Germany’s Sharia No-Go Zones

f5fb0eabefc48b7b9aaedb1aa38f647b“To mark No Go Areas, that is to say law-free areas with high danger potential, is nothing unusual,” Rüdiger Franz of Bonn, Germany’s General Anzeiger (GA) newspaper wrote, as travel guide entries for cities such as Detroit, Istanbul, Johannesburg, or Mogadishu show.  Considerable controversy, however, ensued after a language school posted an Internet No Go Area map of Bonn and environs, drawing ongoing, often unwelcome attention to the problems Germany’s once serene former capital faces from newly arrived Muslim immigrants.

The No Go map at the website of the Steinke Institut (SI) language school’s Bonn branch first drew significant public interest at the conservative German website Politically Incorrect (PI) with a July 18, 2013, entry. Attention only grew in the following weeks with an “unexpectedly large echo” of about 50 Bonn residents contacting SI with approval, queries, and criticism, as an SI Internet statement at the beginning of September noted.

SI explained therein the school’s emphasis on teaching German as a foreign language to students “from the entire world.”  The No Go map resulted “exclusively” from some 250 such students reporting in the last six years “extremely negative experiences”  in various Bonn neighborhoods, with over 80% of the reports agreeing upon the map’s red-marked problem zones.  SI elaborated that these “negative experiences” entailed harassment of women, theft, robbery, break-ins, assaults, and insults.

In contrast to the suspicions of “some concerned callers” at SI, these experiences had no “Neo-Nazi context.”  Rather, “above all” East Asian and East European students “had made pertinent experiences with adolescents, who almost exclusively seem to have an immigration background.”  A landlord from Bonn’s Bad Godesberg (BadGo) suburb confirmed in an October 23, 2013, GA article that many of her young renters suffered harassment from immigrants, particularly women, for “supposedly too short skirts and the wearing of shorts.” SI teaching personnel, many of whom “themselves live in these same city areas and are very often themselves connected with a partner with an immigrant background,” likewise agreed with the students, SI noted.  On the other hand, the “overwhelming majority of the language students had a thoroughly positive impression of the German and/or as German perceived citizens of Bonn and confirm therefore the image of Bonn as a tolerant and cosmopolitan city.”

For each red zone on SI’s map, SI sought confirmation in the media and linked many of these articles to the statement.  A subsequent PI entry criticized that SI “did not trust itself to name clearly what special kind of immigrants are responsible” for a “negative Germany image” among “peaceful and diligent foreign German learners.” Yet the linked “gruesome news reports” allowed an “unbiased observer” to surmise that the criticisms “all somehow had something to do with the I-word,” namely Islam.

An April 16, 2013, GA article, for example, noted in general that Bonn area “investigators and judges no longer conceal” that “more than 90% of all youth criminality is perpetrated by youth with an immigration background.” An earlier August 30, 2007, article in a regional boulevard paper, meanwhile, discussed the “Bad Go” gang in BadGo comprised of young adolescents “mostly from Arab families.” During a television report about the gang, one of the youths had discussed Hezbollah and how “you only come into paradise when the Israelis fight against you…and you then kill them…holy war, so to speak.”

A subsequent October 27, 2009, article in Germany’s conservative Die Welt newspaper elaborated BadGo’s development from a “pretty city area” to “tough streets” as one of the “crass consequences” of the capital’s move from Bonn to Berlin.  Although Die Welt rejected equivalency with the Bronx, Berlin’s Neukölln, or notorious Paris suburbs, nonetheless “‘BadGo’ had become for many a ‘NoGo.’”  Die Welt described a “new conflict” in BadGo in which “immigrant children, who see themselves as disadvantaged losers, take up position against elite offspring from well-to-do homes.” One anonymous 17-year-old college preparatory student, for example, discussed avoiding BadGo where “Kanaken” (a German derogatory term for South Europeans, Turks, and other majority-Muslim peoples) lie in wait to mug.

In particular, Ingrid Müller-Münch, the author of a 2009 book on BadGo discussed by Die Welt, described at the book’s homepage a gang assault upon a preparatory school summer pre-graduation party.  Gang members suddenly emerged from cars and assaulted celebrating seniors in a public park with baseball bats, knives, and crowbars, taking cellphones and money while leaving behind bruises.  Rather than an “isolated incident,” this attack is one of several in which “pre-graduation parties are downright stormed and messed up.” Graduating seniors accordingly fear publicly announcing their parties.

In this environment, Die Welt reported, “immigrant youth gangs, whose tone is determined by Gangsta Rap and Kanaken-German and who proudly name themselves ‘foreigners,’ want to profile themselves with violence.” “What is mostly treated as a taboo is clearly spoken here” among the individuals interviewed by Die Welt:  “Youth with an ‘immigrant background’ are—in their own estimate—more violence prone than Germans.  The German hierarchy of law and values is not recognized.” As one 19-year-old of Syrian-Kurdish background stated, “I do not say that the Germans are weak, but they are not confident like the foreigners to punch away … They only go to their parents and say, that guy hit me.”

The “city picture portrays the chasm,” as retired diplomats and ministerial officials, along with other individuals of means, continue to live in BadGo.  “The wife of an ex-diplomat shares the pedestrian zone with a veiled Muslim or a Moroccan in traditional caftan.  Not far from Gründerzeit villas there are shops like from the Orient, döner, and trash.”

Individual emails and phone calls to SI only further confirmed the media reports.  By October 26, 2013, SI had recorded ten positive phone calls in response to the No Go map, opposed to 11 negative calls, but 129 positive emails to 6 negative.  SI posted online email extracts with permission of their authors and their initials.

One G.G. condemned the “absolute scandal”  that “certain population groups” rejected the “rules of a peaceful communal life.”  F.O. likewise referenced the “same group of persons” and F.K. wrote of “Germans and foreigners fearing (certain) foreigners.”  G.G. distinctly contrasted these immigrants living in “parallel societies” and enjoying “evidently the particular protection of the multi-culti faction in Bonn” with the “curiosity and politeness” of SI’s foreign students.

Reflecting comments by G.G., F.W. criticized that “critical consideration of ‘problems’ with ‘foreigners’ is politically avoided as much as possible” due to accusations of “rightwing thinking” and “populism.” C.H. likewise complained of such a taboo with respect to a “certain group of persons” that “always causes more and disproportionately many problems.” Yet D.W. condemned as “treason against one’s own people” and “extremely criminal” that “in Germany it may no longer be warned against dangers if these come from certain cultural circles.”

Foreigners such as T.C. confirmed that Bonn’s No Go areas concerned not just Germans.  T.C. wrote of his two nieces visiting from the home country suffering sexual harassment during a walk through BadGo.  The BadGo landlord N.R. similarly wrote of a “very nice” and “super integrated” Turkish married couple that simply could not accept their neighborhood environment after a half-year of renting.  N.R.’s only prospective purchaser for a BadGo dwelling was also an “investor from the Orient” who demanded a 20% price rebate.

Not everyone, though, approved of SI’s map.  BadGo’s district mayor, Annette Schwolen-Flümann, for example, considered the map in an October 22, 2013, letter “not constructive for objectively and sensitively informing foreign guests about the circumstances in our city.” “In Bonn you can go everywhere,” police spokesperson Daniela Lindemann concurred while noting a Bonn decrease in crime since 2012, “generalization does not do justice to reality.” More ominously, an anonymous caller who claimed to be an influential city official threatened to remove SI from the city list of immigrant integration course contractors, although SI had abandoned these courses in 2009.

Himself an immigrant of unspecified origins, SI director David Schah responded to these criticisms in an October 28, 2013, press release.  Schah rejected Stamp’s demand for the map removal given support from the “overwhelming majority” of Bonn citizen responses that often described the map as a “symbol for the discrepancy between public and officially published opinion concerning the security situation in Bonn.” With respect to aiding “rightwing…populists,” the press release noted that ignorance of an “evidently widespread insecurity feeling” among citizens would lead to “their revenge at the ballot box.”

Schah in short advocated an unhindered discussion of immigration’s many, sometimes problematical facets in Bonn.  As Bonn and the rest of Europe show, such discussions are desperately needed.  Rather than experiencing a trouble-free post-Cold War “End of History” in a united global village of peace and prosperity, Germany’s former capital indicates the various culture clashes to come as peoples of differing means and mores come closer together.

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  • UCSPanther

    Ironically, the death of multiculturalism will be by its own hand. You bring immigrants from hostile, nomadic, violent and expansionistic cultures in, and the whole thing will fall apart when the fighting starts.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Not if you outlaw speaking the truth about Islam, as is the case throughout most of Europe today, where the truth is hate speech and hate speech is now the truth. Anything is possible in a moral relativist society, where there are no absolutes.

    • bigjulie

      You bet!! Every country has its own “culture”, else it would not be a unique country! The US, Germany, France, Norway, etc. all with unique “cultures” that define it as opposed to those of other countries.
      If you emigrate from one country to another, it should be because you have a desire to live as those who populate your “new” country do. One is choosing their new country of residence because they want to emulate, not change, the existing culture.
      Nowadays, that is not good enough anymore. Now, millions emigrate to a new and different culture and, instead of joining the new culture, set up mini-versions of the place they just left and defy and harass the existing culture until it changes to the “imported” culture…or die trying, if the existing culture and those who possess it consider the re-culturization a distasteful and unwanted effort!
      If you like the culture you left, then DON’T LEAVE IT! Don’t come to my country and expect me to become overjoyed that you want to change it to be like the place you just left! I will resist, “by any means necessary!!”

    • laura r

      first thing to go is quality of life. big changes in NE cities in the 1990s.

    • doruss03

      This is only a matter of a few years and we are in a religious jihad. It could be a good idea to prepare and stack up ammunition, the rifle I have. I apply for frontline infantry. At 86 i promise I mow down all the ones in a burka first, and then all the black beards.

      • defcon 4

        It won’t be burkas and black beards at your front door — it’ll be collaborators of islam0fascism in US law enforcement.

  • iagozdi212

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    Kaylee recently got silver Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Coupe by working from a
    macbook air… he said w­w­w.B­I­G­29.c­o­m

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The West is being silently invaded by the Islamic world, but the West which is consumed by equality and multiculturalism, sees the Islamic world as being equal and even superior to Western Civilization in many respects, while the Islamic world sees the West as decadent infidels that must be subjugated into Islamic totalitarianism via both violent and non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia, i.e., Islamic totalitarian law. Thus, the West, with the exception of only a tiny minority of Islamists that it sees as radicals and terrorists, naively believes that Islam is a so-called “religion of peace” instead of what it really is: a radical form of barbaric totalitarianism that aims to subjugate the world. Indeed, if the Left manages to turn the world into a Marxist utopia analogous to Cuba, don’t worry it won’t last very long, as the Islamic world will soon eliminate the leftist useful idiots and impose their own brand of Islamic totalitarianism.

  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    Germany, like all of Europe, is as good as gone.

    The refusal to stand up to Islam and its barbarism will destroy Europe and everything Islam touches.

    Just as it has since the seventh century.

    • defcon 4

      The US isn’t looking any better — as the election of the fat collaborator in Joisy attests.

      • Ed FDNYRetiree

        Bingo, and BRAVO!

        Right on, exactly.

        And the next stop for him is the 2016 elections, backed by the now RINO Party.

        • defcon 4

          IF we have the 2016 elections, I dread having only a choice between two islam0fascist collaborators.

    • Drakken

      It is far from done, once that nationalistic gene is unleashed, the savage muslims and leftist enablers will never know what hit them, if you thought the Balkans and Serbs were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

      • Painted Horse

        Exactly. They don’t understand who they are threatening. If they did they would never have started. It will only take one final act of barbarism, the straw that broke the camels back so to speak, to unleash the anger of the descendants of Charlemagne.

    • Excalibur

      The US president supporting jihadists in Syria. McCain publicly said he supports the rebels from Al Qaeda, he knows them and he understand them. NO matter they are the same guys who smashed your WTC, they eat human organs and they beheading anyone who see the things just slighly different. EU politicians are the same, they are blind ignorants who dont want to see problem to get more time to get money in their safe passivity. I say no next vote to such diletants.

  • N. Wasse

    Welcome to the world of Islam! Bigotry, hate, misogyny, stupidity, dependency on social welfare benefits, FGM, Christian-phobia, Jewish phobia, Hindu-phobia, Buddhist-phobia, dog phobia, art phobia, music phobia, singing phobia, critical thinking phobia and all done in the name of an Arabian deity

    • john spielman

      And that Arab diety is none other than….. SATAN!

      • Keith1941

        You said it very well! Political Correctness is, not will be, the downfall of western culture!

        • laura r

          if singing is not allowed, why do those kids listen to rap music w/beats behind the rapping?

          • heapologiatoutimotheou

            They’re risking incurring the wrath of even more extremist elements of Islam (wahabbis, for example).

          • defcon 4

            They’re not doing that in Soddy Barbaria — at least not publicly. You don’t have to wonder why either.

        • m4253y

          only if we allow it

    • musterion

      Slight correction: not arabian deity, but Babylonian Moon God

      • N. Wasse

        I stand corrected
        Oh darn it the moon god and his wife Allat!

    • Toffee Fee

      Don’t forget the leftist politicians and pulic that allow this cancer to grow. Greetings from Germany.

  • LindaRivera

    Our wonderful World War 2 heroes fought and died so that we could live in freedom and safety. Ruthless European and British ruling elites spit on the graves of our heroes. WICKED elites colonized our countries with many millions of Muslims – CONQUEST via demographics.
    In Britain, Muslim immigrants were never required to work. Muslims live for free off infidel taxpayers with 4-6 children per Muslim family. Boasting they will conquer the UK, many Muslim families are having 8 plus children, all supported by Britons.

    MUSLIMS IN (BERLIN) GERMANY : School Rioting & Welfare

    • Drakken

      These little muslim savages don’t know what fear is, yet, but they will soon learn.

    • Excalibur

      It looks like the teachers totally failed to teach these little moslem gansgters even elementary info about history. They say that German minority sitting in school aside while teased, kicked and beaten without any defence due the fear. I hope they will realize after some time they are teasing cobra by a naked feet.

  • LindaRivera

    Join Britain’s, Paul Weston’s counter-jihad party

    The 1,400 years of the horror and terrible suffering of Muslims taking slaves continues to this day in Sudan, Mauritania, other countries and IN BRITAIN.

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK

  • Leland64

    Looks like the Germans are permitting a revival of the NAZIs camouflaged with the Koran. Instead of Seig Heil their slogan is Allahu Akbar!

  • 11bravo

    Can you say Dearborn, MI? Minneapolis, MN?
    Wer’e getting there!!

  • Hellfire

    These Fu**s must be stop we need a world wide extemination of all Muzzie’s If we don’t they will over populate us in two generation’s.Or children will have no home no future it already is a mess. I say join force’s with Russia and China on this one.We can’t just go on & on & on like this fighting in Muzzie countries while the create sharha law in our contries.Come home bring all our troop’s home to Deport all these Muzzie’s..ASAP.

  • M

    Part of the problem might be the rather weak punishment for crimes, when commited by juveniles. If you get caught shoplifting, assaulting or robbing here and are under 18 (and in some cases even under 21) you may very well end up picking rubbish in a public park rather than in prision. These sentences are meant to make you work for society which you disturbed and feel ashamed so next time you feel to act criminally you might think twice about it. This may work for certain people who are integrated in German culture and value systems and get pressure by their parents and relatives as well. But to the lot mentioned in the article, I guess picking waste is not a punishment.

  • fish

    I think we can all agree that Muhummad was a psychopath and thus serious dedicated muslims who attempt to immitate their prophet will behave like psychopath. A psychopath carefully analyzes his prey before he attacks – looking for psychological weakness. I believe that the weakness in the case of western society is residual christian values: Love thy enemy, turn the other cheek, forgive them lord for they know not what they’ve done, let he who is free from sin cast the first stone, etc….

    “The most reliable sign, the most universal behavior of unscrupulous
    people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness,” ….. “It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy.”

    The combination of consistently bad or inadequate behavior and
    frequent pity plays……… is the closest thing to a warning
    you’ll ever get that you are being manipulated by a sociopath.”

    To understand the left’s infatuation with Islam, see also:

  • trapper

    I wonder if 4th century Rome had multi-cultis.

  • nomoretraitors

    Score another one for the traitors and collaborators

  • tanstaafl

    This is Islam.

  • haveittodayray

    Where is the outrage? Parents and grandparents, although this is not about this type of violence, there is another stealth type of invasion of America taking place, that everyone should be aware of. Quite simply to educate yourself just take a minute and google “TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood” a real eye opener. Then take a serious look at England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Canada and now even Russia, with the issues they are facing. I do not have a problem with any Muslim that wants to adopt to our culture integrate and live peacefully. However, I have a serious problem when they want to dominate our culture and not integrate but rather to try and establish Sharia law any chance they get. It is a direct violation of our 6th amendment folks. The strategy of the radical Muslims is to eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within by stealth Jihad. Form your own opinion folks, google “TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood” and let me know your comments, perhaps I’m wrong? In Europe they have “Muslim Patrols” and no zone areas, take a look at Dearborn, Michigan. Were about a generation or two behind Europe for our future, unless good men and women stand up for our country. When good men and women do nothing, evil always prevails. Again form your own opinion folks. Most of us are simply too busy, earning a living, working two jobs and raising a family to see what is happening to the United States. Again, take a minute and google “TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood” a real eye opener. Sad part the doctrine was written years ago and it is already taking place folks.

  • Mohammad Atta

    There can never be peace because of this.

    Islam’s House of
    Islam and House of War

    The world is divided into
    the House of Islam and the House of War, the
    Dar al-Islam and the Dar al-harb.
    The Dar al-Islam is all those lands
    in which a Muslim
    government rules and the Holy Law of Islam
    prevails. Non-Muslims may live there on Muslim
    sufferance. The outside world, which has not
    yet been subjugated, is called the “House
    of War,” and strictly speaking a perpetual
    state of jihad, of holy war, is imposed
    by the law. The law also provided that the
    jihad might be interrupted by truces
    as and when appropriate. In fact, the periods
    of peace and war were not vastly different
    from those which existed between the Christian
    states of Europe for most of European history.

    The law thus divides unbelievers theologically
    into those who have a book and profess what
    Islam recognizes as a divine religion and
    those who do not; politically into dhimmis,
    those who have accepted the supremacy of the
    Muslim state and the primacy of the Muslims,
    and harbis, the denizens of the Dar
    al-harb, the House of War, who remain
    outside the Islamic frontier, and with whom
    therefore there is in principle, a canonically
    obligatory perpetual state of war until the
    whole world is either converted or subjugated.

  • Don’tspyonme

    What is going to happen with all the great ski resorts

  • Jonas S.

    Let me offer you a german perspective:
    Calling the right-wing extremist blog PI (Politically Incorrect) cited in this article a “conservative German website” is more than a euphemism and quoting their articles as reliable sources can actually not be taken seriously by anyone familiar with the german media landscape.
    They are widely regarded as a vehicle for right-wing populism. Not only are they publishing their articles using pseudonyms (journalistic no-go, so to speak), spreading racist and islamophobic views, bending facts along the way. At the same time they are campaigning against mainstream media, which is purportedly completely infiltrated by left-wing conspirators, therefore any criticism from traditional media is easily discarded as a lie.
    At the moment with the rise of anti-islamic PEGIDA movement, they went as far as to call the press “Lügenpresse”. A term which was used by the nazi propagandists in the advent of the Third Reich to discredit any criticism from the press as “jewish” propaganda and which should be totally off limits. Populism like this can be extremely dangerous, which german history should have hopefully proven to anybody. Somebody holding a PhD should be aware of that.