The Palestinians Create a Virtual State

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Bethlehem 7 July 2012 – Following UNESCO’s decision to recognize the Church of the Nativity as a world heritage site in “Palestine,” the Palestinians celebrated the event with the greatest false pomp and hyperbole.

PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said the inclusion is “the most remarkable event on the path of Palestinian state-building since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority.”

Speaking from the podium in front of Manger Square in Bethlehem, Fayyad said that UNESCO’s decision is important as it evidences an international acknowledgment of Palestinian sovereignty over their land in the pre-1967 lines.

“It’s a recognition of our people, who deserve and are able to protect this humane heritage that Bethlehem and its jewel, the Nativity Church, represent,” he added.

Fayyad called on the UN’s institutions to protect the Palestinian people, land, holy places and human heritage from the Israeli “occupation”  and “terror” of the Jewish State’s settlers.

“Here we are from the heart of Bethlehem where we overlook the Aksa mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of our future state,” he said.

The extreme falsehood and hypocrisy of Fayyad’s statements only underline the degree to which the entire Palestine outlook on peace with Israel is false, theatrical and characterized by virtual reality – not reality as it is generally defined and understood by humanity at large.

Virtual reality as commonly defined and understood is essentially a phenomenon related to computer games, with numerous bells and whistles and sophisticated visual effects that attempt to give an effective illusion of reality. The expression “virtual reality” has another definition however that emanates from the period before computers proliferated in the world.

The term “virtual reality” can be traced back to the French playwright, poet, actor, and director Antonin Artaud. In his seminal book “The Theatre and Its Double” (1938), Artaud described theatre as “la réalite virtuelle,” a virtual reality in which, in Erik Davis’s words, “characters, objects, and images take on the phantasmagoric force of alchemy’s visionary internal dramas.” Artaud claimed that the “perpetual allusion to the materials and the principle of the theater found in almost all alchemical books should be understood as the expression of an identity […] existing between the world in which the characters, images, and in a general way all that constitutes the virtual reality of the theater develops, and the purely fictitious and illusory world in which the symbols of alchemy are evolved.”

Theater and the magical universe of alchemy – the key elements in Artaud’s definition of virtual reality — have also become the key elements in the Palestinian side’s approach to negotiations with Israel, and also in general their relationship with the whole world. These relationships have boiled down essentially to a series of theatrical or magical tricks that have no basis in reality and cannot achieve anything for the Palestinians. But they do these things anyway out of a strong desire to stab Israel in the back.

The most recent Palestinian trick, and betrayal, was their successful bid to have Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity recognized by UNESCO as located in Palestine.

In terms of reality as people everywhere understand it, UNESCO’s identifying the Nativity Church as a heritage site located in Palestine is completely meaningless. It was also meaningless when UNESCO voted to include Palestine as a full member state in the organization. The Palestinian Authority’s feverish exertions in the UN to obtain member status there are also meaningless. Through doing these things the Palestinians are not dealing with reality as people everywhere understand it –  but a malicious virtual reality whose meaningless elements are aimed to ambush Israel diplomatically. Claiming that the Christian faith’s holy shrine in Bethlehem is located in Palestine is no different than claiming it is located in Los Angeles. Both claims are false, of course. But there is a burning desire in the Palestinian community and the Palestinian leadership to take any measures virtually imaginable to harm Israel diplomatically. But these tactics also are meaningless because essentially they just roll off Israel’s back and achieve absolutely nothing for the Palestinians.

Prior to UNESCO’s recognizing the existence of the Nativity Church in Palestine, UNESCO also took the outrageous and groundless step to recognize Palestine as a full member state in the organization.

The step cost UNESCO one-quarter of its yearly budget — the 22 percent contributed by the United States (about $70 million) plus another 3 percent contributed by Israel. Victoria Nuland, a State Department spokeswoman, said that American contributions to UNESCO, including $60 million scheduled immediately, would not be paid.

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  • Snorbak

    Well, I am absolutely astounded by the sheer magnitude of creative talent that has quite obviously been lying dormant for so long.
    In as little as 64 years, the created people have managed to master the art of building a chair, & in as little as only 48 short hrs.
    Words fail, I take my hat off to this remarkable achievement.
    Palestinians everywhere must be swelling with pride & in years to come the older generation will be able to point to this achievement & say to the children, "I was there at the creation of the chair"

    • stern

      You have me snorting with laughter! Brilliant, thank you.

      • Snorbak

        No worries,
        Last night my sarcasm runneth over, I could'nt resist

    • Lan Astaslem

      come on, these parasites deserve a little more than that – they also created the suicide bomber – their crowning achievement.

      • IranAware

        Actually that one we can all thank Iran for…

  • Marty

    The palestinians have actually created a virtual failed state whose main features include corruption and incompetence. Features purposely excluded include democracy, human rights, tolerance and a desire to live in peace with their neighbors. The so-called "palestinians" lack a history, culture, and have no reason to exist at all except to do all that they can to make life miserable for Israelis. Meanwhile, most Israelis are pursuing productive and prosperous lives that have little to do with hatred of the people who want them dead. That is what palestinians and their delusional supporters cannot abide: happy, strong, and hard-working Jews.

  • Bert

    The unfortunate reality is that without enemies the state of Israel would voluntarily give up all its rights to everything in exchange for a little respite from attacks. It is the constant attacks and threats of more to come that is forcing Israel to protect itself and expand in order to survive. The great irony is that much of the hostility of Israel's enemies are fueling Israeli growth and strength.

  • Drakken

    It will be a great day when Israel finally pushes that rats nest of savages in Gaza into the sea and call it a day, the islamic savages don't want peace, they never have and never will.

  • Ghostwriter

    One good thing here is that Schlobrain or any of his pals aren't in this section to spread their anti-semitic filth everywhere.

  • g_jochnowitz

    The Palestinians are the greatest enemies of an independent state. If they had independence, it might legitimize Israel's right to live. They have chosen to reject independence in order to make sure that Israel remains the most hated nation on earth.