Israel: Why Land Matters, Part III

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Advocates of Israeli withdrawal from these critical territories proffer the solution of a “demilitarized zone” in the “West Bank” region. Practically speaking, such a zone is meaningless. Even if members of the more than a dozen official militias and security forces currently operating in the Palestinian Authority refrain from carrying out terrorist attacks themselves, the “unofficial” terrorist groups who operate freely with shoulder launched rockets and worse, would still fire at Israeli school buses and at aircraft taking off and landing at Ben-Gurion International Airport outside of Tel Aviv (about 7 miles from the pre-’67 lines). Thus the threat to Israel’s national security would not be removed.

Even if all of Samaria, for example, was devoid of any military personnel – Arab or Israeli — it would take a motorized Arab invasion force no more than 2-3 hours to cross the Jordan River and roll up at the outskirts of Tel Aviv with any number of armored divisions.

The only way to prevent such an occurrence is for Israel to control the Samarian mountain passes, because the best intelligence apparatus in the world cannot guarantee to sufficiently deliver advance warning (48 hours) to fully mobilize and deploy the necessary forces to repel a full-scale invasion.

The 1973 Yom Kippur War is proof of that. Even when the signs were clear, six hours passed before the Israeli government gave the IDF General Staff the go-ahead for a full-scale reserve call-up. By that time, it was too late. Had Jordan entered the war, Hashemite forces would have made it into Jerusalem within a few hours with only a meager IDF force to deal with on the road from Jericho to Jerusalem. Imagine today when Jericho and the surrounding areas are potentially and assumedly in enemy hands in case of all out war. Israel can ill-afford to take chances or rely on luck. Not with national survival at stake.

A properly coordinated surprise attack by the armies of the main Arab/Islamic confrontation states could easily spell the end of Israel within 3 hours of the invasion – with Syrian, Jordanian, Iraqi and even Iranian troops battling Israel’s home-guard troops in Afula, Kfar Saba and Jerusalem. Israel’s only hope, its only possible strategy, is for its small standing army to be able to pin down and stop such a surprise attack by invading enemy forces before they reach the Jewish State’s heavily populated areas. The sole solution to Israel’s dilemma is the general retention of the administered territories.

The way in which a smaller force can stop a larger force is by catching said larger forces’ columns of motorized vehicles (tanks, half-tracks, trucks, etc.) in a bottleneck. The mountain passes of Judea and Samaria are the only such existing obstacles. Israeli control means a better than even chance of the IDF’s small standing army to block the advance columns of a surprise invasion force, thus buying Jerusalem the time required to call up the reserves needed to beat back such an attack.

Israel’s leadership has to remind our friends in the West, and especially in Washington, that responsible national security planning for Israel is based not only on the current political situation, but also takes into account possible changes – even long term – in the intentions of Israel’s increasingly unfriendly Arab neighbors.

It’s an either-or situation: Either Israel retains Judea and Samaria, thereby controlling its vital mountain passes, high ground and strategic depth, or it doesn’t, in which case, the disastrous consequences of Israel’s 1952 military exercise might well become a reality.

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  • guest

    J.F.C. Fuller once analyzed the territorial requirements for a country in that location to be strategically secure. Israel needs more territory to be strategically secure according to that analysis, not less.

  • penny lane

    Let's just imagine every country expecting its borders be expanded to suit it's military fancy. And what about the "strategic depth" of Jordan, Lebanon or Syria, when the Israeli military machine is relocated along the borders?

    Sounds like another exclusive "win-win" concept for Israel.

    • intrcptr2

      We don't have to imagine; "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free", sums it up pretty well, really.

      Israel took the Golan in 1967. And retreated to it when ordered to by the US and USSR. Funny how we never hear about any Israeli sabre rattling there, or in Sinai (oops, forgot, they returned that, too), or in southern Lebanon.
      Why is it your type always thinks it cute/sophisticated/insightful to pose such idiotic rejoinders?

      The only "win" that Israel wants is peace. And that is bad for her Muslim neighbors how?

    • Juddea

      Strategic depth for Jordan, Lebanon or Syria??? I believe the fact they are surrounded by allies save ONE small Jewish state is depth enough, no?

      • stern

        intrcptr2 and Juddea, kudos to both of you for great response. No wonder Canada is phasing out the penny! It's just no longer needed.

    • ziontruth

      "Let's just imagine every country expecting its borders be expanded to suit it's military fancy."

      That's why I'm against Islamic imperialism. Imagine the bloody borders of the Islamic world expanded more and more to suit trumped-up fancies that are little different from the German imperialist agenda of last century.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Sounds like another Jew-hater posting on a website.

  • oldtimer

    The San Remo accord in 1920 alotted 120,466 to the formation of a Jewish state. This included Trans-Jordan. In 1922, this was reduced to 28,166 for the Jewish state and 77% was given to Trans-Jordan. The land for the Jewish state included all land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River down to the Gulf of Aqaba. Gaza and all the that land belong to Israel.

  • maria

    Exactly. Oldtimer is absolutely right. Arabs of Palestine stole jewish land. Great Britain violated the League of Nation “Mandate for Palestine” and established Trans-Jordan on the land appointed for to reestablishing Jewish state on historically Jewish land. So called Palestinians problem with 'refugees" was perpetuated with the same goal to destroy Israel. Stupid criminal in this light Western politicians try to be deaf and blind that islamic leaders constantly said " Israel is a little Satan, US is big Satan". It obvliously means that israel is the first goal to destroy and US is the second one. Europe they consider already 'EuroAraabia" and surrender at once as France and many other democracies in Europe capitulated before Hitler. Israel destiny is US and Western civilization destiny. Stand up with Israel!

  • Marty

    arab countries, most of them failed or fake states or both, already possess more strategic depth than they require or deserve. Are 350 million arabs scattered across a couple million square miles (excluding land newly occupied in europe) really desperately worried about being invaded and occupied by fewer than 8 million Israelis confined to 8000 square miles (the size of New Jersey)? It's the arab masses and their genocidal leaders who have sworn to destroy Israel and murder any Jews they can get their anti-semitic hands on. Israel simply wants to be left alone and is not interested in conquering anyone.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,that's what people like Schlomotion and crackerjack want. The IDF defeated and Israeli corpses to reach to the sky. Despite the protestations to the contrary,they really hate Jews and Israel and want them destroyed.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Yep, exactly.