Bill O’Reilly Is Smarter Than Lawrence O’Donnell

lawrence-odonnell-to-bill-oreilly-youre-a-hypocrite-for-saying-anything-about-anthony-weinerAfter attacking Bill O’Reilly’s history last week, I’ll defend his sociology this week. On Monday, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell ridiculed Fox News’ O’Reilly for saying that single motherhood is responsible for the the high black crime rate.

O’Reilly said, quite correctly: “The reason there is so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the African-American family. Right now, about 73 percent of all black babies are born out of wedlock. That drives poverty. And the lack of involved fathers leads to young boys growing up resentful and unsupervised. And it has nothing to do with slavery. It has everything to do with you Hollywood people and you derelict parents.”

O’Donnell mocked O’Reilly, saying that “the struggles of black America have nothing to do with slavery in Bill O’Reilly’s very narrow and uneducated mind.” He then droned on about some paper Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote about slavery.

Take that, Bill O’Reilly!

While I’m sure that was a fascinating little monograph Moynihan wrote about slavery, O’Donnell cited nothing in it that contradicted O’Reilly. Apparently, Moynihan found that American slavery was “the most awful the world has ever known.” True, but unfortunately that has nothing to do with what O’Reilly said.

It doesn’t even sound like Moynihan was attributing black illegitimacy to slavery. O’Donnell’s point was simply that the great Moynihan had written about slavery being bad, so all discussion must end.

Fortunately, all discussion did not end for Erol Ricketts, a (black) demographer and sociologist with the Rockefeller Foundation who researched the origin of black female-headed families in the 1980s. His studies showed that the black family was thriving from the late 19th century through most of the 20th century.

You don’t get much poorer, deprived or discriminated against than being a black person in America just a generation out of slavery.

Examining nearly a century of U.S. census reports, Ricketts found that between 1890 and 1950, blacks had higher marriage rates than whites. Until 1970, black women were more likely to get married than white women — and that was despite the high mortality rates among black men, leaving fewer available for marriage. In three of four decennial years between 1890 and 1920, black men out-married white men.

(You all really should read Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama. It’s chock-full of interesting facts like this.)

Whatever else may cause illegitimacy and its associated problems, it isn’t poverty, discrimination, lack of education, unemployment or slavery. Black Americans had all those handicaps — and yet they still had strong families and low crime rates from 1890 until the 1960s.

But in the ’60s, liberals decided it would be a great idea to start subsidizing illegitimacy.

Everyone knew — even FDR’s secretary of labor, Francis Perkins, knew — that granting widows’ benefits to unmarried women with illegitimate children would have disastrous consequences. An early 20th-century social welfare advocate, Homer Folks, warned back in 1914 that to grant pensions for “desertion or illegitimacy would, undoubtedly, have the effect of a premium upon these crimes against society.”

But under President Lyndon Johnson, that’s exactly what the government did. The “suitable home” requirements for welfare — such as having a husband — were jettisoned by liberal know-it-alls in the federal Bureau of Public Assistance. As a result, illegitimacy went through the roof, particularly among blacks, our most vulnerable fellow citizens.

In 1970, for the first time, the marriage rate for black women fell below 70 percent. But even then, a majority of black children were still living with both parents. By 2010, only 30.1 percent of blacks above the age of 15 were married, compared to 52.7 percent of whites.

Liberals keep using the bad consequences of their policies as an argument for more of the same policies. Government subsidies to unwed mothers increase the illegitimacy rate, which in turn leads to poverty, criminal behavior and more illegitimacy. So Democrats reverse cause and effect to claim it’s the poverty that causes illegitimacy and then demand more payments to unwed mothers.

But we know poverty does not cause illegitimacy. The black experience from 1890 to 1960 proves it. It’s the reverse, just as Bill O’Reilly said. If African-Americans started marrying again at their pre-Great Society rates, it would wipe out the entire black “culture of poverty.”

Nor is there a speck of evidence that poverty causes crime. Murder is the only crime that has been reliably tracked since 1900. From the turn of the century right up to the early 1930s, the murder rate rose steadily, with a few peaks and valleys. Then it began a noticeable decline right at the beginning of the Great Depression, remaining low until the mid-1940s, and rising again only at the end of the Depression.

The converse happened during the economic boom of the “go-go” ’80s. The homicide rate shot up in the 1970s and stayed high until the mid-1990s. Both the homicide rate and general crime rate have remained at all-time lows through the economic wasteland of the Obama years. (Thanks to Republican crime policies.)

So while it’s fascinating that Moynihan concluded that slavery was awful (I think we knew that!), O’Reilly is absolutely right that it’s illegitimacy driving the black crime rate.

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  • truebearing

    Now Ann, if we start identifying everyone in America who is smarter than Lawrence O’Donnell, we are going to need a massive database with IQ information about each person, and that would require the NSA’s cooperation. That is one long list.
    If you want to keep the list short, compare everyone to O’Donnell’s level of anger, or delusional self-importance.

    • ericccclark

      Guess we all see things differently. Bill, Hannity and Rush turned me off so much I actually switched parties along with my entire extended family. What happened to moderate Republicans? This extremism dictated by the Tea Party isn’t what I signed up for 40 years ago. If we don’t moderate, we’ll never get back to the White House. Comments like women alone bear responsibility for pregnancy is absurd, much the same as it’s ok for insurance to cover viagra but not birth control. We’ve truly gone back to 1950 when the majority is in the 21st century. No Ted Cruz or Paul Ryan for me and spokespeople like Rush, Trump and Palin are turning many of us Repubs into voting Dem.

  • Nancy Murdoch

    The commonality between Detroit and the black community: Democrat leadership and policy.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Thank you. This has been most enlightening. I always thought that slavery had been the cause because slave owners didn’t encourage family units. So it’s back to the well-meaning idiot liberals who will slam on their brakes when they see a frog cross the road so as not to harm the frog but fail to look in the rear view mirror and thus cause a five car pileup.

    • John E Coleman

      Hello Fellow Jar Head ,

      All of these facts just will not Sink in for most ! The one fact that everyone ,{ Black or White } may agree is ; A home without a solid Foundation , Will not Stand !! be it a White ,red,blue, pink, brown , Black , etc .

      The most important part of that Foundation is ; the DAMN STEEL RE-BAR >>>>> AKA ;
      ; A Father who is Married or Takes Responsibility for his off spring !

      { A little love & support would help greatly } <<<<<>>>>>>>>

      I have no idea what % of White or Black unmarried fathers are behind or deadbeat with their Child support $$ ??
      It would be interesting to find out the % of each ???? Anyone ???

      I feel these facts are also available and even by Race !! again I ask ??
      anyone know ?? or even give a Damn ??

      If so ? Whoever has the Ball’s to produce these results ?? It then may answer these ???’s Once and for All !!


      • ziggy zoggy

        Yes. A deadbeat is somebody who lives off the labor of others.That describes divorced single mothers granted custody of children, not the ex-husbands who wete deniied custody. A woman granted custody is deemed fit to have custody by the courts. A fit mother does not need an EX-husband’s hard earned money. According to law, so long as the children aren’t suffering, women have a right to spend the “child” (ex-wife) support checks on anything she wants. This is an obscenity but Even American men have been indoctrinated to scream the loudest for their own perseecution. No man should be forced to support a woman he isn’t even married to anymore, especially if she initiated the divorce. And preventing children out of wedlock is a woman’s responsibility because men cant get pregnant. If contraceptives re used but fail it is diffetent but how often does that happen?

        I don’t have a soltion to the problem but petsecuting men – especially loving fathers – is worse than the problem.

        • John E Coleman

          Mr Zig Zog,

          It appears that I may have struck a nerve ? If so , please accept my sympathy !

          My motive was intended to expose the facts and % of
          Non Payment of Court Ordered child support by Black Sires as opposed to White !

          This research would require someone who may have access to certain Court records and it is obvious , you are not that one !

        • John E Coleman

          Oh, By the way Mr.Zig ,

          Are you a Jar Head ?? I ask you that because ,
          I know a US Marine would Pay support for his Children WITHOUT FAIL !!

          Semper Fi ! { have any idea what that means } ??

          If not ? Let me know and I will try to explain !!!

          • ericccclark

            If there was ever a reason to leave the party, Ann is it!

    • erma652

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  • Clare Spark

    This is a culture war issue, and distorted by the rules of the game. See “O’Reilly’s riff on race relations.” Economic factors are generally evaded in the “culturalist” turn that is followed by the uninformed.

  • Bamaguje

    The unanswered question is why has welfare payments adversely impacted on Blacks, but less so on Whites?

    “Moynihan found that American slavery was “the most awful the world has ever known.” True, but unfortunately that has nothing to do with what O’Reilly said.” – Ann Coulter.

    It’s not true that American slavery was the worst. Arab slavemasters cut off the genitals of Black male slaves. Their vile Quran authorized Muslim men to rape female slaves/captives (Q 23:5-6, 70:29-30).

    Unlike the Trans-Atlantic slave trade which lasted 2 centuries, the Arab slave trade in Africans spanned 14 centuries. In fact Arab enslavement of Blacks slavery still thrives today in Sudan and Mauritania. “Prophet” Mohammed himself had Black slaves.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Slaves in the Ancient World were deliberately worked to death, fed to wild animals, forced into gladitorial combat, etc. Even indentured servants had it worse than Black slaves in America – who had it easier than any slaves I can think of. Not that slavery exists in America or advetsely affects any Black here.

  • John Timmermans

    Anytime when Ann Coulter is in the area i want to listen to her speech. This woman is right on about the wrong kind of immigration that is happening in the U.S. and in Canada but in to many places they don’t want Ann to come and talk because she speaks the truth.

  • Guest

    “Moynihan found that American slavery was “the most awful the world has ever known.” True, but unfortunately that has nothing to do with what O’Reilly said.”
    This is not so. Islamic slavery was far worse than American/European slavery. Millions were taken out of Africa by the Muslims. At first they were castrated by knife, but this led t too many deaths so they were castrated by crushing of the testicles. The black women were used for sex of course but any children were almost universally killed at birth, which accounts for the lack of black skinned people in Arab countries today.
    Even today there is very strong rascism among Arabs and we could go right back into the Qur’an we see that ‘abd, the word for slave is also the word for Black. Muhammad himself kept slaves (you will note that Jesus by comparison did not) and gave sanction to the practice.
    Our ancestors did evil with their acceptance of slavery, but they were by no means alone or even the worst.

  • gray_man

    A bag full of bird droppings are smarter than Lawrence O’Donnell

  • bluffcreek1967

    If black failure was only limited to a few inner cities in America, I wouldn’t say much. But the fact that black-run countries and cities worldwide are all complete failures tells you something about the nature of these people. Their worldwide incompetence is a glaring testimony that they are radically different in so many ways than whites and Asians.

    Although black ghetto culture and the welfare state help to make a bad situation worse for blacks, the truth is these people consistently fail because of who they are. Certain qualities or characteristics they exhibit tend to doom them to poverty and other social ills. These characteristics are continually reinforced in their communities. Namely, disinterest in formal education and the development of the mind and intellectual studies; low IQs; temperamental; impulsive; failure to consider consequences for their actions; deep criminal proclivities; grand and unrealistic perceptions of their own abilities; and general laziness. All of these and more has helped to keep blacks down, and none of them are the result of what whites have done to them.

    To blame all of this on black culture, poverty, lack of education, the welfare state or even ‘racism,’ is to miss the central point: Blacks do what they do because of who they are. Their actions and conduct is but a reflection of who they are by nature.

    “When Are Blacks Going to Apologize to America?”

    • Skeptic7

      Disagree. Blacks in charter schools are out-performing their cohorts. Dr. Ben Carson was raised in abject poverty and became a neuro-surgeon with the right motivation by his mom.