Mass Killers: Crazier Than Liberals

Alexis-1AThere’s been another mass shooting by a crazy person, and liberals still refuse to consider institutionalizing the dangerous mentally ill.

The man who shot up the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, Aaron Alexis, heard voices speaking to him through the walls. He thought people were following him. He believed microwave ovens were sending vibrations through his body. There are also reports that Alexis believed the Obamacare exchanges were ready to go.

Anyone see any bright red flags of paranoid schizophrenia? (Either that, or Obama’s NSA is way better than we thought!)

But Alexis couldn’t be institutionalized because the left has officially certified the mentally ill as “victims,” and once you’re a victim, all that matters is that you not be “stigmatized.”

But here’s the problem: Coddling the mentally ill isn’t even helping the mentally ill. Ask the sisters of crazy homeless woman “Billie Boggs” how grateful they were to the ACLU for keeping Boggs living on the streets of New York City. Ask the parents of Aaron Alexis, James Holmes (Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooter), Jared Loughner (Tucson, Ariz., mall shooter) or Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech shooter) how happy they are that their sons weren’t institutionalized.

Tellingly, throughout the last three decades, the overall homicide rate has been in free fall, thanks to Republican crime policies, from 10 per 100,000 in 1980 to 4 per 100,00 today. (You might even call them “common sense” crime policies.) But the number of mass shootings has skyrocketed from 4 per year, between 1900 and 1970, to 29 per year since then.

Something seems to have gone horribly wrong right around 1970. What could it be? Was it the introduction of bell-bottoms?

That date happens to correlate precisely with when the country began throwing the mentally ill out of institutions in 1969. Your memory of there not being as many mass murders a few decades ago is correct. Your memory of there not being as many homeless people a few decades ago is also correct.

But liberals won’t allow the dangerous mentally ill to be committed to institutions against their will. (The threat of commitment is very persuasive in getting disturbed individuals to take their medicine.) Something in liberals’ genetic makeup compels them to attack civilization, for example, by defending the right of dangerous psychotics to refuse treatment and then representing them in court after they commit murder.

Liberals won’t even agree to take the most basic steps to prevent psychotics from purchasing guns — yes, GUNS! — because to allow the release of mental health information would be “stigmatizing.” We’re not talking about anorexic girls here. We just need shrinks to tell us if potential gun purchasers are paranoid schizophrenics.

The disastrous consequences of the deinstitutionalization movement is described in E. Fuller Torrey’s book, The Insanity Offense: How America’s Failure to Treat the Seriously Mentally Ill Endangers Its Citizens. Torrey’s book reads like a compendium of America’s most heinous murders since the early ’70s — all of which could have been stopped with involuntary commitment laws, and none of which could have been stopped even with a complete gun ban.

Here are a few:

— “Mary Maloney had decapitated her infant daughter and year-old son. Her husband had tried to have her psychiatrically hospitalized prior to the crime, but she had not met the (legal) criteria for dangerousness.”

— “Charles Soper had killed his wife, three children, and himself two weeks after being discharged from Camarillo State Hospital because he failed to qualify as ‘imminently dangerous.'”

— “In April 1973 … Edmund Kemper (who had been released from a mental hospital a few years earlier when the deinstitutionalization act became law) had been arrested after he bludgeoned his mother to death, then strangled her friend who came to visit. Kemper was also charged with the murders of six female hitchhikers.”

Kemper had originally been institutionalized after murdering his grandparents at age 15 because “he tired of their company.”

In 1972 and 1973, paranoid schizophrenic Herb Mullin went on a killing spree in California that left 13 dead, including a 72-year-old World War I veteran, a college coed, four teenaged campers and a mother with her two little boys, murdered as they played with marbles.

Mullin killed his victims with a baseball bat, knives, his fists, as well as with guns. How’s your “high-capacity” magazine ban going to stop that, Democrats? How would piling on yet more gun control laws have helped the priest whom Herb Mullin beat, kicked and stabbed to death?

What about the elderly boarders that Dorothea Puente — diagnosed with schizophrenia — poisoned and buried in her backyard?

What additional gun restrictions would have helped the group of bicyclists Linda Scates intentionally drove her car into because voices were telling her to “kill the demons”?

In the decades since the deinstitutionalization movement began, more and more people kept being killed as a result of that movement — including the deinstitutionalized themselves. According to Torrey, between 1970 and 2004, the mentally ill were responsible for at least 4,700 murders in California.

Increasing government spending on mental health programs is not going to stop the mentally ill from committing murder. Like liberals, these are people too sick even to know they need help. As Herschel Hardin, whose son was schizophrenic, wrote in the Vancouver Sun: “If you think you are Jesus Christ or an avenging angel, you are not likely to agree that you need to go to the hospital.”

Liberals will pretend to have missed the news that the Washington Navy Yard shooter was a paranoid schizophrenic. They refuse to acknowledge that the mass murder problem — as well as the homeless problem — only began after crazy people were thrown out of institutions in the 1970s. They tell us crapping in your pants on a New York City sidewalk is a “civil right.” They say that haranguing passersby on the street about your persecution by various movie stars is a form of “free speech.”

Only after a mass murder committed by a psychotic with a firearm do liberals spring to life and suggest a solution: Take away everyone’s guns.

Taking guns away from the mentally stable only makes us less safe: Even psychotics know enough to keep choosing “Gun-Free Zones” for their mass murders. If Americans are serious about preventing massacres like the ones at the Washington Navy Yard, Newtown, Tucson, Aurora and Virginia Tech, it’s time to review our civil commitment laws.

After this latest shooting, will the left finally let us do something about the dangerously mentally ill?

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  • Aizino Smith

    “the overall homicide rate has been in free fall, thanks to Republican crime policies, from 10 per 100,000 in 1980 to 4 per 100,00 today’

    I would like to see a chart showing how many people the criminally insane kill each year percentage-wise.

    • Jakareh

      Regardless of what the percentage may be, it would do nothing to negate or confirm the datum cited above. Anyone capable of thinking logically would understand that.

      • CowboyUp

        I think Aizino is curious of how much more that rate would have dropped and how much lower it would be if the violently insane were institutionalized. I am too.

        • Aizino Smith


          I pray that I might become a better wordsmith among many other things.

          But Thx :)

    • Juaniita

      Do your research, it’s true. You read it everyday in the news paper, online, and see it on the News. Mentally disturbed person kills again.

      • Aizino Smith

        Sometimes it is better that your information come to you gratis with documentation.

        Sometimes I copy & save the stories not because the write is more knowledgeable than me but because when I started 1st reading these stories I did not clip and save etc.

        If you do not document then when you discuss or debate issues it bogs down because they believe the last article they read which was biased. Still with documentation such as FBI crime statistics they tend to fall back on shibboleths and name calling.

        I have quite a few files no on AGW, solar, fusion, immigrations , 2nd amendment. It takes a lot to keep on om.. so sometimes it is easier if someone gives you the link.

  • 1proactive2

    As a career forensic psychologist I can easily say that Ann is spot-on accurate in her assessment of the left’s pathological altruism. By their very diagnosis, people with paranoid schizophrenia fear being drugged by imaginary mean people so they don’t take their medication. Then the worst happens. Their bunkie ends up stabbed or at least “marked” which means a deep shank cut across the face.

    I worked for a few years in 3 of my state’s prisons, and it never failed that a felon who had murdered (their preferred crime), was found flushing their meds down the toilet, or selling the drugs during yard time. One anti-psychotic pill can get the PS felon two Ramen noodles and a beef stick.

    It gets worse, folks. Many of those felons with paranoid schizophrenia are released when they “max out” meaning they are at the end of their maximum time for incarceration. Most of these felons beat a murder conviction “due to mental illness” even though their victims met death at their hands. Because of all the disruption they cause in the felon population, most all serve out their entire sentences only to return a short time later.

    Great article, Ann. Keep it up!

    ps: There’s great book that covers exactly this problem, and it’s available through Amazon. The title is, “Pathological Altruism” by Barbara Oakley. It’s a great read, and it will become a nightmare for liberals if it catches on.

  • truebearing

    ” will the left finally let us do something about the dangerously mentally ill?”
    And reduce their constituency by 15%? They’d sooner support Voter ID! :)

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    There was one reason and only one reason why the liberals deinstitutionalized the mentally ill — to terrorize society into accepting totalitarianism.

    • Nomadic100

      Nonsense! What is left unmentioned in this discussion is that there were dramatic improvements in antipsychotic medicines in the 1960’s and thereafter. This revolution in medical treatment, coupled with the acknowledgment that institutionalization in usually abominable settings was counter-therapeutic resulted in the change in psychiatric practice. It is also true, of course, that there were changes in commitment laws to reflect this change in medical treatment.

      • Guy Fromage

        I suggest you read the post by @1proactive2:disqus below.

        • Salen Stormwing

          But what @1proactive2:disqus stated wouldn’t have allowed said individuals to buy a firearm under the Gun Control Act of 1968, where being a prisoner for over 1 year, or being declared by the state to mentally deficient by a judge. So, those folks wouldn’t have been allowed to buy guns like Aaron Alexis did. The system might be broke, but not for the reasons you think.

          • Guy Fromage

            We’re talking past each other. The availability of guns is a non-issue, as far as I’m concerned. Just as laws do not prevent felons from obtaining them, they do not prevent the mentally ill from obtaining them. Impediments which interfere with the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding individuals exacerbate the problem, not alleviate it.

            Every indication is Alexis should have been institutionalized. He was not. We know the result.

          • Salen Stormwing

            “Impediments which interfere with the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding individuals exacerbate the problem, not alleviate it.”

            But Alexis was a law-abiding individual right up until he started shooting people. You would have thought the ‘minor gun’ incidents he had in his criminal record might have said otherwise, but no, you don’t want to change the rule that says “Here’s who can have a gun” because it’s inconvenient.

          • Guy Fromage

            Again, talking past each other. Sigh.

            He. Should. Have. Been. Commited. With his history of gun misused, it’s a bit of a stretch to call him law-abiding. He may never have been convicted, but that’s not really the same thing, is it? If I ever did any of the things with my guns, as he did with his…well, I wouldn’t!

            Failure of the system to respond properly to illegal acts and to evidence of dangerous mental illness is no excuse to pass laws which impair or punish the 99%.

          • Salen Stormwing

            Making someone take a background check that they already have to get is impairing or punishing 99%? Uggh. Oh the horror.

            But yes, he should have been committed. The VA should have said something about it. The judicial system should have done something. But Ann saying “it’s how liberals classify stuff” that’s B.S. Fix all the laws, not just the ones that don’t inconvenient you.

      • Naresh Krishnamoorti

        Since I use my real name, you can look up the fact that my father was a chief psychiatrist in a state mental hospital shortly after these changes took place — the same hospital that famously “treated” Frances Farmer. He is more likely to agree with me than with you, in that they were forced to deinstitutionalize people whom everyone knew would be a grave danger to society. For one thing, lots of people don’t take their medications.

    • frodo

      Can you explain why Ronald Reagan had so much to do with this movement?

  • UCSPanther

    If they had taken this madman off the streets when it became clear that he (a) had no compunction about misusing firearms, and (b) had concerning mental health symptoms and tendencies to engage in extreme violence at the drop of a hat, maybe they would have avoided this spree altogether…

  • cedars rebellion

    Wow! Going back to mass killings most can recall:

    1. Naval yard – under treatment for mental health
    2. Connecticut – under treatment for mental health
    3. Boston bomber – under jihadist control

    4. Ft. Hood – under jihadist control

    5. Aurora – under treatment for mental health

    6. World Trade Centers – under jihadist control

    7. Columbine – under treatment for mental health

    Coulter previously has stated “facts are to liberals as Kryptonite is to Superman”.

    Some things never change.

  • Mo86

    The rules for treatment of the severely mentally ill is an issue that I am not very well educated about. I had no idea that liberals had deliberately pushed for the de-institutionalization of such people.

    Too bad we can’t lock up liberals like those who push for such things! They are in some ways more dangerous than the crazy people themselves.

    • frodo

      You’re not aware of this because it’s not true.

    • tr60

      In California Reagan led the way with putting the insane out on the streets.

  • Jason

    Are you serious America? You let psychopathic people have guns? What person supports this? Background checks would really help you guys here, and to hell with leftists! My sister, one of the biggest leftists I know, and a psychologist, laughed at this article, she knows some people have to be institutionalised.

  • Clare Spark

    Few have the courage of Coulter here, for the field of mental health is seen as a minefield for many families who still believe in demonic possession, not organic causes for psychoses. See my index on mental health blogs that I wrote: “Blogs on mental health.” There are conservatives who cooperated in the closing down of mental hospitals in order to save money. Reagan was one in California, early 1970s.A blot on his record. Hence the homeless schizophrenics on the streets of Los Angeles and other cities.

    • Mo86

      Nice attempt to blame this on conservatives and perhaps some religious groups.

      “Mental illness” is used as an excuse for just about anything these days.

      Some people may be genuinely mentally ill. But too often this term is also used to excuse bad behavior that’s done by people who are just plain old EVIL.

      • frodo

        Except that it’s TRUE. Conservatives did deinstitutionalize the mentally ill.

    • frodo

      Few are as irresponsible as Coulter.

  • tokoloshiman

    Arm the Army personnel so that they can protect themselves and others!
    wimpish no gun laws mean mass death for UNARMED soldiers and civilians.

  • Salen Stormwing

    Oh Ann… According to the Gun Control Act of 1968, you can’t deny someone’s right to buy a firearm if a court has not found them mentally deficient or they have not been mentally institutionalized. If he had been, this wouldn’t have been a problem. But, since changing the rules about the Gun Control Act is never going to happen, you’re just going to have to learn to live with the fact that crazy people will get guns because we can’t get some proper laws about background checks past.


      You misunderstand completely: the point is that Alexis should have been institutionalized. Failing that, he should have had his security clearance revoked – it might not have stopped him from selecting another gun-free zone to wreak havoc upon, but it would sure have stopped him at the Navy Yard gate. Finally, it’s time to end gun control on military bases. Alexis would have been stopped much sooner if at least some personnel other than SP’s were armed.

      No changes are needed to the 1968 Gun Control Act, except to loosen up some of its restrictions.

      • gary

        I have noticed that the armed forces have really downsized since the “Cold War” ended. A lot of activities that the military use to do have been contracted out. One of these activities was post security. At one time Security at military installations were run by the military. When I was assigned to Fort Hood in the mid 80s. The military police brigade that was assigned there ran the security. Now the security for these installations has been contracted out to private security companies. In the 80s there would have SPs and a marine provost guard at that Navy Yard. I don’t think there is one there now. When the government downsized the military, they also degraded it as well

  • Carmichael

    Exactly, Ann.

  • Chris Shugart

    I just read the title and started laughing. I didn’t even read the article. It was funny as is. But I’ll read it now.

  • Juaniita

    So the liberals would allow mentally ill people on the trees homeless, hungry, and dangerous to the sane instead of giving them treatment? Can we fix this mess?

    • frodo

      Um, no.

      • Juaniita

        So please explain to me why America has more mentally ill people on the streets than ever? The Democrats controlled both houses for 22 years.

        The Republicans controlled both houses for 10 years. It was split between Republicans and Democrats for 8 years. If we divide the split years we have Democrats in control for 26 years & Republicans in control for 14 years.

        Therefore Democrats have been in control of Congress 65% of the time for the past 40 years.

        Calculations are based on this source:

        Now do you see what party mess our wonderful Country up?

        • frodo

          The matter of treatment for the mentally ill is a complex one. Your simple calculation of who was in the Congress cannot rise to an explanation of why treatment is the way it is. Much of the “system” operates at the state level anyway, and makes the Congressional explanation irrelevant (to put it kindly).

          New drugs (that work really well) have a good deal to do with it, as does the loss of state support for often-inhumane instititutions (and see Ronald Reagan as a leader of the cost-cutting mode of deinstitutionalization), and shifting thinking about how to respect the rights of the mentally ill.

  • marineh2ominer

    Dumb azz , ALL mass killers ARE liberals , just check the record . Liberals are ALL insane , it is just that some get too far out there and go off the deepend .


    First, Alexis passed his background check. Second, background checks are completely worthless because if a lunatic doesn’t pass, he can always steal a gun, make one, or kill by some other method (bombs, automobile, knife, fire, etc.). The only way to protect ourselves from lunatics is to commit them and stop trying to control guns.

    Control the lunatic, not the gun.

  • frodo

    Once again, Ann Coulter demonstrates her utter lack of shame. Responsibility for the deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill can be laid at the feet of Ronald Reagan.