How Israel Makes the World a Safer Place

Israeli-Fighter-JetOn June 7, 1981 Israel provided the world with a lesson on how to deal with international pariahs. Its fighter jets, F-15s and F-16s, swooped over Iraqi airspace and with extreme precision using conventional iron bombs, destroyed a heavily defended Iraqi nuclear facility near Baghdad. At the time, many commentators, media outlets and politicians condemned Israel for its “aggression.” Over time however, many of those very same commentators came to recognize precocity of Israel’s Osirak operation and it is now well accepted that Israel’s preventive use of force then, thwarted a greater conflagration.

In 2007, Israeli intelligence officials approached the United States with incontrovertible proof that Bashar Assad, with the assistance of North Korea and Iran, was in the final stages of completing an atom bomb facility modeled after a North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear reactor. The United States, already embroiled in two unpopular Middle-Eastern wars vacillated, unsure on how to proceed.

Israel, a nation that sits within the belly of the beast, did not possess the luxury of waiting, contemplating or “assessing” and acted resolutely. On September 6, 2007, Israeli warplanes attacked and destroyed Syria’s Al Kibar nuclear complex turning the WMD plant into an expensive heap of scrap metal.

Twice, Israel was faced with the prospect of pariah nations acquiring nuclear weapons and twice Israel acted decisively. Had Israel acted with restraint, an overused phrase that has grown threadbare over the years, the Gulf wars would have undoubtedly taken different trajectories and half of Syria would have been rendered uninhabitable for one-thousand years.

The world is now faced with its toughest challenge, confronting a brutal, non-rational theocracy with an apocalyptic vision and a taste for nuclear weapons.  One nation above all others has remained a steadfast, stubborn obstacle to Iran’s genocidal quest. Israel has been engaged in a full scale covert war against Iran in an attempt to slow down its ambitions. Mysterious explosions at sensitive facilities, cyber weapons in the form of sophisticated computer viruses and assassination of key Iranian nuclear experts have had their intended cumulative effect.

But beyond the cloak and dagger operations is a far more effective weapon in making the Iranians cry uncle; Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s credible threat of military force. For all their bravado and bluster, the mullahs of the Islamic Republic are quite cognizant of Israel’s military capabilities and are paying heed. In rare praise for Netanyahu, the Washington Post ran an editorial in April that gave Israel’s intrepid prime minister due credit for his role in preventing the mullahs from passing the breakout point.

The Washington Post’s editorial was recently validated by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, who, in a revealing interview with Jeffrey Goldberg, noted that Israel’s threats to launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, among other factors, played a major role in bringing the Iranians to the negotiating table.

It has recently become fashionable among various elitist and radical leftist quarters to criticize the Jewish State on everything ranging from its counter-insurgency operations to its development of barren land in Judea & Samaria. But those radicals should take heed that the world would be a much more volatile place without Israel acting as the point man against Islamic fundamentalism and WMD proliferation. Rather than unwarranted and relentless criticism, a simple “thank you” would suffice.

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  • Chezwick

    Ari Lieberman is absolutely right to congratulate Israel on the Osirak and al Kabar operations. He’s also wrong to congratulate Israel for bringing Iran to heel. This new round of negotiations is no different than the previous ones….a mechanism to buy time. Nothing has changed. Iran’s nuclear program is proceeding apace.

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      Lieberman is not “wrong to congratulate Israel for bringing Iran to heel” He says Israel has remained “a stubborn obstacle” to Iran’s genocidal quest, by engaging in covert operations against Iran. Israel hasn’t yet brought Iran to heel. So how is Lieberman wrong?

  • v

    The only thing that worked in the Iraq and Syria situation is the attack and destroy policy. Appeasement won’t work. The Iranians are using a delay tactics to their advantage and their phylosophy is that time is on their side. Delay in destroying their nuclear facilities can only help them build while using the west’s stupidity and naive attitudes to conceal while continuing to build. In today’s world Israel is the only country with guts, and rightfully so, as its survival is at stake.

  • Raymond_in_DC

    Let’s not forget those times Israel warned, but regrettably was ignored. Israel under Sharon warned the US *not* to go into Iraq, and subsequently not to occupy that country. Bush should have listened. Israel warned that Hamas shouldn’t be allowed to run in the last (and only) PA elections. The US, with Rice pushing for its inclusion, insisted on it. Hamas won. Israel under Netanyahu warned that the “Arab Spring” was no such thing, that it would only lead to more regional instability and openings for Islamists. No one heeded the warnings. Israel continues to warn that Hizbullah, and not just its mythic “military” wing, needs to be proscribed. Meanwhile, hundreds of cells are being established in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and yes even in North America.

  • PhillipGaley

    . . . . punchy, . . . and nice.

  • BagLady

    The argument here seems to be that the more aggressive Israel becomes the more placid its neighbours. Show me an historic event where this philosophy proved successful. It is only a matter of time before the grumbling masses rise up against those who believe themselves superior and no amount of weaponry will keep them down.

    • keyesforpres

      That’s not the argument.
      The point is Israel has to act before these savages go nuclear or they will be wiped off the map. Get it?

    • defcon 4

      Gee, Israel has experienced 65 years of unending islam0fascist terrorism, to call Israel’s neighbors “placid” is disingenuous.

  • PowertodaPeople1848

    The author can’t possibly believe the tripe he’s written here. The ENTIRE world (absent the shrinking subset of Americans brainwashed by Zionist propaganda in the controlled media) recognizes “Israel” for what it is, the incontestable sh*tstain of the world. Since the Zionists stole Palestine back in 1948, “Israel” has brought nothing but misery to the region and to its indigenous people, with occupation, wars, exploitation, covert meddling, and general lawlessness and noncompliance with international consensus. To make matters worse, Zionism has extended its tentacles into every Western government and into the media and financial sections, subverting the interests of the people of the world in order to make the world a safer place for this racist, colonialist ideology.

    • JoJoJams

      Did your mother drop you on your head at birth or something? The only tripe on this page is your insane ramblings from the echo chamber of your racist and bigoted mind, and the people you hang with. The only sh1tstain on the world is….islam. The vilest “religion” ever concocted from the mind of a schizophrenic man.

      • BagLady

        he only sh1tstain on the world is….islam. The vilest “religion” ever concocted from the mind of a schizophrenic man.

        Now who’s the racist bigot?

        • JoJoJams

          Sweety – Islam isn’t a “race”. I’ll take the bigot though – because yes, I’m completely intolerant of the ignorance, hatred and cruelty espoused by the intolerable mad mo and his brainwashed followers.

          • BagLady

            You are right. Islam is not a race but you speak as though it is. I can see your arm sweeping across the Muslim world, encompassing all in its path, labeling them all with derogatory epithets.

          • JoJoJams

            If they follow the examples and edicts of their “holy prophet” (their “perfect man”, to be emulated etc) then the shoe fits – and they themselves are choosing to wear it. Mad mo had slaves, child wives, he raided caravans, beheaded captives, and took the wives from conquered peoples as concubines. I could go on and on – I realize they put all sorts of “holy spin” on how what he did was somehow “holy” and noble, but I will continue to mock and ridicule (deservedly so) the deeds and “wisdom” of their “holy prophet” and the religion they follow, until my dying breath….

    • keyesforpres

      Oh look….an anti semitic Paulbot.

    • defcon 4

      Remember to bend over for muhammad 5 times a day and bang your head firmly on the ground — preferably with a large carpet tack placed where your forehead meets your slave mat.

  • Douglas Mayfield

    As a non Jew, I strongly support Israel, because it is the only country in the Middle East in which there is respect for freedom and individual rights and therefore is the only moral country in that region. Here in the United States, we currently have a socialist/nihilist in the White House who is doing his utmost to reduce America to a third world slave state. Israelis must continue to be courageous in defending themselves because as long as we in America are an ‘Obamanation’, we will be of little or no help to them or anyone else, including ourselves.

  • James Edward

    Thank you Israel.
    Thank you Netenyahu.

  • Bert

    We still fail to understand the implications of U.S. policy on nukes. The U.S. opposed Israel taking out Iraq’ nuclear facility in 1981 and Reagan punished Israel for disobeying. In 2007 the U.S again opposed Israel taking out Syria;s nuclear facility. Today Obama opposes Israel’s efforts to disarm Iran’s nuke program. The pattern is clear. The U.S opposes any attempt by Israel to protect itself against a nuclear attack by any Muslim country.
    It is even considered a crime, by U.S. officials, for Jews to defended themselves. Even during WWII the U.S. downplayed the genocide of Jews and refused to bomb any rail line leading to a death camp. In 1967 Johnson even refused to warn Egypt and Syria against attacking Israel. In 1973 Kissinger threatened Israel if they pre-empted the coming attack by Egypt and Syria. The pattern is clear and consistent.

    • A Z

      #1 How did Reagan punish Israel. You do not specify. I am not saying it didn’t happen; I don’t know that particular bit of history in detail. Was it a case of a public denunciation for international world opinion consumption? We any aid stipulated from the Camp David accords affected?

      #2 Ari has put his true name to this piece. Note he did not say that the U.S. opposed Israel in bombing the Syrian reactor. He said they vacillated. There is a difference between actively opposing for reasons of principle and being wishy washy because you are not in a good military political position.

      #3 They refused to bomb the rail lines going to the death camps? I do not deny the point. I simply do not know. I would tend to think you are correct. They did not find out about the camps ’til later in the war. Would most people bomb choose th bomb Ploesti or the Schweringen ball bearing plant (Black Thursday) to try to cripple NDSAP war production or would they send assets to bomb the rail line instead? By 1945 & maybe later 1944, the allies had air superiority and could have sent some sorties to bomb the rail line (by 1945 for sure).

      #4 Johnson: I do not know.

      #5 1973? The Israelis were surprised. The U.S. was not? The Arabs would launch exercises for the purposes of normal training but it had the known effect of keeping the Israelis in doubt as to their true intentions. If the Israelis mobilized whenever there was joint exercises they would go broke. What intel did the U.S. have other than satellite or the NSA that the Israelis did not have? How would the U.S. tell the difference from satellite of an exercise from the real deal?

      I would assume the State department would always oppose any military endeavor, because they are special. they must have been born that way. To say that State opposed something is not news. it is news if the Secretary of State, Joint chiefs or President opposed something.

      • Bert

        In 1981 Reagan punished Israel by stopping intelligence sharing and V.P. George H.W. Bush wanted to bomb the Israeli air base that sent the planes to bomb Iraq by was restrained by Reagan.
        In 1967 Israel reminded Pres. Johnson that President Eisenhower previously promised that the Straits of Tiran must be open to Israeli shipping. When Gamal Nasser blocked the Straits it was and act of war but Johnson refused to honor Eisenhower’s pledge and Israel was abandoned.
        In 1973 Kissinger threatened Golda Meir to not preempt as in 1967 or else the U.S would abandon Israel to the Arabs who were backed by Russia. Golda Meir obeyed but when Israel was initially losing with heavy casualties Kissinger still refused to help because he deliberately wanted to ‘bleed Israel’ down to make them totally dependent on the U.S. to make major concessions. Nixon overruled Kissinger and ordered a massive re-supply.
        The wars of 1967 and 1973 could have been prevented had the U.S warned the Arabs not to attack. It was only Israel that was under U.S. pressure to take no action and wait to be attacked.

        • A Z

          I remember the straights of Tiran being blocked by Gamal. I did not know (or forgot) that Eisenhower had made a promise.

          President Johnson is not real impressive as an executive/ leader. He voted against Civil rights on principle until he voted for it since his party was going to get the credit deserved or not. He micromanaged the Vietnam War and started grandiose projects (War on Poverty). And it all came tumbling down on him. No wonder the poor dude wanted to take the low road on Israel.

          I wonder how Kissinger feels now? He has had another 40 years to observe Muslim behaviour. If Israel becomes extinct there will always be Jews in Europe and America right? Apparently not. I wonder if he has read the news on the plight of the French Jews. supposing that we could get into a soiree and pose the question to him I think that he would be too proud to admit a mistake. I could be wrong on it and his answer might depend on how you asked the question and how many people were around.

          I just cannot see the Romans bleeding their allies until they were pliable. I just can’t. they might have raided them or conquered them for being double crossed but I cannot see them weakening their allies. They dug huge defensive ditched for their allies Iazyges. The Roman frontier was not the Danube but more like the far frontier of allied land. But our frontier is not Israel’s borders but out own coastline. Boy are some of us stupid.

          I still like GW and I have respect for H.W.’s service, but I am not a big fan of the bush family. I do respect H.W.’s early service regardless of what the Democrats say. Following orders to glide bomb Japanese radar installations using a plane (TBM) not developed for it and against an enemy that knows you are coming and is prepared takes guts and loyalty.

          Damn the Iran Iraq war had already been going on for 10 months. Maybe H.W. was more concerned with keeping Iran down and ignored Sadam’s all around bellicoseness. I do believe there are pictures of H.W. and Sadam from around this time period.

        • A Z

          Many wars are started not because of a favorable balance of power in the aggressors favor as the apparent passivity of the opposition.

          So maybe we can add the 1967 and 1973 wars to the Korean War, 1st Gulf War and WW2.

    • defcon 4

      I’ve read some discussions of the bomb the death camps debate. Just for the record the Luftwaffe hadn’t ceded control of German airspace and Germany still had loads of AAA. It wasn’t risk free to mount deep bombing raids into Germany (and the concentration camps were deeper still) — 60 B-17’s and 600 men were lost bombing a ball bearing factory. Railway lines could be rebuilt and so could bridges. The argument that won the day was that the best way to stop the Holocaust was to defeat the Nazis ASAP (i.e. to destroy their industry and military).

  • Bob Bartlett

    Everyone knows that Israel has nukes. They feel safe. Saudi Arabia wants nukes as they know Iran Is getting them and they feel threatened. The United States does not want nuclear proliferation but yet can not support Israel? Other countries will want nukes if Iran is allowed to get them.


    Israel gives a people that had no land to call their own for almost two millennia and had no safe place of refuge a homeland.

  • Simon Timothy

    The Almighty God has placed the people of Israel as the ‘SALT OF THE EARTH’ and there is no doubt about that! Thank you Israel!