayal of epic proportions to the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors in their struggle to make today’s education opportunities available.

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  • davarino

    Its a shame these children are being sold out by people of their own race, for polical gain. All it would take is a generation of leaders who expect more from these kids and the black community would be very successful. Maybe we should go back to segregation and let the races deal with their problems in their own way. Then there could be no cries of racism.

    • Alicia

      That's exactly what I thought while reading this… Well said.

    • guest

      Segregation will lower cries of racism?

      "Would their parents have accepted the grossly disrespectful public behavior that includes foul language and racial epithets?"

      They were probably not addicted to heroin and cocaine, and given $100 per month by federally subsidized state welfare for every child they have, even it's their 20th by their 7th father.

      No school will fix evil moral values. I use to think military schools would be a solution, but they're not prepared to deal with child murderers and drug dealers who stab their teachers if they are asked to sit in their seat. Liberals' Great Society created this problem over decades. It will take decades to remove the drug addict subsidies alone, and decades to heal the cultural evils.

  • Steve Chavez


    • dmw

      Growing up in New Mexico, I found BOTH were helpful. Football too. However, five to six hours in the classroom, plus homework. Then 2 1/2 to 3 hours athletic practice. Finally, in bed and at least 8 hours of good sleep (not being on the phone, computer, or carousing around well past midnight). My mother worked at a substantial executive job, but always made it a point to give us a cooked and protein rich breakfast every morning. EVERY MORNING! And when I had a dad around, he made sure I studied at least 2 hours every night. Only excuse was a mid-week basketball game. Otherwise, hit the books!

      • dmw

        And God Help Me if they were ever called by the school or police for a disciplinary or delinquency problem. Grounding would only be the beginning.

  • dmw

    This is just another example of the Heads You Lose, Tails You Lose dilemma of solving what should be a community problem. Why? Because using common sense is no longer "lawful" on a whole range of issues; the main one being homes with responsible and productive fathers and/or mothers. Instead, homes with irresponsible and unproductive parents are encouraged by the "law", below the radar of so-called state child protective services. When I went to school, there was a escalating regimen of shame (teacher rebuke, stand in the corner or cloakroom, to the principal's or assistant principal's office, and then family involvement). Yet it is apparent that the current system never asks: "Reverend" Jackson, "Reverend" Sharpton, Ms Waters, Misters Conyers & Rangel, why is there no sense of shame in these kids? And what are YOU going to do about it? Or will you perpetuate the idea that "white" shame and "Black" shame should be two different American cultural responses/behaviours, don't ya know? What a, er, uh, shame!


    Re: “The preponderance of school violence occurs in big-city schools attended by black students.”

    Those schools would be ones that have been run by Democrats for the last 60 years.

  • Ghostwriter

    Black people have to demand better from their schools,the same as whites do.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    This is not simply a black issue. All American students are infected with the "misbehavior" virus.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Education in America has now a guarantee for equal opportunity stupidity, ignorance and
    indoctrination. The left has done it's job of lowering intellectual pursuits and insuring
    inferior educational standards for everyone. The tea party is the movement that will
    create change, both the RHINO and Leftist Democrats know this and fear the results
    of American citizens fighting back. Interesting times ahead…..It is the need of all
    Americans to demand responsibility in educating for every student as a direct measure
    of equal opportunity…………………………………..William

  • A. Keen Observer

    Williams and other black conservatives and liberals need to start putting the blame for the abysmal state of black education where it rightfully belongs: on BLACKS! If blacks want better education, maybe they should start studying, stop disrupting, and stop WHINING!!! Their situation is their own doing.