Karen Armstrong’s 9/11 British Empire Blowback Thesis

armstrong_karen“We did this,” popular British religion writer Karen Armstrong said in a November 21, 2013, keynote address at Georgetown University in reference to her country’s imperial history and Al Qaeda’s September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.  Speaking to Georgetown’s Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU) Armstrong clearly showed with bizarre, anti-Western self-accusatory explanations for jihadist violence how “I like to turn the finger against myself first.”

“We have all done terrible things,” Armstrong stated at ACMCU’s 20th anniversary conference on “Muslim-Christian Relations in the 21st Century:  Challenges & Opportunities.” Armstrong in particular was “very conscious as a person of the British Empire” about how “we are all implicated” in problems afflicting Muslims globally.  Armstrong referenced Anglo-French involvement during World War I in determining Middle Eastern borders and Pakistan’s “almost impossible” borders derived from Indian partition in 1947.  Armstrong also considered “our Palestinian mess” as a British sin inciting Muslim violence today.

American drone strikes around the world and “new images of Muslim suffering” following America’s military regime change in Iraq added to Armstrong’s anti-Western litany.  “Disgraceful” also for Armstrong was global poverty such as the “people in the world who do not have clean water.”  Reverently referencing “Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him,” Armstrong cited an Islamic hadith about the immorality of sleeping while others hunger.  In light of all this suffering, Armstrong rejected making Islam a “scapegoat” for the “violent sins of the 20th century.”

“Muslim pain, Muslim suffering” and the “desire to do something about it” were thus Armstrong’s explanation for violence from groups like Al Qaeda.  Al Qaeda videos, for example, presented a “collage of pain” and yet “we don’t see the half of it.”  “Self-interested policies have blown up in our face,” Armstrong concluded, and demanded that people “look at these images of pain.”

“Hiroshima and 9/11” result from deficient personal reflection, Armstrong concluded.  Armstrong compared impersonal killing from the “high altitudes” of World War II bombers to “killing from a helicopter” and criticized Westerners for being a “privileged caste” removed from the world.  In contrast, “weeping together creates bonds between human beings.”  Armstrong argued that the world should have wept for Muslims following 9/11 just as the Greek playwright Aeschylus mourned for his enemies slain at the Battle of Salamis in The Persians.

Armstrong perceived no threat in any given religion such as Islam, for all faiths according to her have a “version of the Golden Rule.”  Armstrong saw religious fundamentalisms “rooted in a profound fear of elimination,” not any aggressive ideology, such that they became “more extreme” under attack by military force and media.  The tearing off of women’s veils by Iranian troops under the Shah, for example, incited a backlash of Shiite fundamentalism.  The present Islamic Republic of Iran, meanwhile, elicited from Armstrong merely the comment that the “Iranian revolution is still continuing.”

None of Armstrong’s mea culpas make any sense upon examination.  Arab state borders are not by any stretch of the imagination the world’s most haphazardly drawn, particularly in comparison to Africa’s colonial borders.  Yet no global terrorism has resulted from sub-Saharan Africa.  Armstrong’s criticism of Pakistan’s borders likewise does not answer why only Pakistan’s Muslims, and not India’s Hindus, engage in cross-border terrorism.  Muslims have also been historically both colonized and colonizers.  Poverty is similarly ecumenical, but individuals in China and elsewhere have responded to deprivation with work, not warfare.

Echoing the various hostilities of the ACMCU’s namesake, Prince Alaweed bin Talal, his Saudi compatriot Osama bin Laden, and others against Israel, Armstrong seems to see causality for 9/11 in the British “Palestinian mess” supporting Zionism. Yet support for Israel’s right to exist is simply incompatible with the destruction of Israel sought by rejectionist Islamic ideologues like bin Laden or the Iranian ayatollahs.  Presented with this analysis, Armstrong during a coffee break criticized my being “obsessed with Israel…the word never crossed my lips,” as if Britain’s “Palestinian mess” was a reference to Zimbabwe.

Armstrong does not explain why Muslims in Gulf States like Saudi Arabia, never colonized, engage in terrorism and Boko Haram’s Nigerian Muslims massacre Christian Nigerians sharing the same British colonial history.  Sectarian agendas of jihad and sharia, the Golden Rule’s very antithesis, are invisible to her befuddled thinking.  Many “images of Muslim suffering” in places like Iraq, meanwhile, derive precisely from the application of these agendas to intra-Islamic divisions.

In Armstrong’s relativistic reasoning, pilots Paul Tibbets, who ended a war over Hiroshima, and Mohammad Atta, who began a war in New York, are equal.  Not a vigorous fight for freedom, but guilty mourning for Muslims should result from 9/11.  Such is the analysis of Armstrong, a member of the High Level Group at the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations.


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  • Elizabeth capecod

    There has never been a people on the planet more harassed, reviled and persecuted than the Jews, yet THEY managed to not only overcome their strife but to evolve and accomplish more than any group of people in history.
    Lady, You’re full of it. Stop making excuses for the lowest denominators. It doesn’t help them, but maybe in some self indulgent way it helps YOU!!

    • John P.

      yeah! and do you see any Muslims receiving the Nobel awards for science. No, Islam has persecuted its own, the biggest lie is that they continue to call themselves the religion of peace. Islam is a political system hiding under religion, it should be outlawed as Nazism was.

    • Ammianus

      The decline in what was a “great culture of science and invention” began when the population of Christian, Zoroastrian, Jewish and Hindu dhimmis slowly diminished and converted to Islam. Islamic science is a myth.

      • Elizabeth Cape Cod
      • Hank Rearden

        It was a shock to me when this thought first was mentioned – that “Islamic science” wasn’t BECAUSE of Islam but rather IN SPITE OF Islam. Once you have that model, everything fits. The “science” of Islam becomes the last gasp of the Persian Empire and some of the ancient seats of learning. Once Islam really gets hold – say around 1200……nothing. Nothing after that. As you say, Islamic science is a myth. They just couldn’t stamp out all of the ancient world right away.

    • Gayle Spencer

      “great culture of science and invention”

      This, in a sentence referencing Islam ! I’m floored to read such a phrase.

      Islam is entirely true to its translated meaning from Arabic – SUBMIT. “Check your brain at the door. Any inclination of independent thought will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Obey.”

      • Elizabeth Cape Cod
        • therealpm

          They were human, but then along came Islam and all traces of humanity vanished over time. Great civilisations disappeared and formerly cultured people reverted to barbarism. It’s difficult to believe today but even Afghanistan was once fairly civilised.

        • tagalog

          They used to be almost human, until they bent their efforts to suppressing their humanity.

    • MukeNecca

      The decline in the Muslim world from what was a great culture of science
      and invention began when Islamic fundamentalism replaced
      free-thinking and higher learning;

      Excuse me, but you are repeating a million times debunked myth. Islam was never a “great culture of science and invention”. Islam stole science and invention from the conquered civilization, but could not develop it further. it could only maintain it as long as there was supply of enlightened dhimmis. When the conquered civilization finally collapsed under the weight of spirit and mind-killing parasite of Islam its intellectual potential died with it.

      You say “…Islamic fundamentalism replaced free-thinking and higher learning; and poverty, resentment and rage resulted…”

      Could you please be more specific and tell us when Islamic “civilization” was free from Islamic fundamentalism? What made islamic civilization revert to fundamentalism instead of continuing its great tradition of “free thinking and higher learning”?
      i am sorry, but you seem to cling to the idea that islam and islamic fundamentalism are two different things.

      • Elizabeth Cape Cod

        They used to have a lot going on besides living in mud huts and wearing explosive vests.


        • MukeNecca

          I see that I am commenter number five to whom you respond by simply posting an internet link referring to an article that (you think) supports your claim of Islam as a civilization of “free thinking and great culture of science and invention”. Well, if you want to debate by sending in links then I have about 100 links stating the opposite to the nonsense you want to believe in. Simply google using the key sentence: “myth of islamic gold age”. And by the way the article you refer me to is much more subtle and careful in advancing your postulate than you are. I doubt you really read it. Another thing is: did you try to read the criticism of the article? One should try to make at least some research before flashing a single article as an article of faith. Another thing is that although the title of the article is “Why the arabic world turned away from science?” the author never really explains it convincingly. Of course, he can’t. Science never existed in the “Arabic World”. Indeed science is a unique thing that needs a presence of special cultural, social and political conditions before it can emerge. Such set of conditions never existed anywhere before it emerged in the Christian West.

          • Jake-a-runi

            I was under the impression there was a considered declaration by Islamic “scholars” of a millennium ago that speculation upon the nature of the physical world in the manner of Greek philosophers was blasphemous as it
            questioned the Quranic assertion that “Allah can do all things”, lockstepping the faithful into the ubiquitous backwardness we see today.
            Combine that with stripping congenital intellectual function with seventy generations of impregnating the daughters of one’s siblings (longer, actually, if we consider the Islamic Sharia, or the Islamic way [as a literal translation of the word from Arabic], to be the perpetuation of the tribal customs from the era of Muhammad), and, bada-bing bada-boom, we have the student population who max out in the Madrassa curriculum.
            Perforce, advanced topics, such as construction of car bombs, must be delayed until their equivalent of the Community College system, which is in-mosque training by one of their intellectual giants who has devoted his life to pointing at the sky with a towel wrapped upon his head while pontificating upon his divine superiority to those who do not go about wearing pajamas in public.

          • MukeNecca

            “…in-mosque training by one of their intellectual giants who has devoted his life to pointing at the sky with a towel wrapped upon his head while pontificating upon his divine superiority to those who do not go about wearing pajamas in public.

            LOL. Very funny indeed. Thanks

            I allow myself to add that when the giant doesn’t point at the sky with finger he does it with buttocks while pounding the floor with his towel wrapped head.

          • tagalog

            In the 640s the Muslims under Caliph Omar conquered Egypt. When they took Alexandria, one of his captains came to Omar and asked him if they should save the books in the library at Alexandria, or burn them. Omar replied that if those books contained things that are consistent with the teachings of the Koran, the Muslims had the Koran and the books were unnecessary; if the books contained things that contradicted the Koran, they were blasphemous and should be destroyed. “Therefore, burn them.”

            So much for Islamic respect for preserving learned discourse from outside the ummah.

        • Softly Bob

          I agreed with everything else you said in your original post, Elizabeth, but the link you gave is somewhat misleading. The Golden Age of Islam occurred only due to the intellectual efforts of the non-Muslim dhimmis living under Islamic rule that were forced to work hard as semi-slaves to better Muslim lives. After a period of several generations, their populations decreased (due to conversions, persecutions and internal strife) and Muslim arts and sciences eventually stagnated. The Muslims themselves contributed little to science or learning.

      • tagalog

        Islam got “Arabic” numerals from India. They had no zero in their numerical scheme.

        Astronomy they got from the Babylonians and Persians.

        They got ALL of their philosophy, including natural philosophy and geometry, from the classical Greeks.

      • tagalog

        You forget Averroes and Avicenna, two highly-respected rationalists in the tradition of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Averroes even appears in Raphael’s famous painting, The School of Athens, among the great philosophers known to European medieval times.

        • MukeNecca

          I don’t forget them. After all, the number of “moslem rationalists” is so small, in stark contrast to multitude of Christian ones, so it is not a problem. Besides, they have never been regarded very highly within Islam itself.

          True, Averroes was a freethinker, but he was ignored in the Islamic world, and whatever effect he had was in the Christian world. I don’t think Avicenna was a free thinker, but even if he were that doesn’t change the fact of dearth of free thinkers under Islam.

          The fact is that Islam have produced very little of intellectual contribution before the death of Ibn Khaldun some 600 years ago and absolutely nothing since then.

          • tagalog

            Yeah, I failed to mention that the high degree of respect for Averroes and Avicenna comes from Europeans, not from Arabs/Muslims.

            I also agree with your last contention. The Muslims had a 500-year advantage over the Europeans by virtue of having taken Constantinople and the Ottoman and its riches in learned documents from Greece, and whatever advances they arguably made over that time period was outstripped within a century (the mid-16th Century to the mid-17th Century) by Europeans. Europeans also made great advances after the “re-discovery” of Aristotle and some of the works of Plato in Toledo after the Reconquista.

          • Omar

            “Where is the Muslim Newton? The Islamic Galileo?”

            Dead or fled.

    • midnighteye

      I rather disagree that Islam ever was “a great culture of science and invention.” It really doesn’t matter how many times it is claimed to be so, upon close examination, most Islamic inventions of antiquity turn out to have been copied from others, usually Hindu.

      • Elizabeth Cape Cod
      • Johnnie the Jew

        Islam is a non culture in terms of any substantial contribution to science, the arts, philosophy and sport. All claims made by them regarding the number 0, algebra, embryology, etc, etc are lies, lies, lies and damned lies. Just like their “religion” (which it isn’t) it is based on plagiarism and cultural theft from the great cultures it destroyed. Ironically the religion they most despise Judaism is where they stole most of their idiot beliefs. In short, one could say that muslimes are botched and bungled second hand jews without the intellectual horse power of judaism. Great joke ay guys !.

  • Snip Snip

    Get her a female circumcision now so that she can understand the women in the Third World better!

    • A Z

      That is being kind. She should get the whole shebang. She should have all 3 parts (clitoris, labia major, & labia minor) removed and not just the one.

      Any day now multiple FEMINISTS will not only don hijabs but they will defend FGM

      I mean what do women need with their labia majors anyway.

  • GSR

    What a nut this lady is. The main problem with the Islamic world is………..Islam.

    • john spielman

      I agree This woman needs some reality reorientation. I suggest she travel to Pakistan and dedicate her life to serving and helping the Taliban

    • john spielman

      Karen Armstrong needs some serious reality reoreintation therapy for she is clearly DELUSIONAL. I suggest she move to Norh West Pakistan and join the Taliban so she can can help the poor misunderstood and much maligned Taliban to understand themselves and their anger issues. She can even counsel themby giving lots a love and huggs, and show them butterflys and bunny rabbits I’m sure that will make them love themselves and infidels.(sarc)
      Though if she did consider this,I suspect she will meet the same end as poor Beverly Giesbrecht, a loony Canadian woman who renounced her Christian upbringing, became a muslim, and traveled to Pakistan to join the Taliban. Unfortunatly for cluesless Beverly, she was take captive by the same Taliban she went to help, and became their slave and hostage threatened with beheading if a timely ransom didn’t come ( it didn’t). She died in captivity and her body has never been found!

      • disqus_mo8ewPYVck

        Ex-Marine?? Not many people know that story. OOH-rah!

      • tagalog

        Don’t forget the pacifists who, objecting to the war with Iraq, went there to stand before hospitals and mosques as human shields to pique the conscience of America. Once they got to Iraq, Saddam told them he was going to deploy them at his military facilities. They came back to the U.S. without having spent a moment under the gun.

  • Bamaguje

    Karen Armstrong is a blithering iddiot!!

    • A Z

      She is 69 and appears to have no children. Yet she is in full dhimmi mode. Not only will she grovel but she will try to sell us out in the bargain.

  • Softly Bob

    Karen Armstrong is more than just a Western dhimmi – she sold her soul to Islam, and like her partner-in-crime, John Esposito, is very possibly in the pocket of the Mullahs.

    • Drakken

      When the time comes, Quislings like her and that traitor Esposito will either be lined up against a wall or hung from the nearest lamp post. God might forgive them, but the western man won’t.

      • midnighteye

        Hanged please.

      • Sean Smith

        That’s all you ever talk about; i.e. hanging people, executing people etc. I don’t care for what Armstrong says but she’s hardly execution material, nor for that matter, are most of the people you say should be lined up against a wall. I know you backyard revolutionaries fancy yourselves harda$$ess but better go back to playing ‘Call of Duty” so you don’t get hurt.

        • Drakken

          Yeah ok Sparky, keep believing in can we all get along and sing kumbaya, maybe you can put a COEXIST sticker on your Prius and everything will be fine and dandy. Wishful thinking leftist like you make conflict inevitable because you don’t believe what the enemy is telling you. I am in the ME as we speak so come on out and play.

  • Deagin

    When someone attacks another they are considered to be at fault. Even as children we know this. He started it we say. He’s the one to blame. Maybe it was centuries ago but the Muslims started it. They attacked Christian communities in the Middle East and killed the people and took their land. Egypt and Syria and other countries were Christian long before they were Muslim. The crusades were a belated attempt to take back those lands. No doubt their was much cruelty done by the Christians but the Muslims never admit that they were the initial aggressors. They started it.

    • Softly Bob

      But the Muslims are never at fault are they? They always blame someone else. They are perpetual ‘victims’ projecting their own sordid crimes onto others.

    • Robert Lande

      I think that it is because Islam requires all Muslims to convert, subdue or kill non-Muslims, so when Muslims attack non-Muslims they are doing what Allah commands them to do. When the non-Muslims defend themselves, they are going against Allah’s wishes. To a Muslim, the only good non-Muslim is one who submits or dies. How can you be at fault when you are only doing what Allah commands?

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    It took her a decade to say this? Obviously if she said this in the weeks after 9/11 or 7/7 she would have been discredited in everyone’s eyes. Now that only a few are looking she can return to her defense of jihadism. What a coward!

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    Why would any self-respecting Jew would want their son or daughter to attend Georgetown University? After taking $5 million from Prince Ibn Al-Talaweed, its become a sewer for radical Islamists, supported by their hack Prof., John Esposito. But I remember that even before that, not long after 9/11, I applied for two jobs at Georgetown University—and they “lost” my applications.

    • Warren Raymond

      Not 5 million. 20 million, and then some.

    • Seek

      There’s a rumor going around that Georgetown is a Catholic institution.

      • tagalog

        Not only Catholic, but Jesuit.

  • Jake-a-runi

    She painted herself into an intellectual corner years ago and is locked into
    the denial of her discredit.

    • A Z

      So in order to save face, you are arguing that she is keeping on going down the wrong road?

      • Softly Bob

        Pride is an extremely powerful force

  • chan chan

    “popular British religion writer Karen Armstrong”

    are you sure about that? I’ve never heard of her, and asking a few people I know, whom I thought should know if anyone did, they hadn’t either.

    • jtrollla

      She’s a former nun who’s written numerous semi-apostate tomes on religion and has great popularity with the Historical Jesus–Emergent Church–Deconstructionist crowd. She’s authored Muhammad: A Prophet For Our Time, a total whitewash of Islam that is so fanciful and inaccurate that you’d think Osama bin Laden pair her to write it.

      • JimG33

        You can pick up her whitewash videos on YouTube. The violence, beheadings and slave trading of the historic Jihad seems to disappear and Moohamad becomes a sort of Santa Claus of peace. Disgusting woman.

        • jtrollla

          Thanks. But I overdosed on the womyn years ago. What is so frustrating is how she maintains her patina of credibility despite her phony scholarship and acting as a shill for the Jihadies.

          • therealpm

            Like chan chan I had never heard of her until I started researching more deeply into Islam, when her name kept cropping up as one of the most sycophantic apologists.

      • A Z

        Now I know she is batsh_t crazy.

        She’s been prominent since 1982 and her 1st book about her 7 years as a Nun. Now I know why the left likes her and promoted her.

      • Mo86

        Oh, goodness, I vaguely recall hearing she’s a former nun, but i never learned her story and how she came to be where she is now.

        And you know what? I’m not sure I want to.

  • jtrollla

    This woman is a moral invert. Just read one of her books and you’ll get my point.

  • Loupdegarre

    Give me Charles Martel any day.

    • Hank Rearden

      Why haven’t the French made him more of a hero? He saved all of us from those desert bandits and their moon god.

  • M2000

    Karen Armstrong, Barack Obama, what’s the difference?

  • Biff_Maliboo

    I’d be more impressed if she had found the wily and elusive ‘moderate Muslim’ we’ve been hearing about for 12 years.

    • Stosh777

      I think that CERN’s next project, now that the Higgs boson has been verified.

    • ebonystone

      “moderate Moslems” are the Left’s version of Bigfoot. In both cases enthusiasts have reported sightings, but there is no hard evidence.

  • hrwolfe

    An interesting point of note, Fuchida Mitsuo the lead pilot on the attack on Pearl Harbor, in 1959 approached General Tibbets after a tour he conducted and told him “You did the right thing”. He further acknowledged that every man woman and child was sworn to fight to the end, he told Tibbets that he saved many of his countryman’s lives. Funny how that and the fact that the Japanese Imperial Army racked up nearly as many atrocities as their allies the Nazi’s. Funny how we are always held to task but Stalin, Lenin and nearly every adversary of Liberty gets a pass by historical idiots.

    • A Z

      China had 10 to 20 million dead due to the Japanese Army. How do you compare 10 to 20 million against Hiroshima and Nagasaki? You do not unless you area liberal.

      Then let’s add in Korea, Phillipines, Indochina, ….

      Anyone who brings up Hiroshima should be made to account for those deaths.

      • objectivefactsmatter


        Hang your heads in shame you xenophobes or I’ll shame you again!!!

    • tagalog

      By the spring of 1945, there were an average of 100,000 people dying every month in the countries under Japanese occupation.

  • Phil

    When will we pull out of the U.N. and reclaim our Independence as a Sovereign Nation? How about holding a National Vote on it? We the people can decide.

  • Gee

    So all the Jihad attacks before the British came out of their caves were because of what? The Muslims have been killing non-Muslims for 1,400 years – not even the Limey Empire is not that old

    • therealpm

      Do you think the British were living in caves in the seventh century? I thought that it was back in the Ice Ages that people lived in caves, and Britain at that time was covered in glaciers about a mile thick.

  • Inane Rambler

    Bitch looks cray.

    • MukeNecca

      I think “crazy”is the word you wanted to use. I agree. Cheers

      • Idl


  • logdon

    ‘I like to turn the finger against myself first.’

    I’ll bet she does. With a face like that, it’s not surprising.

  • garyfouse

    Karen Armstrong: All looks and no brains.

    • MukeNecca

      Karen Armstrong: Looks like no brains at all.

  • garyfouse

    PS: That was a joke.

    • tagalog

      I was hoping it was. From the photo, she looks like she howls at the moon.


        That’s during Ramadan.

  • http://www.shugartmedia.com/ Chris Shugart

    “weeping together creates bonds between human beings.”

    She must be a fun date on a Saturday night.

  • kilfincelt

    Contrary to what Armstrong thinks, Islam does not have a version of the Golden Rule and never has had. And what about the millions-white and black-enslaved by Muslims over 1400 years including some of the blacks that were sent to the Americas. Muslims have never answered for that and pretend that it never happened. Muslims in North Africa used to attack and enslave the crews of ships and then demand ransoms. These Muslims saw it as their right to do so under tenets found in The Qur’an. Some European countries even paid protection money to Muslims to protect their citizens from this practice. In the early 1800’s the U.S. fought two wars to stop this practice. When Europeans colonized North Africa, this practice stopped along with other inhuman practice. Colonization wasn’t always all bad. We need to change the narrative.

    • A Z

      I was shocked about modern day slavery. I mean I figured this was the modern age and … There was a story that the Sheik signed some sort of charter/ agreement about enslaved jockeys in 2013.

      Okay I am too hopeful. I figured that history has happened and we modern people are not subject to the mistakes of the past. Someone had a good essay on that. I think it was PJ Media

      Anyway Dubai in the UAE has admitted to slavery as of the last year or two of over 1,000 children used as jockeys.

      I mean I knew Saudi Arabia outlawed slavery in 1963. So I thought slavery was done & over with in the Middle East.

      Nothing like being hit by a 2 X 4.


      In the 1990s, Cotton called “the ignorance and apathy of America’s black leaders” shameful in regard to the Arab slave trade. Tragically for today’s child victims, this can be said about many other leaders outside America’s black community. It is a pity they do not possess even half the courage or resolve of an Azim Mai


      • therealpm

        Slavery is still pretty rife in Arabia and parts of North Africa, particularly Mauritania and Sudan. All of the countries involved have officially outlawed the practice, but that doesn’t stop it as no attempt is made to enforce those laws.

        • A Z

          Mauritania still has slavery although it is allowed. the Arabized Africans of Mauritania treat the “pure” Africans as subhuman and enslave them. Yet, black leaders in America say not a word.

          Oh wait they do have some words. They have kind words for Gadaffi and and the leader of Sudan and want to get photo ops with them whenever possible.

          I just thought the Arabian Peninsula outside of Yemen was more cosmopolitan and advanced.

    • A Z

      . It was so successful that UAE has closed the rehabilitation centre for child jockeys in 2012, but various reports suggest that the use of child jockeys has not died down, while some children are still missing.


  • roccolore

    What do you expect from a college that gets millions in Saudi money?

  • richarddonna

    Armstrong is a DHIMMI….She actually thinks there is anything redeeming about a sociopath named Muhammad who PERSONALLY decapitated 900 UNARMED Jews in 627….

    • Johnnie the Jew

      A real dumbarse deluded dhimmi at that. I wonder what her views are on female genital mutilation and the murder of apostates. Obviously another grovelling Guardian reading gormless groupie only too eager to vindicate and justify the contamination of western culture by a retarded death cult ideology.

  • anotherjoeblogs

    I just can’t understand people like armstrong…..oh …yeah ..i can ..money.

  • A Z

    “Armstrong argued that the world should have wept for Muslims following 9/11 just as the Greek playwright Aeschylus mourned for his enemies slain at the Battle of Salamis”

    What is Karen talking about? Aeschylus might have wished that the Persians had never attacked and mourned for their losses, but he fought them 3 times (Salamis, Marathon & Plataea.

    “He was a deep, religious thinker. Few poets have ever presented evil in such stark and tragic terms” -wiki

    Sure maybe Aeschylus mourned for the Persians. But he did so in the same way a person who mourns a thief that breaks into his ( or her) domicile in the middle of the night and has just been shot dead. You mourn for a wasted life. You mourn that maybe. if the had better parents or peers or whatever, they would not have done what they did. But in the end although mourning, you would do it all over again ad infinitum.

    Plus hopefully pat yourself on the back for doing a good thing and go out and treat yourself to a big steak dinner.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Mourn after you win, not before.

  • De Doc

    Armstrong’s sickeningly sweet, cherry picking of Islamic history and Muhammadan apologetics knows no shame. In her bizarre mind only Western culture is worthy of extermination despite the fact that this is the only culture today that allows her to opine as she does.

  • Warren Raymond

    The crazy ex-nun is and has been in the service of Soddy Barbaria long before 9/11.

  • Mo86

    If this woman hates her own culture and herself so much and thinks Islam is so wonderful, why won’t she give up her cushy job and go move to some Islamic country? Hypocrite!

    What’s worse is that she’s considered an expert on religion and Islam and people take her views as being correct and authoritative.

    • Idl

      It seems to me that self hatred is more popular in Britain than cricket. The British will throw money at anyone who’ll tell them they suck.

      • Mo86

        And is that not a shame? They have such an amazing history! No culture is perfect, of course. But their positive contributions to history are undeniable.

        I just don’t understand this self-loathing mentality.

        • Idl

          Me neither….I’m a complete anglophile.

          • Mo86

            It really is like a Stockholm Syndrome on a national level. They’ve been told for a generation or more that they are so horrible that they’ve internalized it. The same is happening with America.

            I find that tragic.


        West Pakistan, AKA Britain, is a lost cause.

        There are some good Brits. I hope they make it out of the UK alive. They can come to the US or Canada or Australia.

  • Habbgun

    We’ve just let the Democrats destroy our healthcare system, put doctors out of work and put our medical treatment in jeopardy should we need. The University system which is systematically indebting and ruining the middle class, acts as a fifth column for our enemies and has created a system of learning in which a student must submit to hodgepodge of expensive coursework because we must be knowledgeable and well rounded in the Western Civilization that we are supposed to despise is getting a free pass. What is wrong with America? Higher education reform will save more money and harm no one. We need to start on reform and make sure its comprehensive.

    • Jake-a-runi

      What is wrong with America? Higher education reform will save more money and harm no one. We need to start on reform and make sure its comprehensive.

      I’m not convinced that it is higher education that needs the reform. I write this because I used to work in admissions, culling out applicants with third grade language and computation skills buttressing their high school diplomas.

      Borrowing from Marty Grossman’s 1999 The Conspiracy of
      , we can start by abolishing the Bachelor of Education
      degree to improve education, the same way we abolished the Bachelor of Medicine degree a century ago to improve health care.

      I was stunned to learn recently that members of the American
      Education Association, the parent organization of America’s state-based
      teachers unions, advocate abandoning instruction in penmanship. Is it good for the kids or for society that upcoming generations cannot write out their thoughts in longhand script? And the justification of the “educator” speaking on NPR was that “why bother to teach them writing if none of them can read it?”[!!!], completely absolving the membership of the teaching unions of any responsibility for educating public school students. This is exactly the reason that private elementary and high schools refuse to consider BEds worthy of employment and insist upon hiring BAs and BSs, who have a much fuller academic backgrounds and zero education credits.

      Whom do you want teaching your kids math: the one with four semesters of integral and differential calculus, or the one with 3 credits of Calculus Appreciation, but holding the all-important 15 credits of Educational Theory, the very same theories responsible for combined SAT scores falling by, what, a 100 points since the early sixties? [BTW, this is hard to quantify because the SATs were “recentered” in 1993 to compensate for the decline in measureable academic achievement.]

  • Jersey McJones

    Does this writer know anything whatsoever about the history of relations between Britain and the Muslim world?


  • Jersey McJones

    So, I’m assuming the answer is no.


  • nick

    Hopefully armstrong and others of her ilk will be tried and punished for treason. Either way there is no hope for armstrong as she will eventually be dealt with by the religious fascists she supports. Failing that she will be dealt with by the nationalist fascists that this useless, piss poor excuse for a human being helped create. Good fu€€ing riddance.

  • http://www.israelseen.com IsraelSeen

    Armstrong is delusional! She may sell books but her reality encourages violence and anti-western rhetoric based on a narrative that is full of self-loathing.

  • Wolverine143

    The women is a total idiot. Pray tell why are Muslims murdering Hindus and Buddhists also


      AND murdering the wrong kind of Muslim…

  • Father Dacius

    Doe it occur to anyone how little the former colonies of Britain prospered after it’s dissolution? Some have descended into grinding poverty, others into perpetual tribal warfare, still others have overpopulated to the point of large portions of their population in famine. To be sure, there were abuses by the local colonial governors and administrators. But in latter days these were largely self correcting, the people of Great Britain did not want their society associated with abuses, and Britain by the time between the wars was not only more Democratic but more enlightened. The breakup of the Turkic caliphate is the real beef mohammedans have with the United Kingdom, not colonialism at it’s root.

  • john

    I have read some of her books and it is very difficult to follow her reasoning and point of view, I suggest she my want to read the history of Islam and read the Quoran and Hadits then compare the live of mohammed and Jesus Christ after doing the studies and throw away pre-conceived and severe biased opinion.then shw may speak objectively about Chiristianity and islam. How ever I don’t think she will be able to do this …..a brainwashed talker with no basis to talk from….

  • disqus_mo8ewPYVck

    Just when you thought people couldn’t get any more stupid…

  • Jerry G

    In a more sane world nuts like Armstrong would be committed to insane asylums. However, in this world of moral relativism the insane are given the same access to college speaking platforms as the sane.

  • tagalog

    It’s good to know that the jihadist terror campaigns against the Western nations is a border dispute.

    To hear the jihadists talk about it, you would think that it had something to do with religious differences.

    I’m glad to hear that’s not the case from a knowledgeable source like Ms. Armstrong.


    Yeah Karen Armstrong is British.

    And she has the sorryass teeth to prove it.

  • garyfouse

    I’ve seen her talk on TV. She really is a space cadet,.

  • Shel_Zahav

    She is a sick bitch.


    That’s during Ramadan.

  • Mads

    Karen Armstrong makes me physically ill.

  • Tristan van Oosten

    I just finished reading a large chunk of her book “”Fields of Blood” and the amount of anti-Christian, anti-Jewish bias shocked me to no extent: apparently Islamic forces penetrating as far north as France aren’t an example of “imperialism” while the crusades (a defensive war, no less !) are. I wonder whether I should use the book as toilet paper, bin it, or leave it on the shelf never to touch it again. Either way: I could have spent my €29.90 more wisely.