‘United in Hate’ Author Featured on GBTV

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Both ideologies, he concludes, hold a “profound hatred for Western culture as well as for a capitalist economic structure that recognizes individual achievement and especially for the Judeo-Christian heritage of the U.S.”

He writes that both seek a new world order, “leftists in the form of a classless communist society and Islamists in the form of a caliphate ruled by Shariah law.”

“To achieve these goals, both are willing to ‘wipe the slate clean’ by means of limitless carnage, with the ultimate goal of erecting their utopia upon the ruins of the system they have destroyed.”

Stakelbeck and Glazov were joined in the show segment by David Brog of Christians United for Israel.

Brog said those with such views likely are a minority but they are getting attention, because their worldview “says there is no such thing as evil.”

Brog said without a cognizance of evil, any conflict is blamed on the side with which liberals disagree.

He said those with traditional values must “stand up” to the challenge to their worldview.

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