German Left Ramps Up Attacks on Islam Critics

shutterstock_3359855National parliamentarians from Die Linke, Germany’s post-communist Left Party, recently presented the federal German government with a Minor Inquiry (Kleine Anfrage or KA) concerning the government’s policy towards the conservative German website Politically Incorrect (PI).  This is only the latest effort by left-wing multiculturalists to quash open discussion, and criticism on Islam by designating the discourse “anti-democratic”and “right-wing extremist.”

As the online rules of order for the German parliament or Bundestag explain, the KA in Section 104 allows the Bundestag’s president to receive questions for the federal government about “certain delineated areas.” Normally the president calls upon the government to answer the questions in writing within 14 days, although agreement with the KA authors can extend this time limit.  As the German-language KA Wikipedia entry explains, this procedure serves as a means of parliamentary control over the government by calling upon it to give account of a given state of affairs.

Die Linke’s May 13, 2013, KA (document 17/13573, available in PDF format here) notes that “Islam-hostile internet portals” like PI with its “tens of thousands of visitors daily” and parties such as the Freedom Party (Die Freiheit) and Germany’s Pro movement (Pro NRW/Pro Deutschland) “warn against a supposed ‘Islamization of Europe.’”  In PI reader comments, meanwhile, Muslims “are collectively humiliated and denigrated in a racist, xenophobic, insulting, hate-filled, and at times violence-glorifying manner.”

Referenced by the KA and previously reported by this author (see here and here), PI and Die Freiheit, with common members such as Michael Stürzenberger, have conducted a petition drive for a referendum to stop a proposed Center for Islam in Europe-Munich (Zentrum für Islams in Europa-München or ZIE-M).  The KA references a story from the Munich-based German national newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung discussing how Stürzenberger commonly compares the Koran with Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Die Freiheit rallies have featured signs stating “Christ is truth, Muhammad is a lie.” Previously reported by this author as well (see here and here), the KA also notes that the Bavarian Office of Constitutional Protection (Verfassungsschutz) has recently begun monitoring Bavarian chapters of PI/Die Freiheit due to “anti-constitutional” sentiments.

A previous August 18, 2011, Die Linke KA (17/6823)  had also dealt with PI/Die Freiheit in the wake of the July 22, 2011, massacre perpetrated in Norway by Anders Behring Brevik.  This earlier KA bemoaned in Germany an “increasing hostility to Islam precisely among high earners and people with high levels of education.” In this context “populist and xenophobic campaigns against ‘Islam’” appeared to the “extreme right in Europe” as a “recipe for success for their propaganda” and an “entrance ticket into the political middle.” Die Freiheit was one of several attempts to found “anti-Islam parties” while PI had become a “central forum of Islam haters in the German-speaking area.”

Yet in citing an article from Berlin’s leftwing Tageszeitung (taz), the 2011 KA noted that the federal Verfassungsschutz had not deemed PI’s outlook as anti-constitutional given PI’s self-professed “pro-Israeli, pro-American” character.  The article noted additionally PI’s “emphatic profession of loyalty to the Grundgesetz,” Germany’s Basic Law or constitution.

The government’s answer on September 5, 2011, (17/6910) to the various questions concerning matters such as membership and statements of PI/Die Freiheit and other groups in the 2011 KA continued this analysis. With respect to Die Freiheit, there were “not sufficient indications” to classify Die Freiheit as “rightwing extremist.” The “overwhelming majority of PI entries,” meanwhile, “made no use of classical rightwing extremist argumentation patterns, but rather was to be situated within the Islam-critical spectrum.” While some PI contributions had “anti-Muslim or in parts even racist content,” these were “practically exclusively” in the comments section and were “even there the exception.” Thus a “rightwing extremist effort (still) did not allow itself to be discerned” at PI.

Not to be deterred, Die Linke responded on October 31, 2011, with yet another KA (17/7569) about “anti-Muslim agitation” citing several sources such as newspapers warning against PI, Die Freiheit, and other groups.  In this KA, Die Linke indicated that it was not so much interested in a “secret service surveillance of the Islam- and Muslim-hostile scene” by the federal Verfassungschutz as a “societal ostracism of this body of thought just like every other form of racism and anti-Semitism.” Among other questions, Die Linke wanted to know what connections PI had to “religious groupings from the evangelical, dogmatic-Catholic, and old Catholic milieus.” The government’s response (17/7761) on November 17, 2011, however, reiterated the position taken in 17/6910 and noted that “individual statements” did not suffice to define an entity as “extremist” but rather demanded an “overall observation.”

In 17/13573 Die Linke repeated many of its previous questions and inquired whether the federal government still maintains its previous outlook in light of recent Bavarian decisions.  This is the latest Die Linke salvo in an ongoing campaign to bring about a self-proclaimed political “ostracism” of PI/Die Freiheit and other groups.  Yet the irony was not lost on Stürzenberger, who pointed out to PI that Die Linke, with much of its roots in East Germany’s Communist Party, is itself an object of federal Verfassungsschutz surveillance.

The future of a free and open discussion of Islam in Germany seems perilous with the likes of Die Linke, a totalitarian-legacy group, continually demonstrating its propensity to use the German federal government as a tool of intimidation against Islam’s critiques.

This article was commissioned by The Legal Project, an activity of the Middle East Forum.

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  • 1Indioviejo1

    These are the same tactics used by American Communist in the MSM and the Democrat Party to silence FNC and anyone considered to be “right Wing” whatever that means. Luckily we still have the 1st Amendment to our Constitution.

  • Lionel Mandrake

    Great. More bad news pointing to the new word relentlessly forced down our collective throats.

    It looks an awful lot like the powers of a supranational cabal may very well be in play here in wonderland West. How else can one explain the seeming madness all across the western world by those both in power, and citizens themselves, to destroy their identity and champion immigrants in the millions into their lands?

    As for the Moslem menace, it is everywhere and no one is safe even talking about it.

    If it didn’t seem so crazy, I might think that the transformation of the entire West is part of a long-term plan by a demonic intelligence that has yet to reveal itself.

    One curious thing about the mess confronting us is that the sowing of confusion in tandom with and under the guise of “good” is hiding the evil that is clearly underpining our trek towards slavery.

  • kevinstroup

    Gutless people do not deserve free speech. If you let libtards tell you what you can say, then your future is already at an end. “It is better to be dead on your feet, than living on your knees”. – Spanish revolutionary in 1930s. She was a communist, but she was right on this point.

  • itaintmojo

    Ich bin ein Berlinistaner!

  • dizzyizzy

    It was German theorists of the German Enlightenment that invented the collectivist categories that constitute today’s anticapitalist multiculturalism. Like other Europeans they distanced themselves from filthy lucre supposedly soiled by “the Jews”. See “Hating finance capital.”

  • Drakken

    Today they silence the peoples voices, tomorrow they will hear the sound of rifles.

  • The Dead Critic

    What will the so-called PROGRESSIVE leftist Germans do when the next generation has to deal with the coming Jihad war on THEIR (Europe’s) soil ?

    • Well Done

      Dead, even as the battle rages in the streets, the left will blame anyone other than Islamists for it. Many pro-“palestinian” travelers have been kidnapped by “palestinians”, the men murdered, the women made sex slaves and baby producers. We hear very little about it. I suppose the left regard these unfortunates as cannon fodder, much as the left have done their best to help history forget the political activists from the West who joined the Spanish “civil war” and were executed for not declaring loyalty to Stalin. Proofs of how wrongheaded the left are get buried. We must stop allowing this to happen.

  • Warren Raymond

    Like Obama said: “we’re working on it, under the radar”.

    The constitution is now “right wing” and needs to be replaced, just like the U.S. constitution is “fundamentally flawed” — all of that must be removed to fundamentally transform our society. Once these little obstacles and hindrances are cleared, the NWO under Islamo-Marxism can take its rightful place.

  • doruss888

    Bravo Michael Sturzenberger that you are giving a warning for the islamization of America. I am surprised that Germany has men like Geert Wilders. Muslims are spreading through all of western nations to prepare themselves for a religion jihad. I can not understand why they wait for ever to kick the islamists people out of our country.