The Offensiveness of Racial Double Standards

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Back in 2009, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said we were “a nation of cowards” on matters of race. Permit me to be brave and run a few assertions by you just to see whether we’re on the same page. There should be two standards for civilized conduct: one for whites, which is higher, and another for blacks, which is lower. In other words, in the name of justice and fair play, blacks should not be held accountable to the same standards that whites are and should not be criticized for conduct that we’d deem disgusting and racist if said or done by whites.

You say, “Williams, what in the world are you talking about?” Mitt Romney hasn’t revealed all of his fall campaign strategy yet, but what if he launched a “White Americans for Romney” movement in an effort to get out the white vote? If the Romney campaign did that, there’d be a media-led outcry across the land, with charges ranging from racial insensitivity to outright racism. When President Barack Obama announced his 2012 launch of “African Americans for Obama” (, the silence was deafening. Should the same standards be applied to Obama as would be applied to Romney? The answer turns out to be no, because Obama is not held to the same standards as Romney.

Liberals won’t actually come out and say that criticism of Obama is in and of itself racist, but they come pretty close. Former President Jimmy Carter said that criticism of Obama shows that there is an “inherent feeling” in America that a black man should not be president. Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” said that critics of Obama are crackers. Morgan Freeman said that the campaign to see that Obama serves one term is a “racist thing.” Former Obama czar Van Jones said that Romney’s campaign sign “Obama Isn’t Working” implies Obama is a “lazy, incompetent affirmative action baby.”

Racial double standards also apply to how crime is reported.

I’m betting that if mobs of white youths were going about severely beating and robbing blacks at random and preying on black businesses, it would be major news. News anchors might open, “Tonight we report on the most recent wave of racist whites organizing unprovoked attacks on innocent black people and their businesses.” If white thugs were actually doing that, politicians would be demanding answers. Such random attacks do happen, but it’s blacks preying on whites.

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  • Red Maryland

    Good article by Dr. Williams, but he neglected to mention Rep. Elijah Cummings promoting that double standard. Cummings has called, or implied, that any criticism of Obama and Eric Holder to be de facto racist.
    And Del. Pat McDonough has been mentioning for months, about the black youth/flash mob crime incidents in Baltimore city, that Obama protege O'Malley, and the Baltimore city police, steadfastly ignore.

  • C.R.


  • davarino

    I would not want to be held to a lower standard, because you assuming I am incapable of living up to the higher standard. The assumption would be that I am not good enough and therefore deserve a crutch. Blacks can and should live up to the higher standard and be proud of it. MLK would expect it. The time for the crutch is over, but the race hucksters want to keep blacks on it because it empowers them.

    • mlcblog

      You have my hearty agreement.

  • logdon

    If black consciousness is all about raising self esteem of African Americans how can affirmative action help?

    Yeah, I got a college degree but only because my grades were bumped is hardly going to work for any with the slightest self honesty.

    And although I reluctantly used the term ‘African Americans’ how does that play in the integration stakes? You’ve got separation built in there before even uttering a word.

    These cultural marxist constructs are castles made of sand. Built on fragile theories of hierarchy, all they achieve is complete dishonesty and a rupturing of equality.

    Equality doesn’t take sides. By it’s very nature it is or it isn’t and any adjustment of balance outcome has to create inequality.

    Some, like Sharpton will argue that whitey called the shots for so long, now it’s our turn but how if this cycle moves as cycles do and the scales tip back the other way?

    We have entered an age of insanity and delusion where truth has become a moveable feast. Fact is relegated to elevation or obscurity depending on who utters these facts. And when the arbiter is judged on skin colour the whole thing sinks in a swamp of abject racism.

    Holder’s ‘my people’ springs to mind.

    By his very own definition his people are black and it therefore follows that not his people are white. So is he discriminating by excluding whites from his fold? Is the DoJ now a government organisation merely aimed at achieving and administering justice for blacks only? The simplest examination of his lexicography would point that way.

    It is absurd. These are powerful people with unimaginable scope and are descending into the most puerile of schoolyard division.

    All I can say is grow up.

  • CarabecSharon

    I live in Baltimore. The Inner Harbor area is lovely. I no longer am able to enjoy it due to Roving Bands of Black Youth. I am not racist. I just follow what Ronald Reagan said, “…don’t be afraid to see what you see”.

    Many of us are guilty of Willful Blindness. We do the American Cukture a disservice when we turn a blind eye.

  • Eric

    I was just thinking this the other day when I saw his campaign on the news. I told my wife that you would never see a "Whites for Romney" slogan, so why can Barack make his?

    Let us not forget that Barack is half-white as well. Why does his slogan have to be "African Americans for Obama" and not just "Americans for Obama." His slogan itself is hypocritical, leaving out half of his family heritage and focusing on the one half that will make news. It sickens me to the core, it really does.

  • Atlas_Collins

    The proper acronym for these racial attacks we see happening across the country is N____ Youth Mayhem and Violence (NYMV).

    There was just a NYMV incident in Chicago a week or so ago where some "youths" confronted a (white) couple on a commuter train. One of the "youths" snatched the woman's iPhone when she accidentally dropped it and said "Dis be mine now." When the woman's husband tried to retrieve the iPhone he was surrounded by at least a half dozen "youths" and beaten so savagely by these paragons of the "community" who look like Obama's son if he had one that the man was hospitalized with a concussion and multiple skull fractures, including a fractured orbital socket from one of the sucker-punches thrown by a "youth."

    One of the "youths" came right out and said they targeted the couple because the man "looked like a goofy white boy p_ssy."

    Of course, the story hasn't had wide play in the media.

  • RobertHall

    Dr. Williams is one of the leading opponents of Liberal Racism, with the courage to speak on the issue. Democrats and the liberal media think Obama is at a disadvantage due to racism, because he identifies as “black.” (Fair enough, half black is better than Elizabeth Warren claiming benefits as a “person of color” on the basis of family lore that she was 1/32nd native American.) I think he’s at a disadvantage because he’s black, but not for the reasons they think. The liberal elites are so desperate to prove how non-racist they are, that when a black person comes along who, in their words, is “clean and articulate” (Joe Biden) plus “light skinned and doesn’t talk with a Negro accent” (Harry Reid), they push him untested by reality to the front of the line. He gets a trophy for showing up. (Comment Continues)

  • RobertHall

    Continued: He gets to become rich writing self-indulgent auto-biographies at a young age. He gets to think that community organizing and voting present in the state senate makes him part of “the real world.” He gets to believe that having the Chicago Machine push him upwards in return for keeping silent (at the least) about corruption and using, then discarding, terrorists and racist ministers to advance his career makes him a smart politician. He goes to the head of the class without real criticism, without real accomplishment and without real testing—or vetting. Having had heaps of unearned self-esteem piled on him due to his color, he can’t understand why his ideas and policies might not deliver in the real “real world.” He is as confused as they to find out that he’s not “The One,” because they always assured him he was so special. (Comment Continues)

    • johnnywoods

      You left out his receiving the "No Bull" Peace Prize for just showing up.( Being Black as one of his exalted accomplishments).

  • RobertHall

    Continued: Marines are successful in combat because they have been tested in the fire of boot camp. Unlike most people who come to the presidency, Obama was never tested in a political boot came, because the liberals, as they do in the universities, pass blacks without tough testing that others face. This is the worst kind of racism, and a great disservice to black Americans. Obama is only the most prominent current victim of liberal racism, and like most, he doesn’t know he’s a victim. It takes a person of Dr. William’s or Dr. Thomas Sowell’s character to refuse un-earned, color-based rewards. Obama doesn’t have it—few do. I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog.

    Robert A. Hall
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
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    • tagalog

      You don't happen to sell clothes, by any chance, do you?

      • Zionista

        ha-ha! I remember the Robert Hall jingle from when I was a kid – "where the values go up, up, up….""

  • tagalog

    Van Jones said that Romney’s campaign … implies Obama is a “lazy, incompetent affirmative action baby.”

    The truth will out!

  • Ghostwriter

    To me,President Obama's race is the last thing I notice. His policies haven't worked. He lives in a fantasy world,not the real one. He deserves to be voted out of office this November.

  • woreti

    I like the comments I see on this website. Dr. Williams and Dr. Sowell are two of the most courageous individuals I have seen in USA. The so called progressives are intentionally or unintentionally destroying blacks by setting a lowest standard for blacks at schools, and in all walks of life. Unless a solution is earnestly sought for blacks problems in USA, commenting alone about them won't help them and our society much. Would anybody do something about this chronic problem which affects not only blacks but our country as a whole as it is getting out of control?

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