Cruz Control Should be Standard on All GOP Models

budget-battle-talkathonIf I could briefly interrupt the Republican firing squad aiming at Ted Cruz, let’s talk about something we all agree on. And by “we all,” I mean a majority of the American people, the Teamsters, many Democrats and every single last Republican.

Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster.

It was passed illegally without the House ever voting on the Senate bill and became law absent a single Republican vote — even “the girls from Maine” and “the girl from Arizona” — the only major legislation ever enacted on a strict party-line vote. The Supreme Court had to violate the Constitution’s separation of powers to uphold Obamacare as a “tax” — despite the fact that no elected body could ever have enacted such a massive tax hike even with the sleazy parliamentary tricks used to pass this bill.

Proving that everyone hates it, Congress has now exempted itself from Obamacare’s provisions, having asked for, and received, a waiver from President Obama.

Yes, these are the exact same politicians who lecture us that Obamacare is “the law of the land!” (So are our immigration laws.) The same ones who huffily announce that the Supreme Court upheld it! (The court also upheld the First Amendment in Citizens United, but that doesn’t stop Obama from demanding Congress overturn the First Amendment.) They are the same sanctimonious frauds who tell us that Obamacare is “the right thing to do!”

Those guys waived Obamacare for themselves. If national health care is so great, why don’t they want it?

In every single category of Crap Forced On the Country by the Left, liberals always have a work-around for themselves.

They love the public schools and denounce school choice — but their kids go to St. Albans or Sidwell Friends. As Al Gore responded to a question from a black journalist for Time magazine who asked him why he opposed school vouchers while sending his own kids to private schools, “My children — you can leave them out of this!”

Oh, now I see.

Liberals are always eager to release criminals and block crucial crime-fighting strategies such as stop-and-frisk — which they announce from the safety of their antiseptic, crime-free neighborhoods. They love the homeless, but try putting a homeless shelter in their doorman buildings.

They tell us guns won’t protect us — and then we find out the loudest of them all have armed guards. Staunch gun-control advocate Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago had three armed guards with him at all times, as well as an armored car. Mayor Rahm Emanuel also has armed guards and an armored car. Chicago aldermen are allowed to carry any guns they like. But until very recently (we hope!) the people of Chicago were virtually prohibited from being armed.

Are you beginning to see the pattern?

Liberals love affirmative action — provided their offspring still get into Harvard, Yale or Princeton. How about they give up their kids’ seats to disadvantaged minorities?

Class warriors Warren Buffett and the Nation magazine’s Katrina vanden Heuvel hired phalanxes of lawyers to fight the IRS when informed they weren’t paying the government what they owed. George Soros and the Kennedy family stash their money in offshore accounts, safe from U.S. taxation.

Liberals also strongly support every manner of environmental regulation — unless it blocks the view from the Kennedy compound. In deference to Teddy Kennedy’s ferocious opposition to wind farms off the coast of Cape Cod, the federal government reduced the number of turbines, moved them farther off the coast and ordered them painted white to blend in with the view.

And now these government do-gooders shoving Obamacare down our throats have managed to exempt themselves from its wonderful provisions. Supreme Court justices won’t have to suffer under Obamacare, but will continue to have their health care subsidized by us, the hapless taxpayers forced into this rotten system.

Unfortunately, most Republicans are too stupid to notice that Democrats are walking around with a gigantic glass jaw. Democrats must not be able to believe their dumb luck. Instead of hitting our glass jaw, Republicans have decided to attack Ted Cruz!

Cruz, and his Senate colleague Mike Lee (who, for some reason, is being held harmless by both Democrats and Republicans), have demanded that the Senate vote on the House bill fully funding the entire government — except Obamacare. Most important, they want Democrats to allow more than one amendment to that bill.

The Democrats are refusing either of those options in the Senate.

Among the amendments Republicans might want to introduce is one requiring members of Congress and their staffs to live under Obamacare. Or an amendment delaying the law’s implementation for the whole country — and not just the big employers favored by Obama. And also an amendment taking the administration of Obamacare out of the hands of the utterly corrupt IRS.

Can we at least get Senate Democrats to vote on these urgent reforms? I’d especially like to see the votes of red state Democrats, such as Mary Landrieu, Mark Begich and Mark Pryor. I bet their Republican opponents in the midterm elections next year would, too.

Of course, for Cruz’s threat to work, it has to be credible. Too bad Republicans have been blanketing the airwaves proclaiming that: (1) They don’t have the votes to defund Obamacare; and (2) Republicans will get blamed in the event of any government shutdown.

Republicans: You never had to shut the government down! (And thanks for making it blindingly clear that you never intended to.) You could have waited to see how the public opinion was going and cried uncle at the last minute.

But instead of attacking Obamacare and the breathtaking hypocrisy of the Democrats over this massively unpopular law, far too many Republicans have been spending their time attacking Ted Cruz. (Why didn’t we see one-tenth as much venom directed at Sen. Marco Rubio for trying to give the Democrats 30 million new voters with amnesty as we have toward Cruz for trying to defund Obamacare?)

For every minute you spend attacking Cruz on TV, Republicans, could you consider spending two minutes attacking Obamacare?

Barry Goldwater didn’t “have the votes” when Ronald Reagan launched the conservative movement with his “A Time for Choosing” speech in 1964. But he galvanized conservatives and gave them the hope of future victories. Does Rep. Peter King think Reagan was a fraud who lost influence in the Republican Party with that speech? We don’t have the votes, Ron!

Whether or not Cruz succeeds, we wouldn’t be talking about Obamacare this week without his efforts to defund it — at least those of us who are talking about this disastrous law, rather than attacking Cruz.

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  • Keepdad

    Republicans eat their own, Democraps don’t.

    • Guy Fromage

      Perhaps, but be honest. Would you want to eat a Democrap? Blergh.

      • Keepdad

        Fortunately I’m not, nor have I ever been, a Democrap.

  • Eric Paddon

    Careful Ann, you might find yourself the target of a Ron Radosh hit piece in this website before too long. That’s what happens to all conservatives of principle as we found out recently.

  • marc_parella

    The GOP needs another “Time for Choosing” speech and another Barry Goldwater. (We have one, his name is Jon Huntsman). The current conservative message is so anti-government that no one really knows what conservatism is about. Instead of attacking government with such negative thunderbolts and antics like Cruz’s rendition of Jefferson Smith’s filibuster, conservatives need to rediscover the beauty of its philosophy. Conservatism is never thought of as a beautiful way of thinking, but in my opinion it is represents the grand vision of human development.

    Conservatism as I see it, is a political philosophy that engenders individual human rights to produce the maximum amount of personal liberty within a ordered society, and with personal liberty, individuals are free to explore their own natural potential. Society advances when individuals discover their potential and work to develop their potential into a meaningful contribution to society, mainly through the free market system. Corporal concepts like institutional conformity, socialism, federalism, corporatism, academic and intellectual rigidness work against the development of individual potential and identity. And Conservatives should oppose these institutions.

    Liberalism is not necessarily completely at odds with conservatism as liberalism serves as an agitator to the status quo. Liberalism as a philosophy is needed to counterbalance conservatism as it focuses on Social Justice and the natural imbalances produced by a free society.

    Conservatism adds measurably when it recognizes the zeal of liberal idealism yet reinforces the values of individual initiative and inventiveness to arrive at a similar goal. The beauty of conservatism is that these yet-to-be-accomplished milestones in human development already exist in our potential.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Blah, blah. Cruz actually talks instead of blathering.

    • WW4

      Sorry, marc, you’re too smart for this room.

    • Texas Patriot

      Well said, and very true.

      • marc_parella

        The next Barry Goldwater isn’t going to be a Barry Goldwater. Barry was unique because he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. His style was blunt when bluntness was rare. Mr. Huntsman has similar qualities but his style is more learned. He isn’t afraid to criticize the Republican party or engage with liberals.

        The way I see it, the great challenge that is facing our country is a far greater challenge than Communism. The challenge we are facing is the slow erosion in our faith of the Constitution along with vilifying anyone who doesn’t think like we do. We are at each other’s throats creating enemies where there are none as if there is an ocean dividing conservatives and liberals.

        We need the political spectrum to be well represented because the truth is found in the debate.

  • davarino

    Excellent, well stated and right on target. I think the repubs should be getting the message soon, when they find no one is donating. If McCain and company want to continue acting as kings over us they they will have a limited shelf life. I have no use for them and they can keep their McConnellCare.

    • davarino

      Thanks Ted and Mike for having the courage to stand up and be counted among us regular folk. We appreciate you giving us a voice among the ruling (prolitariat) class.

  • Ammianus

    “Cruz, and his Senate colleague Mike Lee (who, for some reason, is being held harmless by both Democrats and Republicans), have demanded that the Senate vote on the House bill fully funding the entire government — except Obamacare.”
    It would seem that the opprobrium directed at Cruz from the Republican establishment is because he is a champion of limited government. His resonance with the grassroots represents a threat to the McCains in the party and their role as “tax collectors for the welfare state.” From the Democrat perspective any conservative Hispanic, Black or female voice must not only be rebutted but utterly discredited in order to preserve their plantation system.

  • Johnnnyboy

    I can understand a difference of opinion with regard to tactics, but watching the Republican establishment go after Cruz harder than they go after their Democrat opponents really turns me off. In yea olden days I used to vote for the Republican as a way of voting against the Democrat. I am beginning to think that even that limited action is pointless. All the current crop of RINO’s do is to enable the Democrats by offering a symbolic but ineffectual opposition. Washington wins, the rest of us lose.

  • SoCalMike

    I despise the squeamish republican puss–s like Medved and Bem Shapiro who mouth this law of the land cr-p even as Democrats are lawless hypocrites.

  • WW4

    I read this stuff, and personally, I love it. That’s right, attack Obamacare now–why not? Just because it didn’t work for 5 years, the law passed, was upheld by the SCOTUS, and survived several elections–maybe it’ll work a week before the law goes into effect! Rupert and the Kochs can coordinate the scare stories, while I play Mr. Smith!

    I wasn’t there for the actual fight, anyway, so I’ll go ahead and make my party look disorganized, hapless, feckless, reckless, and clueless–AGAIN. (But the base loves it).

    Then you can stand up at election time and say “I wanted to shut down the government and threaten the credit of the U.S. because the thought of uninsured people having coverage and people with pre-existing conditions not being denied coverage really sticks in my craw.” (Hey, that’s unfair, I know–but this is political theater, after all).

    • joe

      You could wile away the hours
      Conferrin’ with the flowers
      Consultin’ with the rain
      And your head you’d be scratchin’
      While your thoughts were busy hatchin’
      If you only had a brain

  • Texas Patriot

    At this point it is obvious that a majority of the Republican Party is as hopelessly corrupt as the Democrats. As a nation, we’re on a path of sure and certain destruction, and we have been for at least the last fifty years. During that time, our educational system has fallen from No. 1 in the world in science and math to No. 21 and No. 23 in the world; our health care costs have gone from 5.2% of GDP to more than 17% of GDP; we have lost millions and millions of jobs to overseas competition; we have wasted trillions upon trillions of dollars on hopeless foreign wars that could not possibly be won; we have gone from the largest creditor nation in the world, to the largest debtor nation in the world; and even Warren Buffet knows that Obamacare will ensure that we never have a balanced federal budget again. At this point, Ted Cruz is the only politician in Washington D. C. who is willing to speak the truth about what has happened to us. So of course he is hated by a majority of both parties.

    • BerettaM9

      America is destroyed already. Americans are living on borrowed time with funny money.
      Haiti here we come.

  • justquitnow

    But Cruz is a manchild, babbling on about Green Eggs and Ham when he clearly doesn’t even understand the simple theme of that book. Why aren’t they fighting it? They have been…40+ worthless votes to reppeal it….fighting it is a loser, but they are deathly afraid that people will like it,