The Palestinians Create a Virtual State

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It goes without saying Palestine is not a state. It only exists as a state in the collective Palestinian consciousness. Maneuvering to obtain recognition in UNESCO is a virtual, theatrical, and alchemical step that has no basis in reality and no influence in the real world. It achieves absolutely nothing for the Palestinians. But on account of their burning desire to abuse and malign Israel  diplomatically they doggedly pursue these virtual theatrical and alchemical maneuvers come what may.

The maneuver (failed) that the Palestinians have been pursuing for the longest time is their effort to achieve statehood status in the UN. Their diplomatic campaign worldwide began in 2009, at which time Palestinian representatives heavily lobbied the world’s governments to support their bid for UN statehood status. However the process is not so simple. The UN Security Council has to vote approval for membership status and the US has advised it opposes the Palestinian move. So there is no hope that the Palestinians will achieve statehood status in the UN. It seems they sometimes toss up the possibility of circumventing the UNSC and taking their appeal directly to the General Assembly. But if they do this it will have no effective standing precisely because the UNSC has to approve the move and the UNSC is not a viable option. The only state the Palestinians will achieve in the UN is a state of mind. Plus the unfortunate pleasure the Palestinians derive from causing Israel diplomatic damage. They surely know their UN maneuvers will yield no positive results. But they pursue them anyway precisely because they need to cause Israel harm. No matter what.

Last but not least, the most theatrical and alchemical step the Palestinians have taken toward their virtual statehood aims relates to a special chair that was constructed about a year ago and was supposed to represent Palestine in the UN and in a special round the world journey.

Thirty-five Palestinian artists from the West Bank created the chair in support of the Palestinian state recognition bid at the UN, and they sent it to different countries around the world in support of the move.

The chair was also made in 48 hours, to represent the “Nakba” or catastrophe of 1948 when thousands of Palestinian were forced or left their homes in what is now Israel.

It traveled to Qatar and Lebanon, who were soon-to-be presidents of the General Assembly and Security Council, respectively.

Following that trip, the chair made its way to Russia, France, and the United Kingdom, all permanent members of the Security Council.

After a stint in Spain and Brazil, the olive-wood chair ended its theatrical alchemical journey at the United Nations in New York.

Is the Palestine Talisman Chair a symbol of something or a farce, the effort of a people who aspires to obtain something but refuses to behave in rational acceptable ways to achieve it? This is not a rhetorical question. The Palestinians’ behavior for the past three years has slammed the door on bilateral negotiations with Israel precisely because they believe their bread is buttered unilaterally in the UN. Unfortunately, UN and UNESCO officials and other world leaders do nothing to roundly condemn the false and useless Palestinian maneuvers in the UN. The Palestinians have been given a clear playing field on the international arena, and continue to entertain the fantasy that these maneuvers will achieve something for them. But they won’t, and the only thing they repeatedly achieve is planting a diplomatic knife squarely in Israel’s back. On that basis there will be no peace and no settlement on any plane. In order for negotiations to succeed both sides need to have a measure of good will, and the Palestinian side has none.

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  • Snorbak

    Well, I am absolutely astounded by the sheer magnitude of creative talent that has quite obviously been lying dormant for so long.
    In as little as 64 years, the created people have managed to master the art of building a chair, & in as little as only 48 short hrs.
    Words fail, I take my hat off to this remarkable achievement.
    Palestinians everywhere must be swelling with pride & in years to come the older generation will be able to point to this achievement & say to the children, "I was there at the creation of the chair"

    • stern

      You have me snorting with laughter! Brilliant, thank you.

      • Snorbak

        No worries,
        Last night my sarcasm runneth over, I could'nt resist

    • Lan Astaslem

      come on, these parasites deserve a little more than that – they also created the suicide bomber – their crowning achievement.

      • IranAware

        Actually that one we can all thank Iran for…

  • Marty

    The palestinians have actually created a virtual failed state whose main features include corruption and incompetence. Features purposely excluded include democracy, human rights, tolerance and a desire to live in peace with their neighbors. The so-called "palestinians" lack a history, culture, and have no reason to exist at all except to do all that they can to make life miserable for Israelis. Meanwhile, most Israelis are pursuing productive and prosperous lives that have little to do with hatred of the people who want them dead. That is what palestinians and their delusional supporters cannot abide: happy, strong, and hard-working Jews.

  • Bert

    The unfortunate reality is that without enemies the state of Israel would voluntarily give up all its rights to everything in exchange for a little respite from attacks. It is the constant attacks and threats of more to come that is forcing Israel to protect itself and expand in order to survive. The great irony is that much of the hostility of Israel's enemies are fueling Israeli growth and strength.

  • Drakken

    It will be a great day when Israel finally pushes that rats nest of savages in Gaza into the sea and call it a day, the islamic savages don't want peace, they never have and never will.

  • Ghostwriter

    One good thing here is that Schlobrain or any of his pals aren't in this section to spread their anti-semitic filth everywhere.

  • g_jochnowitz

    The Palestinians are the greatest enemies of an independent state. If they had independence, it might legitimize Israel's right to live. They have chosen to reject independence in order to make sure that Israel remains the most hated nation on earth.