Send Us Your Violent Bigots, Yearning to Butcher Our Children

Tamerlan-and-Dzhokhar-Tsarnaev-via-FBI-615x345-600x345It’s been a bad few weeks for cultural assimilation. Last month, two welfare-receiving immigrants in the United States, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, set off bombs at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring hundreds. By the end of the week, they had murdered a cop and engaged in a wild shoot-out and bomb-throwing melee with the police.

Last week, a couple of ethnic Nigerians butchered a British soldier with meat cleavers in broad daylight on a bustling street in a London suburb, then boasted about the murder in video interviews with bystanders. (On the bright side, they did not claim to be princes and ask for your life savings.)

Also last week, immigrants, mostly Muslims, began rioting in peaceful Sweden — burning schools to the ground, torching cars and throwing rocks at the police. (Who among us hasn’t lost his temper trying to assemble an Ikea china cabinet?)

Supporters of the West’s current immigration policies can’t keep ducking reality. So they try to shut down debate by calling their opponents racists, xenophobes, know-nothings and fascists.

The English Defense League (EDL), for example, is portrayed in the media as a bunch of racist football hooligans. So I was surprised to learn that the EDL has not only a Jewish division, but a gay division. (Harvey Fierstein could be their president!) They expressly support Israel against Muslim terror and burn Nazi flags at their rallies.

Apparently it is considered “fascist” to oppose actual fascists immigrating to your country.

A few years ago, an opinion piece in The New York Times denounced the pro-gay positions of anti-immigration groups such as the EDL for “co-opting” gays. The co-opting is so thoroughgoing that the anti-immigration Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was himself gay. He was assassinated by a vegan animal rights activist upset at criticism of Muslims.

But surely members of the EDL oppose Britain’s immigration policies out of ignorance?

It briefly seemed so. A month ago, the head of the EDL, Tommy Robinson, provoked a round of liberal sneering when he tweeted: “welcome to twitter homepage has a picture of a mosque. what a joke.” Various media outlets leapt to point out that the photo was, actually, the Taj Mahal.

The liberal Guardian mocked: “It’s worth pointing out that the ‘mosque’ that started this … was in fact the Taj Mahal, the marble mausoleum in India. It’s almost as if the very existence of the EDL is based on false information, suspicion and idiocy.”

Except — oops –– it wasn’t the Taj Mahal. It was a mosque — the Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman, to be precise — as The Guardian quietly admitted in an altered photo caption after stealthily removing the comment about the EDL’s “idiocy” for imagining it was a mosque. It’s almost as if the very existence of The Guardian is based on false information, suspicion and idiocy.

Britain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain have recently enacted, or are considering enacting, further restrictions on immigration, alarming immigration enthusiasts. The New York Times reported this week that the “right-wing Swiss People’s Party” is requesting a referendum on immigration.

Wait a second! A referendum doesn’t sound fascist at all. In fact and to the contrary, it’s always the advocates of unrestricted immigration who try to avoid letting the people vote. Marco Rubio and the rest of the pro-amnesty “Gang of Eight” don’t even want the country to know they’re about to vote on a mass immigration scheme.

Liberals say, “Basic human rights are not subject to a vote!” — and then define “basic human rights” as “the right of people who don’t live in your country to move there.”

Manifestly, opponents of open immigration are not fascists, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, intolerant or idiots. But as long as we’re on the subject, may we inquire into the tolerance and other Western values of the potential immigrants themselves?

Last week, U.S. law enforcement officials reported that Muslim immigrant Ibragim Todashev admitted that he and Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev had murdered three Jewish men in a Boston suburb on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. (Which also, I believe, was the work of immigrants.) The victims’ throats were cut from ear to ear, nearly decapitating them. One was Tamerlan’s best friend.

Searching The New York Times’ webpage for “English Defense League,” turns up this multicultural story out of Saudi Arabia: “Online Campaign Draws Attention to Case of Saudi Father Accused of Rape and Torture.” The father, Fayhan al-Ghamdi, a prominent Islamic cleric, served only a few months in a Saudi Arabian prison for allegedly raping, burning and fatally beating his own 5-year-old daughter.

It’s not just Muslims who aren’t warming to Western values. Polls by the Anti-Defamation League going back decades have shown a steady decline of anti-Semitism in the U.S. But a 2002 poll showed a surprising upsurge.

While 17 percent of all Americans were said to hold “strongly anti-Semitic” views, 35 percent of Hispanics did — as did 44 percent of foreign-born Hispanics.

(Note to Sheldon Adelson: It may be time to give your Hispanic employees a raise.)

Liberals get a kick out of accusing their opponents of what they themselves are guilty of. But this may be the most audacious reverse-guilt play yet. For objecting to the importation of primitive, violent, child-rape-forgiving bigots, the opponents of mass immigration are accused of bigotry.

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  • BS77

    . Read Ann Coulter, Pamela Geller, Brigitte Gabrielle….Liberals are trying to tell us we are not seeing what is right in front of us.

  • AdinaK

    Multi-culti psychotics have wrecked havoc on the west and this has been their plan all along. And the fact of the matter is that this is the best shot they have to eviscerate all borders, yet for the top leadership to still maintain total control. A win-win, but a disaster for the "unwashed masses".

    Moral relativism is the bane of the west and is bringing it down at warp speed –

    The west is near bowed.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Tom Billesley

    The "allegedly" is superfluous in describing the case of Fayhan al-Ghamdi. He was found guilty. The level and extent of abuse was sick, as is the Sharia way of dealing with it by paying blood money to the mother of the child and time served on remand. Under Sharia Law a father is not charged with murder when he kills his child.

  • davarino

    "Liberals say, “Basic human rights are not subject to a vote!” — and then define “basic human rights” as “the right of people who don’t live in your country to move there.”"

    And to vote.

    Very twisted logic. Can anyone out there please tell me how you can defend such logic? Is there a brave liberal soul that wants a piece of this? Please come here and tell us rubes where we are missing it

  • geneww1938

    Send us your anti-Christian, anti-American, hate filled and USA will export Christian homeschooling family [VISA is ending] back to Germany where their children will be ripped away from the parents and the parents jailed for not supporting the government school system.
    It will be coming here.

  • drdeano

    There has been no real change in the liberal mantra. It is "Do as I say not as I do" , that way they can have it both ways.

  • Deborah Barton

    Sorry, but after Ann's misguided Chris Christie and MItt Romney love-fest, I no longer trust her judgment. I told my children when they were little: "Once you lose trust, it may take years to earn it back." Does Ann Coulter think we'll all say, "Oh, never mind?" She won't be convincing THIS former fan any time soon.

    • BS77

      What's the matter with Romney or Christie? Mitt Romney would have made an excellent president.

      • Deborah Barton

        Neither Christie or Romney are conservatives; they're statists. As such, they are part of the problem, not the solution, like the rest of the Republican Establishment.

        • Questions

          And what candidate wasn't statist, aside from Ron Paul, someone whose views on immigration and foreign policy aren't exactly sane?

  • tagalog

    Coulter wrote: "…the anti-immigration Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was himself gay. He was assassinated by a vegan animal rights activist upset at criticism of Muslims."

    Her writing style includes sarcastic hyperbole that sounds like the above. Until now, I could tell when she was just being sarcastic, not necessarily sticking to the strict factual truth but engaging in hyperbole. On this one, I find that I have reached a state of perception of Western society that I can't tell if what she wrote is the factual truth or an attempt at humor.

    • sononthe_beach

      A quick look-up shows that the man who assassinated Fortuyn was in fact a vegan and an animal-rights activist who murdered because he opposed Fortuyn's anti-Muslim immigration position. I suppose you would have approved if she had written that Fortuyn was simply "killed by a man for political reasons?" How PC of you.

      • tagalog

        "PC"? That seems a bit strained, given what I wrote. Perhaps it would be advisable to work on your reading comprehension.

        • sononthe_beach

          I would be interested in the "strained" reasoning by which you concluded "hyperbole" in the extract you posted.

  • tagalog

    Coulter writes: "Liberals say, “Basic human rights are not subject to a vote!” — and then define “basic human rights” as “the right of people who don’t live in your country to move there.”

    So I gather, if that is what liberals say, that it's OK to them that Europeans moved into the New World, displacing the native tribes of North and South America. Do I have that right, there will be no more whining about how we European types conquered the Indian tribes and took over land that wasn't ours? Also, there won't be any more of that nonsense about how unjust the Mexican War was?

    • Western Spirit

      Our Christian forebears had the example of a Biblical Israel taking land other people occupied. So, thus informed, they helped themselves to land that didn't appear to belong to anyone by their standards.

      So American's conquest of this land was done by the conquering of Indian tribes something that was not unheard of among peoples though out the ages, but is made much of by this phony generation.

      Believe me this land can be taken from us today by any other people strong enough to take it. Like it or not this is the way of the world, not just "big" "bad" America, acting outside the norm of human behavior.

      • tagalog

        I have always, right from the first time I heard people complaining about how the Europeans stole the land from the Indians, wondered what those complainers thought about the Sioux taking the Powder River country, the Black Hills, and the Big Horn Mountains from the Crows, and the Crows in turn taking Blackfeet land, and all of them driving each other out of their so-called "ancestral" lands. My favorite example has been the fact that the Apache Indians, an Athabascan tribe, who occupied the land of what has become southwestern Canada, were driven south out of homeland after homeland by other tribes until they occupied the wastelands of the desert on what has become the U.S.-Mexican border as a group of a few hundred members.

  • Brujo Blanco

    Liberal, communist, Marxist.are word.that all.mea. the same thing. The lefties have the idea that these illegals and other such immigrants will add to their numbers. They are mistaken. These.people will retain their national an.ethnic identity. They will vote along racial and ethnic lines and likely seize and.use power. These people will end.the US as.we know it.

  • Marty

    Current and projected immigration policies will destroy the United States. Immigration has been replaced by a relentless invasion of inbred islamic genocidal sociopaths on jihad who do not attempt to hide their real intentions. The fifth column is well established and composed of muslims and their appeasing enablers. Hatred of America and democracy have become the qualifications for immediate entry.

  • Brigitte

    "liberals" need to understand that excessive influx of immigrants with specific belief systems will sabotage their utopia big time.
    if we put it like this, i think many would get it:
    given the choice, which school would you prefer sending your child to:
    a school where 5% pupils think homosexuals must die
    a school where 50% pupils think homosexuals must die

    or…a school where 50% pupils think that disobedient women must be beaten, unmarried sex and godlessness are capital offences, rape victims are guilty of adultery, etc etc.

  • ross1948

    Ann Coulter is correct that Islamist extremists migrating to civilised countries are a menace. But we need also to focus on the children of Muslim parents (who may or may not not be jihadists) turning into enemy aliens and we need to face up to the need for deportation of such.
    If they give their allegiance to the 'ummat 'before the country they live in, then they should have no right to live there.
    Australians recently became aware of this problem.

    • jacob

      I don't know whether it still goes on but it was my understanding that the State Dept. was giving
      Muslims visas like going out of style

  • Cpl. Punishment

    Invasions of other countries are a constant in history.
    They used to use swords, then guns.
    Now they use lies, name calling and intimidation.

    • Mark Ward

      After "use" and before "swords" insert: "fists, rocks, clubs, spears, knives, garrots, bows & arrows, axes"; and after "intimidation" add: "and co-opting a society's institutions, including education, banking, the justice system, and the media". There. (But certainly more is coming down the pike. Oops. Please add "pikes" somewhere in there before "swords".)

  • Thomas

    OMG, it's "teh liberalz" protecting "dem mooooslimz"!!!

    Yes, liberals are silly on immigration and we don't need mass Muslim immigration to the West. That's true.

    But we also don't need neocons who are mostly okay with mass Hispanic immigration to the US, all while pooh-poohing Europe for having Muslim immigration. We don't need neocons who arm Al-Qa'ida terrorists in Syria and Libya and then tell us we have to be spied on and face the possibility of secret arrest, torture, etc., because of "teh scary Mooooslimz".

    The EDL is an Israeli-linked group which targets Muslims *specifically*. Thus, their argument is openly racist – they are not against immigration because of the negative economic effects it has on the native working class, no, they just hate Islam. The British National Party, otherwise widely accused of being fascist, is actually the real-deal – it hates needless foreign immigration and wants to rebuild the national economy on a sovereign basis, and to not be ruled disproportionately by Muslims – or Jews.

    The EDL, which is linked to Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, is super pro-Israeli terror and has no real economic views, while scapegoating Muslims alone. Everyone should reject them.

    • James Adair

      Total Nonsense Thomas !

    • Rifleman

      They sound like culturalists to me. When did "muslim" become a race?

    • Kevin Stroup

      What race is islam, Thomas? Last time I checked it was a toxic totalitarian religious ideology. Did it change at some point? So to be against islam is to be against an ideology, not a race. But if making excuses for muslims makes you feel good, go ahead. They will still kill you just the same.

    • Lan Astaslem

      another Jew hating schmuck

    • jacob

      With all due respect, I disagree….

      We should allow unrestricted Muslim immigration because we are indebted to Muslims for our
      independence as per OBAMBA and he was also right to apologize to the Muslim world for our
      "misdeeds" to them at the Cairo, Egypt conference he assisted to at the beginning of his 1st
      presidential term…..

  • Ghostwriter

    Most legal immigrants will probably like what Ann Coulter has to say. Especially those from the Third World. They don't want terrorists and criminals in this country. And I agree with them.

  • nortiz1949

    Why don't we just allow only gay Muslim's into our country? That should bring down the number of terrorists>

  • jerome

    those terrorists who slew the british soldier were standing there brazenly with their hands covered in blood and the weapon dripping saying that they were committing these horrific barbaric deeds in the the name of islam and their god.
    yet the liberals and the progressives and the leftists say no, that is not the case!
    how does one explain this refusal to accept what these monsters are telling us, is it fear stupidity a solid
    wall of multi culti bull or a desire to become the second class dhimmies these radicals want them to be , or perhaps all of the above.
    instead , the police arrest the tweeters and the nationalist flag wavers?
    insanity dominates the west and a desire to go into obscurity as the most stubborn people of all time.

  • Texas Patriot

    How did we get so lucky?